Glenn Beck: Harry Reid uses the term 'negro'

Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government

by Glenn Beck

GLENN: I think we need to start with Harry Reid. Harry Reid is under fire now for ‑‑ what was the phrase that he said?

PAT: Well, he was speaking of, this is a couple of years ago during the campaign and he was obviously talking about Barack Obama as a, quote, quoting now, light‑skinned black man with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one, unquote.

GLENN: Hmmm, that's quite a phrase, is it?

STU: So this is a Republican?

PAT: Harry Reid, the Democrat, leader?

GLENN: This is the guy that's so enlightened that he is friends with Joe Biden who made the statement that Barack Obama, what was it?

STU: Articulate?

PAT: Clean, articulate African‑American who wasn't ‑‑

GLENN: Not ill smelling individual. You know, what else didn't ‑‑ I mean, can you imagine if anybody would ‑‑ I mean, anybody. The guy ‑‑ then he becomes our vice president.

STU: I mean, we have some serious, we just need Nancy Pelosi. Our VP is saying something now, we've got the head of the Senate. We've just got to get Nancy Pelosi to come out on this front and we're going to have a clean sweep. I didn't realize. I thought it was only Republicans who thought these things. And then occasionally their evil racism would leak out and we'd be able to catch them out of their leadership positions.

GLENN: May I just point out that I never thought those things? I never thought, what was it he said, he didn't have a Negro accent?

STU: Dialect.

GLENN: I mean, Harry Reid, who are you? My grandfather or my great‑grandfather? I mean, that's the kind of language that your, that ‑‑ I mean, we talked about this, what, on Thursday that one of the reasons why in the census we think the word "Negro" is used as a race is because it, A, is an actual race and, B, you were saying, Stu, that you read some place that it is ‑‑

STU: A lot of the older, I don't even what ‑‑

GLENN: Gentlemen.

STU: The older gentlemen, we're going to have to ‑‑ you are going to have to guess at what I'm trying to describe here because I don't know what we're supposed to say. But the older gentlemen from this race refer to themselves that way. I guess 57,000 people on the 2000 census classified themselves that way.

GLENN: Okay. So I mean, unless Harry Reid is an older Negro gentleman and classifies himself as that, which there are only 57,000 people? Maybe he's one of the 57,000. I don't know. But I haven't heard ‑‑ if I would have heard the word "Negro" used by anybody, I would have gone, "Excuse me?"

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: Not because it's necessarily offensive or whatever. It's just, what it is.

STU: It's totally out of the way we speak at this point.

GLENN: It's like 1940s. Yeah, what is that? But apparently now the GOP is demanding that he step down.

STU: Sort of.

GLENN: Well, kind of, yes. The press is making it into ‑‑ they say ‑‑ what Steel said was if Trent Lott is the standard, then Harry Reid should step down.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: And that's true.

PAT: Tough to argue with that.

GLENN: Remind everybody what Trent Lott did. He was at a birthday party.

PAT: The 100th birthday party of his friend Strom Thurmond, yeah.

GLENN: 100 years old.

PAT: And he said that America might have been better off if he'd been elected president.

STU: Which was just a compliment like, hey, I love you, my man.

PAT: I think you would have done a good job. It had nothing to do with race.

STU: Nothing to do with race. And they read into that comment of, which is just helping, you know, saying something nice about a friend at a birthday party when he's 100 years old.

GLENN: 100 years old, 100 years old. It's like, you know what? You would have, you would have been just a remarkable man. Of course, you could have never been president because you're a racist bigot! I mean, he's 100 years old. You're at a birthday party. You are saying something nice.

STU: Right, right. And they tried to make Lott's comments out to be that he was saying that he believed that that one individual policy from when he was running for the campaign should be brought into today.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: And that's what he was really meaning by that.

GLENN: Okay.

STU: Ridiculous by every standard.

PAT: If a close Democrat friend of Robert Byrd said, hey, I wish he would run for president and be elected, could you imagine anybody barbecuing him over Robert Byrd's past?

STU: Because they don't mean I want a KKK member as president.

PAT: No, no.

GLENN: Let's not be unfair here. I don't believe he was just a KKK member, was he? He was the grand wizard.

PAT: Grand wizard, yeah.

GLENN: So I mean, let's give him the title that he deserves.

STU: He worked hard for that title, as Barbara Boxer was saying.

GLENN: There's a couple of things I want to address. First of all, the Republicans, stop playing the game. Stop playing the game. If you don't want people to treat you this way, don't treat them that way. Stop with the double standard thing. You know, they say, "Oh, there's a double standard." No, there's a double standard? You've got to be kidding me!

STU: We know that, but that argument has to be made. It has to be made. I mean, it's so insanely unfair.

GLENN: You can make a double standard without then saying he should resign.

STU: Right. And that's when I think he qualified the statements by saying, if that's the standard then.

GLENN: Yeah. And that's a totally fine statement. If this is the standard. Because I believe someone else talked about race and racism and said, "If this is the standard, I believe you've got a winner in the racist category."

STU: Right. So there is, you know, there is that double standard. Got it. But A, don't force him to resign. Let the people decide. I'm tired of this PC nonsense to where if somebody ‑‑ if that's what he says, if that's what he believes, if that's the way he speaks, I think we have a right to know that. And I think then we decide as a public, "Yes, he's in step with the American people" or "He's not." I don't think he's in step. But I don't think he's in step ‑‑ I mean, really? This is like Van Jones going away because he's a 9/11 Truther. The guy's a communist! You know what this is? He used, he used the word "Negro" which I don't even understand anybody in today's world using that word thinking, pulling that out of the lexicon. You know what I mean? It just doesn't make sense to me.

STU: Bizarre.

GLENN: It's bizarre.

PAT: Which is what we were talking about last week in the census. You know, you never see it. So for the census to use it, it's got to be clinical.

GLENN: Well, it's got to be clinical. I mean, that's what we're looking for as the answers. That's got to be the designation. But to use that in casual conversation, nobody does that. So it's bizarre. But do I think Harry Reid is a racist? Do you think Harry Reid is a racist?

PAT: I don't know what Harry Reid is.

GLENN: I don't, either.

PAT: I don't know. I really don't know.

GLENN: I think he's a horrible senator, horrible.

STU: He is.

GLENN: He's destroying ‑‑ you are going to get rid of Harry Reid because he's used a different N word? You are going to get rid of him for that? He's destroying the country.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: Okay?

PAT: If you are going to set a standard, let's set that one.

GLENN: Let's set that one as the standard. Let the people decide. However, I'm going to make a prediction and tell you why I think this is even really, A, an issue. How many people, how many people are going to be thrown up on the altar for this president? How many people are going to lose their careers for this president's agenda? It is the easiest way for the Democratic Party to get away from Harry Reid. They're going to get away from this man, and they want to get away from this man. And they will use this. They've used him, they've used him up, they've used everything they can get out of him and now it's time to discard Harry Reid. We'll see what happens, but it ain't gonna be the right pushing for him getting out. It's not going to be.

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