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PAT: They got right down to business yesterday. Harry Reid wasted no time

tackling the tough issues.

GLENN: They just went right to it.

PAT: Right on it.

REID: Let's talk about what happened in Reno, Nevada Friday night. Nevada and

Boise State have been rivals for a long time. Back when they played in the Big

Sky and the Big West conferences.

PAT: What?

REID: And the Western Athletic Conference where they play today. They'll soon

leave the WAC together to join the Mountain West Conference and the rivalry will

continue. Though some reason games have been close, for example the 2007 game

went to four overtimes. Nevada hadn't won since 1998 in that rivalry.

PAT: Wow. The Chinese were upset about that.

REID: The best in school history, one of the best in country this year. Leads

the conference in offense, rushing yards and points scored. After this weekend's

win at ranks, it is ranked 14th in the nation.

STU: Wow.

REID: Still being a

PAT: That's when Ireland's economy collapsed.

STU: And North Korea was fired up.

PAT: Yeah.

REID: since December 2008. The wolf pack were 14 point underdogs.

STU: Oh, my gosh.

REID: They were down 17 0 late in the second quarter.

STU: And then Hugo Chavez came in and he said...

REID: That an incredible second half comeback, forced overtime.

GLENN: How long does this go on?

REID: For me it was special pleasure, though

PAT: It was a special pleasure for him to them play.

STU: For them to play.

REID: At the end of October I was

PAT: It goes on for five minutes, but I edited it down to about two.

REID: as I indicated. Quite a thrill to sit right next to this great athlete.

PAT: Yeah, this football player at Nevada, University of sometimes.

REID: it's just a game. But this is one of those times when it's much more.

STU: Much more.

GLENN: It's our damn country!

REID: underrated and underappreciated athletic program for a great university

for the whole State of Nevada. Congratulations, Coach Chris Ault.

PAT: I can't say your name, but...

GLENN: You know, can we

STU: This an analogy?

GLENN: Really, can we stop? What is he

STU: Does he compare the struggle of Nevada to our country?

PAT: No. No, he just ends.

REID: Nevada was going to win that game because the confidence that great coach

had and the confidence that great quarterback had. Will the chair now announce

morning business, Mr. President.

PAT: And then it ends. And then Franken takes over and it's done. Five minutes

of Nevada/Boise State. With the country on fire. On fire.

GLENN: We are witnessing, we are witnessing one of honestly I mean, I think I'm

getting perspective here on how we're going to be remembered. First of all, the

20th century is going to be remembered I think as the greatest lie ever told. We

have been lied to from the beginning. At least the progressives you know, a lot

of our problems really started with the progressive movement. You know, our

commercialism and everything else, it's Bernays. We've been doing some research

on something that we're going to work on for next year and I told the guys a

story about Bernays and I won't bore you with it because we've already been

bored with Harry Reid here and his baseball story. But it's

PAT: It's football.

GLENN: Football. Did you guys did you guys even know the story that I told you


PAT: No, and it's not boring. I found it fascinating. I had no idea. Never heard

that before.

GLENN: Bernays, the reason why we have well, the reason why we have the problem

with cigarettes now is Bernays. Bernays is the guy who was the he's the guy with

propaganda under Woodrow Wilson. He's the guy who wrote the book on propaganda,

how he sold it to America. He's the guy who won really World War I. It's his

books that were found in the shelves of Goebbels. Goebbels said that he learned

propaganda from America from Bernays. This guy changed everything, everything.

The reason why our kids just want more and more and more and more and more is

because of the system that Bernays built. He's the guy who after World War I

they realized our industry needs to just keep making stuff. It's the reason he's

the reason why Henry Ford said, okay, you can buy a car, you'll have one and

they will all come in black and everybody will have a car. Well, what happened?

Why did they start building different models and everything else? Because

Bernays spoke to the industrial groups and they realized we can make more money

if we just keep making people buy stuff. And he said, I can make them do it! His

cousin was Sigmund Freud. They have been playing and manipulating us for a very

long time. If you look at the structure of what Woodrow Wilson did with Bernays

and the idea of psychologically manipulating people, during the do you know why

we all smoke? Do you know why we have this problem with so many smokers and why

it was so cool for a while? It was Edward Bernays. His cousin. His cousin helped

him on this one. Bernays was approached by the tobacco industry and said we need

to sell cigarettes. It wasn't cool to smoke cigarettes. It was uncouth to smoke

cigarettes. Well, he figured out a way to help. He said I'll take you on. He

used a vacation with his cousin, Sigmund Freud. Sigmund Freud said, well, you

know, the cigarette, that's a phallic symbol. Men will find that sexy.

How many guys will tell you, see a picture of a woman smoking a cigar and they

will say, that's sexy? How many times have you seen that on the cover of, like,

GQ magazine? It's sexy? Freud said that's a phallic symbol. Well, Bernays found

a way to sell cigarettes. It was during the suffer rage movement, women getting

the right to vote. He decided to get everybody together and smoke. A sign of

independence, an independent woman. So he had all of the women put the cigarette

packages in their garter belt and then he said to them, you know what? I'll

bring the press because I believe in your right to vote. I am so with you on

your right to vote. He was selling cigarettes. They didn't know that. "I am so

with you on the right to vote. Here's what we're going to do. I want you guys to

go ahead and meet and I'll have all the press there. And she's going to give a

little speech and she'll be talking about liberty, Lady Liberty. And at some

point I want you to reach under your skirt to your garter belt and pull out a

cigarette and then light it and then hold it up. Hold it high in the air. Well,

he did and everybody, all the photographers took pictures of it and it was spun

that that was the new Lady Liberty holding the new torch of freedom. Cigarettes

were the torch of freedom. They became cool. It was a sign of an independent

woman. He then went out to Hollywood and everybody else, made sure everybody was

smoking and now we have the problems that we have with smoking. Edward Bernays,

propaganda. Almost everything these progressives did we're still paying for.

"Make them want more." Before him, people took care of their needs. He exploited

their wants and their desires.

It's time to come out of the matrix. It's time to decide, I am getting out of

the matrix. I am an independent person. I'm not going to be manipulated. I am

not going to be a pawn. Because this is what's happening. Our country is burning

down to the ground. These people in congress, it's criminal what they're doing.

It's criminal. Right now the biggest heist of freedom the world has ever seen is

happening. And they don't care if they leave fingerprints anymore. You have to

ask yourself why. They are going in and they are passing all of these things in

broad daylight that you will pay for. The Food Safety Act will increase the

price of food. But they don't care. They are doing these crimes in broad

daylight. They are just taking it. What kind of criminal does that? Either a

really bad one or one that knows something that you don't know. There isn't they

have taken care of the police. They have taken care of the police. Ain't gonna

get arrested. The time that I told you would come of the perfect storm is here,

and I want to outline it for you today. And I want to show you what you can do.

And I tell you, I almost I said to the guys I am almost to the point to where I

would say close the ark door. Launch the lifeboats. Whatever analogy you want,

close the bunker door. You know the point in the Wizard of Oz where they are

like, "Dorothy! Dorothy!" And uncle Henry or whatever his name was like, "Come

on, we've got to get into the shelter." And they get into the shelter and they

close the door and Dorothy has to fend for herself because the storm is here.

It's about time to get in and go down to the cellar because the storm is here.

The one we've been telling you about for five years, it's here.

Critical race theory: Marxism is a religion

Uttam Sheth/Flickr

Marx didn't actually tell his followers that the system needed to be destroyed. And it's not what Marx actually believed. Very few Marxists actually understand what Marx laid out.

Marxism isn't a list of demands and instructions. It's Marx's attempt to tell the future. Some of it he got right, most he got wrong. For example, he predicted the rise of automation.

Believe it or not, Marx was not an anti-capitalist. If anything, he revered it.

In a letter to Engels, he complained that too many people misunderstood his message, that his plan is to merge with capitalism. To make it new. He wanted to reify his brand of socialism, reify is a Marxist term, actually. It basically means to make an abstract idea concrete.

Marx didn't hate capitalism. He actually thought it was necessary. And he knew communism would never happen without the aid of capitalism.

Marx didn't hate capitalism. He actually thought it was necessary.

From there, he takes these ideas to some weird conclusions. Horrible conclusions. The main one being revolution.

What does the first phase of the Marxist revolution look like? How will we know if it has started? How can we tell if it's already begun? Marx's idea of the "dictatorship of the proletariat," where the working class would rise up in revolution and earn their freedom.

But what did Marx mean by freedom? Like so much of Marxism, it involves giving up your individuality, in service to the collective: "Only in community with others does each individual have the means of cultivating his gifts in all directions; only in the community, therefore, is personal freedom possible."

That's from his book The German Ideology, which he co-wrote with Friedrich Engels, the guy who paid all of his bills: "Free competition, which is based on the idea of individual freedom, simply amounts to the relation of capital to itself as another capital."

His idea here is that capital ruins any idea of freedom or individuality. And competition is what he uses as proof. In other words, Marx's definition of freedom has nothing to do with actual freedom, freedom as we know it.

He wrote, in Capital: "It is not individuals who are set free by free competition; it is, rather, capital which is set free."

He's saying that Capital manipulates our individual freedom and forces us to exploit ourselves. For someone who didn't believe in God, he sure had some fanciful ideas about the forces that control the universe.

For someone who didn't believe in God, he sure had some fanciful ideas about the forces that control the universe.

Marxists have always argued that capitalism is a religion. That our debt to capital is no different than our debt to God. Critical Theorist Walter Benjamin wrote an entire book called Capitalism as Religion, and wrote that capitalism is "the first case of a cult that creates guilt, not atonement."

There were many strains of socialism before Marx. There were entire movements, named after socialist and anarchist philosophers. But Marx was the one who figured it out, with the help of a rotating cast of people paying for his sloth, of course.

Marx's influence on socialism was so profound that socialism was practically re-named in honor of Marx. Marx has been deified.

He created a utopian society. Very hypothetical. It requires a working class that is devoted to daily readings of The Communist Manifesto.

This assumes that people who work all day — at a real job, where they can't just sit on the couch all day as Marx did — even have the energy to read dense theory when they get home.

Marx made a religion.

This post is part of a series on critical race theory. Read the full series here.

The Capitol riot was foolish and tragic, but Pelosi's Select Committee "investigation" on the January 6 "insurrection" has devolved into a show trial complete with bad tears and bad acting. But this is just a charade designed to distract us.

What's going on behind closed doors is truly nefarious. The Biden White House and the U.S. national security apparatus are seizing that event to redefine domestic terrorism and expand the powers of government to prevent it. There is an alarming blueprint for sweeping government action called the "National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism," put together by the National Security Council.

On his Wednesday night special this week, Glenn Beck exposes the collusion between the Biden administration and Big Tech to surveil, root out, and silence America's deplorables – all in the name of national security.

Watch the full "Glenn TV" episode below:

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Terry Trobiani owns Gianelli's Drive Thru in Prairie Grove, Illinois, where he put up a row of American flags for the Fourth of July. But the city claimed he was displaying two of them improperly and issued him a $100 ticket for each flag.

Terry joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Tuesday to explain what he believes really happened. He told Glenn that, according to city ordinance, the American flag is considered "ornamental" and should therefore have been permitted on a federal holiday. But the city has now classified the flag as a "sign."

"Apparently, the village of Prairie Grove has classified the American flag as a sign and they've taken away the symbol of the American flag," Terry said. "So, as a sign, it falls under their temporary sign ordinance, which prohibits any flying, or any positioning of signs on your property — and now this includes the American flag. [...] The only way I could fly the American flag on my property is if I put it on a permanent 20 to 30-foot flagpole, which they have to permit."

Terry went on to explain how the city is now demanding an apology for his actions, and all after more than a year of small-business crushing COVID restrictions and government mandates.

"COVID was tough," Terry stated. "You know, we're in the restaurant business. COVID was tough on us. We succeeded. We made it through. We cut a lot of things, but we never cut an employee. We paid all our employees. I didn't take a paycheck for a year just to keep our employees on, because it was that important to me to keep things going. And, you know, you fight for a year, and you beat a pandemic, and then you have this little municipality with five trustees and a president, who just have no respect for small businesses. And right now, what I see is they have no respect for the republic and the United States ... I think it's terrible. The direction that government, at all levels, have taken us to this point, it's despicable."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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The Biden administration is now doing everything it can to censor what it has decided is COVID-19 "misinformation." But Glenn Beck isn't confident that the silencing of voices will stop there.

Yeonmi Park grew up in North Korea, where there is no freedom of speech, and she joined Glenn to warn that America must not let this freedom go.

"Whenever authoritarianism rises, the first thing they go after is freedom of speech," she said.

Watch the video clip below from "The Glenn Beck Podcast" or find the full episode with Yeonmi Park here:

Want more from Glenn Beck?

To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.