Glenn Beck: Notice the similarities

GLENN: I'm reading the Constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. I mean, who hasn't done that?

PAT: Three times last week alone.

GLENN: I think I'm going to tweet this because this is truly amazing. If you look at it and you'll see how many things are right in line with I mean, listen to this. The world cries out today for radical fundamental change to emancipate humanity. We live on a planet where tens of millions of people died in the two world wars in the 20th century and other wars since. There were large swaths of humanity today continue to be caught up in brutal and destructive wars. We live in a world where millions die from preventable diseases and still more face hunger as a daily fact of life. We're locked inside a worldwide economic system that dispenses crumbs and extends privileges to the relatively small number while forcing billions to seek desperately for work that no more often than not numbs the mind, crushes the spirit, destroys the body. An economic system which has devastated and spoiled nature itself and now has put the future of human life into question. We walk through our days in a world where lives of countless children are ground up and destroyed, some as child laborers, even outright slaves. Others as victims of poverty and humility, humiliation. Their potential crush, their lives cut short. Everywhere women, one half of humanity still face the gauntlet of rape and abuse. People whose sexual orientation or identity is different from the dominant norms in society. This is particularly and acutely so where this is in some significant way conflicts with the prevailing patriarchal sexual relations. Tens of millions of people in this country face a life of grinding exploitation and bitter desperation. Many of them have been driven here from countries which have been plundered by U.S. capital only to find themselves dubbed illegal and forced into the shadows by Gestapo like persecution.

PAT: Holy cow. Wow.

GLENN: Especially black people, as well as other peoples of color and oppressed nationalities, great masses of people have been cast aside because they can no longer be profitably exploited. Instead of recognizing their humanity and unleashing their potential, this system has criminalized them. With one in nine young black men locked down in prison and with the black and Latino youth having to face harassment, brutality and the constant threat of death at the hands of the police whenever they walk out the door. Meanwhile, the apple pie racism of America festers and often boils over in old forms and new. On top of all that, this economic and social system forces everyone to look at and treat everyone as a potential competitor and antagonist, dog eat dog. "Look out for number one" are the true commandments of this society.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Those who try to make things better within the confines of this system find their efforts constantly frustrated, unable to get at the underlying problems. As a result, this alienation, this despair runs rampant and people feel as their lives are empty and meaningless. And for relief, either the mindless chase after even more commodities or the false fantasies of the consolation of religion.

PAT: Oh, boy.

GLENN: But the cruelest of all is the fact

PAT: Don't say it.

GLENN: that it doesn't have to be this way.

PAT: Oh, boy. Communism? Is that the answer?

GLENN: Well, communism, yeah, it's right, I mean, through the labor of vast numbers of people that these productive forces own and controlled by a handful of capitalist imperialist class, the imperialist private appropriation of socially produced wealth is backed up by law, by custom.

PAT: The bourgeoisie, if you will.

GLENN: By the armed forces of America.

PAT: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: All these imperialists care about and all they can care about given the rules of their capitalist system as to the endless drive to accumulate profit and more profit.

PAT: Said it over and over again.

GLENN: The violent expansion and defense of the empire built to ensure that accumulation.

PAT: When will it stop? When?

GLENN: Well, if you look at, communism can be achieved only through revolution.

PAT: Okay.

GLENN: Okay.

PAT: All right.

GLENN: So I'm just reading the highlights now.

PAT: Right.

GLENN: People are told to be realistic, to confine their aims at government reform.

PAT: Okay. But they shouldn't?

GLENN: But they are not going to be able to realize the true ideals of democracy, it won't work. Putting your hopes and efforts in that will only make it worse. It's a dead end.

PAT: And whenever I think of democracy, I always think communism. Don't you?

GLENN: I do.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: So the new stage of communist revolution, it started in 1848, you know, but now it's been decades since they held any power in this country because we've been so concerned about labels.

PAT: Of course

GLENN: Good thing the labels are gone. If there is to be a revolution, there must be a revolutionary party.

PAT: Okay.

GLENN: So there needs to be one party that says no exploitation or oppression.

PAT: Is that the Democrat Party?

GLENN: Hmmm?

PAT: Is that the Democrat Party? Did they make a recommendation here?

GLENN: Let me just say this. Let me just say this.

PAT: Okay.

GLENN: Making a revolution against the powerful and vicious enemy, it's what is going to have to happen to be able to have to create a whole new world without exploitation or oppression.

PAT: And again the powerful vicious enemy, that's rich people?

GLENN: Uh huh, uh huh, yeah.

PAT: All right.

GLENN: But that's what they are going to do, have a fundamental transformation, you know, to a world without exploitation or oppression.

PAT: Where have I heard that phrase before, fundamental transformation? Have I heard I mean, does that sound familiar to you?

GLENN: I put that in there.

PAT: Oh, did you?

GLENN: Yeah. The revolution requires leadership. It requires an organization with sweeping vision, scientific method to analyze reality and how to go about changing it and then serious discipline. An organization that can awaken and unleash the revolutionary potential of the masses of people, direct their outrage against a real enemy and loft their sights to the emancipation of all humanity. An organization that can chart the path through the extreme ups and downs, the dangerous twists and turns, the organization that is the revolutionary vanguard party. Only with an organization such as this can the masses rise to the historic challenges and win their emancipation. That's going to be

PAT: What a glorious day that will be, comrade.

GLENN: I think I'm going to tweet this today because I think you should read this because, wow, there's that's a I mean, it's amazing how many things I've seen before and heard.

PAT: Mmm hmmm.

GLENN: Are for.

PAT: Are they actually calling for revolution in that? It kind of sounds like it from what you've read.

GLENN: Well, I think they mean a peaceful revolution.

PAT: Okay, good.

GLENN: They are not tea partiers. I don't think there are any communist tea partiers.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Yeah. And you should read the part about how the how you don't you must crush anyone that, you know, swerves out of the approved party line. You have to read that part. It's very good.

The government of the Northern Territory of Australia is now running "mandatory supervised" COVID-19 quarantine facilities, and there are a lot of conflicting reports going around about what's really happening in these "camps." Are they internment camps, summer vacation spots, or something in between?

On "The Glenn Beck Program" Monday, Glenn and Producer Stu Burguiere discussed the case of 26-year-old Australian resident Hayley Hodgson, who detailed her experience at the Center of National Resilience in Howard Springs during a recent interview with UnHerd. They compared Hodgson's description of the Howard Springs facility to images of bikini-clad Australians in quarantine who appear to be on holiday at the same facility.

So, what's really going on with Australia's COVID quarantine facilities? Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn and Stu break down what we know so far:

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Glenn Beck: Here's how YOU can fix the Great Reset's housing crisis

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How's the housing market looking these days? Because under Build Back Better (aka the Great Reset), investors are grabbing up homes at a record pace.

On "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn discussed a recent Redfin News report, which shows that almost one in five homes sold in the U.S. during the third quarter of 2021 was purchased by an investment firm, and many are paying tens of thousands of dollars over the asking price.

"Think of that, one in every five homes that are sold are going to a big investment firm," Glenn said. "Investors bought more than 90,000 homes, totaling more than $63 billion, representing 18% of all homes sold in the quarter. The numbers broke all records."

"The same factors have pushed more Americans to rent, which also creates opportunities for investors, because investors typically turn the homes they purchase into rentals," he continued. "And now they can charge higher rents. Rent for single-family homes surged by more than 10% in the 12 months, through September. The fastest annual rent inflation in 16 years."

"And nearly 77% purchased were bought in an all-cash transaction," Glenn added. "That's not your average person. These investment firms, like BlackRock, are going in and buying entire neighborhoods. They are the people that come in, and say, 'I'll give you $70,000 over the asking price.' ... Now, why would investment firms think they will just be able to make money paying $70,000 over the asking price? What is it that they know, that you don't know? Could they know, as the Great Reset states, that by 2030, you will own nothing and you'll like it?"

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On "Glenn TV" Wednesday, Glenn Beck exposes the radical plan to flip the United States from capitalism to socialism and into a lawless nation. It's an old strategy that mirrors a communist Cold War playbook. The goal now, as it was then, is this: How do they get a revolution without all that civil war stuff? It’s a five-step plan, and we're deep into several of the main steps RIGHT NOW.

Our justice system has been infiltrated by woke leftists, and something called "the progressive prosecutor movement" is methodically transforming Main Street USA into Main Street Gotham City. We can see it all over the country in places like San Francisco, with the Waukesha massacre as a terrifying glimpse into more of what's coming. And the media? They're currently running interference in one of the largest misinformation operations in history.

It’s happening at the city, state, AND federal levels. And President Trump might be one of the biggest victims of them all, a fact that even Trump critic Joe Rogan has realized on the Russia collusion hoax: “No one is being held accountable!” That ends now, as Glenn calls on Americans to push back on the lies that keep us divided in a cold civil war.

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

A "one-world government" is being formed right now and it’s called the Great Reset, Glenn Beck said on the radio program Monday. And now, rebuild plans for the fire-damaged Notre Dame Cathedral hint at the formation of a global church, too.

In this clip, Glenn detailed plans for the iconic, 850-year-old church’s "woke" renovations that sound more like a 'politically correct Disneyland' complete with a "discovery trail," "emotional spaces," and 14 themed chapels.

"Notre Dame is now being built back better as a 'woke theme park' dedicated to environmentalism and social justice," Glenn explained.

"There will be several different chapels within, [for example] a chapel for social justice, and then chapel for environmental justice," he continued. "Which leads me to this point. The 'one-world government' is being formed, right now. One-world government. It is being formed and it's called The Great Reset."

Glenn went on to predict that one of the first steps in the direction of a one-world government will be a push for a global religion.

"I think we're seeing the first church now being dedicated to the new global religion — and it is social justice, environmental justice, and all this gobbledygook. We all know, it's not just wrong, it is dangerous. That's the first church, the cathedral of Notre Dame, in France, is the first global church. Mark my words. Christian, Jews, Muslims ... this global church will bring darkness unlike you've ever seen."

Watch the video clip from "The Glenn Beck Program" below:

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