Glenn Beck: The Revolution Is Now

GLENN BECK, HOST: Hello, America.

Boy, I've had a lot -- I've had a -- I've had an amazing, I think, 48

hours. I've learned so much in the last 48 hours. We're doing an awful

lot of research right now and I'm going to try to be as clear as I possibly


But I want you to listen. I want you to DVR this show right now and I

want you to burn it to DVD and I want you to share it. And please, please,

I ask you not to take anything I say as gospel. I ask you please to do

your own homework.

Everyone is arguing the wrong things on the WikiLeaks story.

Everybody is going back-and-forth, he should be arrested. He's a hero.

No, he's not. He's a traitor.

Think out of the box, please.

Tonight, I'm going to zoom out, I'm going to show you the big picture

because it is much, much deeper. WikiLeaks is huge, but it's only a piece

of the perfect storm and you must think out of the box. I'm going to show

you stuff tonight that we have shown you and we've laid out over the last

several months, actually the last two years, but, boy, it is all starting

to come together.

I don't know if you're feeling this, I don't know if you're seeing it.

I don't -- sometimes I just don't know. I don't know if this is making an

impact and you are doing your own homework. I think you are. I pray that

you are.

It is much deeper and there are things that I wouldn't have believed

any of this two years ago. But it's never just about one singular issue

with progressives and radicals and revolutionaries. The revolution has

begun -- I never thought I would say those words, but I understand that it

has today.

The people you're up against have buried themselves in our government

and they have been wearing masks for a long time, but they're about to take

those masks off and understand, they want control of every aspect of your

life because the world is about to change. And while they try to convince

you that it's not, it is and they know it is. They want to control every

aspect of life to make society more just, but from their perspective.

I showed you last night, I told you that if I were going to take over

the world, because that's what "Forbes" said that Soros said of me, that I

was going to start some dictatorship because you're too stupid -- two years

ago, as I was trying to figure out how far along are they, I put a list

together and this is just some of them. If I were going to take over the

United States, what would I need? What would I need to do?

Well, you would have to control the financial sector. They did it

with a financial bill. They control everything in the financial sector.

You'd have to control health care, who lives, who dies. You'd have to

control industry. That could be done through the financial sector, it can

be done through taxes and it can also be done through bailouts, just taking

them like GM.

You would need to control the military. This one is really tough

because the military is not going -- they protect and defend the

Constitution of the United States. Please, dear God, if you are listening

to me in any part of the world, and you are military, please, dear God,

please remember your oath to the Constitution of the United States because

this is the only piece they can't get.

Now, they can bleed them dry. They can tire them out.

Do you know that yesterday -- yesterday, they just passed a spending

budget? We have tons of money in it for new regulation. Who uses that

regulation? Cass Sunstein. If you've listen to this show ever, I've told

you he's the most dangerous man in America.

Tons of new money for new regulation. But do you know that we just

gave our military the smallest raise in the last 50 years? But all kinds

of new money for new federal employees and regulation -- but not the


That's how they're going to do it. Stress them, push them, stretch

them, and in history, they have done it before. Not in this country, but

others, by just not paying them.

Then you have to grow dependence. You have to get people dependent on

the government. Then you have to control the media and control food


Well, they've done this, this, this and not this, but they're working

on it. They're doing this. They just passed the food bill, for your

safety -- remember, everything is done for your safety. And now, the


Guys, I have talked to professors all around the world, two in

particular -- that this is what they do, they study revolutionaries.

They're not fans of mine. They've never even heard of me. They're egg


They don't watch television, neither of these guys do. I've been

consulting with them. You think -- there are talking heads on television

and there are people that get their information from other journalists, or

other -- this staff works tirelessly to figure out what is going on in this

world. We don't like what we found, but we found it, and both of these

experts on revolutions say, well, they got to have the media. The last

step will be the media.

Now, does anyone find the timing of the FCC net neutrality debate odd?

Noodle that.

While I check in with new words that we have now of Robert McChesney,

he is the founder of the group pushing for net neutrality -- listen to his

words. "No one thinks any longer that media reform is an issue to solve

after the revolution." So you know, this organization is wildly powerful

now in Washington.

"After the revolution, everyone understands that without media reform,

there will be no revolution. In that sense, it is similar to the labor

movement where the demand for free trade unions, hardly revolutionary in

its own right, is a necessary precondition to building a viable organized

left that can contest for power. Even if you do not get the revolution in

the United States, media reform, much like organized labor, can make a

nation more just and humane place for its own inhabitants and the peoples

of the world."

So, in other words, they'll take it even if they don't get the

revolution -- but revolution is what they're shooting for.

Because I'm adlibbing and I'm trying to use my faulty memory --

Tiffany, will you do me a favor? Check on this. I'm trying to remember

the PR person for the FCC, for -- what's his name, the head of the FCC,

used to work at Free Press. Julius Genachowski is the FCC person and I

believe his spokesperson is from this revolutionary.

Now, let me show you a new video. This is the latest from Van Jones

and I want you to notice the date on this. This happened last September.

Listen to what he's saying here.


VAN JONES, FORMER GREEN JOBS CZAR: We can't just leave the federal

government in the hands of our enemies and expect to go make a lot of

progress. So, even if we can't get everything done that we want to get

done out of D.C., we certainly can't let other people have the level of

control in D.C.

But also, you can see right now, .D.C. can't do much by itself. You

ought to have that bottom-up movement. And that's what's been missing is

that bottom-up sense of movement to get the best out of D.C. And what's

stopping that is the inside-out piece.

You know, we talk about power more than any other people -- every kind

of political, economic -- we talk about power all the time and are more

afraid of power than anybody I know. We talk about power, empowerment

this, empowerment that, we want power - we don't want no power. Because

when you have power, you become a real target. And there is a sense that

we're not healed from some historical traumas.

We've been trained not to have power. We've been trained to protest.

We've been trained to critique and to be mad at NASA (ph). We have not

been trained to grab the whip and put it down and run the plantation.

That's not what we've been trained to do.

So I would argue that it's the inside-out transformation that will

ignite the bottom-up transformation that will make the top-down

transformation work.


BECK: OK. Top-down, remember, put the radicals in; and the bottom-

up, get the revolutionaries to rise up. Grab the whip and run the


Now, here he talks about his time in the White House, which we brought

to an end. Watch.


JONES: People with my politics don't usually get let in the door.

So, and I got a chance to see behind the curtain. I was in the cockpit for

six months. I got a chance to see close up, very clearly the amount of

peril the country is in, the challenges that we're facing. I got a chance

to learn that nobody in Washington, D.C. has all the power that they want,

including the president, and that there are informal systems of power that

operate and they operate along racial and other lines, and we have to be

much more sophisticated.

See, we did everything right. We had six years of one party

authoritarian rule in this country, from 2000 to 2006 and the people in

this room, we did everything right. We got 60 votes in the Senate. We got

Speaker Pelosi, not some right wing Democrat, Speaker Pelosi, and Barack

Obama as the president.

We did everything right. So, standing flat-footed January 2009,

everything that we were taught to do we had done and has been successful.

And here we are less than 24 months later, and most people feel like the

hope bubble burst a long time ago because the other systems of power that

we were not taking seriously and they have to do with the media, they have

to do with the racial discourse in the media, and that's the next frontier.


BECK: OK. That's the next frontier. The power that they didn't take

into consideration is the media and the racists in the media. And that's

the next frontier -- take the media. Take the media. Take the power from

the mean, dumb racists.

And then you'll have McChesney. You can't have a revolution without

controlling the media. That's good advice because let's look at somebody

in the FCC, the diversity czar that we've been showing you for two years,

Mark Lloyd. What does he say?


MARK LLOYD, DIVERSITY CZAR: In Venezuela, with Chavez, is really an

incredible revolution -- a democratic revolution.


BECK: He goes on to say, it wouldn't have happened if he wouldn't

have seized the media, an incredible Democratic revolution.

And right at the beginning of p presidency, who did the president have

an accidental meeting with? Do you remember? Oh, yes, Chavez. Chavez.

And look, let's hold the book so everyone can see it. That's right.

What is the book? An anti-American book about us colonialists that

have been oppressing everyone.

Make no mistake, make no mistake: revolutionaries are at the top, and

the revolution has begun. The revolution is here, gang. It just hasn't

gotten hot and no one is looking for this stuff.

I find all of the timing in this all way too coincidental. The push

for net neutrality, the courts say you can't do it through -- the courts

say you can't do it, Congress say they don't want to do it. The president


Then Assange appears, and happens to be a revolutionary that wants

change. He's been invited to do speak where he needs two leftist women to

have consensual sex. They press charges on him for not using a condom, and

now, it forces him to release the time bomb.

Remember, I said look at the date on the Van Jones video? The date of

that comment was September 28th. He's saying the racist people in the

media and we have to take them down. That speech was given five days after

Soros met on this -- with the people on this program and told us to back

off, sent me a very clear message.

And one of the message was: global change is here. The new world is

here and you are either on board or you are not.

Shortly after, Soros starts openly funding progressive outlets that

boycott this show. Five days later, Van Jones gives that speech. That's

our next frontier.

Back to McChesney -- he says it's time to take the media just like the

unions. Now, yesterday, the government union, the American Federation of

State, County and Municipal Employees, AFSCME, has decided to boycott,

coincidentally, me, Rush and John Stossel.

This is a coordinated attack. This is like the fourth or fifth time

they're boycotting me and FOX News.

And all they have left is the media. They have everything else. Oh,

they control your food and how it's grown and everything -- financial

sector, health care industry. They don't have this one. They're working

on it. This one.

I ask you to please watch these shows and burn them to DVD. Go over

them and do your own homework, please. Burn them to DVD and share them

with your friends.

All of the information that we share is available to other

journalists, but they -- I don't know why they don't report on it. I've

given up trying to understand. I don't care anymore.

We are being divided -- and who do you think is going to stand? The

world is coming undone. I'm going to show you in just a couple of seconds

what's happened in London today. It's pretty frightening when you see it.

I think there were a couple of people even on my staff that went oh, my


In the end, China is the only real survivor. You are going to -- in

history, you will look back at this year, our children will, or our

grandchildren, and this year will be remembered as 1919, except we're

England and China is America. This is the year that you will read in

history books that the superpower torch was handed from us to China.

That's why real power like Soros can look at my guy and say, the ship has


The reason why you don't see this on TV is I think people are choosing

sides. They've been forced to choose sides. A lot of people that made

their decisions, they've made their decision already. They like this new

world order.

I don't. I happen to like this guy. I happen to believe in this

stuff. Well, this is corny now. Nobody even knows this stuff anymore.

I made my choice. I'm going down swinging. With peace and love in my

heart and this man on my lips, I'm going down swinging.

I've told you that you must preserve our history. You must preserve

our traditions. You must preserve our conversation.

As I said that today, I remembered one thing, Michelle Obama, during

the election --


MICHELLE OBAMA, U.S. FIRST LADY: Barack knows that we are going to

have to make sacrifices. We are going to have to change our conversation.

We're going to have to change our traditions, our history. We're going to

have to move to a different place.


BECK: She's right. To get where they want to go, you must change our

traditions. They must have you forget about our past. They were this

close. They must teach it all as negative in order to preserve the idea

that man was free.

In order to preserve the idea that man must be free, that man can be

decent enough to rule himself, you must preserve our traditions and our

history. And I'm begging you, please do it quickly. Please.

I'm going to show you some things tonight that are going to melt your

brain. You must walk lock step with God now, have peace in your hearts.

You must know what these people did and who this man -- this is the answer.

This man is the answer.

Their excuse will be violence. Do not be a part of it.

I'm going to show you this, at the end of the show tonight, I've told

you about this before. You must be worthy of this. You must know what it

is because it's the answer.

So, here we are again back to the media debating Assange. Is he a

hero or not? Radicals are talking about creating a more just world,

however through revolution and they need the media to accomplish this goal.

And coincidentally, the FCC now just happens to be at, of all times, using

the WikiLeaks news to justify government expanding their reach and

regulating the Internet through net neutrality. I told you these guys

don't plan weeks, even months ahead, they plan years ahead.

Net neutrality is not a response to WikiLeaks. I think it's the other

way around. They've had it in the cooker for quite some time. They just

hadn't created the right problem yet.

And the media seems to be a problem. You're a problem. They haven't

been able to nudge the bottom-up yet. But they're getting closer.

There are a ton of different factors at play here, but you have to

look at all the moving parts to this story to see where they're taking us.

And we will do that -- next.


BECK: We're talking tonight about WikiLeaks. But it is much larger

than WikiLeaks. We are talking about revolution. This is a fight for


I want to tell you now about "operation: payback." Anyone who came

out and attacked Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is now an enemy of this

growing state of chaos -- and that's what it is, a growing state of chaos.

Five thousand hacktivists are plotting revenge. They've already attacked

Sarah Palin, MasterCard, Visa. Their spokesman, his name is Cold Blood,

and he is 22 years old.

May I ask did anybody find it odd that for the first time in American

history, at least in my lifetime, the president did not reach out to older

Americans? That the left doesn't seem to care about older Americans and

the elderly vote? Why? Why? Because the future revolutionaries come from


Cold Blood says, quote, "We will fire at anything that tries to censor

WikiLeaks." Really? Adding that the group wanted to be a, quote, "force

for chaotic good."

May I ask you, how is chaos ever good? It's good, as I explain on the

show over the summer, if you want revolution. Chaos is good.

Did you see what happened in Great Britain today? I want to show you

this. I've never seen this before. OK. Here's -- here's the overhead.

Here are people down here attacking the prince's car.

Can you show me the pictures? Show me the pictures of the prince.

Here is the prince.

Now, this is an egg. You've seen that before, right? Here is an egg.

But look at their faces. Show the next picture, please.

OK, you don't have -- there's another picture. Here's the damage to

the car. This is a bullet proof car. Look at the damage to the car.

They're not messing around. We're talking about revolutionaries, a

force for chaotic good. Chaos is good if -- if you're trying to create


Now, let's take a look at the people who are supporting Julian Assange

and WikiLeaks, the force for chaotic good. You have the Socialist

Alliance. You have the World Socialist Web Site, the ISO, International

Socialist Organization, Socialist Party USA,

Oh, by the way, he also, along with Arianna Huffington, and the

Progressive Democrats of America, he also spoke at Berkeley, California,

University of -- Berkeley and the Front Line Club in London. This event

was sponsored by none other than George Soros' Open Society Institute.

Starting to connect, isn't it? Many of the groups are the people

associated with the One Nation rally, also support Assange, and Private

Bradley Manning. Who are they? International ANSWER, Code Pink, Peace and

Freedom, Solidarity, the Progressive Democrats of America, U.S. Peace

Council, Veterans for Peace, the War Resistors League.

Who is this guy? This, we should mention Wade Rathke, because he says

we are illegally suppressing WikiLeaks. Wade, by the way, is with, of

course, ACORN. I always get the two brothers mixed up because he's with


His other brother, Dale, he used to be with ACORN until he was

embezzling from ACORN and they almost threw him in jail and tried him and

everything else, but he was bailed out by the Tides Foundation, which gets

a lot of their funding from George Soros.

Vladimir Putin -- Vladimir Putin now says the West is hypocritical in

its criticism of Russia's record on democracy now.

Most of these groups are supporting Assange because he helps achieve

what they want, chaos and revolution, an end to the republic. You heard it

from the hacker, chaos is good. You heard it from Assange himself, but

they're too busy giving him awards and accolades to show you this. It's

not about transparency.

Quote, "It is not our goal to achieve a more transparent society. It

is our goal to achieve a more just society" -- you ready -- if more -- if

leaks cause the U.S. officials to, quote, "lock down eternally --

internally and to balkanize" they will, quote, "cease to be as efficient as

they were."

You got it? They don't want transparency. They want enough chaos to

have us, quote, "lock down internally." It's not about a more just world,

is it? No, it's about less communication, not more communication.

We've got like three shows to do tonight. I am so far behind. More

in a minute.



BECK: Hello, America.

I am -- we're running about -- we've never run this late on the show

before. We have so much information to share with you. We're trying to

get the information out as fast as we can and we're going to try to see if

we can work something out at the end of the show. Don't miss a second of

tonight's show and we may take you over to the Internet. Or I don't know

what we're going to do yet while we still can.

But we have an awful lot to share with you. We're talking about

WikiLeaks, but the larger issue and that is revolution. If you missed the

first half of the show, please go back and watch the first half of the


You're being presented with a false choice. Number one, WikiLeaks,

keep the leaks coming and you get -- what did he say? Chaos for good. OK.

So, you can't keep it coming.

But the other option is shut it down, shut it down, shut them down,

shut them down, round them up, put them in jail. Some of the people who

are calling to shut down Assange and WikiLeaks, first and foremost, Eric


This one is unbelievable to me. United States Justice Department

launched an investigation immediately, one day after WikiLeaks began

releasing its latest batch of documents, not during the summer, but this


Here is the guy that said this about Americans.


ERIC HOLDER, ATTORNEY GENERAL: Though this nation has proudly thought

of itself as a ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been

and we, I believe, continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of



BECK: Nation of cowards. Eric Holder, a guy who won't prosecute a

slam dunk voter intimidation case, the most bravery he's been able to

muster is shutting down illegal Prada sites, but he lifts into action on

WikiLeaks, at the right time, not the first time, now.

Other politicians have lined up to hammer WikiLeaks. There they are.

Senator McConnell, Senator McCaskill who said I believe recently, she's a

progressive Democrat -- that we should get the pitchforks out.

You have Senator Lieberman, Mike Huckabee, Senator Feinstein. You

have Michael Chertoff, former secretary of homeland security. Remember the

guy who was invested in those scanners that you're now using. Charles

"Cully" Stimson, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, of all


Representative King, Hoekstra, Senator Christopher Bond, Sarah Palin.

Bill Kristol said, "Why we can't act forcefully against WikiLeaks?

Why we can't use our assets to harass and neutralize Julian Assange and his

collaborators, wherever they are?"

Mary Matalin, who I love, called him a terrorist. Sarah Palin, we

should go after him like a terrorist.

What's happening? What's happening? Honestly, some of these people

are -- some of these people are progressives. Some of these people I don't

think have put everything together, world politicians.

I've never said these words except as a joke, but I mean them now with

everything in me: my fellow Americans, please listen to me. The world has

changed. It has changed. It is no longer in the box that it always has

been. What used to apply no longer does.

And if you don't start thinking out of the box soon, the top will come

down on top. You must think out of the box. You cannot look at today's

problems and try to understand them or solve them in the ways we always

have. You must understand, you are in a revolution, a global revolution

whether you like it or not and the rules of the games have changed.

Many politicians are good-hearted people, but they don't understand

simple things like who Cass Sunstein. The game has changed.

China is the world superpower now. And many people in the world at

the top level are grabbing for the scraps at the table. Who can run the

rest of the world or who can run this area and give the service and the

energy and everything else to China?

Revolutionaries have plotted our demise for a very long time. Do not

play the game they were expecting you to play. They're expecting you to

continue to think in the box. Why do you think they've tried so hard to

get us off the air?

Some day I hope to be able to tell you all that I have experienced --

they know we have the answer. They know. And here it is. You must not

move as they expect you to move. They are playing three dimensional chess.

They are expect -- you remember what they kept saying about, from the

day he got in? I think it was Claire McCaskill in Missouri that had

homeland security in Missouri say the Tea Party people are violent. They

expected you to be violent and you weren't -- 8.28 threw them for a loop.

Why do you think they worked so hard to poke and to poke and to poke.

They need you to be violent. Well, if you won't do it, they'll get their

minions to do it.

Look, have you ever seen a bullet proof car? How was it the prince

and Camilla got their bulletproof car to drive into a crowd of people

screaming for revolution? It's a trap.

WikiLeaks is just such an easy one to point out. They've set a trap

for you. Option number one, the leaks continue. Chaos. We cannot do


Option number two: people cry out to shut down WikiLeaks and they do

by shutting down the Internet and other communication with one another.

It is bottom-up, top-down. Bottom-up, must rise up and turn us inside

out and the top will come down. You lose either way.

Look, I don't know where you are in the stage of grief, but you must

get to acceptance quickly. Life is going to change in America.

As we know America, it is over. It's only a matter of time before it

all plays out. But that doesn't mean it has to be worse, that it has to be

about oppression.

OK, so we don't have the stuff we have. Is the stuff you have really

making your life any better? It's not about the stuff. Remember what we

learned on 9/11. It's not about the stuff, damn it!

It's about the people. It's about our families and it's about

freedom. You must think out of the box.

They feed on fear and violence. There's one thing I will never do and

that's called progressive stupid. Their ideas on how to run government and

enslave people are stupid, but they are not.

The trap that has been created here, we lose either way, they think --

they think -- unless you do the most dangerous thing, the one thing they're

not expecting you to do.

Back in a minute.


BECK: I've done too much blabbing today and we're running very late

on the show. So, the show is going to continue at

right 6:00 p.m. I'm not going to leave the studio. The network will move

and then ask you to join me online for just a few more minutes here.

I want to show you one more thing. At the top of the program, we

showed you Robert McChesney, founder of Free Press, the PR of Free Press is

now the spokesperson for the head of the FCC. He said revolution would not

happen without media reform.

Now, here's Josh Silver, he's another founder of Free Press, the

champions for net neutrality and how we need to protect the American

people. Watch.


JOSH SILVER, FREE PRESS: The question is, should companies or the

government be allowed to censor and block content that's on the Web at

will, or do they need to follow constitutional law? And so, that's really

at the end of the day -- what's the question here -- and whether there

should be stronger laws that enable the Federal Communications Commission

to protect WikiLeaks and other transparency entities so that their content

cannot be blocked.


BECK: This is not about principle here for them. This is not about

principle. They boxed us in. Remember Arianna Huffington? As I just

showed you -- she's supporting Assange. For what? He's exposing the truth

about government.

He's doing basically what we do, except we're not breaking any laws.

We're not sharing secrets. Every day at 5:00 o'clock, on this show, that's

what we do. We express our point of view and what is Arianna say about us?



need to really pay attention to with Glenn Beck. We cannot just dismiss

him, because the truth of the matter is that there is a good reason why we

have an exemption to the free speech protected by the First Amendment when

we say you cannot shout fire in a crowded theater.


BECK: OK. I don't have -- there is an exemption for me, but the same

people would like to protect or give an award to the guy not shouting fire,

but shouting revolution, shouting chaos.

The difference here is I'm not helping them. It's not about principle

or free speech. I will protect the free speech of anybody over at MSNBC.

I will stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

But I expose their plan here, the revolutionaries. The answer is not

that hard, though. It is for them because it's about principles -- honor,

merit, and peace.

I'll show you the answer next.


BECK: You know, if you ever feel like oh, there's no hope or

anything, I want you to really understand the story of the American

Revolution. They were so certain in the British House of Lords that the

Earl of Sandwich got up and talked about the American revolutionaries and

many of them did this.

I'm going to give you this real quick quote. He said, "I wish instead

of 40,000 or 50,000 of these brave fellows, they would produce in the field

at least 200,000. The more the better, the easier it would be to conquest.

Believe me, my lords, the very sound of the cannon will carry them off as

fast as their feet could carry them."

Well, he was wrong, wasn't he? Why? Why? Because this man knew --

he wasn't a good general at first. He knew.

He talked about the only way to beat the British was to be people of

merit and honor. This was the inspiration for the Purple Heart and this

was the inspiration for 8.28. This was the original badge of merit given

by George Washington. He knew the only way you could defeat the most

powerful army on earth were to praise God and to be clean and virtuous in

your own life and to know the principles.

Please, I beg you. Take this, give it to your kids, give it to your

grandkids, give it to everybody you know. Memorize this. This is -- this

is who he was. This is who he was.

These are the principles of what we have in this country. Please read

them and be a person of merit. He will solve the problem.


BECK: Who -- on tomorrow's program, a man who I think is a George

Washington, you will see struggle, merit, honor, liberating strife. Make

sure you see tomorrow's program.

And this show now continues at Go there now.

More you need to know, we didn't have time in the show.

From New York -- good night, America.

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Editor's Note: Arizona House Bill HB2770 has since been shut down! AZ Rep. Rachel Jones tweeted that the AZ Freedom Caucus shut down the bill before it could reach the board. It is encouraging to see states stepping to protect the American people from getting one step closer to a Central Bank Digital Currency. Hopefully, Arizona will be a precedent for the other states!

On today's radio broadcast, Glenn warned about dangerous Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) language being smuggled into routine legislation in REPUBLICAN-led states. This is unacceptable, and as Glenn said, we can't let this legislation pass as it now stands.

The legislation being used to smuggle in this CBDC language is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), a routine piece of legislation passed on the state level that helps standardize commercial and business transactions. However, a new round of UCCs being deliberated RIGHT NOW amongst a swath of Republican-led states anticipate the use of "electronic money." In a public letter sent to the Republican states currently deliberating this legislation, the Pro-Family Legislative Network said this can only refer to the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) under consideration and testing by the Federal Reserve. Biden's Executive Order 14067 issued in March of 2022 started the push for CBDC, and now these states, knowingly or unknowingly, are laying the legislative groundwork for making CBDC a reality.

There is absolutely no reason why Republican-led states should aid in laying the foundation for CBDC, yet 12 of them are deliberating it RIGHT NOW, with one UCC bill already on one GOP governor's desk! We have to act NOW to stop these UCCs in their tracks and demand our lawmakers amend the bills without the "electronic money" language.

If your state is listed below, contact your representative NOW to put an end to CBDC language.

1. North Dakota

North Dakota House Bill HB1082 passed BOTH chambers and is now sitting on Governor Burgum's desk. Burgun has 3 DAYS to veto this bill once it's placed on his desk—if not, it will pass automatically. If you are a North Dakota resident, it is absolutely CRUCIAL that you contact Governor Burgum's office NOW and demand that he veto this bill and re-introduce it without the "electronic money" language.

2. Arizona

Arizona House Bill HB2770 has been SHUT DOWN! See the above editor's note for more details.

Arizona House Bill HB2770 passed the House majority and minority caucuses. Arizona residents, contact your representative's office NOW so that they amend this bill without the "electronic money" language.

3. Arkansas

Arkansas House Bill HB1588 is in committee, and if passed, will head to the House floor. Though the bill is only in its beginning stages, it's important for Arkansas residents to stop this bill in its tracks and amend it without the "electronic money" language.

4. Missouri

Missouri House Bill HB1165 is also in its beginning stages in committee. That means it's important to contact your representative as soon as possible to amend it without the "electronic money" language.

5. Oklahoma

Oklahoma House Bill HB 2776 passed the House Committee and will go to a chamber vote soon. If passed, it will go to the Senate, then the governor's desk. If you are an Indiana resident, contact your representative's office NOW to amend the bill without the "electronic money" language.

6. Indiana

Indiana Senate Bill SB0486 passed the Senate and is headed to the House. Republicans control Indiana's executive office and BOTH chambers of the legislature. There is no excuse for this bill to pass. If you are an Indiana resident, it's vital you contact your representative NOW and demand they amend this bill without the "electronic money" language.

7. Kentucky

Kentucky Senate Bill SB64 passed the Senate and is now being deliberated in the House. If you live in Kentucky, contact your representative's office to amend the bill without the "electronic money" language.

8. Montana

Montana Senate Bill SB370 passed the Senate and was sent to the House on March 3rd. If you are a Montana resident, contact your representative's office NOW so that the bill doesn't without changing the "electronic money" language.

9. Nebraska

Nebraska's Legislative Bill LB94 passed committee and the first floor vote. As Nebraska only has one legislative chamber, this bill is dangerously close to passing the legislature and being sent to the governor's desk. If you are a Nebraska resident, contact your representative's office NOW and demand they amend the bill without the "electronic money" language.

10. New Hampshire

New Hampshire House Bill HB584 is currently in House committee deliberations and has not yet reached the House floor. If you are a New Hampshire resident, contact your representative's office NOW to amend the bill without the "electronic money" language.

11. Tennessee

Tennessee House Bill HB0640 didn't successfully pass the House. However, it was deferred to a Senate committee and has now taken the form of Senate Bill SB0479, which is now in committee. This bill is still alive, and it's important for you, Tennessee residents, to stop it before it reaches the floor! Contact your representative to amend the bill without the "electronic money" language.

12. Texas

Texas House Bill HB5011 was filed and is ready to be taken up by committee. Fellow Texans, let's not let this bill progress any further! Contact your representative and demand they amend the bill without the "electronic money" language.

6 things you NEED to know about the Silicon Valley Bank collapse

NurPhoto / Contributor | Getty Images

Silicon Valley Bank's collapse is sparking traumatic memories of the 2008 financial crash. Should we be worried SVB is signaling a similar economic catastrophe, or is everyone overreacting to the media's hype? Glenn told his listeners to be "healthily terrified." This event is sure to have ripple effects throughout the economy, but the more you are informed about it, the more you can prepare. Here are 6 things you need to know about Silicon Valley Bank's crash—explained in simple words.

1. The short answer to what happened: SVB didn't have enough money to pay its depositors.

Remember the scene from It's a Wonderful Life when all of the residents make a run on George Bailey's bank demanding their money? Fortunately for them, their money was in the altruistic hands of George Bailey, who used his honeymoon savings to give the depositors the money they demanded.

Silicon Valley Bank's depositors weren't so lucky.

In short, the depositors made a run on Silicon Valley Bank, demanding the withdrawal of their money. But SVB simply didn't have the liquid money available to give their depositors, causing regulators to shut down the bank shortly afterward.

2. It all started with COVID...

Why didn't SVB have enough money for its depositors? To explain this, we have to go back to the pandemic era.

The pandemic saw a rapid decrease in spending and a massive increase in bank deposits. Due to the uncertainty of the future and lockdowns limiting ways to spend money on recreational activities, like restaurants, bars, and other outlets, many Americans stocked up money in their accounts. In fact, SVB's deposits doubled in 2021 alone, bringing in more money than they could lend out to their clients.

To make a return on their available cash, SVB wanted to invest it, as many banks do. Since they had reached their lending limit, they decided to invest it in U.S. Treasury Securities, which are the government's means of funding itself without using taxation (in a nutshell). These are considered "ultra-safe" investments because they are backed by the "full faith and credit of the federal government."

Unlike other forms of investments, investing in Treasuries means the government will do everything within its legal power to pay back the money used to fund itself. In other words, it is typically very safe... so what happened?

3. Then came the magic cocktail—record-high inflation and rising interest rates...

Interest rates ruined the typically "ultra-safe" investment. Due to 40-year record-high inflation, the Fed lifted rates eight times by a total of 4.25 percentage points in 2022, raising interest rates from 0.25 percent to 4.375 percent. This means the value of U.S. Treasuries investments plummeted rapidly. SVB reported that it lost $1.8 billion due to the decreased value of its Treasuries investments after a year of rising interest rates.

This raises the following question: why didn't SVB just weather the storm and wait for interest rates to decrease? There are two issues with this. The first is that, with so many of their assets held up in Treasuries investments, SVB still wouldn't have enough liquid assets to give their depositors during the bank run.

The second issue is that Treasuries investments have a ten-year limit. In 2021 during the Trump administration, interest rates were at an all-time low of 0.125 percent.

The record-fast increase of interest rates in 2022 caused very little chance for rates to go back down to their historic 2021 lows within ten years for banks to make their money back on their investments.

To avoid this, SVB planned to sell their investments at a loss and re-purchase Treasuries investments at the decreased value, giving them an extra ten years to bet on decreased interest rates in the future.

But people caught on to SVB's plan and didn't want to ride with the risk.

4. Account holders withdrew their money... FAST.

As aforementioned, SVP lost $1.8 billion when it sold its depleted Treasuries investments. While they were betting on being able to re-purchase the devalued securities, hoping that they would go up in value in the future with lowered interest rates, investors were worried about the risk.

Once they made the announcement of their $1.8 billion loss, their stocks began to drop, and venture capitalists warned the companies they invest in to pull out of SVB. This had a snowball effect, leading to a "bank run" of depositors demanding to withdraw their money from their SVB accounts.

This led to the perfect storm: SVB's investment losses coupled with the influx of withdrawals were so immense that regulators had to step in and shut the bank down to protect depositors. The government currently "running" SVB, for all practical purposes, is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The FDIC closed SVB on Friday and reopened the bank on Monday, March 13th as the Deposit Insurance Bank of Santa Clara.

5. Some people may lose their money. 

Banks insure accounts with $250,000 or less with FDIC insurance. That means, in cases of bank failure, exactly like this one, the FDIC covers all accounts less than $250,000. The FDIC said SVB customers who had less than $250,000 in their accounts will have access to all of their money when the bank reopens. Since it reopened this week, they should have access to their funds.

However, many of SVB's depositors had more than $250,000 in their accounts—it is Silicon Valley after all. Therefore, their accounts were not covered by FDIC insurance. Will they get their money back? There is a chance that they will not.

It is unclear how much SVB currently has to cover uninsured deposits. It is likely not enough. The FDIC has issued a "Receiver's Certificate" to the uninsured account holders with the amount in their account that is not covered by FDIC insurance.

The FDIC said it will pay some of the uninsured deposits by next week by liquidating any additional assets held by SVB. However, if the liquidated assets are not enough, many of SVB's uninsured account holders could lose their money for good.

6. Is this 2008 all over again?

SVB's collapse was the largest bank failure since 2008, when Washington Mutual failed with $307 billion in assets. Its failure, along with the collapse of the Lehman Brother's investment bank, triggered the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Are we in danger of repeating 2008?

Some argue that we are not in danger of another economic catastrophe, simply because SVB holds less than 1 percent of the nation's assets. However, as Glenn warns, there is a danger of banks repeating the same mistakes as SVP.

SVP wasn't the only bank to use its surplus deposits to invest in U.S. Treasuries, which means that other banks are wrestling with the depleted value of their securities investments due to rising interest rates.

Bank of America, for example, lost $109 billion in their securities investments due to rising interest rates, the most among its peers—and Bank of America is no small fish in the ocean of assets.

Other major banks recorded other massive losses in their securities investments due to rising interest rates. JP Morgan Chase lost $36 billion, Wells Fargo lost $41 billion, Citigroup lost $25 billion, and Goldman Sachs lost $1 billion. If the little banks collapse, will they get the same effort and attention from the federal government as the "big guys?"

The critic may argue that these are still small values given the incredibly large amount of assets held in banks nationwide. However, this is missing the point. Major banks have majorly invested in securities since the pandemic-era skyrocketing rate of deposits. Now those investments are depleted in value.

They can either sell those investments at a loss, or they can wait and hope that they will recover over time. However, if those investments are no longer liquid, what happens when their depositors come knocking? Will they have enough liquid assets to cover a massive bank run? These are the lingering questions that our banks need to address.

As Glenn says, this will impact you—it is only a matter of time. What will you do to prepare?

Glenn just purchased the entire historical Roe v. Wade archive as a solemn reminder of our nation's past and the vital importance of honoring the sacredness of life. Since Roe was overturned in 2022, many states have been stepping up to protect both their unborn citizens AND the mothers carrying them.

Which states are doing the most to protect their most vulnerable? Here are the top 12 states with the strictest laws against abortion.

1. Alabama

​Alabama has some of the nation's most protective pro-life measures, banning all abortions in the case of life-threatening circumstances for the mother. That means abortion is banned at every ​stage of pregnancy. Health care providers found guilty of performing abortions face a class-A felony, the most serious charge besides Capitol Murder, with the potential of carrying a life sentence in prison. However, the pill, Plan B, is classified as "contraception" rather than abortion. Taxpayer-funded Medicaid does not cover abortion procedures except in very limited circumstances.

Alabama is one of the few states to add protections within its state constitution for the unborn. The state:

Acknowledges, declares, and affirms that it is the public policy of this state to recognize and support the sanctity of unborn life and the rights of unborn children, including the right to life.

2. Arkansas

Like Alabama, Arkansas bans abortion at every stage of pregnancy except in life-threatening situations for the mother. However, Plan B is still considered "contraception" and is legal. Taxpayer-funded Medicaid does not cover abortion procedures except in very limited circumstances. Additionally, Arkansas added the amendment to its state constitution, declaring:

The policy of Arkansas is to protect the life of every unborn child from conception until birth, to the extent permitted by the Federal Constitution.

3. Idaho

Idaho bans abortions at every stage of pregnancy with the exceptions of life-threatening situations to the mother and instances of rape and incest. The health care practitioner who gave an abortion must prove "affirmative defense," which means they have to prove in court why the abortion is necessary and meets the legal criteria. Patients approved for abortion must wait 24 hours after counseling to receive the procedure. Anyone who performs an abortion unless it's in one of the approved cases will face felony charges. Like Alabama and Arkansas, taxpayer-funded Medicaid does not cover abortion procedures.

Unlike Alabama and Arkansas, Idaho law does not include explicit constitutional or statutory protections for abortion.

4. Kentucky

Kentucky has also banned abortion at all stages of pregnancy except in life-threatening situations for the mother. There are no exceptions for rape or incest. However, abortion providers are fighting the all-out ban on abortion through appealing to the state's previous abortion ban after six weeks of pregnancy. The appeal is ongoing.

Though Kentucky voters voted down a proposal to add an amendment to the state constitution banning abortion, the state adopted the following policy towards abortion in 2018:

Children, whether born or unborn, are the greatest natural resource in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

5. Louisiana

Louisiana also banned abortion at all stages of pregnancy with no exceptions for rape or incest. However there is an appeal to allow abortions in the case of rape and incest. Healthcare practitioners who violate this ban are subject to criminal prosecution. Moreover, Louisiana adopted an amendment in their state constitution—specifically, the Louisiana Declaration of Rights, banning the construction of any constitutional right to abortion:

To protect human life, nothing in present constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion.

6. Mississippi

Mississippi bans all abortions except to save the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest that have been reported to law enforcement. Though Mississippi did not adopt a constitutional amendment to ban abortion as a right, the Mississippi Code says:

Abortion carries significant physical and psychological risks to the maternal patient, and these physical and psychological risks increase with gestational age.

Moreover, doctors who perform illegal abortions face civil and criminal charges.

7. Missouri

Missouri bans all abortions except in the case of a medical emergency concerning the mother, with no exceptions for rape or incest. Those seeking to get an abortion must prove "affirmative defense," which means they have to prove in court why the abortion is necessary and meets the legal criteria. Minors seeking an abortion through "affirmative defense" must do so with parental consent. Moreover, those seeking an abortion must be offered an ultrasound.

Moreover, Missouri adopted the following statute protecting the unborn:

It is the intention of the general assembly of the state of Missouri to: (1) [d]efend the right to life of all humans, born and unborn; (2) [d]eclare that the state and all of its political subdivisions are a ‘sanctuary of life’ that protects pregnant women and their unborn children; and (3) [r]egulate abortion to the full extent permitted by the Constitution of the United States, decisions of the United States Supreme Court, and federal statutes.

8. Oklahoma

Oklahoma was the first state to successfully ban all abortions after conception following the overturn of Roe v. Wade and continues to lead the way as one of the toughest states on abortion. Exceptions include life-saving procedures for the mother or pregnancies resulting from "rape, sexual assault, or incest." Those who perform legal abortions can be reported and prosecuted criminally under state law HB427 and be charged at least $10,000 per illegal abortion procedure. Violations also include insurance companies or private citizens caught funding abortions.

Though Oklahoma has not adopted a state constitutional amendment concerning abortion, its Public Health Code states that it cannot be “construed as creating or recognizing right to abortion."

9. South Dakota

South Dakota bans all abortions except in life-threatening cases for the mother. There are no exceptions for rape and incest. However, it is legal to travel out of state to get an abortion. There are no state constitutional provisions protecting against abortion.

10. Tennessee

Tennessee bans all abortions except in life-threatening cases for the mother. There is currently a movement in the Tennessee state legislature to enact exceptions for rape and incest. Like Idaho and Missouri, healthcare practitioners who gave an abortion must prove "affirmative defense," which means they have to prove in court why the abortion is necessary and meets the legal criteria. Those who provide abortions illegally can be criminally prosecuted.

Tennessee's state constitution was amended to supersede a 2000 Tennessee supreme court case, which held:

A woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy is a vital part of the right to privacy guaranteed by the Tennessee Constitution [and that] the right is inherent in the concept of ordered liberty embodied in our constitution and is therefore fundamental.

The new state constitutional amendment reads as follows:

Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion.

11. Texas

Texas bans all abortions except in life-threatening cases concerning the mother. There is a movement in the Texas state legislature to provide exemptions for rape and incest.

Moreover, Texas received a lot of heat for its law not only criminalizing providing illegal abortions but enabled citizens to report illegal abortions. However, several cities in Texas are pushing back against the abortion ban. After Dobbs, Texas increased the penalties for performing an abortion up to life in prison, including a civil penalty of no less than $100,000 per abortion performed.

Attorney General Ken Paxton said the following:

Now that the Supreme Court has finally overturned Roe, I will do everything in my power to protect mothers, families, and unborn children, and to uphold the state laws duly enacted by the Texas Legislature.

The cities of Austin and San Antonio passed ordinances preventing city funds from being used to investigate the provision or receipt of abortion care.

12. West Virginia

West Virginia bans abortion at all stages of pregnancy, except in the case of a “nonmedically viable fetus”, ectopic pregnancy, or medical emergency. According to the West Virginia state legislature, "Nonmedically viable fetus" means:

A fetus that contains sufficient lethal fetal anomalies so as to render the fetus medically futile or incompatible with life outside the womb in the reasonable medical judgment of a reasonably prudent physician.

Victims of rape and incest can obtain abortions up to eight weeks after conception, but only if they report to law enforcement first.

In 2018, West Virginians voted to add the following language to the state constitution:

Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of abortion.