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GLENN:  It seems as though it was only yesterday when Democrats and leftists were all together and all aghast at the horrifying use of the term "Nazi."  It seems like it was just yesterday when it may have been last week, when they were all together standing hand in hand singing Kumbayah, aghast at the use of swastikas by people.  "That is not political debate," they cried.  Nancy Pelosi could not believe what she was seeing.

PELOSI:  I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw, I saw this myself in the late Seventies in San Francisco.  This kind of rhetoric was very frightening and it gave    it created a climate in which violence took place.

You be the judge of carrying swastikas and symbols like that, leading on healthcare. 


GLENN:  It was horrible, horrible!  How could you possibly use that!  But suddenly Democrats, socialists, leftists are seeing Nazis everywhere they look.  They can't wait to throw the term around, just as they did in the eight years during the Bush administration. 


VOICE:  It's fundamentally wrong to be a second class citizen just because you have a certain accent or you look a certain way. 


JOY BEHAR:  Doesn't it feel like sort of Naziism a little bit?  I don't want to overstate it but, may I see your papers, you know? 


VOICE:  Every movie you ever see on the Holocaust starts with the guards asking for the papers, "Let me see your papers, let me see your papers." 


VOICE:  What has happened in Arizona is very similar to what happened in Nazi Germany. 

GLENN:  Wow!  Sarah Palin said death camps!  Panic, everybody!  Sarah Palin, the New York Times later verifies, "Oh, they're not death camps, but it is rationing."  Why are you hearing this?  Two reasons.  One, progressives only understand big government.  Nazi or communist and anything in between.  They do not understand small, limited government.  They despise it.  Only big government can build gulags or death camps.  Only big government.  I've never seen a group of farmers do that.  I've never seen that happen.  I've never seen    I've never    you know, I've never seen a bunch of talk show hosts say, hey, let's build a death camp.  Only big government.  That's why progressives only understand gulags or death camps.  You understand there's a third way.  The founders' way:  Limited government.  But why all of the Nazi cries now?  Well, I mean, you can cry Nazi.  I've been saying this is Nazi, this is Stalin, this is Castro, this is Venezuela.  You can do that if your point is limited government.  Because you are not for Stalin or Hitler.  You are for George Washington.  I don't remember the death camps under George Washington.  I don't remember the regulatory czar.  But if you are a progressive, how are you be saying about Nazis?  Well, the only way you can do it is because you don't have anything left.  You can't win the argument with anything but nasty name calling.  And that's where we're at, nasty name calling.  See, I can back up my argument with history, every step of the way.  But if they try to back it up and if anybody was doing their job in journalism, they would ask them to back that up.  Why are they being compared to Nazis?  Well, the death camp.  Okay, great.  Tell me the philosophy of Nazi Germany.  What was the official name of the Nazis?  National Socialist.  Can you tell me, what was in Hitler's own words?  What did Goebbels say about the communists?  Why was the flag of Nazi Germany red, according to Hitler?  Why?  Because the National Socialists were trying to convince communists that there's really not that much of a difference... except the leader and the power structure, and in the Nazi case, superior race.  They both hated Jews, guys.  Which one killed them faster?  The communists or the Germans?  Germans killed them faster.  The Russians killed more.

So you can't get them to explain it because they trap themselves.  That's why it has to remain name calling, vicious, vitriol, fear mongering!  They don't have a single logical, reasonable point on their side.  It's all they have is the name calling.  And while we have used those words, we have backed them up historically.  That's the difference between hate and truth.

First of all, let's talk about the rights.  It is our sovereign right to protect our borders.  Every country does it.  It hasn't been done here in America.  74% of Americans want stronger border control.  3/4 of this nation, are 3/4 of this nation racist Nazis?  Because that's quite a statement.

So let's go through the shallow arguments before we throw them out.  "Oh, we have to help the poor.  They are just taking care of families."  Yes, yes.  We as individuals do have to do our part for the poor.  Not through the government.  Because when the government decides you start to build a giant socialist state, and the National Socialist is the Nazis or the socialists that are communist, either way, can seize control of that apparatus.  Also, I don't happen to believe that Jesus anywhere in the Bible said, "Hey, take the shirt from that man and give it to the government so that government can make them into pants and give them to that child over there."  Jesus was talking about changing yourself.  Nobody wants to hurt any family, nobody.  I think there are people in this country that will use the plight of these people, but there always have been.  There have been slave owners from the beginning of man.  Not the beginning of America but the beginning of man, there have been people trying to own, use or enslave others.  We don't help the poor or their families by teaching them to ignore our laws or teaching our own children that you can pick and choose around laws or allowing our system, education, healthcare, prisons to become so overloaded with noncitizens that it eventually collapses.  And that is what's happening in our country.  How do we help?  How do we help when we have nothing left?  Who do we help when there's nothing left?  Answer?  No one.  Contribute to the education funds in these poor countries.  If you have money, send people from poor countries, white, black, brown, yellow, it makes no difference, send them to college here in America.  I hear it can be done.  Send them to school.  By all means donate to worthy antipoverty causes.  But encouraging and enabling illegal activity is not the answer.  Personal responsibility is the answer.  It is critical.  These are adult human beings, making decisions for their families.  And I have to tell you, as an empathetic man, I believe if I lived in Mexico and I knew what was going on with my corrupt government and I saw that my corrupt government was selling me down the river and there was no equal justice, just social justice, I'd get my family across the border, too, if I thought America didn't take it seriously.  What's the difference?  But I would regret it because I would see that there is no equal justice here, either.  It's all about usury, slavery, and social justice.  It's racist!  Is it?  At least for 3/4 of this country.  It doesn't matter if you are from England or Australia, Nicaragua.  It doesn't matter.  I don't care where you're from.  I don't care where you're from.  We have to clamp down now, and it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the rule of law.  Where were the rule of law people in the Obama administration?  Where are they now?  They were there on the financial crisis.  Is it selective rule of law?  Because that sounds like social or economic justice.  That doesn't sound like what our country was all about.  Equal justice.  It doesn't sound to me like what Martin Luther King marched for.  He didn't say, "I want special exceptions."  He said, I want equal justice!  And as for making people second class citizens, illegals are not first, second, third or fourth class citizens.  They are not citizens.  For legal Latinos, they will be covered by every U.S. law that is currently permitting discrimination, and they should be.  And I stand shoulder to shoulder.  You're a citizen!  This law does not negate Arizona law.  It doesn't, it doesn't negate everything else.  "It's like the Nazis, let me see your papers, please. " Who carries papers?  Well, I don't know about you.  I carry a driver's license.  I mean, am I alone in that?  Let's start with that.  Have you ever been asked for your driver's license when you've been pulled over because you had a blinker that was out?  You ran a stoplight?  You were going too fast?  When the cop came to the door and said, I need to see your driver's license and registration and proof of insurance, did you say, who the hell are you?  No, I don't swear at the officer or throw a bottle at him.  I hand him my driver's license and proof of insurance and registration.  That's what I do.  And then we move on with our life.  For whatever reason, we are the only country on Earth that is expected to tolerate such blatant disregard for our immigration policy.  Mexican president Felipe Calderon has made it clear that he considers Arizona law intolerant and a clear human rights violation.  That is really fascinating.  Mr. President, do you know in your own country of Mexico your own government bars foreigners for entering if they upset, quoting your own law, the equilibrium of national demographics?  Isn't that profiling?  If outsiders don't enhance the country's, quoting again, economic or national interest, end quote or are, quote, not found to be physically or mentally healthy, end quote, they are not welcome in your country.  Neither are those who show, quote, contempt against national sovereignty or security, end quote.  So they must not be economic burdens on society.  No welfare, and they must have clean criminal histories.  Those seeking to obtain Mexican citizenship must show a birth certificate, provide a bank statement proving economic independence, pass an exam and prove that they can provide for their own healthcare.  And that's in Mexico, sir.  I don't know if you are aware of your own laws in your own country.  Illegal entry into your own country is equivalent to a felony punishable by two years imprisonment.  Document fraud is subject to fine and imprisonment.  So is alien marriage fraud, evading deportation is a serious crime in Mexico.  Illegal reentry after deportation is punishable by ten years in prison.  Foreigners may be kicked out of the country without due process in your country.  And show me your papers?  Well, in Mexico you better be ready just to do that.  Mexico's national catalog of foreigners tracks all outside tourists and foreign nationals.  A national foreign registry tracks and verifies the identity of every member of the population who must carry a citizens identity card.  Visitors who do not possess proper documents in Mexico and proper identification are subject to arrest as illegal aliens.  So Felipe, if I may, cierra la boca.  I know I butchered that.  Let me translate:  Shut the pie hole.  And please, progressives, spare us the endless hand wringing over trying to do the job the federal government won't do.  There are simple steps, three simple steps to solving this problem once and for all.  Number one, secure the border.  Number two, enforce the law.  And then encourage legal immigration to enrich us, enhance us and renew us. 

The largest American gas pipeline shut down on Friday due to what experts told the media was the "most dramatic cyberattack on U.S. soil to date." Investigators are looking at a group believed to be based in Russia known as "DarkSide."

It's time our leaders in the White House take national security seriously because this isn't the first time enemies of the U.S. — namely Russia and China — have used the cyber world to attack our nation and weaken our infrastructure, Glenn Beck argued on the radio program. Between Russia, China, and Iran — which President Joe Biden is now trying to make another nuclear deal with — it looks like the "Axis powers" of a "digital World War III" are lining up

"The journalists seem to care about the price of gasoline for the first time. Is it because they actually care? Or is it because they're trying not to focus on the fact that this was an attack most likely from Russia? And it isn't the first cyberattack from Russia of the year ... maybe we should be paying attention, to Vladimir Putin," Glenn began.

"And by the way, the pipeline going down, that's not the only [cyberattack] happening now," he added later. "Thirty thousand U.S. victims, small businesses and local governments, were hacked by cyber espionage units backed by the Chinese government in January of this year."

"There is an 'Axis power.' It is Russia and China. And, by the way, who is also aligned with Russia and China? Iran. Wow, this is weird," Glenn surmised. "But don't worry about that. Just leave your dog tags on another table. Let's not talk about China. Let's not talk about who actually crashed the jugular of our oil pipelines. I don't want war. But I got news for you ... this Biden administration is doing the job for our enemies."

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Canadian clinical psychologist, author, and cultural firebrand Jordan Peterson is no stranger to cancel culture. Ever since he was thrust into the culture war, he has faced one controversy after another, stirred up by the woke elites who hate him with a passion. But although they have tried to make him pay for speaking out so fearlessly against their message, he refuses to back down and he believes you should, too. He joined "The Glenn Beck Podcast" this week to explain why.

"There is a growth of the reluctant hero in all stories ... so many people think that they don't have what it takes, that they're not the hero," Glenn said to Peterson. "How do you get people to recognize and then have the courage to stand? You've taken a beating ... why is it worth it and how do you get there?"

"I think it's worth it because I believe the alternative is worse ... to stay silent when you have something to say," Peterson replied. "You don't know what it is within you that requires your voice, right, because you feel like 'I have something to say.' Where does that come from exactly, that feeling that you have something to say?

"Maybe you're disgruntled at work and you're choking on your own bile because the situation is not just in your estimation," he continued. "You're dying to say something, but you won't. Well, you'll die if you don't say it. Maybe it's a death by a thousand cuts. I don't like deferred punishment. I'd rather take it now and keep the future clean, which is why I encourage people to have the fights now, not to hide things in the fog for later. They grow and metastasize. It's better to confront what you need to confront when it's small and you have some possibility of victory."

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Straight from the Marxist con of critical race theory are three big lies about "systemic racism" in America that are debilitating to our nation: the lie that policing in the U.S. is thoroughly racist, the lie of voter suppression, and the lie of equity as the solution to solve "racism." Despite the evidence disproving these lies, they grow stronger, thanks to Democrats and activists with selfish interest in these narratives, who, along with their media partners, spread the sinister message that everything in America is racist by default and only massive government intervention can save us from ourselves. President Biden, Vice President Harris, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi – every Democrat on the national stage sees racism in literally everything at this point.

In this precarious time for America, Glenn Beck and North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson join together with data and the truth to fight back against the race-baiters ripping us apart.

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