Glenn Beck: Now More Than Ever, We Need the Constitution

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Those racist cops were at it again. In New York, after the failed car bombing they were just randomly frisking people down with no rhyme or reason, patrolling for "different looking" people when — miraculously — they were able to apprehend the bomber, 30-year-old Faisal Shahzad, just before he left for Dubai.

It's weird: It's almost like our police know what they are doing and do a good job. Good thing they didn't listen to Mayor Bloomberg's hot tip on the bomber:


NEW YORK MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: Homegrown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn't like the health care bill or something. It could be anything.


Wow, that's some good detective work, Mayor. "Could be anything" — could be a deranged Tea Party-goer who is against Obamacare. Elementary, Mr. Mayor! You should be our next attorney general.

No, this was the New York cops, the FBI and everyone else involved, doing their job the way it's supposed to be done. This was the system working. And it also makes the case to make sure that people come to America the right way: through the front door — not illegally. Because this whack-job actually came to America through the front door; he is a naturalized citizen, a Pakistani-American. How do you think we knew who he was? Because he came here legally. We knew his name. We had his fingerprints. We knew where he lived. We had a picture of him.

You and I both know that crazies are everywhere, both citizens and non citizens alike. When you first heard that someone had parked a car loaded with explosives near an area where people are enjoying time with their families with their children, you knew that was the mark of an even bigger monster than just a run-of-the-mill nut-job. I mean, who intentionally bombs children?

I was doing an interview on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday morning when and Kilmeade goes all Jack Bauer on me — I swear he's got nipple clips in his pocket. And we were talking about what to do with this monster. The easy thing to say is: Let's call in Jack Bauer (or Brian Kilmeade) and hook him up to some lamps!

Now there are many times that I'm perfectly OK with leaving a terrorist alone in a room for a while for some quality one-on-one time with Bauer. Like the underpants bomber — he's not a citizen, he's a terrorist. If someone happens to have a wet towel and a glass of water next to him, I have no problem with that.

However, this dirt-bag Times Square suspect is a citizen. And as a citizen of this country he's entitled to rights that foreign combatants are not entitled to. Some people are probably screaming at their TVs right now. Here's what I say to those people: Now is when your values count.

Sure, it's easy to follow the Constitution when you benefit from it. But what happens when it goes against what you want to do? When you want to strap this guy to the rack, but don't because it violates the Constitution. That is what makes America different. This is not the time to shred the Constitution. The Constitution is tough when it gets in the way. But that's the time when it makes a difference.

Before our country was a country, there was the Boston Massacre. Two years after the British sent royal troops to help enforce the heavy tax burden, the tension finally culminated in a protest that ended with five colonists being shot and killed by British soldiers. The American government wanted a fair trial, but they couldn't find anyone willing to defend the accused Brits, until John Adams agreed to do it.

If Gallup was polling in 1770, John Adams probably would have had the largest and quickest approval drop in history. But Adams did it not because it was easy or because he sympathized with the plight of British soldiers. He did it because it was right. He defended them on principle — the principle of equal justice.

If social justice would have been applied, the Americans would have won in court because they were oppressed by the man. Adams was unpopular in the short term, but when the emotions of the incident subsided, within mere months, people began siding with Adams and his stand on principle.

Principles matter. Character matters.

Character is like a muscle: If you don't use it, it becomes weak. We haven't been working on our character muscle. Safety nets, coddling, bailouts, political correctness, everyone gets a trophy, purple pens — our national character is limp.

Do you remember what was going on around 2000? The dotcom bubble had just burst; and apparently weren't really worth $3 billion. Who knew? Our economy was relatively weak and then we were hit on 9/11.

America in its history has conquered these problems before, but never all at once. Every sector will be attacked in every single way, because we've got enemies on the outside and in who want America either taken down a notch in the world, fundamentally transformed or completely destroyed.

This isn't a theory I made up. I don't know if you've heard of part of Special Ops called CAG — the guys that don't overthrow regimes, they just nudge. You think we are the only ones that would do that? You think the revolutionaries in Colombia haven't sent anyone up here? You think Hugo Chavez hasn't thought of that?

But in order to raise the chance of success, the target country must be on the verge of collapse. Does America meet that requirement?

How strong is America?

> The Economy: Unemployment is at 9.7 percent; our national debt is approaching $13 trillion; our unfunded liabilities are approaching $108 trillion; 65 banks have closed this year — 140 last year

Add to that

> Out-of-control government: They're trying to spend us out of the recession; the deficit this year is $1.5 trillion; the federal government continues to grow while the private sector retracts: 40 percent of the federal government is hiring, expanding, bringing in more people, while the engine of America — the private sector — only 28 percent are hiring and expanding. Government now controls 96.5 percent of all home loans

> Crime Inc.: ACORN, SEIU, radical Marxists and progressives in power and transforming the structure of our country; we're living in the Boss Tweed era — an era in which Al Capone controls politics. If you don't pay the man, you aren't getting anything

> Civil unrest: The Tea Parties are the least of the problems here. What about the G-20 anarchists?

> Military stretched thin in Afghanistan and Iraq. Is there a coherent plan? We've a president who brushes off Fort Hood. He's calling our cops stupid or racist, depending on the day

> The oil spill: No one would try to take advantage of that crisis, would they?


GOV. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, R-CALIF.: Before you make a decision like that, you are convinced that this will be safe. But then again, you know, you see that, you turn on television and you see this enormous disaster, you say to yourself, why would we want to take that risk? And you know, so the risk is much greater than the money's worth, so will figure out how to deal with the extra $100-million problem.


You have all of these stresses on the country — it's a lot bigger than the dotcom bubble.

If you are one of the many who want nothing more than America knocked down a peg, fundamentally transformed or completely destroyed, I'd say now is looking like a pretty good time to send in the operatives.

Why do I tell you this? Because this is the challenge that everyone after 9/11 begged for. After 9/11 folks asked what did the president know and when did he know it? Well, what do you know now and when did you figure it out?

People said you couldn't make people stand in line for security without "the event." Really? I would argue that you could get people to stand in line; all you had to do was explain it and make the case to the American people.

We were asleep before 9/11, we had no clue what was coming. So of course we wouldn't have just accepted extra security for no reason. But if you explained that the same folks who attacked the World Trade Center in 1993 were trying to attack us again, would we have had the same outcome? We'll never know; we never made the case.

America, I'm making the case now: There are enemies within and without.

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Here are the TOP 5 reasons to STOP sending aid to Ukraine NOW

SERGEI BOBYLYOV / Contributor | Getty Images

On his Wednesday episode of Glenn TV, Glenn dove into the top 5 arguments for AND against sending aid to Ukraine. Earlier this week, we covered the top five reasons to continue sending aid to Ukraine—and why they're wrong. Here are Glenn's top 5 reasons to stop sending money to Ukraine NOW.

We can't afford to continue to bankroll this war. 

Inflation is already at all-time highs, and we CONTINUE to spend money we don’t have. Inflation reached a 40-year high in 2022, and, contrary to the Left's mental gymnastics trying to prove otherwise, it is not easing up. Our economy is in dire straights, and we are signing up for economic disaster by continuing to pass omnibus bills that send billions of dollars to Ukraine.

Moreover, happens if an additional conflict happens elsewhere that directly threatens the United States supply chain? Shouldn't we be focusing on boosting U.S. manufacturing independence to make us less economically dependent on foreign adversaries?

Finally, the U.S.'s military reserves are dangerously depleted. A Heritage Foundation study found that military stockpiles are being sent over to Ukraine at faster rates than the U.S. can produce. The study says that much of the supplies will not be able to be replenished for YEARS, leaving the U.S. in a critically vulnerable state. Do we want to risk our OWN national security for a perpetual war with no end goal OR end date in sight?

Defending democracy is NOT our job.

Many, including conservatives, believe that the U.S. needs to defend democracy wherever it is threatened. This is NOT our job—we are not the world's democracy police. However, defending the United States however IS our job. Isn’t this kind of rhetoric EXACTLY what has kept us in a state of perpetual war for the past 20 years? Will we ever learn? The same people who criticized the perpetual U.S. presence and funding in Afghanistan are rushing us to yet ANOTHER 20-year-long conflict. Is this really in the U.S.'s best interest?

The risk of nuclear war is real.

Is this EVER a risk that should be taken? Russia has already declared that Crimea is their homeland. If we support Ukraine as they try and take back Crimea, wouldn’t that be a direct attack on Russia? That would fall in line with Russian nuclear doctrine, greenlighting the use of nuclear weapons. Whether you agree with Russia’s claims to that land is irrelevant… THEY believe it. Should we risk giving Russia more fodder to justify the use of nuclear weapons? Is that truly in the best interest of the American people?

World War III is a very real possibility.

​World War III is a MUCH more real possibility than our leaders are letting on. Examine this very real possibility: what if Russia decides that the losses they are taking from Western weapons are too great, so they decide to attack where the weapons are coming in from? Places like Poland, a NATO member, would be first on the list. That would trigger Article 5 and World War III would commence. This could be ​our Sarajevo moment when one retaliation catalyzes a new world war. Countries like China, who is already considering sending weapons to Russia, would be forced to choose sides. Don't forget Iran and North Korea, who are already ​militarily aiding Russia. Is Ukraine worth that risk?

The global supply chain is at risk.

The pandemic has already turned the supply chain upside down. This war has made things even worse. What happens if the war expands beyond Ukraine? How high are we willing to let gas and food prices to get? How long will it take for civil unrest to break out into the streets?

Glenn covered a wide array of topics this week. Amid the shocking admission from the FBI and DOE confirming the Wuhan lab leak theory, Glenn calls for accountability over the authoritarian leaders who used the pandemic to rob the American people of their Constitutional powers. Glenn also continues to be one of the most outspoken voices against the ongoing U.S. aid to Ukraine, arguing that we are marching toward World War III. Here are the TOP 13 quotes capturing Glenn's best radio moments this week.

"I believe Thomas Jefferson was right. Count on the American people. Not the government. Count on the people."

From the Feb. 28, 2023 radio broadcast.

"We are all individuals and unique entities. God gave you and me and everyone else a brain, a heart, a spirit. Those things are OURS—nobody else's."

From the Feb. 28, 2023 radio broadcast.

"The government holds no authority, over the truth. Let me say it again. The government holds no authority, over the truth."

From the Feb. 28, 2023 radio broadcast.

"I don't want vengeance. I don't even want to be right. I just want to know what the truth is."

From the Feb. 28, 2023 radio broadcast.

"Given the rise in mental health conditions, and the way we engage in political discussions in the U.S., it might be fair to say, we aren't dealing with our fears particularly well."

From the Mar. 03, 2023 radio broadcast.

"I can't believe, as people who grew up with Martin Luther King, I have to explain this to you. It's the content of your character that matters. If you care about skin color, you have become the racist."

From the Mar. 03, 2023 radio broadcast.

"We have a lack of faith in the truth of God. The eternal truths."

From the Mar. 03, 2023 radio broadcast.

"There's a great evil happening in our country. And it is easy to define. We just have to start saying it out loud."

From the Mar. 03, 2023 radio broadcast.

"This is what happens when American power is diminished. I've been telling you this for years. The minute America has no credibility, not only will we rapidly come under attack from everybody who has ever hated us, but the world will spiral into chaos."

From the Mar. 02, 2023 radio broadcast.

"We're doing is sending our money, over to the most corrupt country in the world, and making ourselves a bigger target."

From the Mar. 02, 2023 radio broadcast.

"In theory, we live in a democracy, where the power of the government is constrained through the structure of the Constitution and the will of the people.In practice, however, both limiting factors can be removed in the case of an emergency. A cunning leader knows that power once granted, is rarely returned. And it is very difficult for the public to hold anyone accountable, after the fact."

From the Mar. 03, 2023 radio broadcast.

"When an emergency presents the opportunity to achieve power, under the state of exception, it is always best to manufacture the narrative, to secure that power as quickly as possible, and then make the adjustments later after the power is firmly in hand. The pandemic allowed for the creation of an indefinite state of exception, during which the regime could lock down its political opponents and unleash its own supporters upon those who opposed them."

From the Mar. 03, 2023 radio broadcast.

"Someone must pay the price, for what is happening in our society. Or nothing changes."

From the Mar. 03, 2023 radio broadcast.

THE DOCUMENTS for the 'Arming Ukraine Debate' Glenn TV special

Laurent Van Der Stockt / Contributor, NICHOLAS KAMM / Contributor | Getty Images

Are you in favor of ongoing aid to Ukraine? Glenn is one of the most outspoken critics of sending aid, arguing that we have become a proxy Ukrainian government and an active participant in the war against Russia. He has also warned we are on a path toward World War III.

However, many conservative leaders believe that supporting Ukraine is in the U.S.'s best national interests. Glenn wanted to give his audience BOTH sides of this important debate. On Wednesday night's Glenn TV special, Glenn hosted two experts, one in favor of ongoing support to Ukraine and one against it.

Glenn wants YOU to be informed about this crucial issue—that's why he is giving his newsletter subscribers EXCLUSIVE access to the documents containing the research and Glenn's pro and con arguments over Ukrainian aid.

Do your own homework

Not already signed up for Glenn's newsletter or missed the one with the documents? No problem. Sign up below we'll email you a PDF of the documents connected to this special, so you can download it directly to your device.

Watch the full special below (or watch on BlazeTV here):

Let me put the language surrounding the war in Ukraine into perspective. I think you will have your eyes opened to what we are REALLY facing.

Dmitry Medvedev. You remember him, right? He's the former Russian President from 2008-2012 who went on to become Prime Minister. He wrote a chilling op-ed piece in the state-run newspaper indicating that there's a REAL nuclear threat if the U.S. continues to supply arms to Ukraine. He, along with Vladimir Putin has invoked the nuclear option in an effort to deter the U.S.-led NATO alliance from arming Ukraine.

RELATED: Tune in TONIGHT on BlazeTV at 9 pm ET for the Glenn TV special exclusively on Russia and the war in Ukraine

Medvedev, who currently serves as a deputy chairman of the powerful security council of Russia, dangled the prospects of peace talks while demanding the immediate halt of all arms shipments to Ukraine. He wrote, "Any existential threat to Russia, would not be decided on the front in Ukraine but would spiral into an existential threat to all of human civilization. We do not need a world without Russia." He was echoing the words that Putin said on Sunday:

The U.S. and its NATO allies want to inflict a strategic defeat on us. The aim is to make our people suffer. How can we ignore their nuclear capabilities in these conditions? They have tried to reshape the world exclusively on their terms. We have no choice, but to react. If Washington gets its way, Russia will be divided into Moscow, the Urals, and other disparate regions. It would be a world without Russia.

Most people, who are not paying attention—and I mean politicians—do not know what that phrase means: "We do not need a world without Russia." It is a very important phrase, the same one that Medvedev used in his op-ed. We must first understand the origin of that phrase to understand its significance, and it harkens back to the deeply dangerous man influencing the Russian government behind the curtain, the modern-day Rasputin, Alexander Dugin.

I have, for a long time, read everything I could on the political philosopher Aleksander Dugin. He's a really bad guy, as I've been telling you for a long time. He explicitly states that he wants to bring about a new world order, ruled by Russia, ushering the world to its end.

There's an award-winning journalist in Moscow named Andrey Loshak, who has been speaking out against Dugin. I want you to read an excerpt of his research about Dugin translated into English. He is warning against dismissing Dugin as a "petty fraudster," interested in nothing but money, or a "windbag," who excites only Western political scientists. But I must warn you: we should NOT underestimate his influence, no matter how crazy we find his ideas, especially because those ideas tend to become reality.

Here is the excerpt

I remember accidentally attending a lecture by Dugin, on angelic entities in the late '90s. It was an unbearable exercise in transcendental sophistry, dealing mainly with the image of Lucifer. The fallen angel. There were about 20 people of indeterminate age and gender in the auditorium, and I thought at the time, that perhaps they too were fallen angelic entities, who have come to listen to a lecture about themselves.

In the mid-naughties, I ran into Dugin at a gig at the Akira Club. He dearly loved English apocalyptic folk music for its commitment to Nazi Satanism. His daughter, Daria, apparently did as well. (I recently saw a post about how she did the Nazi salute at a Death in June gig in Moscow.)

It was also in the noughties [between 2000 and 2010] that I visited the summer camp of Dugin’s Eurasian Youth Union (ESM). A building at a dilapidated holiday resort near Zvenigorod had been rented for this purpose. A building at a dilapidated resort near Zelengrad that had been rented for this purpose.

There were not many young people in attendance, about thirty or forty. Many were wearing Russian peasant shirts, because Dugin had realized that his Nazi-Satanist strategy had no great future in modern Russia, and so he had declared himself an Old Believer. [Glenn: An old believer is an Eastern Orthodox Christian, who thinks that the reforms of 1652 and 1666 were too modern].

Before meals, a round-faced bearded man would proclaim in a bass voice, “Angels at the table!” and those present would cross themselves. At night, the young people lined up with lighted torches on the banks of the Moscow River to take "The Oath of a Eurasian."

Back then, Dugin adored the black magic, ceremonies, and rituals [...]. He and [composer and musician Sergey] Kuryokhin had bonded over this stuff, and Dugin had ignited Kuryokhin with fascist ideas (eventually burning him to a crisp). The wording of the oath was pompous and not bereft of poetry. I recall that the word “will” was intoned more often than curses against “Atlanticist” liberals. [Glenn: That would be us, the people of the sea, as he calls them. Or Atlanticists, people of the North Atlantic Treaty. Will in mind, will in mind, the puny lads and lasses repeated in unison after Dugin].

It would have smacked of Triumph of the Will were it not for the outward appearance of the young Eurasians, which was far from Aryan perfection. At the time, I couldn’t have imagined, of course, that a goofy postmodern cult would someday become the ideological mainstream, and that by 2022 the entire country would be caught up in this sect.

In 2011, the party youth under the leadership of Dugin staged the occult mystery play Finis Mundi (The End of the World) at the ESM’s summer camp. Darya, by the way, played the role of a sacrificial victim who voluntarily self-immolates in order to save Russia. As the girl is burning, a man’s voice proclaims, “Cross yourself with fire, Rus! Burn up in the fire and save your diamond from the black furnace!”

The extravaganza’s director described the concept of the production as follows: "We have to bring the end of the world closer. Antonin Artaud said there is only one means of curing the world’s disease—burning the world, which I illustrated in the play’s final scene, in which the burning of the universe takes place."

In the finale, Dugin came on stage and said, "We have lived three days of our life towards death. I don’t think that the scenes you have staged need to be deciphered. The hermeneutics of the world’s end is the task that faces you in the future."

It is obvious, though, that Dugin is obsessed with the idea of bringing the world to a purgatory apocalypse, after which the Great Eurasian Empire of the End will be born. And he has quite consistently pursued this goal. When the “conservative turn” dawned, Dugin moved away from occult postmodernism, focusing instead on the topic of “tradition,” for which there was a sudden demand. The Kremlin had been frantically searching for new ideologemes with which to oppose the official enemy, liberalism.

Dugin finally turned from a bohemian guru into a sought-after ideologue of the regime. There is one convincing bit of evidence that speaks to this being the case. In 2014, Dugin ends his programmatic article about the ideology of the new Russia as follows: "Russia will either be Russian—that is, Eurasian, that is, the core of the great Russian World—or it will disappear. But then it would be better that everything disappear. There is simply no reason to live in a world without Russia."

Four years later, Putin would repeat this idea almost verbatim in an interview with [TV talk-show host Vladimir] Solovyov on the topic of the nuclear threat: “Why do we need such a world if there is no Russia there?” Dugin had seemingly managed to captivate the dictator with his most terrible idea: hastening the world’s end.

In this context, Darya’s death appears especially ominous. Many people were struck by the young woman’s funeral today. [They were struck] by the behavior of a father who had lost his daughter [but] delivered propaganda tirades in an unnaturally trembling voice and appealed [to Russians] to fight to the bitter end. Moreover, I had the strange feeling that Dugin was directing this spectacle.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but this looks as if it came from the playbook of the stager of occult mystery plays and black masses, and not that of a crook from the state Duma. If we assume for a second that this is true, it really gets creepy. “We will go to heaven, and they will just drop dead,” Putin said when asked to explain what the phrase "we don’t need a world without Russia" had meant.

This is exactly what Dugin calls the "hermeneutics of the world’s end," only couched in the dialect of the backstreets, which the dictator speaks fluently. It sometimes seems to me that they have already made the "final decision." They have not only canceled Ukraine. They have canceled the world.

Let me summarize this for you: the phrase "we don't need a world without Russia" is harkening to Dugin's call for a new world order, which will eventually result in the world's end. In short, this phrase is the language of the world's end. And now Russia's leaders are using it in their speeches.

Dugin does not believe Armageddon brings heaven to earth in the way Christians normally do. He believes Armageddon will renew the earth, and Russia will lead the world. There just has to be some Russian leadership left.

Now, I'm going to give you the rest of Medvedev's opinion piece. It is really important that you read it. I don't believe anyone in this White House or the Pentagon is paying any attention. I don't think our leaders understand who they're dealing with. I hope somebody starts to pay attention to this, because if this is correct, we are in for a completely different ending than what they intend out of this ongoing war in Ukraine.

Medvedev said that any attempt to take Crimea would result in "the flaming of all of Ukraine and with the forces at Russia's disposal, including nuclear weapons. In accordance with our dock to your knowledge documents, including the fundamentals of nuclear deterrence. All of Ukraine, that will remain under the rule of Kyiv. Will burn."

What Medvedev wrote is a chilling warning. He is quoting Clause 19 of the Russian fundamentals, which says that Russia may use nuclear weapons "in the event of aggression against Russia, with the use of conventional weapons, when the very existence of the state is threatened."

Let me make this clear: the phrase "we don't need a world without Russia," is now being used by Russian leaders to invoke the use of nuclear weapons. The more we antagonize them to believe that "the very existence of the state is threatened," the more fodder we are feeding to their ideological fire calling for a new world order and nuclear warfare. We HAVE got to stop this war path.