Glenn's Harlem Experience

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GLENN: That is great. I was in Harlem on well, yesterday. You should have gone, Pat.

PAT: I wasn't I wasn't even invited. I wanted to. When I found out you went to Harlem without me, I was really bummed.

GLENN: You were like, really? Walking around the streets of Harlem with you, Glenn? That would have been a dream come true.

PAT: That was great.

GLENN: It was a little hostile.

PAT: Was it? I'm really surprised.

GLENN: It was a little hostile, yeah. But it was funny because I went with Charles Payne to his old neighborhood when he grew up and it's for a piece that I'm going to do here in the next couple of weeks. And so we were walking down the street and we were just talking and the cameras were there and everything else, and we stopped on a street corner and I started talking Charles was talking to me and this crowd started to form. And one woman was speaking very loudly. I'm sure you'll be able to hear her during the interview. She was speaking very loudly and she was like, yes, sir, that is Glenn Beck. And somebody else was like, that can't be him. Yes, it is. I see him all the time. That's Glenn Beck. What is he doing in our neighborhood? I mean, it was ugly. And so we finished the conversation and I went over and introduced myself and she was like, see, I told you it was him; what are you doing here? And I said, just doing a little conversation with Charles Payne here. I didn't you know, I wanted to say, I didn't know I had to check with the sheriff to be able to get in. And she said, well, what do you even know about this neighborhood? And I said, I don't know anything. That's why I brought Charles along because this is his neighborhood. Oh, really? He grew up here? Yeah, that was his house. And then he moved across the street. And see that window over there? That's the window he used to look out, the old bar that used to sit right here. And then her whole demeanor changed. And so we started talking about the neighborhood. And I said, you know, I told Charles when I got here, I've been in spooky areas of New York; this ain't one of them. You know, the neighborhood has changed and they are really doing a lot. And then she started saying, I know, it has changed a lot. But now here's the problem. We've changed it. We've worked so hard. We went and lived through all the times of the gunfire and then the city and, you know, Bill Clinton moves in and the government starts to help everybody change their neighborhoods and now we can't afford to live here. I'm like, hmmm. And then somebody tapped me on the shoulder and I said I turned around and said, yes? And there was a guy standing there and he said, I'm from this neighborhood, too. He said, Mr. Beck, I don't mean to be rude. And I'm thinking, oh, boy.

PAT: Here it comes.

GLENN: And he's shaking my hand and I said, well, go ahead. What's on your mind? And he launches in and he said, I have to tell you I paid attention for a long time and I have been screaming at my television over the last five years and then you came on. And I'm like, and? And he said, finally somebody's saying what I've been screaming at my television this whole time.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: Both these people are taking us to hell. And he just launches in. And we got it all on tape. And I talked to him for maybe 15, 20 minutes. It was fascinating conversation with just a guy on the street in Harlem who just happened to be walking by me and we happened to have a TV camera, and fascinating, fascinating guy.

PAT: Not an Obama fan.

GLENN: Not, not an Obama fan. And I said, so you are not a fan of Obama, or something like that. And he said, hell no. He said, you know, everybody has to because he even started talking about Rush Limbaugh. And I said, you know, I've got to tell you when I thought about going to Harlem, I never thought I'd hear somebody singing the praises of Rush Limbaugh on the street. And he said, we all have to stop looking at stereotypes now, don't we?

PAT: Well, we would have to stop looking at polls, too, because they kind of tell you something. When 97% back someone, 97% of one certain group back somebody, it's hard not to think, well, you are probably a Barack Obama supporter.

GLENN: Yeah. Well, it was interesting. He was a marine. That's why. And he is pissed about what's happening in Afghanistan.

PAT: Good. That's great.

GLENN: He said, I went over there and fought and died so my children wouldn't have to and he said what's going on right now is my kids are going to have to go back there and clean all this up because they are not doing any of the job that they said they were going to do. It was just very interesting conversation. So we'll play that, we'll play that next week.

We just came insanely close to a major incident


A Russian military plane was just shot down over the coast of Syria. Fifteen Russians were killed. The Russian I L 20 turboprop plane was conducting electronic reconnaissance when it suddenly came under attack by what was called at the time quote "enemy missiles."

Now before everyone starts freaking out… we neither did this nor are we being blamed for it. I think you can imagine the worldwide freak out that would be ensuing right now had this been an accident between the U.S. and Russia. Just imagine if they would have inadvertently shot down one of our planes and killed fifteen of our boys. We'd be calling for blood.

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But we had absolutely nothing to do with this and that's not in dispute. So where did these, as the Russians described it, "enemy missiles" come from? It turns out Russia's plane was actually shot down by their ally… the Assad Regime. A Syrian S-200 battery hit the plane as it was returning to a military base used by the Russians in Northern Syria.

But we're not completely out of the woods here, and this is where it gets both interesting and maybe even a little scary. At the same time the Syrian missiles were taking out Russia's plane, four Israeli F-16 fighter jets were striking targets near the Russian base in Northern Syria. Russia is livid. They're calling Israel's actions a quote "deliberate and hostile provocation." The implication here is that the Israeli jets were masking their position behind the Russian plane, in effect using it as cover to commence their bombing run.

The downing of this plane is a tragic accident, but it also shows how dangerously close the world is to a major confrontation.

But as the Russians are accusing Israel of using one of its planes as cover, Iran is doing the exact same thing with their forces near Russian military bases. Russian assets are among some of the most heavily protected areas in Syria. They're the hardest to penetrate. Iranian forces from the Iranian Republican Guard Corps and Hezbollah, are basing their troops - with Russia's approval - near Russian bases. It's the perfect protection and security guarantee for Iran to operate inside Syria… directly on Israel's border.

The downing of this plane is a tragic accident, but it also shows how dangerously close the world is to a major confrontation. The situation in Syria is not sustainable. Iran wants control over Syria and Russia is helping them do it. Israel knows this and can not let that happen. If this course is maintained, this incident surely won't be the last. If Russia begins actively targeting Israeli jets from striking Hezbollah and Iranian forces, how long do you think Israel will allow that? How long will we allow that? This situation is a powder keg. Anything can set it off.

Well that escalated quickly

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In just four days, Christine Ford went from anonymous letter-writer to willing to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Christine Ford is the California psychology professor who says Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a high school party in 1982.

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It's a serious accusation, which Kavanaugh unequivocally denies. In a statement yesterday, Kavanaugh said:

I have never done anything like what the accuser describes – to her or to anyone. Because this never happened, I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday.

Kavanaugh says he is willing to talk to the Senate Judiciary Committee, even though he already spent four marathon days in the hot seat, where Democrats had every opportunity to grill him about this.

Now, Christine Ford's lawyer says Ford is also "willing to do whatever it takes to get her story forth," even if that means testifying before the committee. Democrats are also willing to do whatever it takes to tell her story, which is probably why we're hearing about it in the first place.

Ford's lawyer, Debra Katz, escalated the rhetoric yesterday, calling Kavanaugh's alleged assault, "attempted rape." Katz seems very convinced by Ford's story. But she wasn't as convinced by one of Bill Clinton's accusers in the 1990s. Katz told The New York Times in 1998 that she didn't think Paula Jones had a case.

The #MeToo movement can be a very one-way street sometimes.

She also excused Al Franken's alleged misbehavior because he wasn't a senator at the time of the incident. Interesting. The #MeToo movement can be a very one-way street sometimes.

For now, Judiciary Committee chairman, Senator Chuck Grassley, says the committee's vote on Kavanaugh will go forward this Thursday. But not if Senate Democrats can help it. They were out in force yesterday, calling to delay the vote – at least until they have full control of Congress. You know, desperate times, desperate measures.

The Dalai Lama is a cisgender racist


At this point, I would fully expect the social just left to start chanting about how fruit is racist. Scratch that. I'm sure they've already made that claim, I just don't even want to look it up to see how bad it is. Recently they blamed President Trump for Hurricane Florence, you know, an act of nature that cannot be controlled by any single person, even if he is the President of America. And now, they're setting their sights on (shuffles deck of cards featuring famous people) the Dalai Lama! Wait, the Dalai Lama?

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Can you believe we've gotten to this point? That people are actually calling the Dalai Lama a white supremacist and a Nazi? The Dalai Lama. The man with "His Holiness" in his title. He won a Nobel Peace Prize back when winning the Nobel Peace Prize actually went to peaceful people. In 1989, Time Magazine named him one of the "Children of Mahatma Gandhi" and his spiritual heir to nonviolence. His last book is called "The Book of Joy." This does not sound like a Nazi to me.

His crime? He made this statement about the refugees in Europe:

I think Europe belongs to the Europeans. ... Receive them, help them, educate them … but ultimately they should develop their own country.

Adding that:

Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country. Germany is Germany. There are so many that in practice it becomes difficult.

And that:

From a moral point of view, too, I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily. The goal should be that they return and help rebuild their countries.

Maybe instead of ramping up the blood pressure dial and going into full outrage mode we should listen to the man, or at least consider what he has to say. He is, after all, the Dalai Lama.

Confirming Kavanaugh: Welcome to the #MeToo era

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Welcome to the #MeToo era of Supreme Court justice confirmation.

Last Thursday, Senator Dianne Feinstein disclosed the existence of a secret letter, written by an anonymous woman alleging that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school in the 1980s.

Yesterday, there was a major twist in this story that everyone who follows Leftist strategy should've seen coming: the anonymous woman suddenly revealed herself to be Christine Ford, a 51-year-old research psychologist at Palo Alto University in Northern California. She's a registered Democrat and has donated to political organizations. But she pinky-swears that it has nothing to do with her coming forward with this story just one week before the Senate Judiciary Committee votes on Kavanaugh.

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Christine Ford spilled the exclusive beans to The Washington Post because they believe that "Democracy dies in darkness." And of course, if there's anything that Kavanaugh hopes to accomplish on the Supreme Court, it's murdering democracy.

Ford told The Post that during a high school party, a drunk Brett Kavanaugh pinned her on a bed, groped her, and covered her mouth to keep her from screaming.

She said:

I thought he might inadvertently kill me. He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.

There is no indication that she reported such a harrowing attack to the police.

Kavanaugh unequivocally denies the accusations. The White House released a letter signed by 65 women who say they knew Kavanaugh in high school and vouch for his character. But it won't matter. The Democrats will get their circus this week and Kamala Harris and Cory "Spartacus" Booker will get their chance to remind everyone to vote for them for president in 2020 because only Democrats like women.

It's virtually impossible to prove or disprove her claim. But the political timing of the story drains its credibility.

Christine Ford might be telling the absolute truth about this incident with Kavanaugh. She might also be making up the whole thing for politics sake. Problem is, it's virtually impossible to prove or disprove her claim. But the political timing of the story drains its credibility. Kavanaugh was confirmed to the federal bench by the Senate in 2006. Where was Ford's dramatic story then?

Last year this worked to de-rail Roy Moore's senate campaign, so why not try the same tactic with Kavanaugh? Especially since it perfectly serves the Left's narrative that Kavanaugh plans to destroy women's rights.

Truth doesn't stand a chance when it's up against this kind of hysteria.