Glenn vomits on air

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GLENN: May I ask how they've just cancelled the budget in congress, Nancy Pelosi has come out and apparently there's just not going to be a budget this year.

STU: I guess it's divine intervention?

GLENN: What do you mean?

STU: If Nancy Pelosi cancels it, it's probably divinely inspired.

PAT: You are probably right.

STU: That's the way —

PAT: Because she works, everything she does is based on that, everything she —

STU: Every policy that she formed.

PAT: Every policy.

GLENN: You know what? She is one of the most sincere people.

STU: Oh, yeah. Oh, there's no doubt about it.

PAT: No question. Remember that press conference a couple of weeks ago when she told everybody what her favorite word was?

STU: Oh, that was amazing.

PELOSI: They ask me all the time what is your favorite this, what is your favorite that, what is your favorite that, whatever. And then at one time, what is your favorite word.

GLENN: Word.

PAT: Word.

PELOSI: And I said my favorite word, that is really easy.

PAT: Oh, easy.

PELOSI: My favorite word is the Word.

GLENN: Stop, stop, stop.

STU: So bad.

PAT: Favorite word is... the word.

GLENN: So is it "The" or "Word"?

PAT: The word.

GLENN: That's not one word.

STU: No.

PAT: I've taken out the space between those words.

GLENN: Really?

PAT: And now I made it theword.

GLENN: Right, theword. I always thought Grease was the word.

PAT: No.

GLENN: Grease is the word... is the word... is the word.

STU: The word, the premise of the Word is so pathetically weak, there's no one who is asking her these questions.

PAT: Hey, Nancy, what's your favorite word? Have you ever even heard that question from anybody?

STU: Nobody would ask that to anyone!

PAT: Uh... catsup. Catsup it my favorite word. It's always been my favorite word.

GLENN: You don't think that she hangs out with people, you don't think she hangs out with people that might say things like that?

STU: No, no. No one does.

GLENN: Come on!

PAT: Tell me your favorite word. That's easy.

STU: That one's easy. So I'm going to answer it incorrectly with two words.

GLENN: You really don't think somebody's going to — that no one in her life is capable of saying, "All right, so... like, what is your favorite word?"

STU: Medically, they are medically treated there when they are asking that question.

GLENN: Oh, of course. No, I meant that was at a clinic.

STU: Yeah, of course. No, I think that happens. You are probably right. In that context it is very possible.

GLENN: So her favorite word is the Word, and this is so good that I just have to listen to it with my head in a bucket just in case I get sick.

PAT: Do you think you might?

GLENN: I think I might. Every time —

PAT: Should I not play the rest of this or —

GLENN: Every time I hear — no, no, no, I'd hate to deprive other people of —

PAT: All right.

GLENN: Oh, boy.

PELOSI: And that is everything. It says it all for us.

PAT: It says it all.

PELOSI: And you know the biblical reference. You know the gospel reference of the Word. And that —

GLENN: (Throwing up)

STU: Oh, boy.

PELOSI: The word —

GLENN: Sorry.

STU: That was nasty.

PELOSI: We have to give voice to what that means in terms of public policy that would be in keeping with the values of the Word.

PAT: The Word.

PELOSI: The Word.

PAT: I thought the bird was the word but, you know.

PELOSI: It just covers everything, the Word.

PAT: That was a sincere laugh, too, right?

PELOSI: The word was made flesh.

STU: Try to get as much in the basket as you can there.

PELOSI: And that's the great mystery of our faith where it will come again, it will come again.

STU: Deep faith.

PELOSI: We need to make sure we're prepared to answer in this life or otherwise as to how we have measured up.

GLENN: (Throwing up).

PAT: The sincerity, is that what kind of got to you? It was a little sincerity, it just too sincere, wasn't it?

GLENN: It was a little too sincere for my tummy.

PAT: Not that you disagree with what she was saying. It was just the sincerity involved.

GLENN: No. There was this sincerity. It's

PAT: Yeah, yeah.

GLENN: It was so sincere, it was —

PAT: So heartfelt.

GLENN: For instance — mmm, hang on. I have to — whew. Have you ever been to a restaurant where they say, "This is really good chocolate cake but it's a little rich"?

PAT: Mmm hmmm.

STU: Mmm hmmm.

GLENN: That's kind of like

PAT: Kind of like what you just heard from Nancy? Really? There's still more?

GLENN: Well, I'm just thinking about when I —

PAT: Stu, you want to come in and rub his back when he —

STU: I'd rather not.

GLENN: When I was thinking about rich, I thought — oh, boy. I was thinking about Nancy Pelosi. (Throwing up).

PAT: That is really nasty. I mean —

STU: Yeah. You should really — maybe we should take a break or we should go off the air for a while.

PAT: Are you going to be all right?

STU: Hard to finish the show or —

GLENN: Oh, I can go on.

PAT: Are you sure? We can start the Fourth Hour maybe a little bit early today.

GLENN: No, it's okay. I apologize for being so unprofessional and vomiting all the way through, talking about Nancy Pelosi.

PAT: I better not play this again.

PELOSI: They ask me all the time, what is your favorite this, what is your favorite that, what is your favorite word.

STU: Come on, make it through this time.

PAT: What's your favorite word.

PELOSI: And I said, my favorite word, that is really easy.

PAT: That's really easy, Glenn.

PELOSI: My favorite word is the Word.

GLENN: (Throwing up).

PAT: Is the word.

PELOSI: And that is everything.

STU: Wow, that's a major medical issue you have going on there.

GLENN: Good thing I have universal healthcare coverage.

STU: (Laughing).

PAT: Mmm, if only there were some doctors that still covered people.

GLENN: (Laughing).

STU: Do you need some Ginger Ale, some crackers, Sprite perhaps, try to keep something down?

PAT: Is that what you use, Ginger Ale for an upset tummy?

STU: I always feel like Ginger Ale is the thing you're supposed to have.

PAT: I've done Sprite before

STU: That'll work, too, I guess.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Can we go to the response from the White House on Jon Kyl, Cut Number 479?

STU: Not if it's going to hurt your health anymore.

PAT: Are you going to be all right? Because — all right, here it is.

GLENN: I hope so.

BURTON: The president didn't say that. Senator Kyl knows the president didn't say that and everybody —

PAT: And of course what he's referring to is we played the sound yesterday from Senator Kyl where Senator Kyl said they are holding the border, securing the border hostage for the comprehensive immigration reform bill.

GLENN: Who doesn't —

PAT: And they are not going to secure the border because they don't want to.

GLENN: Who doesn't think that that's accurate?

PAT: Oh, of course it's accurate. And anyway, here's what Bill Burton said.

BURTON: No, the president didn't say that. Senator Kyl knows that the president didn't say that. But what everybody knows, because the president has made it perfectly clear, is that what we need to do is everything that we can to bring about comprehensive immigration reform.

PAT: Do you love that?

BURTON: That includes not just securing the border but doing a lot of other things.

PAT: He just said, no, everybody knows the president didn't say that, but what we need is, you know, we're going to secure the border, fine, what we really need is... comprehensive immigration reform. Just went on. He just went on to outline exactly what Jon Kyl said.

GLENN: Okay, I don't think this is making my stomach feel any better.

PAT: I'm sorry. Should we stop? Should we stop?

STU: He is not good.

PAT: I've got some

STU: You look pale, Glenn.

PAT: You don't look well. You don't look well.

STU: More pale than normal.

PAT: I do have some Barack Obama talking about —

GLENN: No, no, don't say that.

PAT: Basically the same thing from 2004.

GLENN: No, no... (throwing up).

PAT: Ooh. Gosh, I haven't even played it yet. That was unfortunate.

GLENN: Oh, boy.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: What I've suggested is that we have to concentrate on how do we secure our borders, how do we track individuals who are coming into this country.

GLENN: Oh, boy.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Who may be engaged in terrorist activity.

GLENN: Oh, boy.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: But how do we then provide potential pathways for citizenship to those illegal immigrants that have shown themselves to be good citizens.

GLENN: (Throwing up).

PRESIDENT OBAMA: And have shown themselves to be committed to do this country. And that's not that's going to be a difficult conversation to have and it's going to have to be bipartisan for it to be effective.

GLENN: I don't think he knows what a difficult situation.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: The security of our borders at the same time allowing those who are here to reach out for that American dream.

PAT: American dream, yeah.

GLENN: Okay. I don't think he knows what a difficult conversation is. This has been a really difficult 15 minutes for me. So I have to take a break.

[NOTE: Transcript may have been edited to enhance readability - audio archive includes full segment as it was originally aired. No throwing up segments were taken out of either version.]

Bill O'Reilly joined "The Glenn Beck Program" Friday to discuss a recent House Homeland Security Committee briefing on the impact of the 9/11 terror attacks, during which "national security experts" claimed "right-wing" groups pose a greater threat to the United States than groups like the Taliban or Al-Qaeda.

Glenn played two video clips from the briefing that showed Senior Fellow Brookings Institute Center for Middle East Policy, Daniel Byman, and former National Intelligence Council Chair during the Obama administration, Christopher Kojm, in apparent agreement that "right-wing extremists" are a bigger threat to Americans today than "jihadists."

"I'm someone who has written extensively on both jihadist groups, but also right-wing, white supremacist groups," Byman says in the first video clip. "And in my mind, there's no question that today in the United States, the right-wing and white supremacist violence is a much greater risk."

"I agree with your assessment and those of my colleagues who have spoken already, there's little doubt that the domestic terrorist threat from white nationalists and right-wing extremist groups is greater than the jihadist threat today," Kojm states in the second clip.

"Who are those idiots?" O'Reilly exclaimed. "It's just unbelievable ... they're not even in the same universe. Yeah, there are bad neo-Nazi Americans running around, yeah, but there are very few of them. I mean, the jihadists are causing death and destruction, death and destruction all over the world. Not just in the United States. These people are so blatantly irresponsible and ignorant, it's just staggering."

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

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Glenn also interviews Tim Kennedy, an Afghanistan war veteran and president of Sheepdog Response who partnered with to sneak past the Taliban and bring thousands to safety. He details the moment the bomb went off when he was on the ground at the Kabul airport and addresses the Taliban kill list. "They will kill babies, execute women, and cut your tongue out. That's just the G-rated stuff."

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On the radio program Wednesday, Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Pat Gray ripped into President Joe Biden's latest speech in which our commander in chief touted the Afghanistan withdrawal as an "extraordinary success" that was "designed to save American lives" — despite the loss of 13 of America's finest, our military equipment in the hands of our enemies, and scores of Americans and allies still trapped in Afghanistan.

"This was not a success by any stretch of the imagination and people need to be held accountable," Glenn asserted. "Because if this is allowed to stand, and these people are just allowed to continue on with no ramifications, you don't not want to see what our military will turn into. I am telling you now, we will become the darkest force ever, ever to walk the earth. With our technology, and our resources, with our fighting machines that soon can be run robotically, we will make the Nazis look like rookies ... this must not continue!"

Glenn then played a video clip from the speech in which President Biden claimed that the "Taliban has made public commitments, broadcast on television and radio across Afghanistan, on safe passage for anyone wanting to leave, including those who worked alongside Americans."

"Anyone who says, 'Oh, they're going to let them through their checkpoint,' doesn't know their ass from their elbow!" Glenn responded. "They have no idea what is going on, or they are lying. So, Mr. President, which one is it? Do you not really know what's going on? If so, the 25th Amendment should be invoked. If you do know what's going on, then you should be impeached for lying to the American people on such a grand scale, it's staggering!"

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.