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GLENN: All right. I want to play a little bit of something that I predicted a little while ago and this is important for you to understand in conjunction with the warning that I gave to the tea parties a little while ago. I was driving in this morning and I'm listening to Fox News and I hear this happen on the air.

VOICE: Are more and more voters making their voices heard by moving away from the progressive label and aligning themselves with another word that starts with a P, the populist view. A recent Rasmussen poll finds that 65% of the American public hold mainstream or populist views. That is a rise from 55% just last year. Joining us nor for a fair and balanced debate we have Miles Rapoport, president of Demos, a progressive think tank which President Obama was a founding board member of and ‑‑

GLENN: Barack Obama was a founding board member of this progressive, and they are moving more towards populist. Now, listen to this bridge that they are starting.

VOICE: Saw a moment ago, Deneen Borelli, fellow of Project 21 and a Fox News contributor. Good morning. Miles, let's start with you. You say that there are some things that populists and progressives have in common.

RAPOPORT: I'd say there are two men features and that is, one, a real concern for the problems of ordinary citizens and trying to make sure that people who have been losing ground for 30 years, you know, are the center of public debate. And populist ‑‑ and also secondly the kind of resistance to the dominance of wealthy special interests. That's what has characterized populism for a hundred years.

PAT: Oh, that's characterized progressivism for 100 years, class warfare. That's not populism.

GLENN: Well, populism also has included, hey, the rich and blah, blah‑blah. But it's not ‑‑ they are shadowing. What populism does not ‑‑ and at least right now does not reflect at all is gigantic government. It doesn't reflect that at all.

PAT: That is not mainstream, no.

GLENN: This is exactly the road block the progressives moved into at the turn of the century. They were blocked by 1920. From 1900 to 1920 it was a huge time for the progressives and they came right out, we're all progressives now, we're all socialists now. And it was this big movement until people saw the policies and went, these people are out of their mind; we want nothing to do with it. So they went undercover, became liberals. They've destroyed the word liberal now. Nobody wants to be a liberal, not even Hillary Clinton: No, I'm a progressive. Because people forgot what it was. Now they've reminded us through their policies. Nobody's reading history on the progressive movement in the early 20th century. You are. This audience is. But most people aren't. But they are seeing the policies. It was a populist movement early on in, you know, 1900 to about 1915 and then people figured it out and they went, no, no, no. And the populist movement was away from progressives. And it's the same thing now. Sure, they care about the little people and they care about special interests and closed door meetings. What do you think President Obama is doing right now? You don't think they are having closed door meetings with special interests? That's exactly what the tea party's about. They are wondering about the little person. I've got two stories for you I'm going to share with you. Two stories on the school systems. One came from a watchdog. You better watch what is going into your kids' schools. Because Organizing For America, the Obama administration organizing for Obama, they have put flyers out, "Hey, have your kids become a community organizer with us." Intern for Obama. Wait until you see what the requirements are for reading. You watch yourself. And then the other is how we are, how we are now changing the Child Left Behind act to help unions. To be able to control the schools more. I mean, it is nothing to do with populism at all. They are completely misreading it. Wait, there's more. I've got to give you the latest on what this guy said about the tea party movement. We'll do that, next.

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GLENN: This is really good. We've got a $3 trillion budget being announced today by the president and only $1.56 trillion of that is deficit.

PAT: That's pretty good.

GLENN: But that's it. That's it. Only about half of it is on credit cards. Nooooo, problem. No problem.

All right, let me go back to the, real quick to this progressive point. This is a guy who is part of this think tank, this progressive think tank that one of the founding members was Barack Obama and he's talking about, you know, the progressives and the populists, we've got a lot in common. Really? Do you? And here's what he says about the tea partygoers.

VOICE: Okay, Deneen, what do you make of, because suddenly you look at the tea parties, you look at the town halls, you look at Scott Brown who doesn't fit cleanly into his party's designation of the entire agenda. People do like the idea of, I'm going to follow the crowd rather than I'm going to follow the party.

VOICE: Well, here's the thing. You know, people can call themselves whatever it is they want to call themselves for the day. But the fact of the matter is the American people have awakened. They are ‑‑

VOICE: Miles, do you think it's a strategic error that a number of progressives have painted the tea party people as just crackpots from the rightwing?

RAPOPORT: Well, I think there's something fundamentally flawed about the tea party populism and that is that you need an active government to sort of counterbalance watt street, the big banks. And I think that's the ‑‑ when the tea party aims its Eyre at the government and hamstrings it from fighting back for ordinary people, I think that's a fundamental mistake that differentiates them. They are not populists.

VOICE: Wait. But they are ordinary people who are fighting back against the government.

VOICE: They are fighting back against the government but if you look at populism, it is asking government to fight back with the big special interests. So if you Wall Street reform, if you see ‑‑

GLENN: Hang on just a second. So how do these people cast me as a populist then? If that's what the progressives believe populism is, big government, if that's what they believe it is, well, then how do they cast that my way?

STU: Right. Because you were a populist six months ago.

GLENN: Yeah. And that was their slam on me.

STU: Right. It was used as an attack because I remember I wrote something about that. I was so annoyed at it because it seemed like such a ridiculous attack against you because we were supposed to be the evil elite crushing all the little people up until that point.

GLENN: Right.

STU: Then they were attacked that we were populist. Now it's a good thing. These people can't even get the definitions of their own words straight.

GLENN: These people are going to change everything.

Straight from the Marxist con of critical race theory are three big lies about "systemic racism" in America that are debilitating to our nation: the lie that policing in the U.S. is thoroughly racist, the lie of voter suppression, and the lie of equity as the solution to solve "racism." Despite the evidence disproving these lies, they grow stronger, thanks to Democrats and activists with selfish interest in these narratives, who, along with their media partners, spread the sinister message that everything in America is racist by default and only massive government intervention can save us from ourselves. President Biden, Vice President Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi – every Democrat on the national stage sees racism in literally everything at this point.

In this precarious time for America, Glenn Beck and North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson join together with data and the truth to fight back against the race-baiters ripping us apart.

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola became the poster child for how a corporation could shove leftist ideologies onto its consumers. The company suspended advertising on Facebook in a push to censor former President Donald Trump, published a manifesto about racial equity, and demanded all legal teams working for Coke meet certain diversity quotas.

But now, after Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx.), Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), and many other conservative voices called for a boycott of the company's products, Coca-Cola appears to be shifting directions.

The Washington Examiner reported that the company issued a conciliatory statement after conspicuously failing to appear on a published list of hundreds of corporations and individuals that signed a statement denouncing the Georgia voting bill.

"We believe the best way to make progress now is for everyone to come together and listen respectfully, share concerns, and collaborate on a path forward. We remained open and productive conversations with advocacy groups and lawmakers who may have differing views," the company said. "It's time to find common ground. In the end, we all want the same thing – free and fair elections, the cornerstone of our democracy."

Then last week, Coca-Cola Co.'s new general counsel, Monica Howard Douglas, told members of the company's global legal team that the diversity initiative announced by her predecessor, Bradley Gayton, is "taking a pause for now." Gayton resigned unexpectedly from the position on April 21, after only eight months on the job, to serve as a strategic consultant to Chairman and CEO James Quincey.

"Why is Coca-Cola 'taking a pause' on all of these? Because you have been standing up," Glenn Beck said on the radio program Monday. "You and others have been standing up. Your voice, it's the power of one. Your voice makes a difference."

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This week on "The Glenn Beck Podcast," civil rights activist and Woodson Center founder Bob Woodson joined Glenn to call out the leftists in the "race grievance industry," like the Rev. Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter, Inc., who, he says, are "profiting off the misery of their people."

Woodson lived through the appalling segregation laws of the last century and has a much different message about what it means to be "oppressed" than the so-called "anti-racist" activists today.

Woodson said he believes the real struggle for impoverished minority communities "is not racial." He argued that leftists "at the top" derive "moral authority" by claiming to represent "so called marginalized groups," while they prosper at the expense of those "at the bottom."

"There's nothing worse than self-flagellating guilty white people and rich, angry black people who profit off the misery of their people," Woodson said.

"I call what Sharpton and some of those are doing is worse than bigotry. It's treason. It's moral treason against their own people," he added. "The only time you hear from them is when a white police officer kills a black person, which happens maybe 20 or 21 times a year, but 6,000 blacks are killed each year by other blacks. So, in other words, their message is black lives only matter when taken by someone white, which means you are betraying the black community when you turn your back on 20 children that are slaughtered and you don't march in that community and demand that those killers be turned over to the police."

'The problem is not racial," Woodson asserted. "The problem is the challenge of upward mobility. Any time you generalize about a group of people, blacks, whites, Native American, and then you try to apply remedies, it always benefits those at the top at the expense of those at the bottom. ... It's a bait and switch game where you're using the demographics of the worst of these, to get resources that helps the best of these, or those who are prospering at the top. So, if I was the president, I would say an end to the race grievance business, that America should concentrate on the moral and spiritual free fall that is consuming people at the bottom."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation, or enjoy the full podcast here or wherever you listen to podcasts:

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