Glenn Beck: 'Freedom' Flotilla? Not so much

GLENN: Okay, we were all bothered by the mosque that is being built at Ground Zero. Pat was ready to become a temporary progressive.

PAT: Oh, absolutely not.

GLENN: And just say, I'm going to find a law to stop it from being built.

PAT: Look, we're a nation of laws. Rule of law, my friend, rule of law.

GLENN: You know what I'm talking about. Right, right.

PAT: Rule of law.

GLENN: I said unless you have any kind of evidence, you don't do that.

PAT: You don't follow the law? Huh.

GLENN: Stop, stop. What are you turning into!

PAT: That is weird.

GLENN: What are you turning into?

PAT: That is weird.

GLENN: I'm sorry, I didn't know the Clintons were here.

PAT: When you ask about following the rule of law, nothing. Nothing.

GLENN: Nothing. It just depends on what the definition of "Is" is. It's the spirit as well as the letter of the law. Now I think we could probably join here and Pat, you and I could sing Kumbayah now. Ground Zero mosque imam is linked to this anti Israel flotilla. More specifically, he is part of the group that is funding another group to help organizing the flotilla. Let's see if you can make these connections. The imam behind a proposed mosque near Ground Zero is a prominent member of a group that helps sponsor the pro Palestinian activist who clashed violently with the Israeli commandos at sea. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a key figure in the Malaysian based Perdana Global Peace Organisation. That sounds good. It's got peace in the name. Perdana is the single biggest donor, $366,000,000, for the Free Gaza movement.

PAT: Hmmm.

GLENN: They are the key organizer of the six ship flotilla that tried to break Israel's blockade of the Hamas run Gaza Strip.

PAT: So he's a key figure in this global peace organization.

GLENN: Perdana. Reuters is confirming now the Free Gaza movement whose supporters include William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and that the biggest donation did indeed come from Perdana

Now, I suppose their argument would be, "Well, he's just part of a Global Peace Organisation." "They are only promising civilian resistance in nonviolent direct action." Uh huh. Except they are partnering with another charity, a Turkish charity with terrorist ties. Did he know that the Muslim brotherhood would also — see, you know, here's if — the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Here's where this all grows awry. No, he's not, no. The enemy's not your friend. He is most likely your enemy as well. Here's why I have said be careful, be careful. Tea parties, be careful who you get in bed with. Do they have any kind of values and principles? I was thinking about this driving in today. I heard the tea party endorsements of a few people, including the, is it the Republican that might win against Harry Reid or, you know, the tea party endorsed Republican may take it in Nevada?

PAT: I think the tea party endorsed may hurt the stronger Republican in the race and thus —

GLENN: I heard today that she may win. That's what I heard.

PAT: That the tea party person may win?

GLENN: That's what I heard on, I think it was on Fox. Maybe I misheard it.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: Because I know I didn't hear that last week.

PAT: Yeah, a couple of days before. I haven't been following it that closely. But they were saying that the tea party person might hurt the Republican and thus Harry Reid might sneak through.

GLENN: So here is, here's what I'm — here's what I was thinking this morning: Well, it's great that the tea party is endorsing people and that's, you know, that's great that they have, you know, a power base, if you will. They are saying we may not win very much today but we will in two years because they are growing their structure, et cetera, et cetera. But what are their values and their principles? And that's why we put those in front for 9/12 project. You've got to have values and principles. What are they? These groups that are, you know, they are claiming that they are innocent, "No, we're just peace activists." Okay, hang on just a second. You're a peace activist and you're with the two founders of the Weather Underground who do not deny terrorism as a tactic. They wish they did more. They wish they did more because Saul Alinsky, the ends justify the means. Well, if you go down that road, you are going to be a terrorist. The ends don't justify the means.

So they are sitting here with known terrorists and yet they are claiming to be a peace organization. Then they get into bed with another terrorist organization. There are like four countries that say this IHH is a terrorist organization. Then you have the Muslim brotherhood. The Muslim brotherhood is the worst. Now, is this, is it possible that all of these people are just like, hey, I didn't know. Is it possible that this, what is it, Perdana Global Peace Organisation doesn't know when they are the major funder of this flotilla? That they've got terrorists on board? I mean, I find that hard to believe. And one of the major, what is it, board members, prominent member of the group is how he's described by Reuters now is the imam for the Ground Zero mosque. Okay, that's enough for me to say, hang on just a second; we need to look at your permits. With you not based on, because I don't want a mosque here. I want to know who you are. It is time for a real vetting of this group.

PAT: But they don't get one.

GLENN: I bet they don't, either. Well, they won't because the Department of Justice, they won't look.

PAT: Nope.

GLENN: Which brings you back to, why?

The question you have to answer is, is Barack Obama, A, is Barack Obama the president or is he a puppet? I've never believed in a puppet regime, never. I don't believe in the Star Chamber and the — you know, I believe in the Bilderbergers because they met this weekend. But I don't believe it's really that much of a stretch to figure out what they are talking about. You know, we don't have the records but, yeah? And, you don't have a record of a lot of things that are private. I don't think it's a stretch to figure out what they were talking about this weekend. They were talking about the destruction of the Euro, is America going to survive, what is the rest of the world going to look like, et cetera, et cetera. And if you listen to the people who are in that, if you listen to their words outside of that meeting, you know where they stand.

Here's — you don't need the Star Chamber, but when it comes to this president, you have to ask yourself, is he the guy. Or is it based in the Center For American Progress with George Soros? Is he the guy? That's the first question. Did he design all of this? Because I don't think so. I mean, we could show you the evidence that this stuff has been in the works since the early 1990s. He was selected before he was elected. And those are the words of Jeremiah Wright — or no, sorry, Louis Farrakhan. I think he might be — that may be the only thing I've ever heard from Louis Farrakhan that I may agree with. You could at least make the case.

The second question you have to believe — or you have to answer is which side — can you —

PAT: Sorry.

GLENN: Which side is he on? Is he a guy who believes like Van Jones or is he a guy who's more like Bill Clinton? They've cobbled together this coalition of radicals, of quite honestly Bill Ayers, terrorist. Jim Jones? Terrorist. They've cobbled together this coalition. Where does Barack Obama stand?

On the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Monday, Harvard Law professor and lawyer on President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team Alan Dershowitz explains the history of impeachment and its process, why the framers did not include abuse of power as criteria for a Constitutional impeachment, why the Democrats are framing their case the way they are, and what to look for in the upcoming Senate trial.

Dershowitz argued that "abuse of power" -- one of two articles of impeachment against Trump approved by House Democrats last month -- is not an impeachable act.

"There are two articles of impeachment. The second is 'obstruction of Congress.' That's just a false accusation," said Dershowitz. "But they also charge him, in the Ukraine matter, with abuse of power. But abuse of power was discussed by the framers (of the U.S. Constitution) ... the framers refused to include abuse of power because it was too broad, too open-ended.

"In the words of James Madison, the father of our Constitution, it would lead presidents to serve at the will of Congress. And that's exactly what the framers didn't want, which is why they were very specific and said a president can be impeached only for treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors," he added.

"What's alleged against President Trump is not criminal," added Dershowitz. "If they had criminal issues to allege, you can be sure they would have done it. If they could establish bribery or treason, they would have done it already. But they didn't do it. They instead used this concept of abuse of power, which is so broad and general ... any president could be charged with it."

Watch the video below to hear more details:

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On Friday's radio program, Bill O'Reilly joins Glenn Beck discuss the possible outcomes for the Democrats in 2020.

Why are former President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama working overtime to convince Americans they're more moderate than most of the far-left Democratic presidential candidates? Is there a chance of a Michelle Obama vs. Donald Trump race this fall?

O'Reilly surmised that a post-primary nomination would probably be more of a "Bloomberg play." He said Michael Bloomberg might actually stand a chance at the Democratic nomination if there is a brokered convention, as many Democratic leaders are fearfully anticipating.

"Bloomberg knows he doesn't really have a chance to get enough delegates to win," O'Reilly said. "He's doing two things: If there's a brokered convention, there he is. And even if there is a nominee, it will probably be Biden, and Biden will give [him] Secretary of State or Secretary of Treasury. That's what Bloomberg wants."

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On the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Friday, award-winning investigative reporter John Solomon, a central figure in the impeachment proceedings, explained his newly filed lawsuit, which seeks the records of contact between Ukraine prosecutors and the U.S. Embassy officials in Kiev during the 2016 election.

The records would provide valuable information on what really happened in Ukraine, including what then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter were doing with Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, Solomon explained.

The documents, which the State Department has withheld thus far despite repeated requests for release by Solomon, would likely shed light on the alleged corruption that President Donald Trump requested to be investigated during his phone call with the president of Ukraine last year.

With the help of Southeastern Legal Foundation, Solomon's lawsuit seeks to compel the State Department to release the critical records. Once released, the records are expected to reveal, once and for all, exactly why President Trump wanted to investigate the dealings in Ukraine, and finally expose the side of the story that Democrats are trying to hide in their push for impeachment.

"It's been a one-sided story so far, just like the beginning of the Russia collusion story, right? Everybody was certain on Jan. 9 of 2017 that the Christopher Steele dossier was gospel. And our president was an agent of Russia. Three years later, we learned that all of that turned out to be bunk, " Solomon said.

"The most important thing about politics, and about investigations, is that there are two sides to a story. There are two pieces of evidence. And right now, we've only seen one side of it," he continued. "I think we'll learn a lot about what the intelligence community, what the economic and Treasury Department community was telling the president. And I bet the story was way more complicated than the narrative that [House Intelligence Committee Chairman] Adam Schiff [D-Calif.] has woven so far."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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Carter Page, a former advisor to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, found himself at the center of the Russia probe and had his reputation and career destroyed by what we now know were lies from our own intelligence system and the media.

On the TV show Thursday, Page joined Glenn Beck to speak out about how he became the subject of illegal electronic surveillance by the FBI for more than two years, and revealed the extent of the corruption that has infiltrated our legal systems and our country as a whole.

"To me, the bigger issue is how much damage this has done to our country," Page told Glenn. "I've been very patient in trying to ... find help with finding solutions and correcting this terrible thing which has happened to our country, our judicial system, DOJ, FBI -- these once-great institutions. And my bigger concern is the fact that, although we keep taking these steps forward in terms of these important findings, it really remains the tip of the iceberg."

Page was referencing the report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, which revealed that the FBI made "at least 17 significant errors or omissions" in its Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications for warrants to spy on Page, a U.S. citizen.

"I think this needs to be attacked from all angles," Glenn said. "The one angle I'm interested in from you is, please tell me you have the biggest badass attorneys that are hungry, starving, maybe are a little low to pay their Mercedes payments right now, and are just gearing up to come after the government and the media. Are they?"

I can confirm that that is the case," Page replied.

Watch the video clip below for a preview of the full-length interview:

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