Glenn Beck: The Worst Protest Ever

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GLENN: Last night we were out at a theater, Skirballs is the name of it, and we were at this theater at NYU last night. I said over a year ago, why would we book a theater at NYU. They said, oh, it's a good theater, blah, blah‑blah. And I said, it's at NYU. And they said, no, but it will be great. And I said, it's at NYU! And this is before Van Jones and his henchmen were all set to do everything in their power to destroy me. I just report the facts. They're in the politics of destruction. And so we thought, you know, this is going to be a nightmare. And as it turns out, it wasn't. Well, it was a nightmare because it's at NYU.

PAT: It was a nice theater, though.

GLENN: It was a great theater.

PAT: They were right about that. It was a great theater, very nice, very nice.

GLENN: I thought it was a great theater. I thought, you know, the NYU security was great.

PAT: Yeah, yeah.

GLENN: They had a big meeting, what was it, the day before yesterday. Didn't even invite the guy who signed the contract for me. We rented this theater. It was a private party. We didn't invite anybody because we knew it was at NYU. So we didn't sell tickets or make it open to the public. We just invited a bunch of people because I didn't want a bunch of protestors there for, you know ‑‑

PAT: Wrecking a national broadcast.

GLENN: Yeah, wrecking a national broadcast.

PAT: Be great.

GLENN: And Christmas, not a single word of politics in it.

STU: And you should seek redemption. That's ridiculous.

GLENN: Well, it's at NYU. There was that controversial, you know, philosophy of, there is a god.

PAT: Well, there was that.

GLENN: Yeah. So there was ‑‑

PAT: A lot of that.

GLENN: So there was ‑‑ they had this meeting. They had all these people come and they didn't even invite ‑‑ they invited my security chief and that's it but there were like a whole roomful of people and they were talking about the First Amendment rights. This is the day before the broadcast. And luckily one of my guys found out about it and he showed up and he said what the hell are you even talking about, First Amendment rights? Did we not rent this private hall? Did we not ‑‑ isn't this by invitation only? What do you mean First Amendment rights? Well, if somebody happens to get into the building and they want to be heard, then we're not going to ‑‑

PAT: You mean like they do for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and everybody else?

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: Who has a little problem? They are not ushered out immediately?

GLENN: Yeah. So the protestors gathered last night, all of them had been, I can't say hired because I don't think money was exchanged but they were all brought on board by, you know, e‑mails from Van Jones' folks which, you know, was great.

You know it's amazing because there wasn't any problem until Van Jones got involved, or his people got involved. He's not involved at all. Not at all.

STU: Nothing to do with anything.

GLENN: Nope.

STU: He's never heard of any organization.

GLENN: No organization whatsoever.

STU: And he happened to find the organization, it was blind. Didn't know it existed when he created it.

GLENN: There was no pressure put on them or union pressure put on others, none.

STU: No way.

GLENN: These protests are completely organic.

STU: I normally wouldn't support ridiculous idiots that have nothing to do protesting a Christmas story.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: But when it's so hateful the topic when you're talking about whether God can give you redemption through the holidays, when you get to that sort of hatred ‑‑

GLENN: I know. Disgust.

PAT: You have to do everything you can to stop it.

STU: You have to stop it. You have to stop it.

GLENN: It is amazing because I talked to some people who are extraordinarily liberal because I have really good, I have really good liberal friends. Very, very, very, very liberal friends, wouldn't you say, Pat, some of my friends are ‑‑

PAT: Uh‑huh.

GLENN: Very liberal. And even they were saying, this is ridiculous. I mean, when ‑‑ and I can't share it with you now, but when you hear the whole story on everything that has happened just to bring you a story of redemption, when you hear ‑‑ and, oh, you will one day. You will. Say it like Yoda. Yes? Yes?

GLENN: When, when I write that story, and I'm going to make that one free, it's mind‑boggling, mind‑boggling.

STU: Look, you know, if it was just, you know, the whole god redemption thing, sure, it would be horrible for our country. But maybe we wouldn't go protest it. But when you get to the point of trying to encourage people on heroin to get off of it, when you get to the point where you are trying to change people's lives to try to stop them from killing themselves, that's over the line. I am going to walk in the streets until everyone commits suicide! I want everyone dead! I am protesting any sort of ceasing of a person putting some terrible thing in their body to kill themselves because, why in a free country would encourage such a thing?

GLENN: It's amazing, just amazing. And the Van Jones people and how they specifically targeted a charity, a charity that was involved in this broadcast, that story will also be told. But not today because it's Friday and we're going to have fun. So I just want to thank NYU for understanding the First Amendment and contracts. It was very nice. Very nice. I hate this city. Do they ‑‑ whoops, did I say that out loud?

STU: Things went well, though, right? Things didn't go very negative.

GLENN: You know what it is? You know what it is? These people are out protesting that I should move. These are college students. I'm so sick and tired of people who are trying to tell me about diversity and their First Amendment right to free speech. They tell me all the time, "This guy..." first of all, I'm a Holocaust denier. I'm a Holocaust denier.

STU: Are you really? I didn't know that.

GLENN: Don't you think that the ADL might be a little upset with people who say you are a Holocaust denier when you are talking about global warming? Isn't that a little upsetting to maybe the ADL?

STU: I'm going to go with no on that.

GLENN: I'm going to go with no on that. Except I'm somehow or another tied in by calling Barack Obama Hitler, which I don't believe I ever have.

STU: No, I'm pretty sure.

GLENN: I think I would remember that one. Don't think I've ever called him Hitler, and I'm called by these people Hitler all the time and yet nobody seems to have a problem with that. And I'm not stopping them on their free speech. You want to call me Hitler? Fine. You make yourself out to be absolutely ridiculous, but fine. Why would I stop you from doing that? You'll be exposed as an idiot.

STU: You are German.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh, I forgot all about that. Oh, my ‑‑ forget I said that. We've got to shut them down! I didn't, I didn't remember I was German!

PAT: At one time your hair was blonde.

GLENN: Blue eyes?

PAT: Blue eyes.

GLENN: See what's happening here? My gosh, I am the most dangerous man in America! They're right.

STU: I just ‑‑

GLENN: And what do you do with the most dangerous man in America? You silence them. You silence them! Do whatever you have to do to silence them! Get them to shut up! You have to get them to shut up! Oh, boy, that sounds strangely like Hitler, doesn't it?

STU: You just compared somebody to Hitler! See? You do it, too! So ridiculous. It's like, I just don't understand the mentality of going out in the middle of a Christmas show to try to protest someone who's got a bunch of people who have turned their lives around because of redemption.

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