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GLENN: I had probably the strangest group of people together last night. I had Robbie George who consults with presidents and popes, one of the great, great minds of our day from Princeton University. Then I had Dr. Alveda King from Atlanta, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, and then a good friend of mine, Ted Nugent who was it was almost surreal.

NUGENT: We deserve each other.

GLENN: It was really

NUGENT: And did you see how Dr. King and I snuggled?

GLENN: No, I don't think she was snuggling with you. I think you were snuggling with her. I think she was like, okay, guitar man...

NUGENT: She fell in love. Are you kidding me? That was pure love. We talked about my history in Atlanta and how I watched the paving of I 75 in Atlanta going from a little village to this megacity that it is today. No, we actually bonded. I salute you, Glenn, for having me on. I was honored to share that little campfire with you. I think we got very serious points across.

GLENN: Boy, I've got to tell you, was that I think that was and I said this last night and maybe it was just me, but I felt it was like a I don't know if it was a turning point or a crystallization.

NUGENT: Well, it certainly was a coalescence of altered opinions and lifestyles, and I'm so proud that you introduced me as the gun nut. I think that establishes that I am the most peaceful guy in the world because I am a gun nut.

GLENN: Yeah. I mean, is there any, is there any question, Pat? Ted Nugent.

PAT: That Ted's a gun nut? No, I don't think so.

GLENN: Not at all. But I don't know if I said this on TV last night but I know I said this yesterday in some format that, you know, the gun nuts that got together on the mall in Washington, D.C.

NUGENT: Harmless.

GLENN: They had loaded weapons!

NUGENT: Well, and again let's

GLENN: And there was nothing.

NUGENT: Let's just get past that because there is no controversy. The facts, the studies, the evidence is irrefutable. Where there are more concealed weapons permits on people's person on any jurisdictions in North America, you have a dramatic reduction in violent crime, especially assaultive type, you know, the rape and the robbery and the home invasion because unarmed I don't care what anybody says. John Lott's books prove it statistically that an armed society is a polite society. I was hanging out, me and the people I was with yesterday, they are all law enforcement heroes, and that armed society certainly is a polite society.

GLENN: Yeah. I said to a bunch of New Yorkers yesterday, the safest place you can be is in a roomful of people who have concealed weapons.

NUGENT: Beautiful. And let me tell you, when I walk the streets of Manhattan, you know, you think, well, Ted Nugent's kind of like the heartland, the flyover guy, but got to watch yourself on the coast. Uh uh, these are my friends out here. I get a, "Hey, Uncle Ted, what have you been hunting? What do you kill on the grill? Hey, Uncle Ted, I'm going to get a pistol; what should I get for my mother."

GLENN: I think the camouflage clothing that you are wearing right now is a bit much for New York.

NUGENT: I don't know. I saw some.

GLENN: He is the only guy, he is the only guy that makes me actually feel more comfortable in New York City.


GLENN: He'll no, no, no. Not for what you're thinking. Ted said, Ted said at one point, he said I think it was the first day we went on radio in New York, we had you on, and I remember you didn't know that we were going to New York and I remember, okay, this is we have Ted Nugent on and I'm like, oh, jeez, first day in New York, please, Ted, don't say anything ridiculous, you know, like and you did.

NUGENT: I didn't say anything ridiculous.

GLENN: Yes, you did. Yes, you did. You said right out of the gate anybody in New York who heard this, they were like, what the hell is this on the station. He said, you know, man, I just had the best weekend. He said, I was just out hunting deer and I had there's nothing, Glenn, like having your hands inside the guts of an animal and that warm blood that just and I'm like, oh, dear God.

NUGENT: Glenn, that's perfect. With all the pastrami flowing down the streets of New York City?

GLENN: Whenever I'm around you, I'm like, you know what? I feel almost like I'm a New Yorker when I'm with Ted.

NUGENT: I am so organic, it defies green. You know what I mean? I am the organic guy. I'm Natty Bumppo, I'm damn near Boone Davy Crockett.

GLENN: You really are.

NUGENT: And still alive and well and I love that stuff, man.

GLENN: You really are. You know, we got the old series of Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone.

NUGENT: You're Fess Parker, baby.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. And my kids well, they don't understand why Davy Boone and Davy Crockett look exactly the same.

NUGENT: Are they enthralled with that setting?

GLENN: They love it.

NUGENT: It's timeless. You talk rugged individualism, you talk about the spirit of independence that made this country. Those are the guys. The way I live is not out of time. I go to Alaska and Africa. The way I live, self sufficiency, you are talking about being an asset to your neighbor. You have to start by being an asset to yourself, and if you can take hands on that sustenance, the food, clothing, shelter, medicine that you need from the good Mother Earth in a face to face eyewitness, first person system, then you know you are being accountable with those resources that we use.

GLENN: I need styrofoam packaging. I'm sorry, I need styrofoam packaging.

NUGENT: We can get you some back straps in styrofoam.

GLENN: You know, can we have somebody, like can I be your neighbor and you go get the animal?


GLENN: And just put it in styrofoam for me to put in the refrigerator?

NUGENT: It's my favorite part.

GLENN: You know what, I was in where was I? This was like 25 years ago. Oh, I was in some place, Sicily, I think.


GLENN: I was going, doing a USO show no, no, no. I was in Spain. I was going to do a USO show on an aircraft carrier and so I was there for the night and I've never been before, and it was Palma de Mallorca and I go in, and the only thing I understood on the menu because I don't speak Spanish, the only thing I understood was rabbit. So I ordered rabbit.


GLENN: It came with eyes and teeth and I thought

NUGENT: Rabbits do come with eyes and teeth, yes.

GLENN: Yeah, but not usually, not for me. Not for me they don't.

NUGENT: Manhattan, an alert from Uncle Ted, sushi comes with eyes and teeth.

GLENN: I don't know, no.

NUGENT: They just remove it before you get it.

GLENN: I would like my eyes and teeth removed, please.

NUGENT: You know, one of my favorite celebrations is the honesty of what sustains us. And you see an Anthony Bourdain or the bizarre food and you see these guys going through the process of the uncomfortable reality of preparing food for the masses. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, write this down: Your life has a gut pile. Know it, love it, admit it, and then you will be more responsible with fewer gut piles. But if you are not privy or honest enough to admit the system by which sustains you, then you can pretend and hire bureaucrats to waste everything in your name, USDA, FDA, OSHA, onward, insanity. So this individual lifestyle, I'm telling you, Glenn, I'm not the weirdo. People who don't understand gut piles are the weirdos. But let me clarify. When I'm in San Francisco, they understand

GLENN: Can you redefine gut pile for me?

NUGENT: That would be the entrails of

GLENN: Of all the animals?

GLENN: Could we could you soften that a little bit?


GLENN: I'm trying to make you fit into polite society.

NUGENT: No soften, no soften. And the gal down at Starbucks wanted to hear about my latest hunting adventure, and that happens in San Francisco, in Los Angeles.

GLENN: She's in New York! She's nuts!

NUGENT: I got you I got news for you. New York and San Francisco and LA

GLENN: Oh, I know.

NUGENT: Everywhere are filled with logical, hard working people.

GLENN: Can I tell you something? I used to feel very alone in New York and now it's, I would say it's I'd say it's 60/40 when I walk on the streets, 60 for, 40 against.

NUGENT: I'd say it's 90/10 with me, and I'm obvious because I only have one

GLENN: They are afraid of you!

NUGENT: No, they are not. I only have one shirt. So it's like

PAT: They don't want to see the gut pile on the sidewalk.

GLENN: No, kids, don't look down, show you a gut pile!

NUGENT: (Laughing).

PAT: They know you can have your hands in their entrails any second.

NUGENT: And I'm not having any fun at all. That's the most important part.

GLENN: You over there: Hey, kids, come here; you know I had my hands in the warm blood of a deer about an hour ago.

NUGENT: In New Jersey, by the way. On Long Island, yeah.

GLENN: All right. So let me get back to Dr. King, which she appreciates at this point to be brought back into it. You know, you are because you are an old man. What, are you 75?

NUGENT: 78 now.

GLENN: You are 78 now?

NUGENT: That's why I walk like that.

GLENN: So you are, what, 60?


GLENN: 61 years old.

NUGENT: She and I are just about the same age. I'm just a year older than Dr. King.

GLENN: Thank you. It's good to know that you can reveal a woman's age and talk about

NUGENT: Well, she and I are that close.

GLENN: gut piles.

NUGENT: I'm honest to a fault.

GLENN: So you remember all of the Dr. Martin Luther King stuff. I don't. A, I grew up in Seattle and, B, I was born in 1964.


GLENN: So I don't remember it all.

NUGENT: I remember it all.

GLENN: Did you know about the did you know about the principles that they were saying you've signed these, you signed these things, you're going to march with us, you signed these? Did you know that?

NUGENT: I was a young man and I was fresh from the American education system, which makes me a dork. I was not politically aware by any stretch of the imagination. I was not historically aware. I was not historically educated. I was aware of white only water fountains.

GLENN: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

NUGENT: I was aware of the segregation.

GLENN: Yeah.

NUGENT: And I wasn't aware of its cruelty, but watching the news with my parents, you certainly saw the manifestation of the evil of segregation which the dogs and the fire hoses and the abuse. And being a Detroit guy, when they rioted in 1967, I realized that it was a much more powerful force than I in my youth was ready for, and I started studying more and more. As a young man obsessed with rock and roll, I was already on the road playing 300 nights a year anyhow. It really started striking home, and I became hurt by the line drawn in the sand between blacks and whites, and I couldn't understand it.

GLENN: I want to go back here because there's something that Al Sharpton said, and we talked on the set after the show.

NUGENT: Right.

GLENN: With Dr. King. And something else Sharpton said to me about three weeks ago, and I think he kind of meant it as a little dig.

NUGENT: No. Not my friend Al not so Sharpton.

GLENN: But he was actually right about one thing, and I think it's a real positive, and we'll start there in just a second.

The Associated Press has issued a dire warning for abortion providers ahead of the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade.

According to an article titled "'Heightened alert’: Abortion providers brace for ruling," abortion clinics nationwide are expecting an increase in "protests, harassment, and other violence ... in states where abortion remains legal" if Roe v. Wade is overturned — as a draft opinion leaked in May suggested is likely to happen.

"On the night of last winter’s arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that could end the nationwide right to abortion, people gathered outside a clinic in New Jersey with lawn chairs, a cooler and a flaming torch — a sight that brought to mind lynchings and other horrors of the country’s racist past," the AP article began.

The article did go on to cite two incidents of extreme anti-abortion violence — "the 1993 killing of Dr. David Gunn outside a Florida abortion clinic [and] the 2015 fatal shooting of three people inside a Colorado Planned Parenthood." But there was almost no mention of the ongoing attacks on pregnancy crisis centers by pro-choice activists, including the violent group that calls itself "Jane’s Revenge."

On the radio program, Glenn Beck noted that the closest the current administration has come to calling out Jane’s Revenge was when the Department of Homeland Security published a terror advisory warning of crime on both sides of the Roe v. Wade debate earlier this month. But when was the last time you heard about violent attacks on pro-life centers in the corporate media? There have been several instances of violence by pro-choice proponents, and the Biden administration remains silent.

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GLENN: Now the righteous generation of the woke has reached such a level of holiness that it cannot possibly be contaminated by name of a less righteous monster like George Washington. Student insists the university must break its ties with white supremacy and systematic racism by canceling its 200 year old name and renaming it. Are you ready? Malcolm X University.

Disney-owned Pixar's latest animated film "Lightyear" was expected to blast off last weekend, but ended up falling way short of box office expectations.

Box office analysts expected the "Toy Story" spin-off to gross $70 million and $85 million domestically and $50-60 million in offshore markets, despite having been barred in at least 14 countries over a controversial same-sex kissing scene, but the film's total haul worldwide wound up at $85.6 million.

Earlier this year, the controversial kissing scene was apparently cut from the film, but the Disney corporation made a show of reinstating it in March amid outrage over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' (R) Parental Rights in Education bill.

Now, why would such a woke movie flop at the box office on its opening weekend?

"Blame the fact that it doesn’t appeal to girls, blame Disney+ for stealing family moviegoers, blame the lack of an ensemble Toy Story cast, heck, blame everything as Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear didn’t do its magic by internal studio or industry standards this weekend with $51M, close to a third below its lowest $70M pre-release projection," said

"Variety" lamented that the film's lofty "ambitions were thwarted by heightened competition from Universal’s behemoth 'Jurassic World: Dominion' and Paramount’s high-flying 'Top Gun: Maverick,' as well as little intrigue to watch a slightly esoteric origin story about Buzz Lightyear."

AV Club guessed that maybe "longtime fans have simply grown up and moved on and/or gotten tougher to please."

Both Vanity Fair and Movie Web seemed to think the problem was with the movie's "high concept premise" of making a film based on a film that was supposed to have inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy in "Toy Story."

On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Pat Gray weren't afraid to call out the obvious reason Disney's latest film fell flat: Parents are just tired of woke politics in their children's movies. It's really not that hard to figure out, Disney.

Watch the video below to catch the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

Want more from Glenn Beck?

To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis, and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.

It’s now common knowledge that America’s mainstream media will do what it can to help the Democrat Party. But a recent op-ed from The Washington Post just took far-left pandering to a whole new level. The article, titled ‘Here’s what voters will get if they cast their ballots based on gas prices,’ tells Americans Democrats are NOT to blame for our sky-high inflation rates and gas prices: ‘There are relatively few tools that the president and Congress can deploy to help boost oil production or moderate overall inflation.’ HOLY COW, Glenn says. In this clip, he unveils the rest of The Washington Post’s INSANE Democrat defense, and he asks and important question: How do they sleep at night?!


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Here we are with the Washington Post. And they have a new very important piece out today. That says, here's what voters will get. If you cast your ballot based on a gas price. Okay? Americans are mad about inflation. They're especially outraged that the gasoline average now is $5 a gallon, nationwide. And history suggests that they may act on that furor. By voting the bums out. But voters should think carefully about what they'll get, if they cast their ballot, base on a gas price. Have you ever -- ever heard this, ever before?

The unexpected inflation tends to cause voters to punish incumbents at the polls. Yeah. Exactly like it's supposed to. The cost of gasoline looms especially large in the public consciousness. If also weighs heavily on presidential approval ratings. But the president doesn't have some super-secret special dial on his desk, that can adjust gas prices. But many voters believe otherwise. Well, let me just give you the rundown on the history of this. Because it seems ironic coming to the press. 1996, the press reported, not Clinton's fault. It's capitalism, and Newt Gingrich's fault. Then 2000. Bush blames Clinton. But it's really Bush's fault. This is typical of an administration that refuses to accept responsibility. Here's another one from CNN. 2001. It's Bush's fault. Then 2004. It's all Bush's fault. Then 2008. It's Bush's and Cheney's fault. Then CNN 2012. Stop blaming Obama. It's not his fault. Then in 2012. Sure, gas prices are high. But it's not as bad as you think. CNN, 2012. America, quit whining about high gas prices. 2018, it's Trump's fault. 2020, now it's Trump's fault. Low oil prices are causing oil company bankruptcies. Then CNN 2021, Biden can't do anything about it. It's not his fault. Okay. All right.

So back to the Washington Post. Republicans hope this widespread confusion will turn the midterms into a referendum on painful economic conditions. And by extension, Democratic leadership. They're counting on voters to protect their homes and dreams. Including their wildest fantasies about cheaper gas. I don't know about you, but I'm not thinking of, you know, the people behind the counter at the gas station all dressed up in something Lacey and revealing. It's not exactly a fantasy for me. You know, gas prices, being low. No. We had that just a year and a half ago. I don't know if anybody else noticed. But when Trump was in, we were for the first time in my lifetime, energy independent. We didn't have to worry about Saudi Arabia, or anybody else. Because we were independent and had cheap gas. For the first time in my life. And who got that done? Oh. Donald Trump.

But wait a minute. He doesn't have any levers to do that, does he? Hmm. There are relatively few tools, said the Washington Post, that the president and Congress can deploy to help boost oil production. What?

Here's an idea. End ESG. End the administration's war on oil. Here's another idea. You really want to get rid of oil? Fine. Get rid of oil. But how about we take a quick break. How about we just break for a minute, slow this down, until we have the other things that are going to replace oil. They also can't control or moderate overall inflation. Isn't that what the Federal Reserve's job is -- that is -- that is their only job. I know they've taken on so much more. That is their job. Their job is to keep inflation under control.

Well, the things that they do have, probably won't make a huge dent in price growth. But they could help a little on the margin. Unfortunately, these are not the things that either party is proposing right now. Democrats are grandstanding about greed, and considering silly stuff such as export bans and price controls. Meanwhile, by the way, those price controls won't seem silly when they happen. Republicans demagogue about President Biden's supposed war on fossil fuels. And socialism. His supposed war on fossil fuels.

That's what he campaigned on. Washington Post says, neither party has a serious plan for dealing with inflation. Overall, or gas prices, specifically. You know what, we don't need the Republican Party. All you need to do is just listen to the people. Are we a republic? Do we have representatives of the people? Because I can tell you, most of the people in America would say, you know what, let's start producing more of our oil. Most of America would say, I want to go green, if we can. That's great. But let's not sacrifice ourself on the God of global warming. I would like the country to continue. I would like my children to be able to eat. Oh. And inflation, here's an idea. Stop spending money. You don't have it. No one is borrowing it. Nobody is giving us the money anymore. We're borrowing it from the fed. Meaning, we're just printing more. Assuming that Russia's war in Ukraine continues to disrupt every energy market, that is such bullcrap, I can't take it. Then voters realistically face a choice, between high gas prices and the rest of Democratic agenda. War, high gas prices, and the rest of the Republican agenda. So what it's worth. Let's consider what the rest of the agenda is, for each party: Biden and fellow Democrats once promised a cradle-to-grave expansion of the safety net. Plus, measures intended to combat climate change.

Love or hate this program, I very much like it. But it's no longer terribly relevant to the choices the voters face this November. Yes, it is. Climate change. That's what's causing all of this. This, and the hostile takeover of the free market, through something called The Great Reset. But Democrat infighting has considerably scaled back their ambitions. Giving constraints laid out by senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Who wield critical votes for getting anything done. Democrats have at best had a shot at more modest packages, focused on climate, prescription drugs, and maybe some tax increases on high earners and corporations. But what do the Republicans stand for? Their national leaders won't say. Yeah. I know.

Keep it secret. You know why? Because our national leaders agree with a lot of this stuff, that is going on with the Democratic Party. They don't represent the people. Anyway, even when asked directly, they keep it secret. Their state level rising stars are mostly focused on fighting with Mickey Mouse and drag queens. Really? Are we? Is that how you put it? When -- when our parents are called terrorists for saying, hey. I don't want this Marxist and sex stuff in school.

You dismiss it by saying, we're fighting with Mickey Mouse in drag queens. But if you look at G.O.P. actions taken over the last several years. Including, when they had unified control of the federal government. You get a sense of what Republicans are likely to prioritize. Republicans mostly seem to care about tax cuts for the wealthy. And corporations.

Don't even start with corporations. Do you think the corporations are the friend of anyone, who is on the right? Anyone who doesn't believe in all of this progressive bullcrap? I mean, check the ad campaigns. But if you look at the G.O.P. actions, they just want to find ways to repeal Obamacare. Or otherwise reduce access to health care. Huh. For example, by slashing Medicaid. I know. As somebody who has voted Republican, and I myself am not a Republican. Because I don't want to be tainted with the -- with the -- with the smell of all of the death. But I am all for cutting back on -- I say, we close hospitals, in poor areas. You know, let's just close them down. Kids' medicine. Please, at any time if they're defective. Oh, wait a minute. That sounds like a progressive agenda. They only care about installing judges, who will roll back reproductive rights. Hey, listen to this. They care about supporting a president, who has used the powers of the state, to further his own political and financial interests. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Let me give you a couple of quick stories here. Just to -- I just -- let me just point them out real quick here. Story number one. Headline. Buttigieg says the fed -- the feds have power to airlines to hire more workers, amid travel delays. Let me see here. I remember the republic -- or, the Democrats were very upset at Ronald Reagan. Because he forced union workers to go back into work, so we could keep the skies open, because none of them would work the control towers. So they had a real problem with that. Buttigieg is saying, he can tell the airlines, you don't have enough workers. Hire them.

Where, in the Constitution can you find that? That's fascism. Oh, here's the other. This one from the Washington Examiner. Biden's bid to expand Obamacare. The Biden administration is unlawfully trying to expand Obamacare. The Internal Revenue Service has published a proposed regulation. That would make an additional 5 million people eligible for premium subsidies. The IRS proposal is unlawful, but the administration will do it anyway. Here's the background. Obamacare statute created premium subsidies for people who buy insurance through exchanges. Congress restricted those subsidies for people with low and moderate incomes. Or at no other source of health insurance. In addition to Medicare and Medicaid recipients, 155 million Americans with job-based coverage are prohibited from claiming the credits.

The law carved out one exception. If a company plan required a full-time employee to contribute more than 9.5 percent of household income for self only coverage. Then the worker and his or her family members are eligible for the subsidies. So this has gone back and forth with Congress. And they won't do it. Because it will add $45 billion to the deficit. Just in the next ten years. It's called the family glitch. The urban institute, estimates the regulation would reduce the number of uninsured, by around 190,000. Because why? At an average cost of $4.5 billion, taxpayers are going to pay 23,000. 684, per newly insured person each year. Which is kind of not so good. So it would never pass Congress. And so now the IRS is going to do it, even though they know it's illegal. So what is it they care about supporting a president who used the powers of the state, to further his own political and financial interests? Financial interests, China. Please.

They care about supporting a president, whose few purported diplomatic achievements. Few? Few? The world was headed towards peace. The Middle East was having peace. Like I've never seen in my lifetime. In retrospect, they largely look like an excuse to meet potential investors who can might fund Trump aides' new private equity. Are you kidding me? This guy who is schlepping his son with him, everywhere he goes. And you're blaming this on Trump?

They care about defending at all costs, a president who cheered on the mob. Seeking to hang his own vice president. Speaking of mobs, how about the people who are threatening to kill our Supreme Court justices? Because that kind of sounds like the same thing to me. And what is the White House saying? Nothing. What are the Democrats doing? Reluctantly voting to give the Supreme Court justices and their family security. And then they have this one. And then they care about undermining the integrity of our election system. And overturning the will of the voters. If and when tallies don't go their own way. Oh, my gosh. I think I'm going to start vomiting blood. I mean, holy cow. Election deniers are already laying the groundwork to overturn the will of the voters in the future. Through legal and administrative changes at the state and federal levels. They're only changing it back to what it was. The special exemption for covid!

Oh. I can't -- I mean, how do they even -- how do they sleep at night? How do they sleep at night? Well, I guess if it's in the winter, they probably sleep well. Because it's very warm in hell.