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GLENN: There's a couple things that and we've already been down this road, I have for a while now, and I have told you that we need to educate ourselves. Yesterday, last night on the TV show I told you the story of the Tower of Babel. I retold it in the first hour today. If you have an Insider Extreme, you should go listen to the second half of the first hour and listen to the Tower of Babel because it is really important, really important. And one of the things it talks about, bricks and mortar. Ask the people became bricks. They were all the totalitarian Nimrod, if you will, tried to make everybody into a brick, all exactly the same. And the mortar that held their society together was materialism. The word for "Mortar" in the Hebrew is the same for "Materialism." And so it is really what has held our society together, our wealth. Our lifestyle. Our clothing labels. You know, Nike, Ralph Lauren, our wealth, our materialism is what has helped what has held this society together. It is the glue right now. That will not work. When we hit troubled times, we cannot have our materialism be our mortar. We must have something bigger than that. And that is God and our principles and our values. The things that have always made this country great.

This is why it has been so important for us to educate ourselves. I just heard some elitist say today, "Well, the problem with America is they've stopped reading." Really? This audience hasn't. Do you know that this audience, this audience has kept two national book sellers afloat in the last couple of years. This audience has purchased more books than I don't know of an audience that has ever purchased as many books as this one has. You are readers. You're learners. And that is great. It is going to hold us together. It is part of the foundation.

The other side is God. When we know what we believe and we root ourselves in values and principles and our family, and we put God first, we're going to be okay. There are two books that I have talked to you about that I say you must get, you must get. And I don't make a dime off of either one of these. The first one is the 5,000 Year Leap. The 5,000 Year Leap is the best book for anyone who wants to understand the engine of America and what the founders did. It is simple to read. You can read it to your 10 year old and get it, and somebody who is 80 can read it and really understand. It is such a good, basic understanding, written in a really entertaining and inspiring way. The 5,000 Year Leap. Buy it. If you don't have it, buy it, please. The second one is a Patriot's History of the United States. It is by Larry Schweickart. Larry is one of this guy is, I think there's several of these people, American heroes. David Barton is another one. Somebody who has toiled in the darkness and behind the scenes for a very long time trying to get the word out while people like Howard Zinn write the History of the American Peoples or whatever that is. The guy's a communist. And that book sells a million copies and he gets critical acclaim and all kinds of stuff. But somebody who is trying to tell the truth, the real truth has toiled behind the scenes for a very long time trying to keep our story protected and alive. A Patriot's History of the United States is the best history book of the United States I think, I think out there. It's 900 pages and it is it's almost, in some ways it's a bathroom reader. It's something you can open up at any place and because it covers so much history. You can open it up pretty much any place and get into it. It is fantastic. Please, everyone get this for Christmas. Please, for the family. And read it aloud. These two books are like American scripture in a way. They tell our stories so we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past. A Patriot's History of the United States.

Now, Larry is on the phone with me now. I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable here, Larry.

SCHWEICKART: Yeah, your refund check's in the mail.

GLENN: So Larry, you are doing Beck University tonight. This is the second class of the fall semester of Beck University. It's a one hour class and it's broken up in two parts. Tell me what the first part is.

SCHWEICKART: Well, I'm doing Andrew Jackson is the first era of big government, how Andrew Jackson destroyed America, to use hyperbole, but he really is the first real progressive, big government executive that we have. And, you know, I taught on this in the class, but I went back and looked at some notes that a student of mine had done for me many years ago on the actual numbers of per capita expenditures, nominal and real expenditures by the U.S. Government, and government employees in the early 1800s. And it's quite amazing. All three categories jump and jump sharply under Jackson. For the first time you start to see a large number of government employees, certainly per capita the number of government employees goes up. So it's strange that Jackson is always portrayed as kind of a small government guy but in almost every way, he is the founder of big government.

GLENN: Yeah, he's the evil Woodrow Wilson of the 1800s, I think. He's a guy who and I know they didn't call it manifest destiny at the time, but he's the guy who went in and just started slaughtering the Indians and, "Well, we need the land; we're going to take it." And he's the guy, if I'm not mistaken, that Davy Crockett went back to congress after being conned by Andrew Jackson and said, you can all go to hell; I'm going to Texas. Because he was disgusted by what the government had turned into.

SCHWEICKART: Well, Crockett was no fan of Jackson, that's for sure. They were enemies. Just as a somewhat means of explaining Jackson's position on the Indians, in the American Revolution he had seen the Indians side with the redcoats, and it troubled him deeply. And he never forgot the fact that when he, you know, fought and he saw his relatives fighting against the British that the Indians were their allies and so that's one of the reasons that all his life he kind of had it out for the Indians.

GLENN: Then the Part 2 is Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and the reconstruction of America. But tonight you are doing Andrew Jackson, how he destroyed the republic.

SCHWEICKART: Right. And you know the other thing that Jackson does is he launches this war on the Bank of the United States, sort of the Federal Reserve of the day, but in its time the BUS was extremely private. It was not a government operation at all. It was only 20% government run. And, you know, you can argue about whether or not that was a good thing to have but it wasn't that Jackson was opposed to a government bank. He was opposed to that one because he thought it was being run by the Whigs, by his political opponents. And I discovered something that has yet to be refuted in anything that I've ever published and it is an 1829 order from Jackson to his secretary of the treasury to lay out a plan, to design a plan for a new national bank along the lines of the BUS but one that his party could control.

GLENN: That's not being done now. Larry, thank you so much and we'll see you tonight in class.

SCHWEICKART: Thanks, Glenn.

GLENN: You bet. That is Beck University tonight at 8:00, Insider Extreme and this is the second class of Beck University of the fall semester. Tonight, one hour super sized Andrew Jackson. Part 2 is Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and the reconstruction of America tonight at 8:00, only on Insider Extreme. If you're not a member yet, sign up now at

Justin Haskins, editorial director of the Heartland Institute, joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to expose a shocking conversation between two Great Reset proponents — Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank (Europe's equivalent to the Fed).

The way Schwab and Lagarde discuss the role central banks should play in establishing societal norms, determining your way of life, and defending against potential crisis is proof that the Great Reset is upon us, Justin explained. And the scariest part is that they're not even trying to hide it. The entire, unbelievable conversation has been published on the WEF website, which you can read here.

Glenn read an excerpt from the conversation:

Christine Lagarde: At the ECB, we have now wrapped up and concluded our strategy review, which was the first one in 17 years. And I was blessed to have an entire Governing Council unanimously agree that the fight against climate change should be one of the considerations that we take when we determine monetary policy. So at least the European Central Bank is of the view that climate change is an important component in order to decide on monetary policy. ...

Can we arrive at that trade-off between fighting climate change, preserving biodiversity and yet securing enough growth to respond to legitimate demands of the population? And my first answer, Klaus, to be firm, is that to have a way of life, we need life. And in the medium term, we do have major threats on the horizon that could cause the death of hundreds of thousands of people. So we have to think life, first. We have to think way of life, second. ...

So we have to think life, first. We have to think way of life, second. How can we come together to make sure that we secure the first priority, which is life, and also protect the way of life that people have? And make sure that the cost of it is not so high for some people, that they just cannot tolerate it. I think that the trade-off that we reach will probably require some redistribution, because it is clear that the most exposed people, the less privileged people are those that are going to need some help.

"Do you understand, America, what that means?" Glenn exclaimed. "You have elites, that you never elected, that are having these meetings ... deciding what is a legitimate need for you. And telling you that your needs are going to go away in your lifetime. You may not see a time where you get wants again. Just your needs are going to be addressed. Am I reading this wrong?"

"This is absolutely what is being said here," Justin agreed. "She's very clear that we need to make sure that way of life is second to life. We have to save all these people, hundreds of thousands of people are going to die from this supposedly existential threat of climate change. And their wants, and their desires, and their quality of living, all of that has to come second."

"This is a central bank saying this. This is not an elected official, who is accountable directly to the people. This is a central bank saying, we're going to print money. We're going to use monetary policy, to impose these ideas, to rework society in order to accomplish our goals," Justin added, addressing Lagarde's call for "some redistribution."

Will Great Reset elites — not elected by the U.S. — soon be dictating to the rest of the world? Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn and Justin break it down:

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First comes the "crisis," then comes the expansion. The federal government is seizing on the January 6 Capitol riot to take carte blanche to do whatever it wants and weaponize the event to further empower the new overlords of our country — the intelligence community.

On Glenn TV Wednesday, Glenn Beck reveals what's happening with the U.S. Capitol Police and argues they've morphed into a new arm of the intelligence apparatus, boosted by a massive increase in funding and surveillance equipment and new offices OUTSIDE the Capitol building. The Biden administration has also hidden basic details regarding January 6. Why did officials refuse to release the name of the officer who killed Ashli Babbitt? Where are the 14,000-plus hours of CCTV footage? As any intelligence organization knows, it's best to operate outside the realms of oversight.

Glenn exposes the hidden hand of government that could be used to punish and destroy innocent Americans who are only guilty of holding the "wrong" political view.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

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The conditions in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule — for Americans, allies, Christians, women and more — continue to deteriorate, and the people there continue to plead that we will not forget them. On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck gave an emotional update on current evacuation efforts, including the tragic story of one girl — an American passport holder — who was not rescued in time.

"I have a pit in my stomach like I haven't had in a while. What is happening in Afghanistan is both miraculous and horrendous," Glenn began. "What's going on right now one of the most amazing things I've ever personally witnessed — the evacuation of Americans, those [Afghans] who helped us, Christians that are dying, women that are under incredible conditions. I see things that I can't show you. I see the pleadings from people who are in safe houses, 'Please, don't forget us.' I see what they're being sent by the Taliban.

"If I die today, my entire life will have been worth it for what you have helped get done, in just the last three weeks. You have saved well over 5,000 people," he continued.

Fighting back tears, Glenn added, "I ask that you pray for those in the Middle East, that are in the midst of doing work, that a Moses-style miracle will happen. ... There are several people that are in dire need of medical care. Friday, we told you — along with the congressman from Oklahoma [Rep. Markwayne Mullin] who had just returned — [about] a father and two daughters that were blue passport Americans, and a mother who had a permanent residence, a Green Card. The daughter was very ill. And they thought, that if we couldn't get her out of there, that she would lose her legs. I got a call on Saturday morning, that we were too late, that she didn't lose her legs. She lost her life, waiting. There are now two Americans, instead of three."

Glenn showered his audience with gratitude, repeating that "well over 5000" lives have already been saved because of their incredible generosity, but lamented that there are still thousands more people yet to be saved.

Watch the video clip below to hear more updates from Glenn:


To donate to these rescue efforts, visit or

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.