Glenn Beck: Pelosi backtracks on the Jesus talk

GLENN: Nancy Pelosi, her favorite word, of course, is the word. She knows it. She loves it. She was a talk about health care and about immigration and the churches need to be involved and they need to get going and they need to preach the word, the word. And here's what she said.

PELOSI: They ask me all the time, what is your favorite this, what is your favorite that, what is your favorite that, and what is one time, what is your favorite word. And I said, My favorite word, that is really easy.

GLENN: Easy.

PELOSI: My favorite word is the word.

PAT: Is the word.

PELOSI: Is the word. And that is everything. It says it all.

GLENN: It says it all. It does.

PELOSI: And you know the biblical reference. You know the gospel reference of the word.

GLENN: Stop, stop. Pat, what is the biblical reference of the word? Because I only know Grease is the word.

PAT: Yeah. Or the word is the word.

GLENN: The word is the word. But what is the Bible reference here? I didn't know that she --

PAT: It's some kind of I mean you know, she is the theologian, of course. So

GLENN: Didn't the word become flesh and then it dwelt in Pittsburgh or someplace like that? I'm not sure. It dwelt among union members or I should say community organizers.

PAT: The word became a community organizer and then dwelt among the social justice workers.

GLENN: Okay. I got it. All right. I just wanted to know the biblical reference that --

PAT: Yeah. That's it.

GLENN: the word became flesh.

PAT: Flesh.

GLENN: I don't know what that is, but she goes on.

PELOSI: But that word is we have to give voice to what that means.

GLENN: Okay. Stop, stop, stop. We have to give voice to what that means ? First of all, let's really define it. So, is she just playing a word game here but just saying the word instead of, dare I say it, Jesus Christ? Isn't the word just another word for Jesus Christ? And so what she's saying here is that the word and we all know what that means we need to give that word a voice. So, we need to be more like Jesus Christ and implement the things that Jesus Christ would do. Right?

STU: Well, she didn't say that.

GLENN: No. She just said the word

STU: She just said the word.

GLENN: Am I wrong, am I reading this wrong?

PAT: No.

GLENN: Am I reading too much into her

PAT: Into her saying the word?

STU: You may be sort of insinuating that she knew what she was talking about here.

GLENN: That is a possibility.

STU: That is a major problem.

PAT: Let's listen to more.

PELOSI: public policy that would be in keeping with the values

STU: What kind of policy?

PAT: You mean -- public policy.

STU: Public policy, not the church, public policy.

GLENN: That are keeping in values with the word.

STU: In public policy.

PAT: In the word.

PELOSI: Isn't it a beautiful word when you think of it? It just covers everything. Fill it in with anything you want but, of course, we know it means the word was made flesh and dwelt among us and that's the great mystery of our faith. He will come again. He will come again. So, we have to make sure we're prepared to answer.

GLENN: Is this stop just a second. It's so uncomfortable. Do you know what this is like? This is like when I met Albert Pujols and if I would have just tried to, you know

PAT: Fake your way through it.

GLENN: Do you know what? Can I tell you something, Albert? Do you know what is great about you is the bat and I think I think you know what that means. I mean, the way, you know, the there's a lot of people that have bats and a lot of people that know how to swing bats and, you, you are one with the bat and the swinging of that bat and I think if we could just get more to understand the swinging of that bat and the connection that it makes with the it's just a beautiful concept, isn't it, Albert, really, isn't it?

STU: We all know what the bat means.

GLENN: We all know what the bat means and what your connection to the bat and the ball and what it means and if we could just let's just say the word bat together because the bat will come to the plate again. Can you imagine? It's that uncomfortable. It's, like, she has no idea what she's even talking about. She's just, like, throwing out terms and the word and the word and the word will come again.

PAT: Isn't that beautiful, the word? Just say that over in your head, the word.

GLENN: (Screaming.) I can't take it. I'm going blind because of these people and I welcome it. I'm, like, Lord, take away my eyesight. Take it away. Take away my eye sight and my hearing because I can't take it anymore. Those with eyes will not see. Oh, that's a blessing. (Laughter.)


PAT: She was challenged on it, though, a little bit.

GLENN: She was challenged yesterday.

PAT: Finally, somebody asked her about the word.

GLENN: The word.

PAT: The word.

GLENN: Here's the question.

VOICE: We need to quote the we need to give voice to what that means in terms of public policy that would be in keeping with the word.

GLENN: Okay. Stop, stop. Play that again. Listen. All she's doing it repeating exactly what Nancy Pelosi said, that we need to give the word voice in our public policies. That's exactly what she said. Well, that and (mumbling.) And it's going to come again. Isn't that beautiful? Skipping all of that stuff, what she said was we need to give the word voice in our public policies.

VOICE: That we need to, quote, give voice to what that means in terms of public policy that would be in keeping with the Word. So, when was the Word made flesh? Was it at the Annunciation, when Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Sprit, as the Creed says, or was it at the Nativity when he was born of the Virgin Mary?

PELOSI: Whenever it was, we bow our heads when we talk about it in church and that's where I would like to talk about that.

GLENN: Wow. But wait. I thought you were talking about public policy.

PAT: All over the place.

GLENN: It's not only this. They've also talked about it with health care. They've talked about it we need to get those we need to get those people we need to get those preachers and talk about you know, you preachers have to go out and talk about borders. You've got to talk about our immigration policies.

PELOSI: I just hope that there's one thing that we can do working together as we go forward

GLENN: Yes. What would that

PELOSI: that speaks to

GLENN: The word?

PELOSI: what the Bible tells us about the

GLENN: And the Bible tells me so.

PELOSI: And that is on the subject of immigration.


PELOSI: He said the church is going to have to play a very major role in how we

GLENN: Oh, yes, it is.

PELOSI: in how people are treated. The cardinals, the archbishops, the bishops, they come to me and say we want

GLENN: What's your favorite word?

PELOSI: to pass immigration reform and I said, But I want to speak about it from the pulpit.


PELOSI: I want you to instruct your whatever the communication is.

GLENN: The what?

PELOSI: The people.

GLENN: Congregation?

PAT: She's so uncomfortable, she didn't even know what to call it. People who gather at a church, the thing where they're

GLENN: Whatever.

PAT: Somebody preaches and

GLENN: The bell, the bell or the plane, the plane, whatever, that place.

PAT: So, then she's pinned down on it. Okay. You talk about giving voice to the word in public policy. When was the word made flesh? Let's talk about public policy.

GLENN: Because she just said the word was made flesh and dwelt among us and isn't that beautiful?

PAT: So, when was the word made flesh? Now, do you go by conception or do you go by birth? So, how does the word fit into your public policy on abortion?

GLENN: I think this is a very beautiful word and let's talk about it

PAT: Let's talk about it in church

GLENN: let's talk about it in church. Let's bow our heads and we will talk about it in church. This mark my word is not going to become flesh and dwell upon us. My word just kind of hangs out there like (coughing.) Mark my word, these people are freaking out, freaking out because you are on to them. We have we have awakened a sleeping giant. You have awakened the people of faith. And when the people are faith are awakened, look out. Stand behind the word, capital, the and word?

PAT: I love these people who are, like, Read the word.

GLENN: And you stand behind him, look out. They are freaking out because that he had this that he had this pass where people of religion have been, like, whatever, I and they started to buy into it. They started to buy into it. There is a powerful change coming and if you think they're freaked out now, wait until 8/28. You will hear the banshees scream. You will hear it. You will hear it.

STU: 8/28, brought to you by screaming banshees.

GLENN: I want you to listen. If you're in the crowd, I want you to listen for the screaming banshees. I want you to I want you to see if just watch the rotunda, watch the offices, you know, all around Washington, watch the upper floors of the White House to see if there's a you know, some sort of a priest or a minister thrown out of the window, the second story of the White House and all you hear is, get out, priest! Just watch it.

PAT: Isn't that beautiful? Glenn just said that a priest is going to be thrown out of a stained glass window in the White House. That's so beautiful. I just think about a priest going out a stained glass window. I just think, wow, that's really beautiful.

GLENN: What movie was that where you're, get out priest?

PAT: Isn't that the Omen? The Omen or Exorcist, one of those.

GLENN: Oh, yes. They're freaking out. They have used religion and they have had a cover and the cover is being torn off and the people of faith are not going to put up with this perversion. They're not going to do it. We can disagree on theology. We can disagree on a lot of things, but not on individual salvation and not on the teachings of Jesus. You're not going to pervert that into Jesus wants the government to do everything. That is how religion has been destroyed in every country that doesn't have religion anymore. You look at Europe. How was it destroyed? They got it government got into religion and they perverted it and nobody went, why are our churches doing? Why are people not going? Because they don't stand for anything anymore. And the government is taking more and more of the positions traditionally held by people of faith. It is changes nobody there is no salvation if you don't change your heart and help people. There's no salvation if you don't change your heart and listen to the word, embrace the word. There's no salvation. There's nobody how are you going to spread the word if you're not out there as a member of a church leading by example and inspiring other people to find out what makes you different?! Who's going to be inspired by Americorp coming in? I want to find out what makes them so different. It must be it must be the paycheck they're getting to help out. It must be that great American gospel. Nope. That ain't the plan. That ain't the word. Banshees, listen. (Screaming.) It's like a witch in a bucket of water. No, no. No, no. I'm melting, I'm melting! The word was my favorite word!

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