A war report discredited

GLENN: I am so proud of the fact to tell you I am not a journalist, and I'm not proud because I hate journalists. I actually have more respect for some journalists than I ever had. It's a hard job they're doing because telling the truth is really difficult. In today's world, very difficult. I'm proud of the fact that I come to you and say, this is who I am; I'm a conservative. I'm not a journalist. I could be wrong. I might be right. Listen to this side of the story." But nobody's doing that. And they are using -- for instance, Keith Olbermann on MSNBC is using organizations like Media Matters and he will take stuff right out of Media Matters and he will just put it right directly on the air. Well, who the hell is Media Matters? Who appointed them a gate keeper? And it's fine. If you want to credit Media Matters, if you want to say my source on this is Media Matters, then good, do it. I'm not throwing Media Matters under the bus. I'm throwing under the bus people not revealing who they are.

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George Soros is one of these guys. I just picked up -- because there's a story on George Soros that has come out over the weekend and I just picked up Fusion magazine. In fact, how right on the money is this article in Fusion that's out right now. Stu, can you still order this or can we make it available online or how does this work?

STU: Yeah, they are going to have it -- slight problem there. They're going to have up on the site later today. It's going to be listed as a back issue. It's the January/February issue.

GLENN: So what we did is we did a story, if you are a Fusion subscriber, following the Soros money trail and we started with -- how cynical is it to question a philanthropist who has donated billions of dollars to hundreds of charities over the years, how cynical is it? How cynical do you have to be to say, we should question this guy? Granted it's very cynical but it needs to be done. It's not conservative hate mongering paranoia. It's not sicking the IRS on this guy. It's just, let's find out who this guy is.

In case you don't know he is one of the world's richest and most influential men, George Soros. According to Forbes he earned $840 million in 2006 through his Soros fund management. All of those came after he wrote articles and books titled the Capitalist Threat. He made $840 million in a year after he wrote a book called the Capitalist Threat and the Bubble of American Supremacy. Nothing surprising about the super wealthy in America claiming that America is such a horrible place. But what this man wants to do is create a conceptual, using his words, a conceptual framework of an open society and what it represents. In his book Open Society, Reforming Global Capitalism he says quote, open society stands for freedom, democracy, rule of law, human rights, social justice and social responsibility as a universal idea. Now, how much you're willing to reform in order to achieve that idea is open to a myriad of interpretations, and it is another matter entirely. Someone so intent on openness, it's worth noting that Soros was found guilty of insider trading by a French court in 2002 due to his connection to take over attempt of one of the main banks in France. He's also known as, quoting, the man who broke the bank of England in 1992 after selling the British pound short and netting over a billion dollars in one day. That's who George Soros is. The guy who broke the bank of England. What are his intentions? What is he funding?

Here's a story that nobody wants to talk about. Nobody in the mainstream press. And it is the story about the 655,000 Iraqi civilians that are dead. It led Rosie O'Donnell to say, 655,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Who's the terrorist here. Do you remember that? Also quoting the study from the 655,000 dead Iraqi civilians, Osama Bin Laden. And among the things that catch the eye of one who considers the repercussions of your unjust war in Iraq is the failure of your Democratic system, despite it raising the slogans of justice, liberty and equality, American statistics speak of the killing of more than 650,000 people of Iraq as a result of the war and its repercussions. This is Osama Bin Laden, quoting: There is no longer any doubt now. Finally the truth can be told. George Soros is funding the propaganda of Osama Bin Laden. It wasn't just Rosie O'Donnell and Osama Bin Laden embracing the report. It was embraced everywhere. It was a report, The Lancet report that said 600 -- well, let me give it to you. It came out three weeks before the elections in 2006. British medical journal, Lancet, they published a bombshell report estimating the casualties in Iraq had exceeded 650,000 since we went in in 2003. Within a release of the week -- within a week of the release it had been featured on 25 news shows, 188 newspapers and magazine articles. I'm wondering if the debunking is going to get the same play. The death toll according to this report was ten times what had been estimated by the U.S. and Iraqi governments and ten times greater than human rights groups. It was funded by the Open Society Institute, funded by George Soros. The two coauthors, Gilbert Burnham and Les Roberts, John Hopkins University, they told reporters that they opposed the war from the outset and they sent the report to The Lancet, to the editor and said, you've got to report this right now. There was no time for a peer review. The key person in collecting all of this data was an Iraqi researcher. He had failed to follow the customary scientific practice of making his data available for inspection. He also had been an official in Saddam's ministry of health. By the way, that was when the Saddam Hussein, the dictator, was attempting to end international sanctions against Iraq. He also wrote articles asserting that many Iraqis were dying from cancer because of uranium shells that the United States was using. The Lancet study was funded by George Soros. They sent the report to The Lancet on the condition that it be published before the election. The study couldn't be more unreliable. Nobody followed anything. It's because it's what the press wanted to hear. It's what the politicians wanted to hear. So it went out there and it will be dismissed as no big deal. But imagine if the -- imagine if the deaths were 650,000 and Rush Limbaugh had put together and funded a study and pushed it through and it became the iconic study and it showed that there were only 65,000 deaths. We reverse the numbers and the situation and Rush Limbaugh, his study showed that everybody accepted it and the media ran with and the Government ran with. Can you imagine if it then came out in the show that he was behind the funding and they pushed it through and the people who did it were sketchy at best and he forced it before an election. Do you think that would make the front page of every paper in America? Do you think that would be a big deal? Do you think that would be a scandal? Do you think anything that Rush Limbaugh ever touched would be painted? Of course it would be. The question is will everything that George Soros touches be tainted. The answer is no because in many cases you can't find out what George Soros touches because he's worth billions of dollars and he hides his fingerprints on everything.

This is not me saying this, by the way. This is the Wall Street Journal reporting this. Again, not saying George Soros is an evil guy. Might be, might not be. I'm not saying that we shouldn't have other sides of the story. I'm saying we're getting it jammed down our throat and we're getting it jammed down our throat by people who are undercover who are pulling purse strings, who are manipulating the news. You want to go get your news from somebody who has an agenda? That's fine. Just insist that they tell you that agenda. Don't tell me that you're fair and balanced. You know what? I'm fair and biased. And that's the way it should be. I'm fair but I'm biased. I'm not a journalist. I'm an opinion guy. That's what I do. These are my opinions.

More opinions in America, not fewer.

On Monday's episode of "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn opened up about the tragic death of his brother-in-law, Vincent Colonna Jr., who passed away unexpectedly on April 5. He also shared some of the important thoughts and insights he's learned through the grieving process.

"Last Monday, I was sitting in this chair ... the two-minute warning comes and Stu said to me, 'You ready for the show?'' ... And that's when my wife [Tania] came to the door of the studio here at our house and said, 'I...' and she held the phone up. And then she collapsed on the floor in tears," Glenn began. "Tania's brother had passed. To say this was a shock, is an understatement."

Glenn described his brother-in-law as having "a servant's spirit."

"He was always the guy who lit up the room. He was always the guy helping others. He would never stop, because he was always helping others," Glenn said of Vincent. "He was on the school board. He was a little league coach. He was the soccer coach. He helped build the church. He took care of the lawn of the church. He was constantly doing things, raising money for charity, working over here, helping to organize this. But he was never the guy in the spotlight. He was just the guy doing it, and you had no idea how much he had done because he never talked about it.

"We also didn't know how much mental anguish he was in because he never talked about it. And last Monday morning, after spending Easter with the family ... he killed himself. This is now the third family member of mine that has gone through this. And I keep seeing it play out over and over and over again, in exactly the same way."

Glenn described his thoughts as he, Tania, and her family struggled to come to grips with the devastating loss.

"I learned some really important things as I was watching this wake. I'm seeing these people from all walks of life ... the people that were there, were there because [Vince] made a difference in their life. He was a true servant. As I'm watching this, all that kept going through my mind was, 'by their fruits, ye shall know them.' The fruits of his labor were on display. He was a servant all the time. All the time ... he found a way to love everybody.

"There are two great commandments: Love God with all your heart and mind and soul. And love your neighbor. So those two great commandments boil down to: Love truth. Because that's what God is," Glenn said.

"Love thy neighbor. That's where joy comes from. The opposite of joy is despair, and that is the complete absence of hope ... and how do you find joy? You find joy by rooting yourself in the truth. Even if that's a truth you don't want to accept. Accept the truth," he added. "But we have to stop saying that there's nothing we can do. What are we going to do? Well, here's the first thing: stop living a lie."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn:

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After imprisoning a pastor for refusing to follow COVID-19 restrictions, Canadian officials barricaded his church. And when some church members retaliated by tearing down part of the fence, Canadian Mounties arrived in riot gear.

Rebel News Founder Ezra Levant joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to give his insight on the crazy situation. He described the new, armed police presence surrounding GraceLife Church in Edmonton, Alberta, and how it not only encouraged hundreds of protesters to stand with the church in support but forced congregation members underground to worship as well.

What's happening is eerily similar to what occurs everyday in China, Levant says, and it must stop. Who would have thought this type of tyranny would be so close to home?

Watch the video below to hear Ezra describe the religious persecution taking place in Canada.

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Enough prayers? Why is supposed Catholic Joe Biden suggesting that Congress ought to stop praying for after someone commits acts of gun violence?

On Friday, Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray filled in for Glenn and discussed President Joe Biden's remarks during his speech on gun control. "Enough prayers. Time for some action," Biden said. Stu and Pat were surprised how dismissive Biden appeared to be on the idea of prayer.

Watch the clip to hear more. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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Just days after Canadian pastor James Coates was released from prison for refusing to bow to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, several police officers showed up at another church to ensure restrictions were being followed. But Polish pastor Artur Pawlowski of the Cave of Adullam Church in Alberta, Canada, knew his rights, telling the cops not to come back until they had a warrant in hand.

Filling in for Glenn Beck on the radio program this week, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere played a video of the interaction.

"Please get out. Please get out of this property immediately. Get out!" Pawlowski can be heard yelling at the six officers who entered his church.

"Out! Out! Out! Get out of this property immediately until you come back with a warrant," he continued. "Go out and don't come back. I don't want to talk to you. You Nazis, Gestapo is not allowed here! ... Nazis are not welcome here! Do not come back you Nazi psychopaths. Unbelievable sick, evil people. Intimidating people in a church during the Passover! You Gestapo, Nazi, communist fascists! Don't you dare come back here!"

Watch this clip to see the heated exchange:

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