Glenn for Sale

STU: Update on this as well, Glenn. Tonight on television John Stossel going to be on.


 GLENN: Oh, is he really?


 STU: It's confirmed now.


 GLENN: Oh, he's got a great article. Have you read his article today?


 STU: I haven't read it today, no.


 GLENN: He's got a great article on, this isn't crime control. You think this is -- gun control ain't crime control. Oh, don't miss it tonight. It's fantastic. He is great on this. Can you start to put that together, Stu?


 STU: Yeah.


 GLENN: Let's have that together by springtime and really do our homework and make it exact so it's not -- I don't want any party politics in it. I want no partisanship.


 STU: Yeah, just their comments, their words. Makes it simple.


 GLENN: Should we put another candidate in there? Should we put like an -- I mean, if there's an independent or if there's a --


 STU: We could put Ralph Nader in there. I wonder how he would come out.


 GLENN: Let's put Ralph Nader in there and let's put -- isn't there the Constitution party? Who was the guy that -- not the Constitution party. The libertarian, isn't there another libertarian that's running again?


 STU: Well, you obviously have Ron Paul who has been talking about third party but, no, I don't think so. But they are still doing the libertarian primaries and stuff. But my guy might be Wayne Allyn Root. I'm not convinced --


 GLENN: Is this the prohibition guy?


 STU: No, this is a libertarian. He might be my guy. I'm not confirmed yet, but I'm looking closely into third party candidates.


 GLENN: Are you like a superdelegate? Will you take bribes for it? I'll take bribes. At this point I'll take bribes.


 STU: This is a capitalist system. I will definitely take bribes.


 GLENN: I'm sorry. I'm not taking bribes. I'm taking advertising money.


 STU: Sure, whatever.


 GLENN: Whatever you want to call it. I don't really care. It's -- no, it's part of your advertising budget.


 STU: Yeah.


 GLENN: That's all it is. Bribe? Your Honor, advertising.


 STU: In this campaign, I mean, I'll be more than -- you know, if I can get some money out of it, at least that's something.


 GLENN: No, I mean, forget about it. You know what I mean?


 STU: Whatever.


 GLENN: It doesn't matter at this point. They are going to take us to the same place. So let's just make some money on it. Look, here's the deal. I'm officially for sale, okay? No, it's only pale if you don't know I'm being paid.


 STU: That's right.


 GLENN: So I'm officially for sale. If somebody wants to buy my endorsement, it's -- hey, if you think it's worth something, God bless you. I think it's worth deep in the seven figures. That's just my opinion. You might want to have it evaluated some place else. I'll take another opinion


 STU: I don't know. Is that --


 GLENN: Only cash.


 STU: Is there some FCC sort of, not FCC --


 GLENN: Maybe SEC.


 STU: Some rule that John McCain threw in there to get in the way of free speech?


 GLENN: I don't know. John McCain would know that rule and that's why he would be best. I'm just saying, John.


 STU: I don't know, though. Obama's raising a lot of money.


 GLENN: A lot of money.


 STU: And it would be a big thing for Obama to have your --


 GLENN: Let's try this. Let's try this out.


 STU: Yeah.


 GLENN: Give me a dollar figure and a candidate.


 STU: Small, you know, $50,000, Dennis Kucinich.


 GLENN: I think this whole space alien thing is not all it's cracked up to be. I don't think that -- I think that was taken out of context.


 STU: That's what you get for $50,000?


 GLENN: $50,000, that's what you get, Dennis.


 STU: What if I were to give you, say, $200,000 and I was going to say my name is Mike Gravel; help me out.


 GLENN: $200,000?


 STU: For Mike Gravel.


 GLENN: Have you ever been to Alaska? Alaska is great. This guy ran Alaska for a very long time and people are vacationing there for a really long time. He could probable do some things in America. With the dollar falling, a lot of people are starting to come and visit America. More tourists are coming. Maybe we should have the guy who's made Alaska what it is today.


 STU: That was very good. And that's only for 200k?


 GLENN: 200k, but it's Alaska and that's pretty much, that's all I can do for you. That's it.


 STU: Barack Obama's raising, what, $60 million a month. So he could really --


 GLENN: So Barack Obama, how much?


 STU: Just to start off, I'll give you a million dollars.


 GLENN: A million dollars for Barack Obama, here's what you get. Comrade!

We've heard a lot about critical race theory lately, and for good reason: It's a racist ideology designed to corrupt our children and undermine our American values. But most of what we see are the results of a process that has been underway for decades. And that's not something the mainstream media, the Democrat Party, and even teachers unions want you to know. They're doing everything in their power to try and convince you that it's no big deal. They want to sweep everything under the rug and keep you in the dark. To fight it, we need to understand what fuels it.

On his Wednesday night special this week, Glenn Beck exposes the deep-seated Marxist origins of CRT and debunks the claims that it's just a harmless term for a school of legal scholarship. Newsweek opinion editor Josh Hammer joins to argue why we must ban critical race theory from our schools if we want to save a very divided nation.

Watch the full "Glenn TV" episode below:

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On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck blasted the Democrats — and anyone else on the left — who have been so eager to open our southern U.S. border for the past several months, but also willing to turn a blind eye to the Cuban people in need of help today.

"While we are welcoming people from any country, all over the world, without any kind of information, and setting them into our country, putting them on American planes paid for by American taxpayers," Glenn began. "And our Coast Guard Cutters are turning these [Cuban] people away. Shame on you! Shame on you!"

Glenn said that he's "sick and tired" of hearing about "brave" leftist activists like Colin Kaepernick, who protest the America flag while wearing Che Guevara and Fidel Castro t-shirts. Meanwhile, the Cuban people are risking their lives by taking to the sea to escape their oppressive regime and come to America.

"Anybody who glorifies Che doesn't know their ass from their elbow. You can't call them a human rights activist. You're protesting the American flag, because you so deeply believe in the right to be free? And yet, you wear a Che T-shirt?" Glenn said.

Glenn went on to argue that, even though the left has "bastardized" the meaning of our country, he still believes America is the best nation on Earth. In fact, he'd give up his citizenship "in a heartbeat" if another country could prove to be better, more noble, and more free. But no other nation exists like ours, he said, which is why it's so imperative we fight for freedom here, in Cuba, and around the world.

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn explain:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

There's a new "reality" spreading, and the mere act of questioning it has become incredibly dangerous, Wall Street Journal investigative journalist Abigail Shrier told Glenn on the most recent episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast."

Shrier's book, "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters," exposes the radical gender activism that — like critical race theory — has overtaken our children's schools and culture. But even worse, she warned, it could end your parental rights for good.

Shrier made it clear she is by no means "anti-trans," but simply speaking up against the extremes of this new "reality" has made her enemy No. 1 to many activists. Her book has been bashed so hard by the Left that Target has stopped selling it twice, Amazon once banned ads for it, and the American Booksellers Association even called sending it to others "a serious, violent incident."

In the clip below, Shrier explained why she believes "there may be no hope for the public school system."

"You have teachers behaving like activists across the country who have no interest in actually teaching. They believe their job is to remake your child," she asserted. "We're seeing so much evidence of that, I think it's fair to say that it may be too deeply rooted in the ideology being taught in public school. I'm not sure that the public school system is redeemable at this point."

Watch the video clip below for more or find the full podcast with Abigail Shrier here:

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What is actually in Texas' new GOP-led voting bill? Nearly every Texas House Democrat fled the state to block its passage, calling it racist and oppressive, and President Joe Biden backed them as well.

But Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Friday to set the record straight and call out the lies: All of these claims are "completely false." He also explained his promise to "arrest" the Texas House Democrats when they return to the Lone Star State.

"What is in the bill is completely different than what they're saying, what Kamala Harris is saying, what President Biden is saying. What's in the bill actually increases the number of hours that people have to vote in the state of Texas. In the state of Texas, we have at least 12 days of early voting, and we are adding hours to those days. And on top of that, we are giving people time off from work to be able to vote. Bottom line, we're making it easier to vote in the state of Texas," Gov Abbott explained.

"In comparison, Delaware — the state that President Biden votes in — has exactly zero hours of early voting," he added. "That said, there is one thing that we're doing in the state of Texas, and that is we're making sure we tighten the reins on mail-in ballots that can lead to voter fraud. And it's not me saying that. It's a federal judge, appointed by Barack Obama, in Corpus Christi, Texas, who wrote in a legal opinion that voter fraud occurs, quote, in abundance as it concerns mail-in ballots. We know. Texans know. There is fraud in mail-in ballots in the state of Texas. It must be fixed. That's one thing we're trying to do. That being said, all these claims that we're denying people the right to vote and yada, yada, yada, are completely false."

Abbott went on to discuss the much-debated voter ID laws in Texas and to explain why Democrats insist on calling basic voter ID requirements "racist."

"When Democrats do not have truth on their side, they resort to one single word and that is 'racism' ... Texas implemented voter ID almost a decade ago, and when we went through that fight, what word did they use? Racism," he said. "Guess what? After Texas imposed voter ID requirements in the state of Texas, there have been more people voting and more people of color who went to vote. Voting didn't get harder. It got easier and more abundant in the state of Texas. And so, once again, Democrats have absolutely no legal standing, other than to say, 'racism.'"

Glenn asked Gov. Abbott to explain his pledge to "arrest" the Democratic lawmakers that fled once they return to Texas.

"Let me explain how this works. So, whenever there is a break of quorum, which is what is happening now — meaning there is not a sufficient number of people who are showing up to the Texas House of Representatives for the Texas House to engage in business. Whenever there's a quorum break like that, the House issues what's called a 'call on the House.' And when that happens, the sergeant-at-arms is authorized to work with the Texas Department of Public Safety, to — you can call it arrest, apprehend, whatever you want to call it — any of the members who are not in the Texas House of Representatives and bring them to the Texas House where they will be 'cabined' with no ability to leave the Texas House chamber, without a permission slip from the speaker."

Watch the video clip below for more details:

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