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STU: Oh, wow. So we have addressed some of the secondary claims the White House has made.

GLENN: This is the White House. Now remember, I have made some claims that people have said are outrageous, are crazy, conspiratorial. You name it, they have said it about me. So now the White House has decided enough is enough and they are going to take me on face to face. They are going right at me. Guns ablazing, everything they have. The White House blog now has a little section. What do they call it?

STU: Reality check.

GLENN: Reality check, section at whitehouse.gov, reality check.

STU: This one in particular is termed trying to turn a point of pride into a moment of shame.

GLENN: I saw this. And I thought, there is nothing, there's nothing like the White House website coming after me and saying and I thought, okay, I got the whole, I have the whole Olympic thing wrong. I've turned

PAT: Did you get a chill, kind of a chill down your spine?

GLENN: I did, a thrill up my leg and a chill down my spine. They met somewhere in the private area and it

PAT: I don't even want to hear about it.

GLENN: Yeah, you shouldn't. Okay. So anyway here's what

STU: Now, this is their lead claim.

GLENN: This is their lead claim.

STU: This is what they led with.

GLENN: All right. I want to correct this right away because what I've said is massive corruption coming our way. Look out. I talked about Air Force One and Air Force Two, a 747 and a 727 just spewing toxins just so they could fly over to Copenhagen and, you know, get the Olympics for Chicago which is going to hemorrhage money. And just be corrupt. All right. So what do I have?

STU: The number one claim.

GLENN: Number one claim.

STU: Against Glenn Beck.

GLENN: And I want to apologize right now. I know I have it wrong.

STU: Rhetoric.

GLENN: Rhetoric.

STU: Beck said Vancouver lost $1 billion when it, quote, had the Olympics. Glenn Beck said Vancouver lost now this is a quote, by the way. Vancouver lost, how much was it? They lost a billion dollars when they had the Olympics. The source's transcript, Glenn Beck show 9/29/09. Reality? Are you ready for the reality? Are you ready for the reality?

PAT: I'm ready.

STU: From the White House, Vancouver's Olympics will not take place until 2010. How could they have lost the money if it hasn't even happened yet? They nailed you in your face, in your face! Sucker! Yeah.

PAT: You are going down! Oh, man. It's over.

STU: It's over. It's over. The media entire is about to collapse.

GLENN: Hold on just a second. I thought that I was actually going to have to apologize. I thought I was going to contend with some real, some real problems here. Let me just take another approach here.

PAT: Well, you've finally been caught, haven't you, Mr. Beck? This is rich. Like you are, Mr. Fatty Fat Fatso with a big fat wallet, climbing up the backs of the door, eating small children as you go.

GLENN: I get it, I get it, I get it. Get to the

PAT: You said the Vancouver Olympics already happened when they don't even happen until 2010.

GLENN: Yeah. See, here's what I here's what happened.

PAT: I am so stupid.

PAT: I looked down my notes for the question and read Vancouver instead of Calgary.

PAT: Yeah, yeah.

GLENN: So I misspoke. I should have said Calgary and not Vancouver.

PAT: Oh, you misspoke.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: Hmmm.

GLENN: But apparently nobody's disagreeing that Calgary hemorrhaged money because they didn't respond to, you know, the hemorrhaging money of I mean, you could easily see how that was a mistake. I, you know, said Vancouver instead of Calgary. I was just in Washington State. I know that the Olympics happened up there, you know, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Isn't this kind of a strange thing to attack? I mean, I'm talking about the Olympics losing billions of dollars. I'm talking about corruption, and they are calling me out on the order of Olympic cities? I mean, this is like is this trivial pursuit? Because I mean, it's like we're doing Olympic trivia or something like that. I'm not sure who won the bronze medal for speed skating in Calgary that year but I guess the White House is going to, you know I'll just have to go to the White House for that kind of information because they will have that, I'm sure.

PAT: Keep talking, keep talking.

GLENN: Luckily they don't have wars to deal with an economic crisis or corruption in Chicago or anything like that.

PAT: It's not about the date and you know it.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: It's about the fact that you said Vancouver lost a ton of money and the event hasn't even happened yet. That's what it's about.

GLENN: Yeah, yeah. Calgary instead of Vancouver. I'm sorry for that one. I stand corrected. But when looking at it from a financial perspective, it's not really a two week event, is it? It takes years and years and years. Ask the people in Vancouver if spending on the Olympics has started yet. It's kind of like Medicare on Social Security. You know, they aren't tens of trillions in debt yet, but any honest observer with a calculator can figure out that that's just a matter of time. What doesn't make any sense, I mean, if you are the White House, why would you draw attention to the Vancouver games, you know?

PAT: Well, because. Because you want the truth out about them.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: You said they were losing a fortune. And they haven't even had the games there.

GLENN: All right. Well, you asked for it. So well, you didn't. But at least the White House asked for the details on the Vancouver games. So let's give you the details on the Vancouver games, which again haven't happened yet. The Vancouver Olympics budgeted $175 million for security. According to the Vancouver Sun, that number may be $800 million higher. British Columbia's auditor general reported that British Columbia, quote, has not fully disclosed the risks associated with the cost and revenue projections, end quote. He says they didn't include, quote, what he and two previous auditors believe should be counted as Olympic related costs. The billion dollar sea to sky highway improvements, the billion dollar trade and convention center and the $2 billion Canada line. That's close to $4 billion that they just kind of shuffled off onto other books. Plus the $600 million the government admits to.

PAT: Okay, but those numbers don't

GLENN: Hold on just a second. I'm not entirely done here. Also missing from the budget, the $300 million Olympic bonus that unionized government employees got for signing a four year contract that ends after the games. I just, I just love these unions. By the way, that contract ends right after the election, too. Transportation to the event, which is another unaccounted for $250 million, Canadians are also on the hook for the Olympic village for a billion dollars. Its original budget was less than $200 million. They thought they could make the money back by selling everything as condos after the games. Yeah, guess how well those condo sales strategies are working out for them. Just interest on the money for all the unsold units could cost Canada $48 million. Every single year. So far we're up to over $6 billion in unaccounted for costs. The original budget was $1 1/2 billion. Also remember it doesn't include everything. There's still almost a year before the games actually start, but, you know, don't worry. They planned for this, you know. They have a contingency fund. $66.8 million. Unfortunately they've already spent 98% of that money.

PAT: Yeah, well, you still made up the cities. You got that wrong, Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada.

On the morning of Aug. 15, Asma was a free woman in Kabul. She wore Western clothes. Traveled safely alone. Attended college in a neighboring country with the money her parents had saved. By that evening, her entire world had changed.

For the first time in her life, Asma was confronted with the reality of the Taliban. The horror stories she heard growing up were no longer the nightmare of her parents' generation. They were hers, too. Faced with the impossible decision to stay with her family and risk imminent torture or death, she chose to live, and take on the Taliban face-to-face.

Asma's bravery also led to the rescue of over 150 Afghan college women. She tells Glenn she was willing to die before she let the Taliban take her or the other women. But she didn't do it alone. Her sister Azada, helplessly watching the horror unfold from the U.S., quickly turned to her father's contact list. What follows is a miracle evacuation story that ends with a sisters' reunion and hope for a new future. These brave Afghan sisters have a message for those in their home country still trapped, for the leaders of this country, and for the men and women in uniform (and their families) who may believe the American sacrifices for Afghanistan were in vain.

Finally, a note about the other heroes in the rescue story. The movement of the seven buses of college women into the Kabul airport was a chain with about 8-10 links. Had any one of those links not been present or broken, the young women would not have made it into the airport for evacuation, and three young women taken by the Taliban would not have been recovered.

Glenn and his team would like to give a special thanks to Francisco from Arcis International, Wade and Jim from Commercial Task Force, Blaine from E3 Ranch Foundation, Michael and his crew from Kam Air, No One Left Behind, Samaritan's Purse, and Charmaine, Chris, Geno, John, Lori, Rob, Rudy & the Ground Team from The Nazarene Fund.

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There's been a lot of talk about the idea of a (peaceful) "national divorce" as the Left continues to abandon everything that made America what it is. Well, this week's guest on "The Glenn Beck Podcast" is all for that divorce. Michael Malice is the author of "The Anarchist Handbook" and host of the podcast "Your Welcome." He joined Glenn to talk about how an anarchist would peacefully take on America's greatest challenges — with a smile.

"My rights are not up for discussion," Malice told Glenn. He explained why his version of America will save America, and why, in spite of anxious talk of "national divorce," he has so much hope for the future.

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.

There are new curriculum standards being implemented into schools throughout the nation for health classes that not only go far beyond what's appropriate for young children, but are entrenched in clear political biases, too. Under the standards, third-graders are taught about hormone blockers and endless gender identities, and topics get shockingly graphic for kids as young as 11. Some schools are even teaching their teachers and kids to ignore what parents have to say about these topics. And the worst part may be that many parents are completely unaware what their children are being taught.

Tina Descovich, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, joined "The Glenn Beck Program" to explain exactly what you can ask at your next school board meeting to ensure this "horrifying" curriculum isn't being taught in your kid's school.

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

It should come as no surprise that a newsworthy story receives more media coverage when released on a Monday than a Friday. The reason is in part due to a large number of news-consuming Americans checking out for the week to focus on their weekend plans rather than the news.

On Monday's radio program, Glenn Beck shared information that President Joe Biden decided to release on Friday — when fewer people would notice — regarding the Climate Finance report. This report is marketed to Americans as "A Roadmap To Build a Climate-Resilient Economy." But Glenn believes the report to be Biden's Great Reset warning shot to banks.

In this clip, Glenn warned that if Americans don't stand together, in eight years we all indeed will own nothing. Watch the clip for the full story. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.