Glenn Beck: Are Harry Reid and SEIU rigging voting machines?

GLENN: The corruption, have you heard about the corruption, of course, in Chicago. There's a glitch with the vote by mail system and hundreds of thousands of voters may be disenfranchised.

PAT: Yeah. How about the military voters?

GLENN: Yeah, the military voters. Have you heard what happened in Las Vegas?

PAT: Just unconscionable.

GLENN: In Las Vegas people are going in and they're voting and they're like, no, the voting machine won't let me vote for anybody but Harry Reid. And I voted for the Republican and I get a receipt and it says that I voted for the Democrat.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: So they called the people to repair the voting machines.

PAT: Sharron Angle's campaign lawyer says

GLENN: No, wait, wait, wait. They called the people who were repairing the voting machines. Do you know who they are?

PAT: Yeah. SEIU? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, which is why they say that if Harry can't win it outright, he is going to steal it. That's what they think is going on, the Angle campaign.

GLENN: You call SEIU? Those are the people to fix the voting machines? SEIU members? Do you remember, how many years ago was it, Pat, when there was somebody that was involved in the voting machines and they were, like, from South America and they were like a cousin three times removed from Dick Cheney's gardener back in '78?

PAT: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: Do you remember?

PAT: Mmm hmmm.

GLENN: It was some sort of weird I don't even remember what it was, but it wasn't a direct tie. And they went crazy. Here's SEIU being the voting you know what that is? That's Martin Luther King being in Birmingham, Alabama and then calling the police because somebody is beating on him with a club, a billy club. Oh, yeah, let me call the police. Let me call the police. They are the ones that are beating me up with a billy club! That's what that is. You're calling the repair people, the ones that are setting up the machines. Oh, yeah, let's do that. That's really good, isn't it? It's incredible. You know, the one thing and again, it works into their favor. They want strife and agitation. They want people to lose faith in the system. They want people to cry foul. They want that strife and that anger. They need it. You know what? Go back and read or go back and watch the Star Wars. Go back. The whole thing is amazing. But go watch episode oh, don't watch Episode 1. Go watch Episode 2. If you're watching Star Wars, you see how the republic is given to the chancellor. And the chancellor is the evil dude. And he's creating the conditions which make it possible for him to get all of the power. He created the conditions to make it so you run to him for help, and he doesn't want to help? "I don't want to have this power. I certainly don't want to have this power. I will return this power as soon as we, as we quash these rebel forces. Oh, we shouldn't have a clone Army, we shouldn't do that. But I don't think that we have any other thing we can do, so I will reluctantly take this Army." It's amazing. The 99 Uighurs, now, these are the people who have been unemployed for 99 weeks. I want to make it very clear. There are 99 weekers who can be 499 weekers and they still won't take a job. There are some people that don't want a job. There are some people that want to live off the system. But there are a lot of people remember, to create enough jobs just to replace the jobs that we have lost in the last two or three years, at this pace and that's not with having anything new added. At this pace to replace those jobs, we won't have the full unemployment to the way it was in 2007 or 2008, we won't have those jobs replaced until 2021. So 99 weekers, those things, those guys are really starting to feel the heat here soon, and those jobs are not going to be replaced fully until 2021, at this pace with nothing else bad happening.

Do you remember the scene in the Ten Commandments where, "And Moses went out into the desert where he was pounded by the Maker." And remember, what happened? He went out into the desert and he was pounded by the elements, he was thirsty, he was lost, he didn't know what he was doing until he was clay, ready for the Maker to mold him. Well, now remember this is the group of people that don't believe in the Maker. They don't believe in God. They mock God every step of the way. They are the maker. They are the ones that will save everyone. The 99 weekers are being put out into the desert by the maker. Listen to what I'm saying. The 99 weekers are being put out into the desert to be molded and to be pounded so they will be putty or clay in the hands of the maker. The government is the maker. SEIU, the labor unions, they are the maker. Who coined the term the 99ers? Who is organizing the 99ers? Who is there on the front lines with the 99ers? SEIU. I certainly don't want to create an Army. It's just, well, I am reluctant and I certainly will return all of this power once we get past this crisis. Oh, I'm sure you will.

So now how do you diffuse that? You must be on the front lines. We must be good, decent, charitable people and we've got to organize our churches. Remember they hate it when we organize. They can't stand it when we organize. I had NRA, unbeknownst to me, ran an ad for the 8/28 deal. Remember they ran that cover? And I hated that cover. I'm like, why I mean, if they just would have called, I could have given them a good picture of me. But they ran a thing about 8/28 and the left, they went crazy. For three weeks all we heard was, "And exactly how is the NRA involved in..." they ran something. I didn't know about it. They ran it. That's what they did. They can't have us organize. But look what's happening with Jon Stewart? They are organizing every step of the way. I saw an ad or a story today about it in some magazine some place and or some newspaper and they were saying that American university, the political science says that Jon Stewart is code for the Democratic Party. That's what it is. And they know it. They know it. But nobody has a problem with that. You don't listen to what they have to say. You don't worry about what they have to say. You just do the right thing. You just do what you're doing. Organize. Organize your churches. Gather together. Because storms are coming. But you be a force for good. You go find those people that are struggling. You help them in any way you can. Forget about the ones who won't help themselves. Look, you don't offer help to people who haven't bottomed out. If they haven't bottomed out, if they are just... I know. I say this as a recovering alcoholic. You cannot help anybody who won't help themselves. But if they will help themselves, help them. Stand with them before they are co opted, by the power of the dark side. I love the lightning bolt thing. Wouldn't that be great if seriously don't you think Andy Stern might be able to... "What, I'm just fixing the voting machine." (Making electrocution noises).


Are YOUR taxpayer dollars funding these 15 ESG-FRIENDLY states? Find out HERE.

Justin Sullivan / Staff | Getty Images

This week, we published a list of the top 14 states FIGHTING against ESG. Now, we are giving you the top 15 ESG-friendly states who are using YOUR taxpayer money to invest in leftist corporations.

Glenn has long warned of the dangers of ESG on American industry, and this list proves the risk. Already, multiple states on this list have divested their funds from gun manufacturers because they don't comply with their leftist agenda. Moreover, the businesses in these states who don't want to integrate left-leaning environmental, gender, and diversity standards into their business won't have any hope of investment from their government.

However, several of the states are considering ESG legislation RIGHT NOW, so there is still time to act. Glenn encouraged his audience to send THIS Utah bill to their governor's desk to protect reliable American industry. If your state is still deliberating integrating ESG standards into their investment strategy, ACT NOW. If they have already integrated ESG practices, you still have the power to fight back. Find out if YOUR state is considering ESG or already adopted ESG investment below.


The Oregon state treasury announced that as a "fiduciary," it will engage ESG monitoring as a factor in its investment strategy:

Acting as a fiduciary, Treasury monitors and manages risks as a prudent global investor, engages as a responsible shareholder, and advocates for investor-friendly practices and regulations, such as improved identification and disclosure of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks.

In summary, that means if you are an Oregon resident, the state is using YOUR taxpayer dollars to fund liberal environmental and social agendas.


Connecticut's treasurer, Erick Russell, published the state's "Investment Policy for the Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds" (CRPTF). The plan integrates ESG monitoring as an core value in the state's investment strategy for retirement plans:

The CRPTF supports the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in the investment decision making process, given that such factors can impact both risk and return over the long term. In most cases, the CRPTF will vote FOR shareholder resolutions that request companies to disclose non-proprietary information related to ESG issues.

If you are a Connecticut resident, how do you feel about YOUR government using retirement funds and taxpayer dollars to fund woke ESG causes?


Like Connecticut, Maryland's "State Retirement and Pension System" uses ESG as a core investment value for their states' pension and retirement plans. In fact they have an entire ESG committee dedicated to the task.

You can read the 2022 ESG report for yourself HERE.


Maine's government also has a special branch dedicated to ESG considerations in YOUR retirement plans. The Maine PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) states:

The primary duty of MainePERS is to serve as good fiduciaries to our members. This requires considering sustainability as a vital component of successful long-term investing. We have compiled this Environmental, Social and Governance Report to outline how these factors impact our investment decisions.

Investment's main purpose should be securing the biggest return on investment--that is what investment should be about... right? At least you would hope so if someone else is managing YOUR money. Yet, this consideration takes a back seat if it comes into conflict with the state's liberal ESG standards.


​It comes at no surprise that California is one of the original leaders in pro-ESG policy. In 2022, California's Senate passed the first bill in the U.S. requiring all companies statewide generating more than $1 billion in revenue to disclose their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The bill's author, state Senator Wiener, said:

Corporate transparency and accountability are critically important when it comes to addressing our climate crisis. Corporate emissions are a huge contributor to climate change, but frankly, we don’t yet know the scope of the problem. That’s why we need to act quickly and decisively to ensure corporations are reporting their emissions. This is a landmark bill, and today’s vote is a big step forward for California’s fight against climate change.

This bill has been incorporated into a three-bill package being considered by the California state legislature RIGHT NOW. The addition of the other two bills will give California's government the power to use YOUR retirement funds to invest in ESG-friendly businesses, like Connecticut, Maryland, and Maine.

New Jersey

New Jersey's State Investment Council announced that it would be integrating ESG into its investment practices in 2018. The Council stated:

The policy recognizes that material ESG factors are an important component of a comprehensive investment management strategy, and an analysis of these factors should be applied by the Division in connection with the investment and evaluation of the Pension Fund's assets.

If you have a state pension fund in New Jersey, then your money is being used to fund left-leaning corporations.

New York

​New York's state retirement fund published a report stating:

ESG factors are a key component of the Fund’s analysis of both short- and long-term financial risks and opportunities.

That means your taxpayer dollars are funding ESG practices. New York also divested its pension funds from gun manufacturers. Unless you are a liberal-leaning business that complies with the Left's woke environmental and social standards, you will not get public investment from your state's retirement fund.

New Mexico

New Mexico's State Investment Council, which is a part of the State Investment Office, adopted ESG standards in their investment practices in 2021. Among their ESG considerations for investment include: resource conservation, climate change, sustainability, gender diversity, equity & inclusion, and others. In other words, unless your business in New Mexico complies with these leftist standards, you won't get any investment from your government. Moreover, if you are paying into New Mexico's pension program, you are FUNDING these leftist businesses.


Massachusetts' Pension Reserves Investment Management Board (PRIMB) unanimously voted to recommend to the full board that pension fund managers vote against companies that:

Failed to align their business plans with the goals of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, as set forth in the Paris Climate Agreement, and/or that have failed to establish a plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

In addition to climate change, Massachusetts has utilized the force of its state pension fund to demand that companies adopt leftist gender and inclusion standards in order to receive funding, becoming one of the most outspoken ESG proponents.


In 2022, Nevada's treasurer announced that his $49 billion portfolio—taxpayer dollars, mind you—will divest from all businesses that sell assault-style weapons. What other industries will they choose to divest from in the future if they don't comply with their leftist standards?

Rhode Island

Rhode Island, like California and New York, divested its state pension funds from publicly traded gun companies. The state also uses state retirement and pension funds to invest in ESG-friendly companies.


Vermont's Teasurer’s Office and the Vermont Pension Investment Committee (VPIC) announced that they "consider financial factors and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decisions." They also hold companies to the climate standards put forth in the Paris Climate Agreement.


Seattle, one of the nation's most left-leaning cities, announced that its City Employees Retirement System will be taking ESG into consideration when choosing their investments. This comes as no surprise from a city in a state that is mandating "100% clean energy by 2040" and holding its first "greenhouse gas allowance auction."


Colorado is considering a bill RIGHT NOW that would require Colorado's Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) to factor the state’s greenhouse gas emission reduction goals into its investment decisions. If it passes, it would affect one out of every ten Colorado residents who contribute to the PERA fund.


Delaware has been pushing state ESG policy since 2018. The state Senate passed a bill that enables the government—again, using the same justification as a "fiduciary"—to invest using ESG as a consideration. The state also passed a certification process in 2018. Though "voluntary," these certificates are used by the government to identify sustainable businesses. So if you don't have a certificate, you can kiss goodbye to the possibility of state investment.

Glenn just bought the ENTIRE Roe v. Wade archive from Linda Coffee, the original lawyer behind the landmark abortion case. As a pro-life activist, Glenn doesn't want the lives of the 60 million+ babies who died between Roe v. Wade in 1973 and the Dobbs decision in 2022 to go unforgotten. He purchased the archive so that it wouldn't be treated as a relic of abortion in someone else's collection, but rather as a historical reminder to never sacrifice human life for the sake of freedom EVER again.

But there are two parties in abortion that need to be protected: the baby AND the mother. Glenn wants to honor the mothers who regret their abortions just as much as the babies who lost their lives to the procedure. If YOU had an abortion and regret it, or if you were planning on having an abortion and decided not to, Glenn wants to hear from YOU and honor your story.

If you feel inclined, write your story down on paper, send it to the below P.O. box, and Glenn will include it in his historical vault surrounding the history of abortion. If you would be comfortable with us sharing your story, please sign your name. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can leave your name off of the story. We ask that you include your phone number so that can verify you as a source.

Glenn bought the ENTIRE Roe v. Wade archive from Linda Coffee. Here's WHY... and a sneak peek.

Robert Alexander / Contributor, PEDRE | Getty Images

Linda Coffee, the Dallas lawyer who first launched the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v.Wade that legalized abortion nationwide, decided to sell all of the case documents, from the first papers filed at the Texas District Court to the quill pens given to her during her argument before the Supreme Court. She said that she wanted to "inspire" the next generation of pro-choice activists in light of the Supreme Court's Dobbs ruling that overturned her landmark case. Coffee's lesbian partner Rebecca Hartt said:

We don’t know who’s going to end up acquiring it, but hopefully it will motivate some of the people to get into law or politics or whatever, because it needs to be challenged.

Coffee and Hartt couldn't have imagined who would end up buying the documents: Glenn Beck.

Glenn said the following upon acquiring the documents:

They [Coffee and Hartt] have passed [the documents] to a generation who perhaps is less focused on the so-called "human right" to kill and more on the human responsibility to care, love, and protect both the mother and child.

Glenn has long been an ardent supporters of the pro-life movement—standing up for pro-life Americans under attack from the Left, promoting organizations such as Pre-Born on his radio program, and interviewing pro-life activists to name a few examples. So why did he purchase the documents from the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion?

Glenn and his wife, Tania, said the following:

The real price of these documents were the lives of at least 60 million children [...] If we can use this to help expose this culture of death and Moloch worship, any monetary price we could personally pay would be worth it.

Instead of being purchased by a left-wing activist who would have heralded the documents as a sort of relic, Glenn wanted to make sure they were purchased by someone who would treat them as they are: the signed death sentence of 60 million children in our country from 1973 to 2022.

Now, Glenn is giving YOU access to the documents so that you can learn about the history of this case—and how to make sure that it is never repeated in the future. The slide show below contains 48 images of the 150 documents that went into Roe v. Wade.

The two quill pens given to Linda Coffee, by the Supreme Court, an honor given to lawyers who argue cases before the nation's highest court.

THE DOCUMENTS for the 'Energy Reduction Act' Glenn TV special

MANDEL NGAN / Contributor, twildlife | Getty Images

Did YOU know that Biden's Inflation Reduction Act—or, as Glenn calls it, the "Energy Reduction Act"—incentivizes coal plants to permanently close? According to our most recent poll, most of you didn't—and neither did Glenn until recently. That inspired this week's Glenn TV special in which Glenn takes a deep dive into our war on energy. Biden and the progressive Left's radical green agenda is not only shutting down our reliable energy, plunging us towards a nationwide energy crisis, but moreover, we are shutting down reliable energy AROUND THE WORLD.

But there's hope—there are things you can do NOW to stop this dangerous agenda. There are 14 states that are actively pushing for legislation that will fight against the Left's energy agenda. Moreover, on this episode, Glenn invites viewers to send Utah's House bill to their governor's desk, urging them to replicate its protections against this woke agenda.

Do your own homework

You can get all of this information AND MORE about Biden's energy agenda and what you can do about it in the EXCLUSIVE research doc from last night's Glenn TV special. Enter your email below, and the PDF will arrive directly in your inbox!

Watch the full special below (or watch on BlazeTV here):