Glenn Beck: Still no explanation for apparent missile

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GLENN: Stu, will you help me out on this? Because yesterday you were like,

no, let's not jump to any conclusions on this missile launch.

STU: Right. Yes, I'm the crazy one who didn't jump to conclusions on the missile

launch. I will stand in that category.

GLENN: Wait. I didn't jump to anything.

STU: You just made fun of me for not jumping to conclusions on the missile

launch. Thank you for that.

GLENN: What you're saying it could have been very easily explained. Could have


STU: And I was like I don't have all the information that our military has and

everyone laughed at me. And I was like and then I don't have every integral

piece of information that our rocket scientists have. And you're like hahaha,

what an idiot, why don't you guess just like us, and it was really funny.

GLENN: All right. Well, we didn't guess. Did we guess?

STU: You certainly did. There's speculation. I don't know if you call it


GLENN: I don't know if I actually gave you my China theory or my Zodiac Bolt

theory, did I give that on the air.

STU: You gave the China theory out there. You at least threw it out there.

GLENN: Here's what I said. Because we had somebody from the military that was

speculating yesterday about this is America. You know, showing the Chinese that

we can launch from underwater with a submarine. I'm like, no. Everybody knows we

can do that. Now they are saying.

PAT: That's a plane.

GLENN: Plane.

PAT: Shot directly out of the bottom of the ocean flew into the sky. Wow, that's

a cool plane.

GLENN: That's a cool plane. I'd like to buy stock into it.

PAT: It's not an optical illusion it just looks like it shot out of the ocean.

GLENN: Really, that's tremendous. Like Boeing, maybe they should do that one

because they've been taking off on dry land and then fill with smoke and catch

on fire. Then they go into the water. Maybe they should do the other, start in

the water and not get smokey.

STU: Possible idea, yes.

GLENN: Possible idea.

PAT: Couldn't Wonder Woman's plane do that, go into the ocean and fly back --

GLENN: Maybe it was Wonder Woman.

STU: Someone was pointing out in one of the Star Wars, there was a plane that

could do that. Potentially the Jar Jar Binks race. The Gungans, I believe.

PAT: It was a Gungan craft.

STU: I believe it was a Gungan craft.

GLENN: Here's the thing: I've never seen this happen before. I've never seen

this happen before. I've never seen a rocket shot from apparently what is

underwater, right? They're saying that there were no ships in the area. Now, I

do have a Zodiac boat. I talked to one of our guys. And he said notorious area

for drug smuggling and possible weapon smuggling. He said so two Zodiac boats

meet 30 miles off the coast of California in that area, this is where you would

come right up from Mexico, get right up there. Somebody meets a first-time

buyer, first-time seller, and they're like: I don't think that this is, that I

should fire rockets. I want a demonstration. And so the other guy is like duh,

here's a demonstration. And they fire it. And the other guy is like duh, that's

probably not a smart idea.

STU: Like a rocket test drive?

GLENN: Yes, by two people who are definitely not rocket scientists. That's a

possibility. Now, the thing is it looks like a gigantic rocket. But if you look

at the video, you can't -- there's nothing -- there's nothing to compare it to.

It's sky.

STU: Hard to get perspective how large it is.

GLENN: You have no idea how large it is. And shoulder fire rockets can go up to

50,000 feet.

STU: Right.

GLENN: So it may have been that. It doesn't look like that at all. But that's

the most logical explanation.

STU: What about the idea that the last two terror attacks we've been talking

about Underwear Bomber, Time Square Bomber, both blew their missions, is it

possible they got out of their water fired it at America but fired it the wrong

way. I think terrorists came in they said: Oh, crap, we shot it west and that's


GLENN: I said to attack the west. Not shoot it west.

STU: Then they wind up blowing up a dolphin or something in the middle of the


GLENN: It's a possibility. It's a possibility. Somewhere in a cave-in

Afghanistan there's somebody going, oh, geez, these dopes. I think there's also

a chance, if you see what the Chinese -- I mean, things of the G-20 and with

China are very tense. I don't think people really understand. You see the

Financial Times this morning? The Financial Times this morning is talking about

big inflation coming to the United States. Big inflation. And the rest of the

world, the G-20 is talking, in fact, China -- I read a quote from I think it was

like the Chinese foreign minister or something like that this morning, he said

that we are -- what we are doing with our Fed by devaluing our money will bring

catastrophic effects to the entire world. That's not good. I know we have the

First Lady out shaking hands and high-fiving and fist bumping, apparently people

that don't like women to touch them. Can we get somebody in the protocol office

that maybe has a clue, somebody? Hey, you know, the iPod with your famous

speeches going to the queen not a good idea. Let's not fist pump people here.

They don't like touching women. My gosh, this is an incompetent administration.

But maybe we should just alert somebody in the administration that catastrophic

effects for the rest of the world for our debt not going to end well. And I

don't think it's -- I think it's a really far out there -- I think it's a novel

theory, meaning not that it's like that's a novel idea. I mean it should be in a

novel. It's like a Tom Clancy thing. But think of this -- I don't think this is

what happened. Or do I? Think of this. How far away are we from a world where

the United States tries to flex its muscles and says: Look, China, you've got to

unleash beyond. You've got to do some things here because we're all in this

together. And the Chinese are so sick of us and so sick of our arrogance that

they just say, hey, by the way, we're going to show you how much the world has

changed and how much -- how much we don't care what you say, because you are

powerless. You watch your skies over California off the coast of California. I

don't know. What do you say? Rush hour? Tomorrow. Just watch. See if anything

happens. And they have a submarine launch a missile away from us so it's not a

threat, it's just a missile, it's just a message, and that message is: We can

come up to your coast line, launch a missile and you are so powerless, you can't

even say anything about it. Because you don't want none of this. I mean, that is

the -- if I were writing a novel today, based on this, that would be it. This is

the moment the world changed. This is the moment that America went: Oh, yes,

sir, okay.

STU: That's not a very measured act by China who typically --

GLENN: You know it's 2012 or 2013 the military takes the leadership changes in

China and the military is the one that really takes over. The military has a

massive, massively expanded role in China in I think it's the next two or three

years. And Chinese -- and the military has not liked us at all.

PAT: Remember a couple years ago, from time to time, they are not measured.

There was a general who said they were going to destroy America, what, 2002,

2004, somewhere in there.

GLENN: The military is a different --

PAT: It was right around that time where we had that problem with them with that

jet --

GLENN: Yes, they took a jet.

PAT: They took a jet and they held it for a while and we were like give it back.

That wasn't measured.

GLENN: That wasn't measured at all. The military fights with the political arm

of the communist party over there. Yes they are communists. By the way, do you

know what Mao's plan was to destroy Russia? Do you know what his plan was?

PAT: Yeah, without firing a shot.

GLENN: Is this true?

STU: I did read it. I didn't know if it was actually true.

GLENN: I thought I related it from Pat.

PAT: It's true but you didn't read it from me.

GLENN: The marching up a million people to the border of Russia.

PAT: 100 million.

GLENN: 100 million people up to the border. Crossing the border, laying down

their arms, and surrendering. Day two, another 100 million, laying down their

arms and surrendering. Day three, 100 million people come up to the border.

Russia surrenders, because they can't -- they don't have a place for 300 million

people. It's done.

PAT: If they killed them all, then the world comes down on Russia.

GLENN: Yeah. You just can't slaughter 300 million people. I mean, the numbers

games is overwhelming with China. And I think that's what it is with them.

They're just like you're not going to -- look, the numbers of your debt, what

you owe us, what the rest of the world is going to do to you, very soon.

Don't play games with us, because we're announcing what was Olympic event other

than a gigantic announcement, back up world. China has arrived. That's what that

was. If it wasn't clear to everybody, that was the moment China was announcing

we are the leaders. We are the leaders. And how did they do that that was so

unbelievable? Those people who are playing the drums practiced for a year. It's

a numbers game with them. That's all it is. You'll never compete. It's a numbers

game. Period.

STU: Still, though, you're risking.

GLENN: That's why I'm saying I don't think that's what happened but I do think


STU: It's a good idea for a novel.

GLENN: Good idea for a novel. It's something to consider that they wouldn't

necessarily do that but they will do at some point they will just say back off

and sit down.

STU: And I think that stuff is definitely happening behind the scenes. Whether

they're going to launch it off the Pacific Coast Highway is something different.

But I think they're saying to us, in no uncertain terms, and probably measured

terms to some degree, but saying it very directly that, look, you owe us this

much money and we're going to continue to pressure you and we're the ones now

leading this. You can't do without us anymore.

GLENN: Sit down, shut up, boy, we're done with you. That's what they're saying

to us. Sit down and shut up. You little kids over there have been playing around

with money. I gotta tell you, the most arrogant wasn't this administration. It

was the last administration. Going over to China and saying, look, guys, if you

ever want to play ball you have to -- your accounting is all screwed up. We have

to teach you how to do accounting. Are you kidding me? Sit down! We're done with


STU: Boys and girls we'll tell you how it's done.

GLENN: That's exactly right. That's the attitude that this country has taken for

a very long time. Look, little boys and girls, we're the boys, we're the girls.

They've lasted how many thousands of years? And it's their time. It's their

time. And we are pushing them and we don't have the clout to push anymore.


Black Lives Matter protesters sent a shocking, threatening letter to businesses and non-profits in Louisville, Kentucky. The letter made a series of demands related to racial reparations, and threatened consequences if the demands weren't met, the Daily Wire reported.

On the radio program Tuesday, Glenn Beck detailed the letter's list of demands and threats, and pointed out that these tactics are strikingly similar to those we've seen during some of history's darkest chapters.

The letter, which was sent to businesses in the East Market District in downtown Louisville, listed demands such as ensuring that at least 23% of staff are black, providing race and inclusion training for all employees, displaying a written statement professing support for the BLM movement, buying at least 23% of inventory from black retailers, and submitting to external audit.

"Repercussions for non-compliance" to these demands will result in sit-ins and protests being staged outside the business, social media smear campaigns, boycotts, negative media attention, and "invasive reclamation," the letter threatened.

"So, I'm making quite a charge here, but I think it absolutely fits," Glenn said on the show. "Carl Kaufman, the representation that was used by Hitler and his machine, he convinced the youth that they were the answer, they would finally take control, and they would bring equality. [Kaufman said] the Jews controlled everything, and because of the Jews, the Germans really didn't have any freedom. Because of the Jews, they couldn't do anything. They were held down by the Jews. He said, 'We're going to have to boycott those stores. And if those stores don't comply, we will keep our storm troopers outside of the doors.' And they did. They intimidated anyone who walked into those stores. They berated anyone who walked into those stores. They beat anyone who walked into those stores."

"I told you once, that if America goes dark, we'll become the darkest nation ever in the history of the world," Glenn continued. "Guys, we're allowing our nation to go dark. And we're doing it because of fear. Everybody knows this is wrong, but who is going to stand up against it?"

Watch the video below to hear more from Glenn:

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Shortly after appearing on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" last Thursday, Los Angeles-based emergency medicine specialist Dr. Simone Gold got a call saying she was fired for speaking out about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in a now-banned viral video.

Dr. Gold returned to the radio program Monday to detail exactly what happened, the reason the hospitals gave for her firing, and how they threatened to fire her colleagues as well if she "didn't go quietly."

"Most emergency physicians work at more than one [hospital], as I do, and I've actually been fired from both," she told Glenn. "They told me that I appeared in an embarrassing video, and therefore, I would no longer be welcome to work there ... then they said, if I didn't go quietly and I made a fuss, they would have all the doctors in the group, you know, they'd have to go and they'll get a whole new doctor group."

Dr. Gold said she does not regret speaking out about hydroxychloroquine during the controversial "White Coat Summit" news conference held in Washington, D.C., last week. A video of the news conference quickly went viral on social media before being removed by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others for allegedly making false claims related to COVID-19.

"Bring it on," she said. "I want to continue to live in America. I want my children to continue to live in America. I don't want them to grow up in a place like China. When you get to a point where, not only can I not speak as a scientist, as a doctor, for what I know to be absolutely true, but you then want to cancel me and my colleagues, this is not okay. I would much rather fight than not fight ... and I want everybody to know that there are literally millions and millions of Americans who are on our side. Millions. I believe it's the majority."

Glenn then asked Dr. Gold to weigh in on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's new guidelines encouraging schools to reopen in the fall and the left's relentless drive to keep them closed.

"There's no actual scientific debate whatsoever if schools should open. None. There's no scientific debate. There's no serious person who thinks schools shouldn't open. Now, [through] some governors and policy makers, there's pressure being brought to bear on school districts, but there's no actual scientific debate. So it's going to come down to parents pressuring their local school districts to act in a responsible fashion."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld joined Glenn on "The Glenn Beck Podcast" this week to talk about his new book, "The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help."

Greg admits he is probably the last person who should write a self-help book. Nevertheless, he offers his offbeat advice on how to save America during what has become one of the most tumultuous times in history, as well as drinking while tweeting (spoiler: don't do it).

He also shares his "evolution" on President Donald Trump, his prediction for the election, and what it means to be an agnostic-atheist.

In this clip, Greg shares what he calls his "first great epiphany" on how dangerous cancel culture has become.

"I believe that cancel culture is the first successful work-around of the First Amendment," he said. "Because freedom of speech doesn't protect me from my career being ruined, my livelihood being destroyed, or me getting so depressed I commit suicide. Cancel culture is the first successful work-around of freedom of speech. It can oppress your speech with the scepter of destruction. We don't have freedom of speech anymore."

Watch the video clip below or find the full Glenn Beck Podcast with Greg Gutfeld here.

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Dr. Simone Gold joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Thursday to set the record straight about hydroxychloroquine -- what it is, how it works, and the real reason for all the current controversy surrounding a centuries-old medication.

Dr. Gold is a board certified emergency physician. She graduated from Chicago Medical School before attending Stanford University Law School. She completed her residency in emergency medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York, and worked in Washington D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well for the chairman of the Committee on Labor and Human Resources. She works as an emergency physician on the front lines, whether or not there is a pandemic, and her clinical work serves all Americans from urban inner city to suburban and the Native American population. Her legal practice focuses on policy issues relating to law and medicine.

She is also the founder of America's frontline doctors, a group of doctors who have been under attack this week for speaking out about hydroxychloroquine during a news conference held outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

On the program, Dr. Gold emphasized that the controversy over hydroxychloroquine is a "complete myth."

"Hydroxychloroquine is an analogue or a derivative of quinine, which is found in tree bark. It's the most noncontroversial of medications that there is," she explained.

"It's been around for centuries and it's been FDA-approved in the modern version, called hydroxychloroquine, for 65 years. In all of that time, [doctors] used it for breast-feeding women, pregnant women, elderly, children, and immune compromised. The typical use is for years or even decades because we give it mostly to RA, rheumatoid arthritis patients and lupus patients who need to be on it, essentially, all of their life. So, we have extensive experience with it ... it's one of the most commonly used medications throughout the world."

Dr. Gold told Glenn she was surprised when the media suddenly "vomited all over hydroxychloroquine", but initially chalked it up to the left's predictable hatred for anything President Donald Trump endorses. However, when the media gave the drug Remdesivir glowing reviews, despite disappointing clinical trial results, she decided to do some research.

"[Remdesivir] certainly wasn't a fabulous drug, but the media coverage was all about how fabulous it was. At that moment, I thought that was really weird. Because it's one thing to hate hydroxychloroquine because the president [endorsed] it. But it's another thing to give a free pass to another medicine that doesn't seem that great. I thought that was really weird, so I started looking into it. And let me tell you, what I discovered was absolutely shocking," she said.

Watch the video below for more details:

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