Glenn Beck: The American Power Act Is a Global Power Grab

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The earth has a temperature, a boo-boo. But we can sing the praises of the Lord Almighty God because he has sent us his prophets, Brother Kerry and Brother Lieberman, to heal the planet. They introduced a new climate bill today. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. The bill has a new name. It's cap-and-trade. No, no, wait, wait. It's not cap-and-trade. I can't get those off my mind. Don't think of this as a climate bill or cap-and-trade. Don't. No, no. It's America's Power Act. Oh. Look at the pretty logo they introduced today, too. Come on! Oh, does that bring tears to your — it's just so patriotic.

The press release from these clowns make these things sound like it's a cure for cancer. It's not. Not only is it going to solve all of America's problems — energy independence, jobs, clean air, blah-di-blah-di-blah-di — it's going to, and I quote, "transform the American economy." Wow! Joe Lieberman said that. Joe, transform it into what? Spain? No, Spain — Spain's done this. They have 21 percent unemployment. It can't be. It can't be Spain. Tell me, Joe, transform us into what? Call the White House, they have the number. If this bill is so great, why did you change the name? Because it's cap-and-trade. OK, climate bill, because we know that's a scam — I mean, cap-and-trade. Oh, jeez, and then somebody went and educated people on what cap-and-trade was. Hmm, crap! Now it's America Power Act. Huh!

This thing has been tried everywhere around the world. It's a complete failure. Even the progressive wizard, the man behind the curtain of Crime Inc., Joel Rogers, admits cap-and-trade will not help the Earth in any way, shape or form. Here it is. Watch. His words, not mine.


JOEL ROGERS, EMERALD CITIES COLLABORATIVE: I hope you all realize that you can eliminate every power plant in America and you can stop every car in America, take out the entire power generation sector, take out all of the transportation sector, and you still wouldn't be anywhere near 80 percent below 1990 levels. You'd be closer to 60 percent. It would be around 68 percent, and that's bringing the economy to a complete halt basically.


So, we could all live in tepees and we still won't save the Earth. Wow! That's going to create a lot — we're going to be all — we all have to start making tepees. We all have tepee jobs. So, it doesn't sound like it's going to save the earth. There's no evidence anywhere this has been tried that it would create jobs. It kills jobs. I think it's two-to-one, kills jobs. So, there must be something else behind this. Maybe it's going to be a miracle, because Brother Kerry is on a mission from God. Watch this.


SEN. JOHN KERRY, D-MASS.: If President Bush gets involved, if Harry Reid and all of us pull together, I think this could pass. And the reason it can pass is that we have the broadest base of support. As I said, we have faith-based community support for this bill. We have generals and admirals who believe this is a central for American security. We have major business leaders who believe this will create jobs and make us competitive.


Yes. Yes. Some people — I won't say, I won't. Because I'm an adult and a parent, I won't tell you about Christmas. It just crossed my mind. But yes, I'm sure there are people that believe this will create jobs. And the churches are behind this movement, so it must be pure as the driven snow because the churches are. It sounds great. Where do I sign up?

Oh, you know what? I found a coalition of faith-based groups. It's great. Let me show you the Web site. It's the Eco-Justice Program, the National Councils of Churches of Christ. And look, it's such a pretty scene with three different churches. Is there a synagogue anywhere or a mosque? There must be some place because they're all — they're all together for eco-justice. This is fantastic. They launched a climate change leadership training program for Jesus. Where do I donate? I had to click on "donate." Support our work. I had to go there and donate to the National Council of Churches for Eco-Justice. Now, right here at the bottom of the page — but this is only if you're paying attention — right here, right here, it's great. It says the group — democracy in action. That sounds patriotic. I had to click to find out what they're about. So, we clicked on it.

There it is. Democracy, wiring the progressive movement. Uh-oh! A 501c3 non-profit organization itself believes technology can be a decisive force for social change. "We exist to empower those who share our values of ecological and social justice to advance the progressive agenda." Wow! America, if you don't get it yet, you will.

This is why the Huffington Post/Washington Post/Jim Wallis/Obama advisor has been dropping bags of hammers on me for the last few months, smearing me. Why? Because I brought to your attention to the lie of social justice. I told you social justice — as understood by Jim Wallis and those on the progressive left, like Jeremiah Wright, those people understand it as Marxism, redistribution of wealth. Churches don't like to use those terms. Progressives do. Churches don't. Some churches use it for missionary work. And if Jesus is telling you to volunteer your time or money to do something, that's great. Social justice — the way it was originally intended? No, no, no. Redistribution of wealth. Know the difference.

I challenge you to find social justice in the Bible. Find the two words. I challenge you to find social justice in any founding document. Now, I challenge you to find the progressive movement that doesn't use the words "social justice." They use this. They do the same thing. They change the language to control the argument, to fool you into thinking that the climate bill is about climate, that the cap-and-trade bill is just not damaging. And when you figure it out, they change the name again!

Believe me, social and ecological justice, and all of this bull crap is going to be changed again. It's not the Lord's work. It is man's work for a global government. Isn't it interest interesting that a global government and governance idea, they are using the churches to do it? So, this climate, cap and — the American Power Act has no Republican support whatsoever. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who is working on a cap-and-trade bill, now is like whoa! Why? Because the progressives in the Republican Party are suddenly afraid and backing up because you are waking up. They saw what happened to Bob Bennett in Utah. And the 14-term Democrat in West Virginia? Bye-bye!

People in Washington, you should be terrified. You should. You should be afraid. But, you know, the people on the left, those who like to hide behind the curtain, they should be afraid of the progressives, because the progressives are not taking their foot off the pedal. They are exposing themselves as the radical, revolutionary country-destroyers that they are. And they realize — holy cow, am I on the right side now? Because only one is going to be standing in the end — our country, or the progressives. America is on the progressive movement. And this bill would give America a system that would charge for the use of carbon — remember, to save the planet, to create jobs. Remember those two things: save the planet and create jobs.

OK. Let's just say you run a business, you're running General Motors, except you're running it well and you actually have demand on your cars. Now, if you have demand on your cars, you have to start watching now your energy uses because after a certain amount, a cap goes on. Then you have to buy credits from other car companies or other countries — I bet there's a car company that doesn't exist in Zimbabwe that could plant a tree and sell you their carbon credits. If it hasn't gone over its cap, you have to go out and buy those. So then that way you can have the invisible gas credit. Hmm-mm. Now, it's not just car companies, it's everything. One of the most affected will be bakers because of all the ovens and everything else. But don't worry. Don't worry. This is not going to cause a price problem with bread. No. No. You'll be able to get bread. No, bread will be different. Yes, bread will be different. For some reason, bread will be different. Remember, the government can print money. Bakers cannot. So their options are — remember, save the planet and create jobs. You're a baker. You have to now pay for carbon credits. You can pay for them out of the — you know, all the money you make in a bakery. My father was a baker, so I know. We were so rich. We were so rich. Oh, I got to tell you, there is so much money in cakes and doughnuts. So your options are: fire people, cut salaries, hire people part-time, get rid of benefits or raise the prices. Well, which one is the president saying is going to happen? Because he knows. Watch.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, the electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.


So electricity rates are going to skyrocket. So, how does the baker pay for the energy? How does he pay for the extra energy and the cap? He's got to make more bread to pay for the higher energy price. But he can't, because there is a cap. How is he going to pay for the higher energy and the cap? By creating more jobs? With what? Magic fairy money? With what? It's going to destroy jobs or — I should say and/or raise the price of bread. Now, how is that helping you? How is that helping you? Oh, I remember now. That's right. We're going to save the planet. That's how it's helping you. Save the planet! Jesus wants you to save the planet.

Look, here is what I think Jesus wants you to do. I think Jesus wants you to be a responsible citizen and don't litter. Be responsible and don't dump stuff in the rivers. That's what Jesus wants you to do. We all have to share the Earth and we have to have it go on for future generations. But Jesus doesn't want a cap-and-trade system. Really? You are asked to sacrifice to save the planet. They'll have you believe that's the point of it. But let me ask you this and please, really, honestly think this through. Do you remember an instance where a politician, while in power, gave the American people politically insane news like — by the way, I'm going to do something here, just to — I'm going to do it to save something in 1,000 years from now and it's going to make your gas prices skyrocket, it will probably be $10 a gallon gas? Can you think of a politician who's ever done that?

Are we supposed to believe now that the politicians suddenly have grown spines? They're going to stand responsible for $10 a gallon gasoline but the same people won't declare war after 9/11. Really? Really? They want to close Gitmo because — really? They will tell you there's a war to save the planet and you will have to pay $10 a gallon gasoline, but they won't address Social Security collapsing in, what, two years, five years? They're going to make bread and gas and everything else, the price skyrocket, for something coming in 1,000 years. But they don't have the political courage to fix Social Security. Make sense to you, America? It doesn't.

So, now, let's try to figure out what does make sense. Let's, first of all, remember what we learned in the third grade. Plants need this dangerous invisible gas. OK? The planet. No, that's not going to be anyplace for any kind of farms or anything because it's so bad, CO2 is so bad. We learned it in the third grade. Let me show you a video here, a video made from Here it is. This plant over here — time lapse photography — getting 180 percent increase in CO2 levels. That's 30 percent higher than the worst case predictions by the end of the century. This plant, getting the regular, dangerous evil amount. Which one is doing better? The plant that's getting the "we're all going to die" amount actually seems to like CO2. Gosh, I do think — I do think I remember learning that. Maybe it was in the second grade. It's not about saving the globe, OK?

We also know that they are creating a global governance structure. Look what they're doing on every other front. Yet the IMF now is setting global standards for Greece and the European Union. We have Obama saying that he is going to put together a financial bill for global structure. IMF has also pushed a global bank tax that would create a fund to prepare for a future crisis. I thought these things would prevent all future crises. The World Health Organization is now pursuing a global tax on things like Internet usage and transactions, like paying bills online. Bill Clinton is pushing his Clinton Global Initiative. Oh, by the way, who was his — Al Gore was his vice president — that's weird — who also said that the climate bill would bring about global governance. Hmm. I think you're being scammed. You're being scammed by a group of people I call "Crime Inc."

This is the crime — this is the biggest crime because it's planetary-wide. This is the biggest crime in our planet's history. It's how all of this works. It's the thing that makes sense. Who's going to get rich? Well, we've shown you how the money goes from the Chicago Climate Exchange, how it all got there over the days. If you missed it, go to and look for this. We laid it all out. We've shown you all of it — all the board of directors of the Emerald Cities Collaborative where a lot of the money stops. It's all the usual suspects, all of them, all of them — creating green jobs. Yes, that's right. Creating jobs. Right. Now, what we haven't shown you is, you know, besides all of the usual suspects of the global, you know, workers of the world unite people and global government people, what we haven't shown you is the board of director of CCX, the Chicago Climate Exchange — which, by the way, the Chicago Climate Exchange just sold to an international company. So, it's global now.

OK. I haven't shown you who is on the board of directors but let me take you back to the words at the top of the show. The top of the show, I showed you these words. It's from a 1990 interview, at the time — can you bring the words up? At the time by the U.N. secretary general for the Earth Summit. He's now one of the directors — board of directors of CCX. This is what he said: "What if a small group of these word leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the earth comes from their actions, the actions of rich countries? And in order to save the planet the group decides isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't that it our responsible to bring this all about?"

Now, I want to be very clear here because we talked to the reporter that did this interview in 1990 up in Canada, and I want to be very clear. He was fantasizing about the plot of a novel he was thinking about writing. Yes. I want to show you the list of novels that Maurice Strong has written before 1990. Here it is. None. None. Again, he's never written a novel. But — but this is 1990. And he had this great — because that sounds like a great plot, doesn't it? How many has he written since? None. None. Wow! Wow! That's — hmm. You know what? He's been busy. He's got this great novel idea, but he hasn't had time to do it because he's involved in collapsing the global economies into the hands of a global government. Isn't that interesting? It's almost like his book — hmm. Maybe it's performance art.

This isn't about CO2. It's not about the planet. You know what this is about? This is about the evil rich people in the world, namely you, because remember, you're the wealthiest 10 percent in the world. I think you might be in the wealthiest 1 percent in the world. This is about the evil rich countries — in other words, you. That's what this is about. The guy's name is Maurice Strong. It goes without saying he's a socialist. He's also Canadian. I want to show — they don't necessarily go hand in hand. I know a lot of great Canadians. I want to show you his resume and then I need your help.

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Anne and her attorney Marjorie Holsten joined "The Glenn Beck Program" Thursday to describe their frantic efforts to halt the hospital's decision to turn off Scott's life support — allegedly because he was unvaccinated — and just how difficult it was to get him the medical treatment he needed.

"It was absolutely stunning," Holsten told Glenn. "[Anne] came in and she has this order, I saw the screenshot from the [online medical] chart that said [Scott] is basically scheduled for execution at noon the following day."

According to Holsten, the Minnesota hospital responded to her appeal for a restraining order by claiming that the "position" to keep Scott alive "is not supported by medical science or Minnesota law. As a result, Mercy will ask the court to issue an order that Mercy has the authority to discontinue Mr. Quiner's ventilator and proceed with his medical care plan."

"The 'medical care plan' was the plan to discontinue the ventilator at noon, which leads to death very shortly. So that was at 10 o'clock, but then at 11 o'clock, before the 12 o'clock execution, the judge did, in fact, sign an order saying the hospital is restrained from pulling the plug," she added.

Anne told Glenn that doctors in Texas were shocked by Scott's condition after he arrived from the Minnesota hospital. Not only had he been given dangerous drugs, he was also found to be “severely malnourished."

"The doctor [in Texas] spent two hours with Scott and when he came back out, he said, 'I don't know how he even made it, how he even survived that other hospital ... but I will do everything I can to try to save his life,'" Anne explained.

"And the doctor [in Texas] said Scott was the most undernourished patient he has ever seen," Holsten added.

"Glenn, we are first bringing this battle to the court of public opinion," Holsten continued. "What we are showing the world is that Scott was near death because of the protocols used in that [Minnesota] hospital, but now he is recovering. He is getting better.... Now, we're not planning a funeral, we're planning for his release."

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