Glenn Beck: The 'Christian' Science monitor?

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GLENN: The first day I mentioned social justice, the sky opened up. Do you remember that? Well, it continues now because I'm not only on social justice, I'm on the president's idea of collective salvation, which is that Jesus doesn't save you personally. You accepting Jesus doesn't save you. There's no salvation there. That's your first step. Now your salvation is dependent on the collective salvation. So you must save everybody because we're all going to be saved together.

PAT: I don't even understand how that works. But you've been talking about it on Fox the last week or so and Christian Science Monitor has a story today, the great national mystery over President Obama's religion: Islamic, follower of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, adherent to the Sunday morning church of golf? Has a new twist. How about like this is a new twist? How about Latin American liberation theology? What do you mean new twist?

GLENN: New twist?

PAT: Where have you been for four years?

GLENN: Where is Christian Science Monitor?

PAT: Hello?

GLENN: I actually had to write some pastors this morning and say, what's up with the Christian Science Monitor? And they just laughed. They're like, hello?

PAT: You don't know?

GLENN: You don't know the Christian Science Monitor? And I'm like, no, I thought it was a good Christian magazine. They're like, no, Glenn, no.

PAT: No.

GLENN: No, it's been gobbled up by the left.

PAT: So they go on to question us even bringing this up. Is the Monitor aware he was a member of a liberation theology church for 20 years? Just enjoy hearing stuff he didn't believe? Is that what it was? I'm going to sit here because I don't agree with anything he said. I don't agree with any of this.

STU: That's a lot of dedication.

PAT: It is.

STU: That you don't agree with.

PAT: It is.

GLENN: This isn't like some people in the church believe that this is what's on their own web page. These are the books they sell in their church bookstore.

PAT: Yeah. It's not a secret. Jeremiah Wright is an adherent to Black Liberation Theology.

GLENN: So is Michael Pfleger.

PAT: So is Pfleger.

GLENN: And I contend that Jim Wallis is a version of liberation theology.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: I mean, he's a Marxist. And liberation theology, the history of it is Marxism. They couldn't get into the South American churches or government because the church was too strong. So they had to come up with a way to model Marxism as charity and get into the churches and corrupt ask any Catholic. Ask any Catholic about liberation theology and what it did to the Catholic church in South America.

PAT: Well, listen to their description of it. They say right here, rather, he said, it is liberation theology. And then this is their description of it: A Catholic movement aligned with Marxism that originated in Latin America. That's exactly what it is.

GLENN: It is.

PAT: That's exactly what it is, that's exactly what he practiced, that's exactly what Jeremiah Wright preaches. So they went to a they went to Harold Attridge who is the dean of the Yale Divinity School and he calls this a classic shell game on your part, Glenn.

GLENN: A classic shell on my part?

PAT: A classic shell game. He says

GLENN: Wait, wait. What's the shell game? That I

STU: You took the shell of the war of liberation theology and put the shell onto the website of the church that he went to for two decades.

PAT: That's a good shell game if you can do it.

GLENN: I'm confused. Is there a pea underneath that shell?

PAT: He says there are many Americans with views of Christian faith that align with what the president believes Dr. Attridge says.

STU: That's true. I mean, many Americans.

GLENN: There are many Americans. 48% of African Americans don't recognize his Christianity. Remember how you always said that

PAT: I think it's 46.

GLENN: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

PAT: Nice spin.

GLENN: Nice spin. You notice how everybody says, oh, yeah, everybody in the African community. Remember when they came out with Jeremiah Wright and they said, white people don't understand the African American church. Well, apparently 46% of African Americans don't understand the African American church.

STU: Which is more than do recognize it because there's other categories, you know, it's not just yes and no. It was, you know, that was the poll talking about whether Barack Obama was a Muslim and that was the only thing that anyone publicized out of that poll. But 46% of black voters said that they didn't recognize his recommendation that he was a Christian.

GLENN: Now, I want you to know I went to the National Cathedral and I think you have to take a visit to the National Cathedral. It's amazing. But I believe I saw a bunch of white people in there and I believe they also understand Barack Obama's theology. I think it's the same kind of it's a liberation, a big bad oppressor. There are victims. And the government must get involved and help all the victims and the government has been bad in the past, so now we're going to use that same thing that is really bad, oppressive structure to free people.

STU: Right, but that's still, you know, you look at percentage of the nation, that's a small view. I mean, liberation theology is not the most popular religion in America. I mean, there certainly adheres to it.

GLENN: Here's the gateway, social justice. As understood as the government has to do these things. That's the gateway. That's how they get you in to and tie it right directly to the gospel. How do they explain collective salvation in this, Pat?

PAT: Well, it's coming. This is nothing but political rhetoric, according to Dr. Attridge who says that you have a very narrow view of what constitutes true Christianity. And by the way, this is sad, Dr. Attridge but now I'm afraid Glenn's going to have to expose you.

GLENN: (Laughing).

STU: Really?

PAT: Yeah, yeah.

STU: Wow.


PAT: We're going to have to look into your background, who are you, what do you believe, Dr. Attridge.


PAT: Oh, yes!

GLENN: And if he floats, he's a witch!

PAT: (Laughing).

GLENN: What is that?

PAT: But he says, okay, so here's his explanation. Here's his terrible explanation of collective salvation.


PAT: Notes the tradition of individual responsibility to the larger community, runs deep in Christian teachings. He notes, for instance, in Matthew 25 Jesus says that what one does to the smallest member of a community one has done to Christ. What?

GLENN: That's charity.

PAT: How is that collective salvation? That's charity.

GLENN: That's charity. We're talking about

PAT: There's no dispute on that.

GLENN: We're talking about collective salvation.


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