Glenn Beck: Bill Clinton says Americans need 'psychiatric' help

GLENN: I find this absolutely incredible and I don't know exactly where

they're going with this, but I've never seen presidents of the United States and

I'm not even talking about this president. I have never seen a president of the

United States claim that half of the voters are insane and mean it, that there

is some psychiatric problem. Do you remember, do you remember when Savage said

that liberalism was a mental disease and the heat that Michael Savage got for

saying that liberalism was a mental disease. That's Michael Savage. That's not

Bill Clinton. That's not Barack Obama. That's not a that's not a leader of a

party, a leader of a country. For someone to come out and say, you know, hey,

you've got mental problems, like Jon Stewart or Michael Savage or whatever,

that's one thing. For the president of the United States or a former president

of the United States, what exactly are what is their strategy here? You want to

talk about a uniter, not a divider. This isn't exactly uniting language. Listen

carefully to Bill Clinton.

BILL CLINTON: They enforced through their anonymous committees and their

fabulous disinformation campaign to flip those poor Republicans into a white

heat. Honest to God half of them need psychiatric. (Cheers and applause). Not

because they're crazy but because nobody can be that angry that long and it be

healthy for you. (Laughter). So they're dying to get to the polls to vote

against all of us. They're trying to make this a referendum rooted in anger and

apathy and amnesia, saying if things aren't perfect, vote them out. (Applause).

GLENN: Hey, can you stop for a second? If things aren't perfect? If things

aren't perfect? May I ask you, are we headed in the right direction or the wrong

direction? We were headed in the wrong direction under George Bush. We didn't

turn around. We stepped on the accelerator.

PAT: And they act like this is the first time there's ever been anger against a

president, ever, in the history of our nation. Well, that's what drove the 2008

election against George W. Bush. They hated him! They wanted


Clinton Heckled in Blue New York, Says Half of Republicans Need

Psychiatric Help

GLENN: 2 2004.

PAT: Anbody but Bush.

GLENN: 2004.

PAT: Yep, yep. Talk about voter anger, talk about Democrats out of their skulls

angry all the time. We heard it for years.

GLENN: Okay. Now, this brings me to something that we're going to talk a little

bit about tonight and later today. I feel like I should speak say it like Yoda,

Pat. Release your anger.

PAT: Release your anger, hmmm? Yes. Yes. Release your anger you should, hmmm?

Yes. Yes. No yes.

GLENN: But where does

PAT: No, no. Yes.

GLENN: Where does the anger lead?

PAT: To the dark side it does, hmmm? Yes. Yes.

GLENN: This is really we're being used, really by both parties. We're being

used. The anger is being ratcheted up intentionally. This time it is being

ratcheted up and we could play the cuts from and we should. We can play the cuts

from what's her name, Bertha Lewis that was speaking directly to the Young

Democrat Socialists and saying, "Oh, they're coming for you in camps. They're

coming for you. So you've got to get out of the street." We can play the Van

Jones where he's ratcheting it up, you got to get out into the street; you've

got to force this president to do the things that he wants to do, but you have

to create the conditions on the ground. In other words, get out and protest. And

remember, these guys are agitators. Not the Democrats, but the socialists, the

Marxists, the Weather Underground, the people they have aligned themselves with.

They're agitators. That's what they do. When you agitate something, is that

making people calmer? Is that creating a more peaceful world? Who are you in bed

with? And I want to ask that question of you whether you're a Democrat or a

Republican or an independent. Who are you in bed with? What is it that you are

doing? Who are you using as fuel? What are you using as fuel? If you are using

anger, if you are using agitation, you're on the wrong side.

Now, all of us have been a part of it. All of us have made mistakes. All of us

may be standing some place right now and saying, well, now wait a minute, hang

on just a second; well, you've got to ratchet it up, you've got to get out

there, you've got to yes, you do. But what are you using as your force? What is

it that is that you are preaching or the people around you are preaching?

You know, it's interesting to me as you read history, and I've said this I've

said this before in a different way. The people this president has surrounded

himself with and the Democrats have been co opted by, they thought that they

were using their power, but at some point, gang, if they haven't already, they

will lose control of these people. Because these people that they're in bed

with, many of them are true revolutionaries. And if you look through history, it

always starts the same way. It always starts with somebody coopting or someone

tolerating in their ranks dangerous people. And they'll always say the same

thing: Well, yeah, about you they're not in charge, they don't have any real

power, they don't have in the end those people take a gun and shoot the other

moderate people on their side because they're not doing enough for the cause and

we're going to lose if we don't. This is why I've said this president or anybody

around him that is moderate is in trouble. At some point they will be in

trouble. Because you've surrounded yourself with very, very bad people. Where

does it lead? Where does it lead to have the president, former president of the

United States saying that half of the population is insane? With anger. Not that

they're crazy. Well, wait a minute, they need psychiatric help? What are you

implying? That half the population.

Now let me go to President Obama. Let me show you a pattern here. Go to Cut 128.

Here's president Obama.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: See what the other side is counting on, what they're counting

on is you're gonna stay home. They're counting on your silence. They're counting

on your amnesia. They're counting on your apathy. They're countin' on young

people staying home and union members stayin' home, and black folk stayin' home.

GLENN: Okay. So now they're counting on your amnesia. Did anybody notice what

Bill Clinton said? If you think this is if you think this is an uncoordinated

attack, you're wrong. It is the same attack and everyone has their own part to

play. You watch for the language of they're crazy, they need psychiatric help.

We've already seen it. You know what they've done is last I think it was on

Monday, on Monday's show but we recorded it I believe on Thursday night. I had

said to you that they had been off of the right is dangerous, the right is crazy

thing. Remember? I said that in the show and I said that things have changed

because we took that away. They have just doubled down. I think they've done

more than double. They've bet the entire house on it. Now we are counting, if

you're a member of the GOP, now if you disagree with this president, we are

counting that blacks will stay at home. Not counting on that. Who's counting on

that? I'm just hoping that all Americans go out and vote. And I keep saying if

you're a Republican, a Democrat, or an independent, I don't care what you

believe. If you're not at the polls this time, if you don't go out and vote this

time, what the hell will make you vote? You deserve to be a slave. And I don't

care what color you are. You deserve to be a slave. If you don't go out and vote

this time, if you don't see your responsibility to this republic at this time. I

don't care if you want to change it to a Democratic Socialist country. If you

don't see the opportunity of doing it right now, you're a complete fraud and

everything you believe in. You have an opportunity to make this a Democratic

Socialist nation this election.

PAT: Glenn encourages Democratic socialists to get out and vote.

GLENN: Am I wrong? Am I wrong?

PAT: No. This is their opportunity.

GLENN: This is your opportunity. And if you don't want it to be a Democratic

Socialist nation, what is wrong with you? Don't you see how close it is? I'm not

counting on anybody staying home.

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

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