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TheBlaze: MSNBC Host Calls for Revolution: ‘Real Change…Perhaps Through Violence’

GLENN: I want to start with Dylan Ratigan. This is MSNBC. Now, just last night I tell ya, be very I want you to be very, very aware, just very aware of everything that is going on and know and I'll explain this in a George Soros sort of way here in a second. Know that it is your choice where we end up. It is your choice. But I have told you that the seasons are changing, and I have also told you that they need you to be violent.

What happens in the streets forces the president to do what he wants to do. George Soros and the left have tried to paint the Tea Party as dangerous. Now George Soros has made it a much tighter circle. Instead what he has said is Glenn Beck is going to incite violence and cause another Oklahoma City.

Yesterday we played the audio of the Democratic pollster that said that the president needs an Oklahoma City because then he'll connect to the American people and his poll numbers will go up. Wow, what a statement.

I also told you that I was disturbed that you had another MSNBC guy come out and say he's a socialist on television. He's not a liberal, he's not a progressive. Progressives piss him off. He's a socialist. And nobody seemed to pay attention. Is anyone paying attention to what Dylan Ratigan said, another host? I know Stu Stu's like, no, no. It's important. Because we're not talking about a large number of people that are involved in this. We are talking about a very small number of people. Yes, still bigger than the MSNBC audience but a very small number of people that is right revolutionaries. Audio now. Remember, tea parties are dangerous. Audio from MSNBC and a host on MSNBC.

RATIGAN: We are here with very disconcerting questions. Are things in our country so bad that it might actually be time for a revolution? The answer obviously is yes. The only question is how to do it. And our next guest, cartoonist and author Ted Rall targets the day to day absurdities of Washington through political cartoons printed in newspapers across the country but now he's tackling something for bigger, the need for real change and real action, perhaps even through violence, or at least the threat thereof. It's the subject of his new book, The Anti American

GLENN: Okay, stop. Well, I like to go to cartoonists, you know, for my deep political...

PAT: The left does, though. They do.

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

PAT: They do that. They do that with, what's his name, Garry Trudeau. They do that with this guy, Ted Rall. They do that.

GLENN: So are things in our country so bad that it might actually be time for a revolution? The answer, he says, quoting, is obviously yes. The only question is how to do it.

Could you play the Bill Ayers' wife audio that came out last Friday. Here's the audio of her being introduced in or being interviewed by some Indian newspaper or television. Listen to what she says.

DOHRN: Being at the eye of sensationalism around the election campaign was very strange.

VOICE: Must have been also unpleasant.

DOHRN: You know, it's unpleasant because as you know, U.S. society has increasingly been polarized in the last three years very quickly really, not unlike Europe, I guess, in many ways. But a hard right emerging, an armed new hard right emerging with massive control of media and instant 24 hour news of its own. And so the ability to kind of feed, you know, season a sound bite sentence, palling around the terrorists, for example, and then repeat it endlessly is very strange and very odd. Give me a left. I have a right. I mean, you can almost feel Obama saying that, and he surely does have a right, and it's racist, it's armed, it's hostile, it's unspeakable. If it had been you know, if the left had a demonstration in Washington against Bush armed, armed, openly armed demonstration of black people in Washington demanding an end to this, you know, statist government, imagine.

GLENN: Never happen.

DOHRN: Imagine. There would have been a massive bloodbath, right? And so the idea that now it's flipped and you have white people armed demanding an end to this president is very crazy producing really. But very ominous.

GLENN: Now listen to this.

DOHRN: We're a little wrong about a lot of things, including the immediate possibility of revolution in the United States. But we wanted to be on that side and we felt really strongly that

GLENN: Okay. Stop. So here's what she said. Here's what she said. I first of all, the lie that is, you know, the right is dangerous and armed and we were apparently armed in Washington, D.C. You can't carry a gun in Washington, D.C. If that was true, anybody who's doing that should have been arrested. So I'd like to see her evidence there.

Next what she says and this is the important part: We were wrong about a lot of things in the 1960s. Remember, she's a Weather Underground terrorist. Wrong about a lot of things in the 1960s, but one of the things we were wrong about was that we could have an immediate revolution.

Now, this is the critical juncture that I've been talking to you about for about two years. I have said that the president himself is in danger. At this point this is the beginning of the point that I warned you on, and I warned the president on, and I warned the Democrats on. You have revolutionaries within your midst. You have co opted them. You think that you can just play nice with them and they'll go along with your little progressive change. No, no, not revolution. We'll do this the undercover, underhanded way and that way there's no bloodshed. And I've told you the minute people start to get cold feet, the minute why do you think Nancy Pelosi had a party last night? The minute anyone starts to have cold feet and back away and say, well, we're going to have to compromise, revolutionaries will not allow that to happen. Revolutionaries have never been inside the Oval Office before. They have never had access to power like this before. They are not going to relinquish it. They are not going to fade back into the background. Now is the time, they will say. "We tried it your way. Now the people will rise up. Revolution." That is what will happen.

In 1957 the Czech revolution, there was a very interesting thing that happened. There were the bad guys inside at the top levels and they orchestrated with the people on the street and they orchestrated riots and violence, and the average Czechoslovakian felt alone and they wanted the violence to stop, and they trusted the people in the government. Little did they know that the people at the top of the government were in with the rioters.

When Van Jones said over the summer that this is a historic moment because this is the moment that the president chose to be a progressive, he said. And I couldn't figure that out. When was he not a progressive? He didn't change anything. What happened? He said it was important. Now, listen. He's instructed his disciples: You've got to get out into the streets and you have to do what will force this president to do what he knows he has to and wants to. He said, bottom up, top down, and inside out. He repeated it: Bottom up, top down, and inside out. This is the Czech revolution. The bottom swells up, causes problems in the streets. It forces the top then to clamp down because people clamor to say, "Help us, protect us."

There's one other thing. I said last night, and I've told you this before: The Coming Insurrection is the blueprint. It is a book written by the Invisible Committee. It was banned in Europe. Some of the authors were arrested. It is a new book. I've been telling you about it for two years. In it, it says at some point we cannot remain in the shadows. But if the light is put on us too soon and I'm paraphrasing it will be us or them. We will either have to be prepared to move and to move quickly and destroy or we will be destroyed. We are exposing, in this week, we are exposing who they are and how it all works. And once you see behind the curtain, once you know who the bad guys are, who the good guys are, how this whole thing has been orchestrated, once you see all of that, you will no longer look up to the top and say, "Protect me" when there's trouble in the street. You will also know the worst thing you can do is to strike out.

Can I tell you something? Honestly I have been worried about getting hit by a cab today on the way to the studio. Not that anything's going to happen to me other than some cabdriver have you seen the cabdrivers? Some cabdriver just hits me down and kills me in the street. It's an accident. An accident. No one would believe it. And I fear that too many people, if I had a legitimate accident today, I fear too many people would say "Trigger point." They would need listen to Dylan Ratigan: Is it time for revolution here? Yes. They need a trigger point. I don't care what happens in the future, and I'm not just talking about me. I'm talking about you or anybody else. Know: It is exactly what they need. They need someone to come and quell the violence. And believe me, they will.


Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Thursday to discuss the Left's current efforts to rid the U.S. military of "extremism," Democrats' push to separate President Joe Biden from the nuclear codes, and how conservatives can use government to battle the far-left, their policies, and their efforts to control Americans.

Crenshaw called the military's efforts to rid their ranks of extremism, "so obviously and clearly politically motivated," as the entire premise is based on reports that some active service members and veterans participated in the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol.

"Mathematically, that's not a good indication of where active duty military stand or where veterans stand more broadly," Crenshaw said of the generalization that military personnel are extremists. "And I thought we were against that kind of profiling. Right? I thought that was against the liberal values that supposedly the Left stands for."

"But, Glenn, you know very well the Left is not liberal," he added. "The Left is very anti-liberal. And I think as conservatives, we have to say that more often. They have become genuinely authoritarian. Progressivism is not in sync with liberalism. All right? There's a big difference between an Alan Dershowitz liberal and a Democrat Party progressive. They're totally different."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation with Rep. Dan Crenshaw:

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