Glenn Beck: EPA indoctrination

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GLENN: We were just a minute ago reading the Constitution of and I just tweeted it if you're a Twitter subscriber. The Constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. You need to read this. In fact, let's ask Dan. Sarah, if you would ask Dan if he would include this in the free e mail newsletter today? Because it's stunning. I've got we've got it highlighted and distill it for you on how many things are in common.

PAT: And what's fascinating is a lot of what is said in there sounds like the EPA commercial that Lisa Jackson, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, just did.

GLENN: Well, that's weird because what the EPA is doing this week and we'll get to in a second is exactly what Van Jones, our green jobs czar, said to do, and he's a revolutionary communist.

PAT: But you know that's just coincidence.

GLENN: You're right, you're right.

PAT: There's nothing

GLENN: You are right.

PAT: Don't take one

GLENN: He's better at the Center For American Progress anyway. Which has nothing to do with the president or any of his

PAT: No.

GLENN: Anyway, so tell me about the EPA.

PAT: Well, they are putting out a commercial and a whole movement where they are trying to infiltrate our children and indoctrinate their minds in the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and indoctrinate five million children that attend those clubs all over the country and so this is a

GLENN: So it's like the EPA youth?

PAT: I guess you could say that. Yeah, yeah. And here's the commercial she did for this movement.

The EPA is building an environmental justice team.

LISA JACKSON: There are too many places in this country where pollution and environmental degradation fall disproportionately on low income and minority communities.

GLENN: Stop just a second. That is like Van Jones saying that

PAT: That's right.

GLENN: the white communities are poisoning the minority communities.

PAT: It's similar in nature.

GLENN: It is similar in nature.

PAT: I'm sure coincidentally it's similar.

GLENN: Yeah. But it's not as radical. What was it that Van Jones said? Oh, I have no problem dropping the radical pose for the radical ends. Okay, go ahead.

LISA JACKSON: People are falling ill with diseases like asthma and cancer. We can't stand by and accept those disparities.

GLENN: Okay, hang on just a second.

PAT: We can't. We can't accept those disparities.

GLENN: Yeah, that there are healthy people and not?

PAT: That there are healthy people and not healthy. All people should be either ill or healthy, okay?

GLENN: They've got that one coming.

PAT: Where all people are going to be ill?

GLENN: The basic principles of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, this is from the Constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, what did she say? That millions of people die?

PAT: Uh huh, uh huh.

GLENN: We live in a world this is from the Communist Party: We live in a world where millions die from easily preventible diseases.

PAT: Huh, that's what I was saying. It just sounds strangely, strangely familiar ring to it. Now, this is what you were just reading. There is what again? The

GLENN: The communist platform.

PAT: Communist platform, hmmm.

GLENN: An economic system which has devastated and spoiled nature itself and now has put the future of human life into question.

PAT: Well, maybe we should go back to the beginning and then listen to that in its context.

LISA JACKSON: There are too many places in this country where pollution and environmental degradation fall disproportionally on low income and minority communities.

PAT: Now, do they say anything in the Communist Manifesto there about

GLENN: I haven't read all of it. I mean, I do have the black and Latino youth phase, harassment, brutality and a constant threat of death.

PAT: Okay. Right?

GLENN: At the hands of police whenever they walk out the door.

PAT: Oh, okay. But not necessarily this.

GLENN: No. Well, that's no, no, no, that's, their potential is crushed and their lives are cut short.

PAT: Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

GLENN: Yeah, and I think that's well, I haven't looked at all of this. I have to

PAT: It's quite lengthy.

GLENN: No, it's quite lengthy. It's I like the party discipline part, too, but and communism is a science is also very good. But anyway, go ahead.

LISA JACKSON: People are falling ill with diseases like asthma and cancer. We can't stand by and accept those disparities.

PAT: No.

LISA JACKSON: As a start we're building our environmental justice team.

PAT: Environmental justice.

GLENN: Environmental hang on just a second. Environmental justice?

PAT: Environmental justice team.

GLENN: Hang on. Wait a minute. That's like economic justice, like social justice.

PAT: Like the league of justice.


PAT: Superman and Batman?

GLENN: No. Environmental justice and social justice and economic justice, those three?

PAT: They all go together?

GLENN: That's Marx. Those three, when done by the government.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: That's Marx. That's in fact, it's weird because you know the Marxist Jim Wallis who is leading a campaign? You remember him. He's the one of the advisors on political policy.

PAT: Yeah, yeah.

GLENN: And spiritual adviser for the president of the United States. Now, some might point out, but strangely nobody has, that the adviser to the president on policy and also on religion leading a campaign trying to put a private individual out of business for disagreeing with the president might be an abuse of power. But again, nobody has pointed that out, which in and of itself is weird. But anyway, he is a guy who is a Marxist, and he's also for what was she calling it? Environmental justice?

PAT: Environmental justice, uh huh.

GLENN: All right, go ahead.

PAT: All right.

LISA JACKSON: And seeking environmental strategies. We're putting in place youth summits

GLENN: Youth summits.

LISA JACKSON: organizing workshops and other strategies to generate the inclusive and intergenerational

GLENN: Inclusive.

LISA JACKSON: leadership that the environmental movement and EPA needs.

GLENN: Oh, that's great.

LISA JACKSON: Environmental justice communities have tremendous experience confronting unfair burdens and shaping sustainable alternatives.

GLENN: Sustainable.

PAT: Sustainable.

LISA JACKSON: Your grassroots movement is an invaluable partner.

PAT: Grassroots.

LISA JACKSON: In the years ahead we'll be calling on your expertise and I look forward to working with all of you to improve the state of environmental justice in America.

PAT: Thank you, thank you.

GLENN: That is fantastic.

PAT: Wow, wow.

GLENN: So they've got our kids in youth groups. Now, again, haters might say that that's indoctrination... from the Marxist philosophy, indoctrination by the government of our children on environmental justice and injustice and inequality.

PAT: Those are only the people

GLENN: Who hate.

PAT: who hate and don't want to be inclusive of communists and Marxist doctrine.

GLENN: Well, it's more color than anything else.

PAT: You are right.

GLENN: Or poor people, or anybody that makes you different. You know, people who are just different.

PAT: Right.

GLENN: You know. They hate. And those are the people that would have a problem with that.

PAT: So anybody, for instance, like you, for instance, would hate anyone just different than you?

GLENN: No, I'm not a good example, but I'm used as that a lot.

PAT: Yeah, okay.

GLENN: Yeah. Because I don't, I don't even know this lady. I don't hate her.

PAT: You don't hate her?

GLENN: No, I don't hate the president, either.

PAT: Really?

GLENN: No, it's weird, isn't it?

PAT: That is weird.

GLENN: You've read something different?

PAT: I have.

GLENN: You have?

PAT: I've read quite a few things.

GLENN: Really, have you?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: It's almost like an organized effort to smear.

PAT: I mean almost, but you wouldn't, there wouldn't ever be a president who was orchestrating something against a private citizen.

GLENN: No, it's not the president.

PAT: Or his advisors.


PAT: He wouldn't do any of that because

GLENN: It's not orchestrated. It's just look, it's just Van Jones and his organization. And Van Jones was an adviser to the president of the United States.

PAT: Yes, he was.

GLENN: And then yeah, but now he's over at

PAT: He's clear over at the Center For American Progress.

GLENN: With George Soros.

PAT: Totally unrelated.

GLENN: Right. So you have that, okay? And so he's leading a boycott.

PAT: Okay.

GLENN: And then you have Jim Wallis who's a political and spiritual adviser, one of five, to the president of the United States.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Okay? And he's leading a boycott against me.

PAT: But I'm sure that Barack, the president knows nothing.


PAT: about it.

GLENN: And then SEIU where, what's it, Andy Stern, another Marxist.

PAT: Yes.

GLENN: It's weird. We've got a communist and two Marxists so far.

PAT: Okay.

GLENN: These guys are also leading a boycott against me.

PAT: What an amazing coincidence.

GLENN: Yeah, isn't it weird?

PAT: It's stunning. What are the odds of that happening?

GLENN: I don't know.

PAT: All at the same time.

GLENN: I would look it up, but there's the odds haven't ever been calculated because it's never been done before.

PAT: Huh.

GLENN: Isn't that weird?

PAT: Wow. The planets must have really aligned for that all to come together.

GLENN: What a crazy, almost Chavez like move if it if it were

PAT: If it were orchestrated.

GLENN: Or if it were even known by our leader. We should print really big posters of him to hang on the sides of buildings. Oh, they are already doing that! Nevermind.

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But they don't actually believe what they say. Or else they wouldn't be such violent hypocrites. And we're not being dramatic when we say "violent."

For them, Marxism is a political tool that they use to degrade and annoy their political enemies.

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Another important thing to remember about Marxists is that they talk about how they want to defend the working class, but they don't actually understand the working class. They definitely don't realize that the working class is composed mostly of so many of the people they hate. Because, here's the thing, they don't actually care about the working class. Or the middle class. They wouldn't have the slightest clue how to actually work, not the way we do. For them, work involves ranting about how work and labor are evil.

Ironically, if their communist utopia actually arrived, they would be the first ones against the wall. Because they have nothing to offer except dissent. They have no practical use and no real connection to reality.

Again ironically, they are the ultimate proof of the success of capitalism. The fact that they can freely call for its demise, in tweets that they send from their capitalistic iPhones, is proof that capitalism affords them tremendous luxuries.

Their specialty is complaining. They are fanatics of a religion that is endlessly cynical.

They sneer at Christianity for promising Heaven in exchange for good deeds on earth — which is a terrible description of Christianity, but it's what they actually believe — and at the same time they criticize Christianity for promising a utopia, they give their unconditional devotion to a religion that promises a utopia.

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