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GLENN: This is Alvin Greene. Remember, the candidate in -- where is he?

PAT: South Carolina.

GLENN: South Carolina.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: And this guy is the worst. He's on one of those shows, I guess on MSNBC

and he is -- he's conducting an interview and you've heard -- you've heard

people sigh, just stick to your talking points, stick to your talking points.

Well, this guy is such a simpleton that he doesn't understand that you weave

your talking points in. He just -- again, because people say, it doesn't matter

what they ask you. You just answer the way you --

STU: I totally agree with this analysis. When you go into this interview and

realize he that one message to convey and then afterwards test yourself. Do you

remember it? What was the message?

PAT: What was the one message?

STU: I think this is going to be one of the most affective interviews you'll

ever hear.

GLENN: You'll never hear anything like this again.

VOICE: Good morning. There's a first question that all Senate candidates have to

answer this year and that is, of course, are you a witch?

GREENE: No. First I want to remind everyone that the man started the recession.

VOICE: There you go. You're on your talking points. You're not a witch and

DeMint started the recession. All right. Now, your nickname in high school, I'm

told, was turtle. Does that tell us -- and where did that come from and does

that tell us anything about how this race might end up?

GREENE: DeMint started the recession. DeMint is responsible for the recession and

I'm the best candidate that defines where we're at right now in this country.

GLENN: Okay. Stop, stop. I don't think a truer sentence has been uttered.

STU: He just defined where we're at.

GLENN: He does define --

PAT: Yes.

GLENN:  -- where we're at as a country.

GLENN: Yes. All right.

VOICE: People tell you no matter what the question is, just do your talking

points and all that stuff, but seriously, Alvin, your nickname, turtle, where

did that come from?



GREENE: No. Like I said, DeMint started the recession and I'm the man that

defines where we're at in this country. I'm a United States Air Force and United

States Army veteran. I put concentration on both those efforts and an unemployed

military veteran currently and this country is losing and DeMint is responsible

for the recession. He started the recession.

VOICE: Okay. Let's go to some DeMint positions and see if --

PAT: I love that. Okay. He's just getting it now because he's realizing he can't

get past the talking points.

GLENN: He's thinking to himself right now, who the hell booked him for six


PAT: Okay. So it got --

GLENN: Where was this in the preinterview?

PAT: So, let's go with that. All right. Jim DeMint, what -- tell me about -- and

then he even throws him this softball.

VOICE: Tell us how you differ with him. Do you think that single mothers should

be allowed to be school teachers in South Carolina?

PAT: Oh, brother. Who -- yeah. We dealt with this the other day. This was --

GLENN: Was this when I was -- this is when I was having radioactive of isotopes

jammed through my throat.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: And I -- it was a better experience than what I have a feeling the

listeners went through when they had to -- tell me this story.

PAT: Yeah. I think Stu knows it a little bit better.

STU: There was a comment that in 2004 that Jim DeMint made which was

controversial a little bit at the time and he apologized for and this is a play

off of that comment which I didn't correct, basically summarizing it and, you

know, making it seem worse than it was.

PAT: What he was saying was that we need to have teachers who are good examples

to our kids and you don't want -- wasn't it an unmarried or a --

STU: Unmarried.

PAT: Unmarried pregnant woman teaching class. Is that what it was?

STU: Something in that general vicinity and then later he's --

GLENN: I think Jim DeMint has just uttered the first phrase that I can't get

behind, I can't get my arms around.

PAT: And it was clear back in 2004.

GLENN: Oh. Clear back in 2004. If it was maybe 1904, I could understand it

PAT: There may be more nuance to that.

STU: No, no. Not only did you disagree with it, he disagreed with it. He

immediately came out and said, that's not what I men and he corrected it the

next day. It's been a dead issue for six years. They're just bringing it up now

because --

GLENN: It was a poorly-worded, that's not what he meant.

STU: Yeah. And he talked about it right after that.

GLENN: All right. I got you.

GREENE: Yes. That's their private life and as long as their private life doesn't

interfere with how they do their job, that's -- so that that's fine. It's --

what they do in their private life, I mean, as long it doesn't have anything to

do with how they do their job. That's fine and it's just poor positions from

DeMint that has gotten us into this recession. DeMint started the recession

VOICE: How did DeMint personally start the recession?

GREENE: Irresponsible spending.

PAT: That's a DeMint thing, boy

GREENE: Cuts to education.

STU: That's what it started it, education cuts.

GREENE: Supporting the Bush tax plan that -- and mismanagement of Federal


GLENN: Barnie Frank.

PAT: No, but DeMint has always mismanaged Federal resources.

GLENN: Always.

PAT: Always. If there's one thing you know Jim DeMint for --

GLENN: I was thinking Chris Dodd, but, no, Jim DeMint. Okay.

VOICE: We don't look at --

GLENN: You could say that he is mismanaging Federal resources because Jim

believes that the Federal Government doesn't have any resources.

PAT: Well, true.

GLENN: And that they're the people's resources and so give them back to the

people. I mean, that's a mismanagement of Federal resources.

PAT: Yeah.

STU: It sounds like the type of policy that would start a recession.

GLENN: Not only cause it, but be responsible for it.

VOICE: The wars he managed in Afghanistan and --

PAT: Remember when they appointed him commander and chief of all Middle East

wars? Yeah. And he just --

GLENN: He screwed it up. He screwed it up.

PAT: He was so busy mismanaging Federal resources, he couldn't manage the war.


VOICE: Irresponsible spending and this mismanagement of government resources.

GLENN: Stop just a second. I want you to know, he retracted the replace all the

guns with bananas the very next day.

PAT: Did he really?

GLENN: The very next day. He said --

PAT: I didn't remember that.

GLENN: -- that's not what I meant.

PAT: Oh, wow.


VOICE: Mismanagement of resources. It's destroyed this country and --

PAT: It has.

VOICE: I see that he's responsible for it and that's fact. DeMint started the

recession and he's responsible for the recession and it doesn't make any sense,

sending someone back to Washington that is messing things up every day.

PAT: This is my favorite part. After all of this, this is my favorite part.

GLENN: This is really -- this should tell you everything you need to know about


PAT: Sure.

GLENN: I mean, you already know it, but -- really I think this goes all across

the news spectrum. This is all of the networks, because, remember, this is NBC

news and this is supposedly a -- this is a guy you'll see on Meet the Press,

Lawrence O'Donnell. You'll see this guy everywhere. I've seen him on NBC news.

STU: Who will see him?

GLENN: Well, I mean --

PAT: The three people.

STU: In the day when you would watch it.

GLENN: So, this is a guy who in the circles of journalists, they think he's far

more credible than somebody like Bill O'Reilly or somebody like me, far more

reliable. Oh, yeah. We're a joke. Listen to this.

VOICE: Well, I've got to tell you, I don't think Jim DeMint personally started

the recession, but I do think Alvin Greene, still better than Jim DeMint.

PAT: Wow. That tells us everything -- seriously


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