Glenn Beck: Politico = crap sandwich?

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GLENN: I just want to ask you a little bit about Politico here. Is political a pile of crap or --

PAT: Is that a trick question?

GLENN: Here's the thing. Is that a little too frank?

PAT: No.

GLENN: You know, I used to think that Politico was kind of good

STU: I did, too.

GLENN: And then I actually started reading and I'm, like, wait a minute. I don't think so

STU: I think they do some good stuff there, but they also do some crappy stuff there.

GLENN: May I give an example of really crappy stuff? Here's the headline from the Politico. Good night for Obama and Democrats.

PAT: It was a primary.

GLENN: Last night, of course it was a good night for Democrats ‑‑ it was an equally good night for Republicans.

STU: Democrat particulars won all democratic primaries last night, yes.

GLENN: All democratic primaries Democrats won. What is that?

PAT: There was no Republican that sneaked into a surprise victory.

GLENN: No, no.

PAT: In the democratic primary.

GLENN: They crushed the Republicans.

Stu: I love this. It's a great night for Democrats; yet, on the front page of Drudge is the new Rasmussen poll showing him at minus 22 on the Obama approval index, 43 percent approval and strongly disapprove at 46%, the highest ever for this President.

Glenn: Wow.

STU: Great day for Obama and the Democrats. Whew!

GLENN: By the way, it's interesting to me that media coverage of Obama has improved significantly over the past week, as his approval ratings have slipped. 43% of voters approve, 55% of media coverage has been positive. So, as his numbers go down, the approval of the media has been going up. I didn't think that ‑‑

PAT: They can commentate.

GLENN: 55 percent? How is that ‑‑ I don't believe that. 55%. Can somebody show me, besides FOX News, the 45% of bad media coverage? What are they counting?

PAT: Talk radio, maybe? I don't know.

GLENN: Seriously.

STU: There's a lot of bad news to cover. I mean, you know, they have no choice but to ‑‑ I mean, they have a choice, but every poll now has him being disapproved. There's no longer the 60% outliers that are positive. I mean, all these polls are in the 40's now.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: So, let me play this. And here's the reason why, because none of it makes sense. And by the way, the Michael Moore thing and the Robert Gibbs, you know, saying, Hey, supporters need a drug test, now they're coming after the left. I don't buy that. I don't buy that in a second. It's the same kind of stuff that Van Jones said just in a different way. Hey, left, you've got to back off this guy. You've got to get out on the streets and make it happen. I mean, now, maybe this is ‑‑ I mean, you have to really be a conspiracy theorist. I don't even buy this, but maybe this is the White House's way of hacking off the left and pushing them out into the streets, which is what Van Jones said they had to do, push them into the streets which will make this President look more moderate.

Now, I mean, you've got to go down the conspiracy rabbit hole a long way to get there. Instead, they should be talking about his ‑‑ one of the people that is absolutely in the front breast pocket of the President and, that is, the AFL‑CIO. Richard Trumka. This is what Richard Trumka said. Now, see if this is anywhere close to reality for the rest of America.

TRUMKA: But when somebody makes a bold assertion and they say they have a deficit problem, don't spend and it's reported we have a deficit problem when it's not true, we don't have a short‑term deficit problem. You know that. He knows that. I know that. And he knows that. And everybody economist in the country knows that. He has not made the case. So, you have the Obamas deserve some of the blame for it, we, me, the labor movement deserves part of the blame because we haven't done enough jobs. You deserve part of the blame because the press hasn't done part of the job and quite frankly, the ones that have been masterful of this are the Republican spin machine because they've done a wonderful job of creating fiction and making it seem like fact.

GLENN: That ‑‑

PAT: You've done a good job of making America think that there's a deficit problem.

Glenn: Now, does he mean that there's no short‑term deficit problem, meaning that it wasn't just ‑‑ it's just a year long problem, because I don't know anybody making that case that this is a short‑term deficit problem. This is a problem we've had for years. Our short‑term eye bleed deficit problem is new. I mean, is that with a he's saying? Do you know? Or is he just saying that there's no deficit problem and this is all ‑‑

PAT: He seems to be , he says there's no deficit problem. Then he says everybody knows there's no short‑term deficit problem and then he excoriates everybody for not getting the message out that there is no deficit problem.

GLENN: But there is a deficit problem.

PAT: Short, long, medium, there is a deficit problem.

GLENN: It doesn't matter how you look at it, there is a real deficit, definite deficit problem.

PAT: I don't know how you have a 1.4 or 1.6 trillion dollar deficit and say you don't have a deficit problem. How is that possible?

GLENN: I don't know. I don't know. And I have to tell you, his numbers are 46% strongly disapprove. Total approval is 43%. When you go down 43 to 40%, you're in danger of never coming back up without a war. So, you've got total approval of 43%. You look at this and it doesn't make any sense at all that that number is that high. Bill O'Reilly asked me the other day, why do you suppose his number ‑‑ his approval rating is at 42%? And I said, I couldn't tell you why it's that high. And I was dead serious. I can't tell you why it's that high. Then I immediately corrected it. Oh, yes. I remember. The media. I was driving in today and I thought, you know, the Gulf Oil spill, the worst ecological disaster in history, how long did we hear about New Orleans? We heard about New Orleans for the rest of the administration.

PAT: Uh‑huh.

GLENN: Where are the stories on the economic disaster on the gulf? Where is that story? Where is the story of the cleanup that's going on? How come all of the sudden that's just a none issue? You don't hear about that anywhere. And here's the story that they should be reporting and, that is, the economic disaster that is the gulf, because of the President's policies. We're starting today a demand that the moratorium is lifted. I think that everyone in this country should start demanding the moratorium be lifted. It's going to cause economic catastrophe to this country and they know it. Demand the moratorium is lifted. Support the people of the gulf. Keep the jobs. For the love of everything that is good and sacred, keep the oil rigs. If we lose them, now you're in long‑term damage. These guys ‑‑ and Trumka is one of them ‑‑ if you have the media on your side, 2 plus 2 equals 5. 2 plus 2 equals 5. Pretty soon you've got 20% of the population saying it's 5, dummy, not 4, and they'll fight to their last breath on it. It's really remarkable. I've never seen anything like it in America, at least. I've never seen anything like it in America.

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