Glenn Beck: Time to Cut Up Congress' Credit Cards


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When there is a financial crisis in my family, we have a budget meeting, we look things over. Maybe this is the same with you — I bet it is.

You look at the numbers. And let's say that you find out that you've run up so much debt, that even if you devoted 100 percent of your salary to paying down that debt, it would take 145 years to pay it off. My advice would always be: Break out the credit cards! Yes, it's spending time! Bloomingdales anyone?

Of course you would never do that. You'd cut the credit cards. But our government does. Democrats are raising the debt ceiling by another $1.8 trillion. David Obey summed up the need for the action best: "We don't really have a choice. The bill's already been run up; the credit card has already been used. When you get the bill in the mail you need to pay it."

Oh, so that's how it works. Even if that were the total truth, would you then borrow money to pay that bill and then borrow more money to rack up new charges? No. Our hands are tied because you've been busy tying them.

At least we spent that $787 billion in stimulus money to create jobs, right? President Obama rushed us into it — as did everybody else in Congress. So what are we getting out of it?

$2.2 million went to a failing golf course in San Francisco

$54 million for a California "wine train"

$1.5 million went to fossil research in Argentina

$75,000 went to puppet shows and a clown theater

Almost $400,000 for people to keep journals of their malt liquor and marijuana use

$200,000 to study the "hookup" behavior of college students

$500,000 to study how people use Facebook

$220,000 on the study of birds, the sex drive of rats and the "caste system" and division of labor in ants

You couldn't make this stuff up. By the way, side note: Andy Stern is organizing those labor ants.

An Obama spokeswoman shrugged off the waste, saying: "Even if there are a few unwise projects, it's only a handful out of the over 50,000 projects ... approved to date."

"A few unwise projects"? I just listed eight that wasted over $50 million of taxpayer money. Projects like Hillary Clinton's pollster getting $6 million to save a whopping three jobs. Maybe that kind of thing doesn't bother Washington, but it sure bothers the rest of us.

And it's not just Democrats. There is a brand new Omnibus bill that is over 2,400-pages. They are voting on it. They've only had access to it for under 24 hours. No one has read it! And the Republicans have slipped in more than $1 billion of pork barrel spending.

Aren't they supposed to be the party of fiscal responsibility? Aren't they supposed to be the other choice? And they wonder why polls show they are being beaten by the non-existent Tea Party Party?

How can you justify wasting more of our money on ridiculous grants like the "Juan de Fuca Festival"? And don't give me the "oh, it's only a billion — the whole bill is $447 billion." That's like me saying to my wife, hey, I only slept with 10 tramps... look at Tiger Woods!

Stop the spending! It's time to cut the credit cards of Congress.

While the rest of America has shed 7 million jobs since the recession began in 2007 — and 4 million jobs since Obama took office — there is one sector that the government has succeeded in creating jobs: In the federal government.

From Friday's USA Today, the federal government is adding 10,000 jobs a month while the rest of the country is hemorrhaging them.

The next part of this will make your head explode, so get out the duct tape for this one. How many times have you heard about the "evil CEOs" and the "wealthiest one percent," from our politicians? OK, who in the government is making out the best? From USA Today: "The highest-paid federal employees are doing best of all on salary increases."

The highest paid? Isn't that interesting? It turns out being rich is only bad if you are in the private sector!

Take the Transportation Department: When the recession began they had one — count 'em — one person making over $170,000. Today? There are 1,690!

The average salary in the private sector: $40,331; the average salary for federal employees: $71,206.

And — again, get out the duct tape — the government is now easing salary caps. Yes, the same people who are admonishing those greedy CEOs seem to keep giving themselves raises. So now, when the "boss" in a federal department gets a raise, everyone gets one. Like when the FAA chief got a raise, almost 1,700 employees' salaries rose above the $170,000 mark along with him.

And my favorite: Max Baucus — who you know from the Baucus Bill and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee — we've just learned gave a $14,000 pay raise to a female staffer at the time he was becoming romantically involved with her (2008) and "later that year took her on a taxpayer-funded trip to Southeast Asia and the Middle East... even though foreign policy was not her specialty."

All while there is a financial crisis?

Need. Duct. Tape.

No wonder Barack Obama is out there saying he saved the economy — things are looking pretty darn rosy from inside Washington, D.C.:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: We can see clearly now that the steps my administration is taking are making a difference, blunting the worst of this recession and helping to bring about its conclusion.


Are we really out of the storm? How does any of this massive government expansion make sense, without Cloward and Piven?

You have to ask yourself: Do you believe the politicians? Well, they have to increase power if you believe them. Or you can listen to yourself, what you know in your gut. Why are they pushing health care bill through? Because they aren't afraid of you. Harry Reid is losing and will probably lose his election. So what's the strategy? He'll be either running some giant corporation or be some giant lobbyist. He may lose his position, but he won't lose his power.

How about people who are not connected to the government? What are they doing to make sure they don't lose their money? While Barack Obama says everything is fine, people who put their money where there mouth is don't agree. Let me show you:

Just like a traffic light, there's green, yellow and red.

The "green" would be stocks and corporate bonds. The "yellow" would be treasuries, T-bills. The "red" would be gold, land, food and God knows what else. We don't ever get to red. We've always been in the green.

When people who have billions of dollars to invest and they feel comfortable they invest in stocks and corporate bonds.

When they don't know what will happen and they think what is going to happen is bad, the safe bet is to put it in treasuries. And when things are really bad — and we've never gotten this far — they go into gold. We've been a country on the green level. Four times in this country's history, we've gone into the yellow level. When there is so much money being poured into the treasuries, the yield (the money you make on the investment) goes down. Four times in history it's gone down to zero. That means they are just holding it and you don't make a dime. And they don't care about making money. They just want to have it and not lose it.

When were the last three times this happened? All were in December '08.

Now, again, the president says this:


OBAMA: We can see clearly now that the steps my administration is taking are making a difference, blunting the worst of this recession and helping to bring about its conclusion.


Then let me ask you, Mr. President: Why have the people with real money made a historic move? We are once again at a zero yield on interest. Anyone who has to put there money where their mouth is — they don't feel comfortable. They're going yellow.

And by the way, you're seeing little flashes of red: Gold is down in the last week. It may zoom up again, it may not. But it's a warning sign — a flashing red light, which we also rarely, if ever see.

What does this all mean? You have to believe one of two options: First, the hope for change, which is including all of this spending that doesn't make any common sense. Or, "the put your money where your mouth is" people — the big smart money.

You know the old complaint "the rich are getting richer"? It's because they knew. Well, now you know. The smart money is saying hunker down. Things could get much worse. I hope they don't.

You don't have to buy treasury bills or gold or anything. You just need the information and don't spend like Congress does.

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