AZ Billboard Funded by Usual Suspects

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GLENN:  Let me give you the latest from the billboard setup in Phoenix, Arizona.  An immigration    an anti immigration law billboard on Third Street and Camelback warns:  Have your papers ready.  Racial profiling just ahead. 

It was purchased by a California organization, Brave New Foundation.  They organized the money to be able to do this, they say, through a Facebook page.  Gang, you're going to have to get involved.  You are going to have to get involved.  You are going to have to get way out of your comfort zone.  I know a lot of people are already out of their comfort zone, but you have got to now reprioritize. 

You know, Michelle Obama said Barack Obama's never going to let you go back to your life the way it was before and that's true.  But I promise you, you will go back to the life you had before, not the same kind of life that we had where, you know, the money will never end and all of that stuff, but that's not    I don't think that's what Americans really, truly value.  In the end, what they value is being able to live their life the way they choose to live their life, being able to follow their own path and their own dreams and being affidavit left alone, being good to each other and just living in a decent community.  That's what Americans cherish, not the    you know, not the car, not the Mercedes, not the big house.  That's not what they cherish.  Family, friends, community.  Values, principles, that's it. 

I promise you, if you get involved now, you will be able to go back to that lifetime.  If you do not, your children will not and maybe your grandchildren.  So, you're going to have to get involved because look who paid for this billboard.  Look who these people are partnered with.  This Brave New Foundation, this billboard, Have Your Papers Ready, Racial Profiling Just Ahead.  If you go to their website, you'll see who's on the board of directors of this organization.  The first one is Robert Greenwald.  Do you remember Robert Greenwald?  Look him up.  You'll just remember him, one of the things he did was he bashed the FOX News network with a movie Outfoxed.  Do you remember that?  He's on the board of directors. 

Now, who are the partners of brave new world or brave new    what is it?  Brave New Foundation?  On the    on the board is Robert Greenwald.  Partners, Color For Change.  That's Van Jones' organization.  That's the one that has been boycotting me, the first one to start.  Then there's ACORN, ACLU,, Care, Code Pink, Sojourners    or Sojourners, SEIU and the Working Families Party. 

Now, let's just track these back to the Obama administration.  Color For Change, Van Jones and what's his name?  Who's the other guy from  

PAT:  Rucker.

GLENN:  Yeah, Rucker, the guy who can't get me out of his head.  Now, that's with Van Jones, tracked right back to Center for America Progress, George Soros and Barack Obama.  ACORN, ACORN, do we need to spend my time tracking that back to Barack Obama?  ACLU, left organization, haven't done any work on that more than that.  Do you need to know any more in, George Soros.  Care.  Well, you could track that back through Rashid Khalidi, Rashid Khalidi and Care.  Code Pink, Code Pink goes to    connections to Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.  Sojourners, who's that?  Jim Wallace, the spiritual advisor of Barack Obama.  SEIU, now the economic was chief advisor, you know, head of SEIU, Andy Stern, Barack Obama.  Working family parties?  Working Families Party is Jim Rogers which goes right back to Crime, Inc.  He's the wizard.

PAT:  Joel Rogers, yeah.

GLENN:  Oh.  Yeah, Joel Rogers.  Is it Joel Rogers or Jim Rogers? 

PAT:  Joel Rogers.

GLENN:  I mean, this is it, gang.  This is who's controlling your country and now they're coming with Brave New Foundation.  That's all they do is just change their names.  That's all they do. 


Now, when you see these things going on, you see that Rashid Khalidi is also involved with the President and the L.A. Times kept that information from you until after the election.  You see that Bernadine Dohrn is on the board of which organization?  I can't remember which organization that helped fund and helped coordinate the flotilla.

PAT:  Free Gaza.

GLENN:  Free Gaza.  Thank you.  You see    which Code Pink is also involved with.  You see Rashid Khalidi developing yet another flotilla, this one called The Audacity Of Hope that will launch and go towards Israel in September.  Mark my words, Israel, you are facing an extraordinarily dangerous fall.  When you see that coming, then you go to here in the United States, where you've got an administration that says there is no such thing as Islamic terror, there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism.  They are not prosecuting the terrorists in our country, they want to open up the doors of Gitmo.  They have fouled up every single investigation and every single thing that we have had on terror, every single one of them.  They'll tell us that the system is working and it's only because the terrorists were stupid that, you know, we weren't all killed.  When you see all of these things and for some strange reason this mosque is being built here. 

Now, I want to make it very clear.  I am for freedom of religion.  I have been for    let me rephrase this.  I have been    I have been on the rule of law, you cannot stop someone from building a house of worship because you don't like it.  It's wrong.  You wouldn't want that happening to your church or your synagogue, your temple.  You wouldn't want it to happen.  It's wrong.  That's religious bigotry.  Warning flares have come up on first September 11th.  They want to dedicate it this September 11th here at Ground Zero, September 11th, 2011, 10 years afterwards.  It is, I feel, a little on this one    I feel a little like John Adams where he went to defend the British.  He didn't want to, made him unpopular, but, again, that was just something that really bothered me.  However, that is the first smell of smoke, that is the first whiff of smoke where you say, Wait a minute, something is wrong.  It was enough of a whiff of smoke that I then said, Check in to find out what we can about this mosque.  We started looking into the Ammon.  The Ammon we found is a guy who's on the board of directors that gave the founding money for the flotilla.  Once I saw that, now I've got a fire.  Absolutely not.  This mosque should not be built.  This is a    this is a trojan horse.  That's all this is.  You have this guy who's in this mosque but the reason why, I believe it's going to be built, the reason why I think this is moving forward and nobody in this government is doing anything is because this is the circle that this administration plays in.  They play in the circle of    in the red zone.  They have connections into these kinds    they have sympathy towards these kinds of radicals.  Bernadine Dohrn, she's a terrorist.  She was part of Free Gaza and the flotilla.  That has ties to terrorism.  No.  Still connected to people at the white house.  Bill Ayers, he's a terrorist.  Still connected.  Jim Jones    Jim    is it Jim Jones?

PAT:  Jeffy Jones.

GLENN:  Jeffy Jones.  Thank you.

PAT:  Uh huh.

GLENN:  I don't know why I always get those two names wrong.  Jeffy Jones, Jeffy Jones, Weather Underground, he's now with the Apollo Alliance.  He's a terrorist.  He's consulting the government of New York.  No.  So, they're not going to look into these things.  You can't trust the FBI at the top levels on these things.  Nope.

So, where does that leave you?  Well, it now leaves you with funding a trip of this amom to the Middle East as a goodwill ambassador for the United States.  You've got to be kidding me.  This is yet another slap in the face and yet another outrage.  He's taking our dollars and going with the money from the State department.  Who is this guy?!  Will anyone in the media ask, who is this guy?  No.  You know why?  Because the media is full of people like Christiane Amanpour who could give a flying rat's ass!  They're more connected to the Palestinian side.  We are on the wrong side here, gang.  We are on the wrong side.  We have people who are leading us and people who are supposed to be our defenders in the press that cannot see anything past their hatred of Israel and the Jews and their hatred for the oppressor, which would be us.   

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.