Glenn Beck: Congressman mocks Minuteman

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CONGRESSMAN STARK: The minutemen want to have something to say? What -- who are you going to kill today?

VOICE: Who are we going to kill today?


VOICE: What I would like to know, actually American citizens are being killed right now (inaudible.)


VOICE: Okay. I want to know why the Federal Government is not doing anything or doing a lot more to seal our borders in this country so that we're a solvent country again.

CONGRESSMAN STARK: We can't get enough minutemen armed (inaudible) so that they could stop shooting people here.

VOICE: It's not a-- the United States government--.


CONGRESSMAN STARK: We'll try and get you some more arms and get you down there to

VOICE: We don't want to go down there. We want to have lives, normal lives. We pay taxes and we pay to have the government take care of our borders.


VOICE: Is that all what?

CONGRESSMAN STARK: The government should do?

VOICE: Well, that's one of the things the government is supposed to do.

GLENN: Hang on. I -- my blood is boiling on this. The arrogance, When he says, We don't want to do this. You know, Washington, do you think this is what we want to do? I didn't get into this business-- . Read my first book. I have become the talk show host that I have always despised. Somebody who's got a cause. I don't want to do this. Americans don't want to do this. Americans want to go home and be with their children. Americans don't really want to be pariahs. Americans don't want to go out and stand on the border do the job that we're currently paying to have done. We don't want to even believe the stuff that we do.

Rep. Stark Mocks Border Concerns (Story)

My gosh. The arrogance, the arrogance. I've never seen anything like it.

PAT: And the accusations, the slandering of the minutemen who have never shot a single person, they've never shot anyone on the border.

GLENN: The Federal Government t is currently sending more money to fund what? The Mexican Army, the Mexican Army gets their ass kicked every time by the drug cartels. Every time we send new technology down, every time we train new people, they are absorbed into the drug cartels. By sending more money down to Mexico for more training or more anything, it goes right directly as an asset to the drug cartels. What are we doing?! We are empowering the cartels.

Nobody in the media? . Have they not seen-- do you know what I should do, except they would throw me in jail for doing this. I should send Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric and Brian Williams, every member of the press corp the pictures of the heads that I have. I have pictures of heads, people who have been beheaded just on the other side of the border. I don't know. That seems like a pretty dangerous situation. Putting heads on stakes. What do you think? We've now had to close a park 80miles in, 80miles in. We've had to close it. Why? It's too dangerous for Americans. Oh. Oh, it's too dangerous? Why? Are there bears in there? No. We don't have control of our borders. Oh. So, let's just close the park. Let's close 80miles into the U.S. land. Let's just close it.

What? What are we? I don't-- I'm sorry to rant. I wanted to play this all the way through, but I think my head going to explode with the sarcasm, the contempt of this Congressman for his own constituents. Take a deep breath. Let's play the rest.

CONGRESSMAN STARK: Because we don't need the minutemen.

VOICE: That's correct.

CONGRESSMAN STARK: Good. Let's send the minutemen home. That's a good idea.

VOICE: Answer the question.


CONGRESSMAN STARK: What kind of an answer would you like, young man? He asked the question?

VOICE: Please do answer the question.

CONGRESSMAN STARK: Yeah. What's your question?

VOICE: The question is why is the Federal Government leaving our borders for anybody to come in anywhere they want?

CONGRESSMAN STARK: If you do anything about our borders-- (applause.)

GLENN: Stop, stop. Thank goodness the troops have arrived. Here's a guy just taking a pummeling from a Congressman and finally somebody says, Answer the damn question, and then somebody else says, Yeah. Answer the question. And somebody else says, Yeah. Why don't you answer the question? And finally, when the question is asked, the troops arrive and people start to applaud. Now the Congressman is on the ropes, or is he?

We are talking about Pete Stark from California and what's happening when he had a meeting and a guy says, Hey, what are you going to do with the border? Now, Pete Stark just starts mocking him and finally somebody else stands up and says, Answer the question. What are you doing on the border? Everybody starts to applaud, everybody starts to, you know, support the guy who was asking the question and now is he on the ropes? Listen to what he says.

CONGRESSMAN STARK: You would know that that's not the case. Our borders are quite secure. Thank you.

VOICE: What do you mean? People are flowing in here at an alarming rate. Hundreds of thousands of people are flowing in every year.


VOICE: Okay. And so that is not secure.

CONGRESSMAN STARK: And how would you secure it?

GLENN: Well, no. Tell me. I mean, I'm not the government.

VOICE: I would send about 25,000 troops down there, for one thing, and I would build a wall down there that it so difficult --

CONGRESSMAN STARK: How high and how long would that wall be?

VOICE: As high and as long as it takes.

VOICE: Yeah. (Applause.)

CONGRESSMAN STARK: I'll tell you what. We'll go down there. You design the wall and--

GLENN: Listen to this jerk.

CONGRESSMAN STARK: As soon as we know (inaudible) if you don't want the people coming over, then I'll go down and we'll start a ladder company, but I've got to know how high.

GLENN: What a guy.

PAT: He goes on with that for nine minutes, nine minutes.

STU: He didn't say one intelligent thing in that.

PAT: No, he didn't.

GLENN: He was mocking.

PAT: He was mocking. He was ridiculing. He was lying.

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