The Unacceptable Cost of America's Failure to Control Its Borders

Illegals: The Unacceptable Cost of America's Failure to Control Its Borders

By Darrel Ankarlo

By Darrell Ankarlo

I live in Arizona. More on that in a minute, but first: According to the latest research by the “Pew Research’s Pew Hispanic Center” eight percent of the four million babies born in America last year were born into families with parents who are in America illegally. Or, to put it another way, 1 in 15 babies born here have at least one illegal parent. While the bleeding heart cry babies insist that no one is illegal and that we should make it easier to cross our borders while creating an open door policy for all immigrants may I remind you that every person who has cheated to come here is also cheating citizens on a daily basis.

“But, we’re all immigrants,” is always the retort. Um, yeah, okay. And your point is? Go ahead repeat that line out loud—because those who utter the words don’t have a single clue about our history or the definition of Sovereignty. “But we stole this country from the Indians.” (Feather not dot.) We stole the entire nation from Native Americans? Absurd. First who makes up the “WE” in statement? Whites? Blacks? Asians? Hispanics? (Hispanic is a term created by President Jimmy Carter by the way.) Second, in the early 1700’s this country was cut up into sections by the English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, and Danish so most historians agree that not only Indians occupied the land.

Over the years, as this country stabilized and struggled towards sovereignty, money and battles brought to life the strongest and greatest nation in the history of the world. As we developed and grew, the leaders we voted to represent us followed our Will and created states that worked with each other and an overall Federal government that worked to create laws we asked for and a border that made us all “fellow citizens.”

Okay, now that I’m finished with entry level history may I ask bleeding hearts what they don’t understand about the word “Illegal?” If you have six people in your family and I barge into your home and demand to be the seventh none of you would tolerate it. Currently, millions of people from 52 nations have barged into our American family and demanded to stay with the majority of them stealing our jobs, killing our hospitals and corrupting our laws. Now is either the time to roll over, play dead and let the victor take the spoils or it’s time to resist the invasion.

Okay, as I mentioned, I live in Arizona—about two hours from our southern border. I went to Mexico, jumped back into America illegally, wandered the desert and wrote a book about it and I can vouch for the fact that we are absolutely ground zero in the illegal immigration debate and the more we try to fight the attack (The majority of the invaders from the 52 nations use our southern border to get here.) the more Arizonans are cajoled, ridiculed and made the butt of news reader jokes. I guess if you lived in a state that is nearing bankruptcy you would join our fight, not laugh at it. I suppose if you lived in Phoenix where our insurance rates are through the roof because we are #1 in stolen vehicles—with most heading south you would express empathy. Oh, yeah, and we’re #1 in kidnappings in America and #2 in the world—THE WORLD!

So, when we create yet another law, SB1070, to try to put some teeth into the issue we are struck down by activists and judges. What’s funny is that our law was nearly identical to a federal law that no one would enforce. Can you spell politically correct? “Darrell, we can’t enforce that law because it may hurt people.” I know the law and there is nothing that will cause pain to anyone. It just helps police officers do their jobs more efficiently. “But it’s profiling Darrell!” If an officer pulls a person over who is driving a car without current plates, out-of-date registration, a drivers license that looks questionable and can’t speak the language wouldn’t that person cause you to have questions? Shouldn’t you, as a law enforcement person be allowed to investigate further?

I can hear it now, “Ankarlo supports profiling!” Nope. But I have always believed in good old logic and common sense—especially when it impacts something as important as our Sovereignty. When I think of all the brave men and women who have fought to protect it during our almost 250 years I am incensed by the people so willing to chuck it all under the guise of “we’re all immigrants.”

Now is not the time for the faint-of-heart. Now is the time for “We the People” to fight back like never before. Arizona’s SB1070, certainly the Will of the People of our state was stopped by a judge. Oklahoma, South Carolina, Florida and Utah are among the states creating new immigration laws. Each will be protested and wind up before a judge. Even California’s Prop 8, a law that had majority vote was stopped by a judge. These are states exercising their rights as a state. We have already fought one civil war over this very issue.

Now, Republicans in Congress are considering revising the Constitution so that anchor babies don’t get citizen status—something I’ve spent 15 years asking our leaders to do. In each case, the laws get blocked, go to court and land at the US Supreme Court, a court that is now decidedly liberal so guess who loses? And, with a liberal president, senate and house, is there any doubt how decisions will continue to be made, changed and adjudicated? As an average American family man just trying to get by I feel like the process has evolved into one that intentionally tries to exclude me. Forces are trying to muffle my voice—and yours too!

I have no issues with guests who come to our country to visit or immigrants who work within our systems to become citizens. I do have major problem with those who sneak in and then take my job, drive up health care, destroy our school system and demand citizen status—after all, “no person is illegal.”

I in invite those who ridicule to come on over to Arizona and live for a while. I can guarantee that even the bleeding hearts will secretly wish something would be done!

Darrell Ankarlo is a 32 Radio & Television talk personality who has authored two books. His latest, ILLEGALS:

The Unacceptable Cost of America’s Failure to Control it’s Borders is in

bookstores now!

There’s an economic axis of evil taking shape right now, and the people in charge of our government are too stupid to acknowledge and deal with what’s happening. The U.S. dollar and the entire financial system are at stake, and, as Glenn Beck reveals on "Glenn TV" Wednesday, our enemies’ PUBLISHED plans to take the entire thing down.

While all of this is happening, our own leaders are making everything worse. We’ve got Nancy Pelosi risking an international incident, accelerating China’s plans to collapse us. And when Biden SHOULD be focusing on the security of our country, he’s instead preoccupied with controlling the weather with his Inflation "Reduction" Act.

Glenn exposes the TRUE numbers on what that bill will do to your family’s budget. Add to that, they’re more than doubling the IRS to make sure you feel the pain. And if you think they won’t come for you, look at what they just did to the former president of the United States. The DOJ and FBI just went after the political opponent of their boss, Joe Biden.

This is what they are focused on, and the threat to the dollar — and the entire financial system — isn’t even on their radar. Pain is coming for us, and they don’t care one bit.

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dutifully echoed the president's not-at-all misleading claim:

The truth of the matter is that last month's inflation rate of 8.5% was a (small) step in the right direction, but only because it was lower than June's 41-year high of 9.1% — and the thing is, anyone who's graduated kindergarten knows it.

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"If you are not for the destruction of America, you better pay attention quickly. This is a massive move," Glenn said of the Mar-a-Lago raid.

"And who has credibility on this? ... The right will believe Donald Trump, but nobody on the left, so you're not going to change any minds there. Do you think the right will believe the New York Times? MSNBC? NBC? CBS? Do you think we're going to believe the New York Times — the people who have been carrying water for the Biden crimes? The Clinton crimes? And ... I'm talking about her server and having her own State Department people go into a skiff, which is the top secret room, completely sealed off, going in and getting documents, cutting off 'top secret,' and then emailing them to her on her private server. And nothing? And now you're going to try to convince me [that] this has nothing to do with January 6?" he added.

"Remember the [allegations about] bank servers, [Trump] was pinging a bank? Untrue. Carter Page is a Russian spy? Untrue. Donald Trump is a Russian spy? ... Untrue. Collusion with Russia? Untrue. Ukraine, the perfect phone call? Not true. Not true. Wasn't a perfect phone call. Was not impeachable. The pee tape dossier? None of that was true. Here's why they can't have [Trump] as president of the United States. They can't have him as president of the United States because we are headed towards a completely new, all redesigned, non-capitalist, nonconstitutional Great Reset," Glenn argued. "They cannot have him be president because he is America first."

Glenn warned Americans that our federal government is accumulating massive power, case in point the 87,000 new IRS agents. "Coupled with the [IRS agents] they already have ... that's almost the size of our National Guard. Do you feel comfortable with that? Democrats? You don't think there's a possibility ... that someone ... might come in at some point and weaponize the IRS?"

He also warned that the FBI's raid on Donald Trump’s home has implications that stretch far beyond simple dislike for the former president. So what are they hoping to accomplish?

"What is the endgame? You make him into a martyr by throwing him into jail or killing him ... so you make him stronger? That doesn't make sense. Why would they want that?" Glenn asked. "So, what is their endgame? The only one that makes sense to me, is to stop him at any cost, then lunatics will take to the streets, and then [they] will have [their] evidence that the [right is] more dangerous than anyone could possibly imagine. Please, pray for your country."

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis, and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.