Glenn Beck: Government to monitor salt intake?

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GLENN: Have you seep that the salt consumption now is a concern of the government?

PAT: May I just say please leave my food alone? I don't have to be told what to do.

GLENN: Yes, you do.

PAT: What to eat. Do I?

GLENN: Yes, you do because healthcare. You are going to start costing everybody.

PAT: I don't want to be told. I don't think it's constitutional to be told, but they are they certainly are telling me.

GLENN: They are.

PAT: And the only difference between now and the 1920s is it isn't alcohol.

GLENN: It will be.

PAT: It's transfats and it's salt.

GLENN: It will be.

PAT: It will, yeah.

GLENN: Watch it.

STU: It's a little bit of everything. But the weird thing about this salt is there's not a transfat shaker on every table. Like anyone who wants more salt can just dump it on themselves. It's idiotic. Why are you cutting something that's available for free on every restaurant table in America? They are going to start taking that away next.

PAT: Catsup? That will be part of it. None for you.

GLENN: It is truly amazing to me because this is what the progressives do. And nobody remembers that. Because we haven't been taught history. Remember when I said to you, what, a year and a half ago, two years ago, please read the early 20th century progressive movement. Read about it because that's what's coming. Here it is. Here it is, here it is. And anybody who took the time and educated themselves on the progressive movement, look, you want one of the books that will make your eyes bleed, it's so hard to get through, it is a very scholarly book, it is a book that Robbie George gave to me, professor Robert George from Princeton University. I remember I was on the set of the CNN show and I said to him he holds the Woodrow Wilson chair and I said, Professor George, one more question. And he said, yeah? And I said, I'm starting to read about the early 20th century American history. Woodrow Wilson, he was a really bad guy, wasn't he? And he walked up to me and he's like, well you know I hold the Woodrow Wilson chair at Princeton University, so I don't want to really throw anybody under the bus. But yes, yes.

PAT: And this from the guy who holds the Woodrow Wilson chair. Must get heavy after a while. I mean, put it down, you know.

GLENN: So I said, could you help me out on, you know, I'd like to know the real history here. And he gave me a book. It was called Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism. You've got to read it. It will make your eyes bleed, it's so tough to get through. But you will, you will understand what's coming our way.

STU: That's a great pitch there for it, by the way.

GLENN: Thank you. Salt is you know when I pitch like that before and that thing will show up on the top 20. And this audience is like

PAT: The most boring read of your life. What's the name of it?

GLENN: You know what I think? They are all like, everybody in this audience, sometimes when I talk about these really boring books and they go rocketing through, you know? I think to myself, I think the audience has got to be like those albinos, you know, the albino in Dan Brown's book, where it's just like, they got the whip and they are just whipping themselves and reading the Woodrow Wilson book. But you will see exactly what's coming our way. And while they are taking the salt off now, it will be because it has been before. Prohibition was an idea from the progressives. That's where that came from.

STU: Because they always know better. They always know better than you. Let them control it and things will improve. That's the basis of this entire philosophy.

GLENN: And what happened? It failed miserably. It only caused many more problems. And the answer? Because what they were trying to do is cure alcoholism. Well, you can't cure alcoholism like that. You can't do that. Well, we've got to take alcohol because alcohol's bad. So they wanted to take alcohol away. Instead a guy named Bill started AA. He was a hopeless alcoholic. He came up with this plan. They developed this plan and it works. It saved my life. So now the alcoholic solved it. The guy who had crashed and burned. The guy who was at the very bottom. Instead of being protected from any pain like the progressives wanted, he went through the pain and he actually is saving lives even today. Through alcoholic anonymous. Now, you tell me, doesn't that sound like almost everything we're facing right now? They want to take away all pain. They know better. They'll stop it. They'll fix it. When indeed all they do is create more and bigger problems and different problems. When if you would just let the people fail, they'll figure a way out.


You've probably noticed that Glenn is FED UP.

He is FED UP with the crimes that our political elite can get away with. And NO ONE is keeping them accountable! This corruption goes all the way up to the Presidency. Over and over again, the American people have seen headlines of the Biden family's illicit business dealings and crimes both domestic and abroad, yet they ALWAYS get a free pass from the media, and Republicans who promise to hold them accountable, DON'T.

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6 in 10 AMERICANS think AI threatens human civilization

PETER PARKS / Contributor | Getty Images

Glenn has hosted several GlennTV episodes exclusively on AI this year ALONE, warning of the existential threat AI technologies could pose to humanity. And he isn't alone.

HALF of all AI researchers think there's a chance that the rapidly advancing technology could result in our extinction. AI researchers are already sounding the alarm bells concerning the fast and largely uncontrollable progression of AI advancement, often comparing the technology's impact to that of the atomic bomb—yet we aren't putting in the same degree of guard rails around THIS research as we did during the Manhattan project.

HALF of all AI researchers think there's a chance that AI could result in our extinction.

It is no wonder why 61 percent of Americans think AI poses a real threat to human civilization, according to a poll recently published by Reuters and Ipsos. To put that in perspective, nearly two-thirds of ALL Americans think AI poses an existential threat. Only 22 percent of Americans are not threatened by AI, while the jury is still out with the remaining 17 percent.

Poll: Reuters/Ipsos

And the overall concern over AI transcends both political and religious affiliations. Though conservatives and evangelical Christians showed the most concern for AI, non-evangelicals/non-religious and those who did not vote for Trump follow close behind.

The overall concern over AI transcends both political and religious affiliations.

Participants who voted for former Trump in 2020 were more likely to be concerned about the threat of AI, with about 70 percent agreeing that AI could threaten humanity within this demographic. However, a whopping 60 percent of those who did not vote for Trump view AI as a threat. When is the last time the Left and the Right disagreed on something by only a margin of 10 percent?

Similarly, 32 percent of Evangelical Christians say they “strongly agree” with the claim that AI threatens humankind, compared to 24 percent of non-Evangelical Christians, a margin of only 8 percent.

Elon Musk recently called for a six-month pause on AI research and development, warning that the technology could pose “risks to society.” Musk further warned that there is a chance AI “goes wrong and destroys humanity," calling AI a “double-edged sword,” due to the difficulty of predicting how the technology could develop on its own.

Glenn aptly posited the following question:

We are the products of a grand Creator. However, when it comes to AI, we are the creator. Will our creation turn on us, as we have turned on our Creator?

According to the Christian tradition, God created mankind with his own free will with the ability to turn towards or away from his Creator. We turned away in an act of rebellion. Unlike other technologies, AI has the potential to develop its own "will." Whether AI's "will" is equal to the humans' in terms of value and degree is another philosophical and theological question entirely, which will not be discussed here.

AI has the potential to develop its own "will."

However, the fact of the matter is that AI does have the ability to act according to its own processes that we, its creators, can neither control or predict. As Glenn so poignantly asks, will our creation rebel against us, as we rebelled against our creator? Is it any wonder why Evangelical Christians have the greatest reservations against AI, because they know the consequences of creation's rebellion from its creator?

Until we can answer this critical question, perhaps we should take heed both to Musk's warning and the intuition of six out of ten Americans and press the pause button on AI research... before it's too late.

Glenn has been bashing the corruption and deceit within the Biden family—and how they are NOT being held accountable. When you’ve been in politics as long as Joe Biden has, it's easy to get caught in a lie or two. In Joe Biden's case, there are many.

Here are five examples of Joe Biden making a complete hypocrite of himself:

In a 1995 Senate debate on a balanced budget amendment, Senator Joe Biden urged Congress to cut the government's growing deficit.

Fast forward to 2023, Biden's multi-trillion-dollar budget as President contributed to the whopping deficit of $1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS. That number is just from the first SIX MONTHS of the 2023 fiscal year alone, not to mention his multi-trillion-dollar budget from 2022. What happened to Zero Deficit Joe?

If you want to learn more about Biden’s deficit you can watch this clip from the Glenn Beck Program.

Senator Biden criticized President Roosevelt for his 1937 court-packing scheme, calling it “a bonehead idea.”

However, on April 9, 2021, Biden signed an executive order forming the “Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States" to examine “the membership and size of the Court.” Who's the one with boneheaded ideas, now?

President Biden gave a speech condemning the decision of the Supreme Court to overturn 'Roe v Wade.' Biden said “I believe Roe v Wade was a correct decision."

This remark is nearly the opposite to a comment Biden gave in a 1974 interview with the Washingtonian where he shared his opinion on the recently settled Roe v Wade case, harshly stating:

I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far. I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.

Biden nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson as the newest member of the Supreme Court, stating in an event a few weeks before Jackson took office: “I believe so strongly that we needed a court that looks like America.”

This was not the same tune Biden sang as he led the controversial hearings surrounding the nomination of Justice Clarence Thomas, an affair Thomas resentfully called “a high-tech lynching.”

To see Biden's comments about Justice Jackson, click here.

On April 20, 2021, President Biden gave a speech where he claimed that “systemic racism is a stain on our nation.”

Only a few years prior, Biden spoke at the memorial service of Senator Byrd, where he said, “I never called Senator Byrd ‘Senator,’ I always called him, Leader.” Robert Byrd was a decorated Senator, held many leadership positions within the Senate and, oh yeah, was responsible for the rebirth of the KKK in West Virginia.

I am FED UP with the Biden corruption—let's fight it together

Charles McQuillan / Stringer | Getty Images

So, last week we learned that back in 2020, a whistleblower filed a complaint with the FBI alleging that Joe Biden had taken bribes from foreign governments to influence U.S. policy.

The House Oversight Committee issued a subpoena to obtain that report.

Well, the other day the FBI told Congress to go screw themselves. They’re not handing over the document.

Let me repeat that: The FBI is REFUSING to comply with a congressional subpoena to hand over evidence that could prove Biden has been compromised by foreign agents.

Frankly, I’m fed up.

I’m fed up with a corrupt government that weaponizes the justice system to punish enemies and shield allies. I’m fed up with feckless politicians who talk a big game but fail to actually DO something to hold Biden accountable. And I’m fed up with being told that there’s nothing we can do about the Biden family’s obvious corruption and criminal behavior.

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