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Tonight, I want to talk about preserving our nation and our nation's ideals. And part of that has to be preserving our wealth. And by wealth, I don't mean only the rich people in the audience. I am talking about whatever you have.

If you think you're safe because you are not the wealthiest one percent, then I have news for you: No matter what you make, you are considered rich compared to the rest of the globe. And whatever wealth you have left will be targeted to be shipped overseas to any place deemed less fortunate, worse off or more needy than you.

Let me show you what is being created.

Congressman Anthony Weiner had a press conference, which really means he called MSNBC. He's accusing one of the sponsors of my radio and television programs, Goldline, of "ripping off" customers and he's just fighting for the little guy.

Here's what he said:


REP. ANTHONY WEINER, D-N.Y.: There also seems to be an unholy alliance taking place between conservative commentators and this industry.

One thing that we know for sure is that Goldline is a rip-off and they are a very sophisticated, multi-media rip-off.


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The report he issued stated the following: "On numerous occasions, Glenn Beck has dedicated entire segments of his program to explaining why the U.S. money supply is destined for hyperinflation with Barack Obama as president."

Hmm, I think I said the same thing when Bush was president. He goes on:

"He will often promote the purchase of gold as the only safe investment alternative for consumers who want to safeguard their livelihoods."

We took apart the untruths in this report and you can go to for all of it. But let's talk about the real unholy alliance: The "grassroots" efforts to silence me.

Presidential adviser Jim Wallis is boycotting my show. Van Jones, former green jobs "czar" at the White House, his firm boycotting my show. Presidential economic adviser Andy Stern led SEIU's boycott of my show. But now we've graduated into a darker level; now it is official. McCarthy has appeared: Using the power of Congress to come after this show.

What are the odds that the president doesn't know three of his advisers and one congressman is doing this to one show? How afraid they must be to spend all this time and money on little old me.

By the way, in a completely unrelated story, Weiner had a busy day Tuesday: He launched this attack on me and then a little later in the day he met with the president. Totally coincidental.

Oh, one other completely unrelated story, Weiner's newly hired press secretary, until recently, worked at Media Matters — a George Soros-funded spin machine for the left. It was Media Matters who first started the lie that my ratings were down on this program. Update: May ratings year-to-year are up 22 percent. It's also Media Matters who started this ridiculous attack on gold sponsorships.

Now that sounds like something worth looking into. And you can do that on the new site: Because, the only way to deal with a joke of an investigation is to treat it like one. It's a site about Anthony Weiner — e-mail tips to

But I digress.

So that's four attempts to stop this show that I know of, coming from the administration or from Congress. What is it they are so afraid of? Man, what we are saying must be so right. Let me show you our track record on the economy, the auto industry and health care in America:


GLENN BECK RADIO PROGRAM, AUGUST 16, 2007: You know, I've been — I've been a bull on the economy for a very long time. However, it is time to face facts on the economy and that is it's smoke and mirrors.

GLENN BECK RADIO PROGRAM, JULY 26, 2007: I'm telling you, I really, truly believe we're going to have universal health care and I don't think you're going to be able to do anything to stop it.

The auto industry in America, let's be honest, it's not going to be able — it will collapse.


That's the "we took five minutes" track record — we could do many more. But here's why they are really afraid: We are showing you the way out.

Look at this — the top 25 movers and shakers on Have you ever seen anything like this? "The Real Thomas Jefferson"; "Sacred Fire"; "The Wives of the Signers" — I mean, even "Separation of Church and State" is a "mover and shaker"? Seventeen out of the top 25 "movers and shakers" on are about either the Constitution, the Founders or religion. This show has talked about at least 11 of those seventeen.

There is a revival going on in America: A revival of truth, information, our Founders and faith. That is what they are afraid of: They have worked 100 years to get you fat, lazy and stupid. And in a year, we're dismantling them.

The other question I had on this latest "stop Glenn Beck and talk radio" attempt: Why pick gold? First of all, let me just say I don't care where you spend your money. I put my money where my mouth is — I'm the biggest loser if I'm wrong. Weiner says there needs to be more disclosure. Wait, someone in Washington is calling for more transparency?

I will tell you what I believe — few will do that. I'm an open book. I'll tell you when I'm wrong. I do say invest in gold — I do. But I also tell you this is a doorway of insanity. But am I alone in thinking we live in insane times? I know billionaires who've told me they don't know what to do with their money. Neither do I, that's why I've been focusing on faith, hope and charity. That's our gold standard. The Bible talks about times like these: Where people bury treasure and gold. It's worthless when they go back for it.

The Gold Standard is only worth something because we decided it was valuable; it could have been clamshells. It's psychological. After all the bank failures in the 1930s, people stocked up on gold. On April 5th 1933, by executive order, FDR ordered citizens to give up their gold and trade it in to the Treasury. Violators would pay a huge fine or even serve up to 10 years in prison. Only gold considered art or collectables were allowed to be kept. Everything else he seized.

Congressman Weiner warns consumers by saying gold is at a "non-inflation based" high, implying it's not a good investment because you are buying at the peak. But let's adjust for inflation:

Right now, gold is just under $1,200 an ounce. In 1980, gold hit a then-record $873 an ounce. But with inflation, that's $2,287 in today's dollars, not even close to where it's at today.

Weiner wants you to believe inflation doesn't matter.

Why was gold high in the 1980s? There was no talk of economic collapse. No, but they were inflating the money. They were spending too much. Well, it's worse now, right? So why is gold still relatively low now? Because they tricked you: TIPS — Treasury Inflation Protected Securities.

In the '80s, Congress realized that if we have problems, people take money out of bonds and put it into gold, silver and precious metals. When you do that, you are in control of your wealth. The government can't use it. They wanted to block that path.

But they also wanted to get away with it as long as they could before you woke up. If gold was at $3,000 an ounce today, you'd be freaking out and they'd put a stop to this nonsense. TIPS allows you to continue until the patient is almost dead.

Congressman Weiner, under guise of attacking me, is putting more blinders on this society.

The hedge for inflation now is bonds. TIPS suppresses the price of gold. Despite this, gold prices are still climbing. If people believe the government will default, the price of gold will go even higher. This is not about me; this is not about Goldline — it's about shutting down another way for you to protect yourself.

In Germany, they're banning naked short selling. The stock market is gambling: You think something will go up, you invest. Think it's crappy — like CCX — you bet against it. It's the market. That's short selling. It's the way you can see what people think is coming.

They are trying to box you into a corner.

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How many times must the corporate media get something completely wrong — and attack anyone who dares to disagree — before we realize who they have become?

On the radio program Friday, Glenn Beck shared an article from the Daily Caller titled, "Eight Anti-Trump Narratives the Media Finally Had to Admit Were False All Along." From the Lafayette Square controversy to the denial that COVID-19 could have anything to do with a lab in China to the "Russian bounties" story, the list of mainstream media conspiracy theories goes on and on. If it were anyone but the liberal media who got the facts this embarrassingly wrong, they would have been out of a job long ago.

Watch the video clip below to hear eight of the most anti-Trump the narratives shamelessly pushed by the media — that were completely wrong.

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Former President Barack Obama sat down with CNN's Anderson Cooper recently for an interview scheduled to air in full on Friday. During the interview, Obama scoffed at the idea that critical race theory could be a "threat to our Republic," while claiming that "right-wing media venues" are "stoking the fear and resentment of a white population."

On the radio program Wednesday, Glenn Beck set the record straight: the right-wing media's efforts to call out the far-left have nothing to do with race in America, but rather everything to do with protecting our way of life that is being threatened more and more each day by the radical, Marxist ideology seeping into government.

"Mr. Obama, you lied," Glenn asserted. "You used the IRS to hunt down your enemy. You spied on the media. And your health care package, which was supposed to save every American $3,000 per year, has helped some, perhaps, while raising the cost of everyone's health care in double and triple percentages. But the worst thing that you did, is you planted, you watered, and you protected the Marxist seeds, by crying race."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn:

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Our sacred republic has never been in more danger than it is today. Little by little, industry by industry, the far Left is fundamentally transforming the country we love. And it's an aggressive, hostile kind of takeover we've only seen in some of the world's darkest societies.

On Glenn TV this week, Glenn Beck exposes how the Biden administration and Democrats are aggressively scrambling to reset everything: our free and fair voting system, our kids' education, our policing, immigration and border security, our economy, our military, and our energy supply.

Finally, Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) joins to discuss how Biden's "woke" policies are threatening America's national security and our way of life.

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Apparel company The North Face recently stated that it would no longer make jackets for oil and gas companies because it doesn't want to be associated with the fossil fuel industry. In response, Colorado-based oil and gas company Liberty Oilfield Services rented full billboard ads to remind The North Face of the truth: "Globally, 60% of all clothing fibers are made out of oil and gas. For North Face, it is likely 90% or more."

Liberty CEO Chris Wright joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to discuss just how much of our economy — beyond outdoor apparel and energy — wouldn't exist in a world without fossil fuels. And he warns that many companies are now deeming this truth to be "controversial."

"I have been for years, trying to get a real, honest dialogue about energy going," Chris told Glenn. "So we took this opportunity to point out that North Face jackets are ... almost completely made out of oil and gas. How can you choose not to associate with the essential material your equipment [is] made out of? So we put a billboard up ... the billboard says, 'That North Face puffer looks good on you. And it was made from fossil fuels.'"

"Most billboard companies did not want to run that billboard. They thought it was controversial," he added. "And Facebook put a hold on our brief video just saying the jacket looks good, this is what it's made out of. In today's world, that is controversial."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.