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GLENN: Matt Kibbe from FreedomWorks, let's get an update on what happened yesterday. Matt?

KIBBE: Hey, man, how are you?

GLENN: I'm good, man, how are you?

KIBBE: I'm doing okay. I'm actually in Ohio. Dick Armey and I just spent the last two days rallying the troops on a number of congressional races here. Ohio's sort of Ground Zero in our "Take America Back" plan.

GLENN: How you know, I'm looking at some of the polls and they are all starting to tighten up. What do you think's happening here?

KIBBE: I think that's quite typical in the last two weeks, but I agree with you that we need to make sure that nobody becomes complacent, nobody becomes overly confident that this is going to be easy to take congress back from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid because there is a number of dirty tricks. You watch what the president's been doing. Every day it's a different message, it's a different person or organization to demonize. They are looking for that silver bullet, something that saves them from the judgment of the American people.

GLENN: So tell me what happened yesterday at 6:55.

KIBBE: Well, apparently I'm not a technician but I've been talking to our server folks and I've been talking to our webmaster, and what happened was that somebody got into the server and basically set it up so that if any traffic hits, the server would just shut down. And the timing looks to me to be blatantly politically motivated but we obviously don't know who did it, and we're launching an investigation into that. But it looks like dirty tricks gone actual criminal behavior.

GLENN: Oh, it has to be. Matt, I don't know what your I don't know what your security parameters are on your server systems, but we've had hackers before, and our security for and The Blaze and everything else is massive because we are hacked into or I should say we were hacked into all the time. We have seriously upgraded our security a few months back. You have to have done the same thing. So it's not some, you know, it's not some punk kid. That has got to be somebody quite sophisticated.

KIBBE: Yeah, and our server management company is one of the best in the business and they tell me that they have never seen anything like this in the past ten years. So it's a very sophisticated attack, and we also, anticipating this kind of thing, had really ramped up our security over the past year. And we're doing it again. I mean, we've migrated everything to a brand new server and we're launching new security codes. And for now at least we're going to use PayPal to accept donations because it's simply, we don't want to put anybody at risk, and that's our first priority because there's something going on here and we've got to make sure we do everything to stop it.

GLENN: Well, you remember what I mean, that's why they are going after the chamber, because they want their donors list. And you remember what happened with, you know, out in California. I mean, these are brutal, brutal, brutal people. And, you know, Saul Alinsky, ends justify the means. They don't care.

KIBBE: Yeah. Well, we knew that, and all of us and all the activists that we talk to, we've asked them to read Saul Alinsky, we've asked them to read the literature of the left so that you understand who the enemy is and what you're really up against.

GLENN: Yeah, it's not you know, it's not like tactics. You're not just looking at people who are tactics. That's why I bring up every time that it is a book dedicated to Lucifer. It's not just tactics. This is evil. This is stuff that is, you've got to understand what you're up against, not just how to play the game but what you're up against.

KIBBE: Yeah. It's the worst possible enemy, but I've got to tell you having spent the last two days in Ohio with Dick Army, I'm seeing a level of energy and a level of commitment and a rediscovery of American values like I've never seen before, and I've been doing grassroots organization for twenty years. And this is the only way we beat these guys. This is the only way we beat the organized left is if people pay attention, if people stay engaged. And it is a peaceful revolution that has to be that as well. But the only

GLENN: What do you think of the guy hang on. What is the guy's name, Stu, that was just saying or Pat, that was just saying, you know, we should have revolution? That, you know, violence if we don't win?

STU: Stephen Broden.

GLENN: Where is he from?

STU: Dallas. I don't know

GLENN: Oh, Stephen Broden, Pastor Stephen Broden said that?

STU: That is the name here it says.

GLENN: He's been on the show. Pastor Stephen Broden said that? That's crazy. That's crazy.

STU: Says, violent uprising is not the first option but it is on the table. Then it said he followed that up with, we have a constitutional remedy and the framers said that

GLENN: I know this guy. Stephen Broden, what are you thinking? That is that's outrageous. Matt, any thought on somebody saying that violence is not off the table?

KIBBE: We have to be aggressively vigilant in throwing those people out. We have to have zero tolerance for that. It is a recipe for everything that the left wants.

GLENN: My gosh. My gosh. This guy gets he understands who you're up against, too. Stephen Broden, if I'm not mistaken, if I'm thinking the right guy, it is Pastor Stephen Broden, right?

STU: Does say he's a pastor.

GLENN: This is the guy who gets it. He understands who these people are. And maybe that's why he's saying it. But Stephen, you are you are 180 degrees in the wrong you play right into their hands. Absolutely wrong. Can't stand with you on that. I can't stand with you at all if you are saying stuff like that.

All right, Matt, I appreciate it. I'm glad to hear that your servers are back and hopefully they will be pounded with donations today so you can have the money to continue to get the word out and get people into the voting booths. Thank you, sir.

KIBBE: Well, my message, my message to everyone is, I know you're tired, I know you're frustrated but stay focused until November 2nd. Take 24 hours, rest up, and on November 3rd we start all over again with the lame duck and making sure that this new political class actually keeps the promises that they made in the election.

GLENN: Yeah, I tell you we have a dangerous time in between when the congresses are switching out, but we also have Republicans going to try to coopt all of these other, these other people. And it needs to be the other way around. Matt Kibbe from FreedomWorks, thanks a lot. Go to Yesterday they were hacked into. They had a big promotion, spent a lot of money trying to get people to donate. Yesterday somebody hacked in at 6:55, set it up so when I did the commercial, the servers would shut down. Go donate today, will you, at 


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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis, and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.