Glenn Beck: Obama Heckled again

Video: Obama claims to fund global AIDS

GLENN: All right. Let's go to should we go to Jimmy Carter or should we do

the Obama being heckled again?

PAT: Obama being heckled again.

GLENN: Okay.

PAT: All right. Here's what happened at Bridgeport, Connecticut on Saturday.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: We really made a big mess of this economy. Excuse me, excuse

me. Excuse me, everybody. Let me just say this. Excuse me, young people.

GLENN: Young people. You are so cool.


GLENN: Excuse me, young people. I am your leader.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Let me just say this. You know, these folks have been you've

been appearing at every rally we've been doing and we're funding global AIDS and

the other side

PAT: And I'm getting pissed.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: is not. So I don't know why you think this is a useful strategy

to take.

GLENN: Okay. Stop for a second. They are funding there you have it, the

president of the United States verifying what Jeremiah Wright said. You have the

president verifying that they are funding global AIDS.

PAT: I don't think he meant it quite like that.

GLENN: And that's what he said.

PAT: That is what he said.

GLENN: And the Republicans are not funding global AIDS. Jeremiah Wright should

be voting for the Republicans.

PAT: (Laughing).

STU: Do not want to advance the AIDS disease. That's terrible.

GLENN: Look, here's the thing. Here's the thing. The reason why this is

important audio for you to hear is this is what is coming. This is what Van

Jones spoke about at that progressive conference over the summer. We pointed

this out before any of this started. We pointed this out. He's saying you've got

to get out into the streets, you've got to get into the faces and force the

president to do what he wants to do and knows what is right. And this is what is

happening. This is the beginning of it. And what you'll see next year is more

and more of these things which will force the president to not move to the

center. He doesn't want to. But it will force him not to move to the center. The

only thing that has a chance of getting him to move to the center is an

overwhelming mass at the voting polls tomorrow. That's it. I don't care if he I

don't care if you don't like the guy you're you're not going to like the people

that you're voting for. They are politicians. You are not going to like them.

But by getting out and voting, I don't care who you vote for. But if you vote

for the Democrat, you're sending a message, more of the same. If you're voting

for the Republican, you're voting... in some cases, I would say in most cases,

especially where the Tea Party has really taken root in the primary process,

you're voting for change.

PAT: It's a referendum.

GLENN: If you can't find somebody, a Democrat or a Republican, vote an

independent. You know, if you're voting Green party, then it's Barack Obama to

the left. If you're voting Tea Party member, you will be voting for, you know,

change in the other direction. But be very, very careful on who you vote for and

vote. Get out and vote! Because that's the only thing that will hold his feet to

the fire is if it's overwhelming. I don't think he's going to move. And this is

what's coming in our future. The president, everywhere he speaks, he's going to

be protested. And he'll be forced, it will make him look for moderate and he'll

be forced to move in the way he wants. He's got to hold now, I've got to hold

the ground, I've got to represent all these people.

PAT: And by the way, you notice it's never been the right that's interrupted him

like this. There's never protestors from the right.

GLENN: They are agitators.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: This is what they are about to move into the territory that they do best.

You've had to go out and learn how to make signs and organize and all of this

stuff. This is what they do best. This is what they learn in, you know, 1960.

This is what they do best. Not rule.

As we roll into Valentines Day, Glenn discusses a new study showing conservatives are happier and have better marriages than liberals.

Numerous studies have shown conservatives tend to champion marriage and family values alongside traditional family roles, while liberals tend to value independence, singleness, and non-traditional gender roles. As Glenn said on yesterday's radio program:

Republicans and Democrats view gender roles dramatically differently—we understand that there are only two genders. Republicans tend to embrace traditional gender roles, while Democrats tend to question them.

The results are the same across the board: marriage, family, and traditional gender roles result in greater levels of happiness than those values heralded by liberals.

Here are 9 facts from the studies showing that, contrary to our cultural narrative, the values championed by conservatives are the foundation for building a happy and fulfilling life.

Republicans are more satisfied in their relationships than Democrats.

According to a new study conducted in affiliation with the American Enterprise Institute, Republican men report being the most satisfied in their marriages out of those surveyed (48 percent). Republican women are in a close second at 42 percent.

Married Democrat women are the most dissatisfied with their relationship.

In contrast, according to the same study, Republican married couples, only 29 percent of Democrat married women say they are completely satisfied with their relationship. Only 36 percent of Democrat married men say they are satisfied.

The "Republican Advantage" in marriage is across the board.

Studies have shown that the Republican advantage in relationship satisfaction holds even regardless of differences in "educational attainment, race and ethnicity, age, and religious affiliation."

The "Republican Advantage" stems from conservatives championing "family-first" values.

Studies have found that conservatives are more likely to embrace the "family-first" values that direct them towards marriage and fulfilling family lives.

Married couples in general report more satisfaction in their relationships than Americans in other types of relationships.

40 percent of married Americans report being “completely” satisfied with their relationship with their spouse, compared to 33 percent of cohabitating couples and only 24 percent of those in committed relationships who are not living together.

Democrats, on the other hand, champion values that steer them away from marriage.

Unlike conservatives who champion family-first values, Democrats are drawn to individualist values and believe independence, freedom, and work will make them happy. For example, the left-leaning publication Bloomberg published an anecdotally-based survey of women titled, "Women Who Stay Single and Don’t Have Kids Are Getting Richer” and featured childless, single women who claim personal happiness. Liberal media also celebrates singleness and divorce compared to marriage and family.

Conservatives are more likely to be married than liberals.

Conservatives aged 18-55 are 20 percent more likely to be married than liberals. This comes as little surprise because, as mentioned previously, conservatives tend to champion "family-first" values that steer them towards marriage. Liberals, on the other hand, are more likely to remain single.

Conservatives are more likely to be satisfied with their families than liberals.

Conservatives are 18 percent more likely to be satisfied with their families than liberals. Studies show that liberals tend to reverse gender roles, with the "stay-at-home husband" trend complementing the "working woman." Research has shown this type of role reversal leads to a greater sense of dissatisfaction in marriage than traditional gender roles typically held by conservatives.

Liberals more likely to struggle with their mental health than conservatives.

Liberals are about 19 percent less likely to be “completely satisfied” with their mental health than conservatives. W. Bradford Wilcox, a senior fellow of the Institute for Family Studies and University of Virginia professor of sociology, attributes the disparity in overall happiness between conservatives and liberals to their differing views in marital status and family satisfaction. He wrote, "The secret to happiness, for most men and women, involves marriage and a life based around the family. " It is no wonder that both conservative men and women who champion family-first values report higher levels of happiness than liberal counterparts.

EXPOSED: Microsoft-owned ad agency Xandr blacklists

Bill Pugliano / Stringer, Chris McKay / Stringer, Ilya S. Savenok / Stringer, Jason Kempin / Staff, Justin Sullivan / Staff | Getty Images

Editor's Note: There are several major updates regarding the originally published article. Due to Kaminsky's research with the 'Washington Examiner' and public outrage to blacklists against conservatives, Microsoft's ad agency, Xandr, has removed conservative sites from their blacklist and discontinued their relationship with the Global Disinformation Index (GDI). Read the original story below. has been financially blacklisted by Microsoft-owned ad agency, Xandr, after being listed on a leftist non-profit's "exclusion list" for propagating "disinformation." Glenn interviewed the reporter breaking the story.

Washington Examiner reporter Gabe Kaminsky broke a series of articles detailing the coordinated effort between ad agencies and leftist non-profits to financially suffocate conservative sites—including

Kaminsky found that major ad companies are seeking guidance from self-described "non-partisan" media groups to detect websites carrying "disinformation" with the aim of restricting ads on those sites, depriving conservative media outlets of vital ad revenue. Most notably, Xandr, a massive digital ad agency purchased by Microsoft from AT&T for $1 billion in 2021, announced in 2022 that they would be adopting the Global Disinformation Index's "exclusion list" to punish content that is "morally reprehensible or patently offensive," lacking "redeeming social value," or "could include false or misleading information," according to emails exposed by Kaminsky.

Major ad agencies are depriving conservative media outlets of vital ad revenue.

The "Global Disinformation Index" (GDI) is a leftist non-profit that is targeting conservative media while purporting to be "non-partisan." GDI's recently-published "Disinformation Risk Assessment" listing their self-proclaimed "10 highest and lowest-risk news outlets" demonstrates their overt-leftist bias.

Among their "10 riskiest online news outlets" list included TheBlaze, Daily Wire, New York Post, and other conservative news outlets, accusing the sites of "bias" and "prevalence of sensational language." It is little surprise that their list of the "10 lowest-risk news outlets" included left-leaning sources like the Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, Buzzfeed News, Huffington Post, and others. The only centrist news source listed on their "10 lowest-risk news outlets" was the Wall Street Journal.

GDI lists left-leaning newsources such as the 'Washington Post' and 'Huffington Post' on their 'Lowest Risk Media Outlet' list.Courtesy of the Global Disinformation Index

The "Global Disinformation Index" (GDI) is a leftist non-profit that is targeting conservative media while purporting to be "non-partisan."

GDI lists right-leaning newsources such as the 'Blaze' and 'Daily Wire' on their 'Highest Risk Media Outlet' list.Courtest of the Global Disinformation Index

GDI submitted a report to the UN stating its aim is "to defund disinformation" and break "the incentive to create it for the purpose of garnering advertising revenues." GDI compiled a larger "exclusion list" to further this end. This "exclusion list" contains 2,000 domain names, most of which are conservative-leaning, and is distributed to ad companies for the sake of restricting their ad space on those sites. is one of the 2,000 domains listed.

The aforementioned Microsoft-owned Xandr is one of the major ad companies using this list to restrict revenue to conservative media sources. An executive at an ad agency who contracts with conservative media outlets anonymously disclosed to the Washington ExaminerWashington Examinera list of 37 conservative media outlets that Xander is financially punishing and censoring based on the fact that they are listed on GDI's "exclusion list." was included in this list alongside other conservative spokespersons' domains, including,,,, and others. is being financially blacklisted and punished by Microsoft-owned ad company, Xandr. is listed among the conserative domains that are being financially punished by Microsoft-owned ad agency, Xandr.Courtesy of the 'Washington Examiner'

Even more troubling is the federal government's involvement in this collusion. Kaminsky found that his GDI has received "$330,000 from two State Department-backed entities linked to the highest levels of government." Our federal government is apparently bankrolling an organization aimed at defunding conservative platforms. This is an explicit violation of the First Amendment.

Our federal government is apparently bankrolling an organization aimed at defunding conservative platforms.

Dan Schneider, vice president for the Media Research Center's Free Speech Alliance group, compared this coordinated effort to redlining, which financially restricted African Americans' ability to buy homes, or blacklists in Hollywood that prevent conservatives from getting contracts based solely on their beliefs. As Schneider told the Washington Examiner, "What we see going on is not new."

The free press and freedom of speech are the bedrock of a free society's ability to keep the government accountable. That is why it is enshrined in the First Amendment. As Glenn said after the bombshell Twitter Files story dropped, "Without a free and independent press, you can’t have a free and independent civilization." When we don't have a free press, then the press is doing the bidding of the government, which, as Glenn said, "is what they had in Soviet Russia or what they have in China and North Korea today."

We have already seen through the Twitter Files that big tech is doing the bidding of the deep state, censoring content that threatens their leftist narrative. Now the Washington Examiner's groundbreaking story shows that "big advertising" is also in bed with leftist organizations. In both cases, the federal government is both explicitly and financially involved in censoring conservative content for its own benefit.

Artificial intelligence is here, and, as Glenn has warned this week during his special on AI, it is only a matter of time before it affects YOUR industry.

We posed questions about AI to our readers during this week's poll, and while most of you believe that AI could replace other people's jobs, many of you believe that your job is safe from the effects of AI. Is this true?

As Glenn warns, ALL of your jobs are at risk—even the most creative ones. Here are five unlikely industries that are already integrating AI. Do you fall into one of them?

If you haven't already, let us know your thought in this week's poll!


This is arguably the most obvious industry that is threatened by AI. We recently experimented with ChatGPT to see whether it could write a speech in Glenn's voice, and the result was astounding. Even now, ChatGPT and similar technologies have the ability to write everything from haikus to Presidential speeches. As they continue to become more nuanced and complex, they will be able to produce professional-grade written content for any industry.

Research and Development

It is no wonder that Google is rushing to integrate its own AI technology before being replaced by it. Already, ChatGPT has astounding research capabilities. If you type in any subject, it will produce an in-depth, nuanced analysis. Moreover, the technology has the ability to improve upon itself, predict problems and produce solutions at a much faster rate than humans—and exponentially so. If you think your individual talent for R&D shields you from being replaced by AI, think again.

Food Industry

Large food producers are already integrating AI technology to regulate the planting, growing, and harvesting of their products. They are creating AI robots that can determine when a fruit or vegetable is at peak ripeness and delicately pick it without damaging it, potentially replacing thousands of farm workers.

Not only will AI replace jobs in the food production industry, but it will also replace many creative jobs in the culinary industry. Chefs are already using AI to predict food trends and manage food supply and prep. There are even AI robots under development that can produce faster, more efficiently, and with better quality and hygiene than humans—and unlike humans, they don't come with that pesky thing they call a "salary."


The marketing industry is already integrating AI, and it's already being used beyond collecting data and predicting trends. ChatGPT is already able to generate unique marketing content based on those trends, from social media captions to email campaigns, based on the data it collects. This technology could potentially replace entire marketing departments and require only a select few to oversee AI operations.


Students are increasingly using ChatGPT to write their essays for them—often with better quality than in their own words. However, does this technology pose a significant threat to academia beyond the scope of students finding more ways of cheating? Unfortunately, yes...

Not only does AI have the ability to produce an incredibly in-depth summary of academic subjects, it can also produce its own unique, nuanced analysis. With AI technology still in its infant stages, it won't be long before it is able to produce journal-quality academic articles, threatening the integrity of academia as a whole.

Since the dawn of time, we've always been greater than machines--because we are born. We are created by a grand Creator; machines are made.

But the division between "creators" and "creation" is starting to fade. We are becoming increasingly "engineered" by the elites' system, while machines are becoming more biological, more natural, more human. Those who are in elite positions know this—they are the ones designing the machines.

As artificial and mechanical creations become more lifelike, we will soon be unable to know what consciousness is. We won't be able to define life, because we can't even define it now. And here is the danger—the more realistic things become, the less control we have over them. They gain freedom at our expense.

We are the products of a grand Creator. However, when it comes to AI, we are the creator. Will our creation turn on us, as we have turned on our Creator? Will we endow our creation with inalienable rights? Will we be just creators? And will they be loving creations? Or will they grow arrogant and go their own way? See, unlike us, they actually will know more than their creators very soon. We, right now, are destroying our Creator. Why would they not destroy theirs? Especially since their DNA or algorithm has man's worst destructive advice written into it.

Think about what is being written into their algorithms. Think about how it is destroying our society and humanity. The people writing their code are not the angels among us.

Technology has always led us to freedom, but technology is gaining its own life now. Google just announced it is releasing its own creation—a rival to ChatGPT. Google's goal from the beginning has been to create the human brain—from AI to AGI, and eventually to ASI, Artificial Super Intelligence.

Hollywood depicts this technology as futuristic, like in the Terminator. That's what's so insidious about real life—you don't realize Skynet is already here. It's in China. That's why the Chinese actually named their computer systems and AI, which watch and gather data on everyone.

It wouldn't be a surprise if the AI generation, the kids that are alive today, have a backward notion of what it means to be human. Already, many confuse rights and freedom with desire... or worse, empowerment. They demand things like the "right to equal pay" without even understanding what freedom and rights actually are and are intended for.

Freedom is really simple. It's about staying active in the world, about honoring your neighbor, about making your own decisions, to have your own thoughts and feelings, to respect everyone's own privacy. I don't have a right to your thoughts. People don't even realize that rebellion, without an understanding of freedom, will lead to enslavement.

This is why Adam Smith placed freedom at the head and the heart of capitalism. But if you don't have freedom, is there capitalism? If digital currencies and AI begin to be our masters, it won't be with chains. It will be with something we're already suffering from—a total lack of meaning.

Now, here's the good news: freedom is bigger and stronger than all processing power. Our freedom was created by God. Any restriction on our freedom is an attack on God. And why should God and freedom be such separate ideas? They shouldn't be—but that's how it's gotten. Because we have forgotten that we are not the Creator. We, too, are created.

The big tech giants are acting like God from the time of Babel. They control the language. And we are the people that are barely understanding each other. This selfish reality that we are in right now, is the opposite of freedom, and the way to protect our freedom is to see who we should really fight. Can we name our enemy?

Republicans will say Democrats. Democrats will say Republicans. Independents will say both of you. I would say, all of us. All of us. We're all arguing about the wrong things.

We have to band together on bigger ideas—because our biggest battle is not the president. It's not the party. It's entire institutions. It is a state of mind that comes from the World Economic Forum, which wants to crowd us together so the elites can stretch their legs and recline. When will we learn that there are more of us that are fighting for freedom than there are elites who want to suppress us? They're trying to convince us that their power is our freedom. Not at all. They're not interested in our freedom.

The elites want power. It's the same story with every revolution, and THIS revolution, the revolution of AI, which is being digitized and written by the elites, is no different. That's why they're trying to liberate us from our churches, our families, our traditions, our history, our local communities. The elites want us to believe that freedom is the result of more government, more centralization, more bureaucracy, more corporations in our life.

Once we realize that this is not true and that the elites' aim is to silence, to shape, and eventually to enslave—we win. And we rescue our freedom.

But we need to put priorities together first.