Caller Don in Philly is Bill Muckenfutch

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GLENN: But now we've got Don in Philadelphia who would like to tell a story.

CALLER: Good morning. I'm not supposed to say hello to you or good morning. I'm going to start off this conversation by saying that I respect and admire 85% of what comes out of your mouth.

GLENN: All right.

CALLER: I'm totally on board with you. We think alike. My wife called me Glenn Beck. My friends tease me because I such respect for you because you're my voice.

GLENN: Okay. But?

CALLER: On this issue we're kind of beyond that. Now, I'm Bill, right? I'm a small self-employed guy. I don't make shoe leather. I have a wife, three daughters, a house that I bought that signed in for the whole, you know, 30-year jumbo like you, 6.3%, whatever, great credit, play by all the rules, don't need the big color TV. The way that you, I think, would admire.

GLENN: Good.

CALLER: So anyway, with that all being said now.

GLENN: Okay.

CALLER: Bill has affected everybody in such a way that it's hard for me to go to work. Now, I don't expect the government to bail me out and believe me, my work slows down in the wintertime anyway. So --

GLENN: What do you do?

CALLER: Excuse me?

GLENN: You don't make shoes out of cats.


GLENN: What do you do?

CALLER: Excuse me?

GLENN: What do you do?

CALLER: I'm a stone mason actually.

GLENN: Good.

CALLER: I actually called you a while ago and said Glenn Beck is putting me out of business, all right? And I said it jokingly because when we're, you know, on a job site and I would listen to you all the time because, you know, with the radio, I would say jokingly when you would get into your big, you know, your speeches and go, you know, he's absolutely right. However, if enough people buy into his plan, what happens to me? How is somebody going to say, let's have Don, who's a great guy, who does great work, how are we going to justify spending, you know, money to put basically put back in our house.

GLENN: Sure. So wait, wait, wait. So I just want -- wait, wait, wait. So Don, I know that you said it jokingly but I just want to make sure that I translate and understand what you're saying is, Glenn, stop telling people what you believe is the truth because it will stop people from getting further in debt.

CALLER: No, no, no, absolutely not. I love what you said because America needs to hear it.

GLENN: Okay.

CALLER: I don't want anybody to go into debt for me, for my business.

GLENN: Got it.

CALLER: However, there's going to be a certain part of the population that is going to get sucked down in this whole bill thing that played by the rules, that doesn't -- I mean, I'm not worried about losing my house because, you know, I am working, you know. I'm not -- but, you know, I am two weeks away from it saying, honey, how are we -- you know, it's either pay the health insurance this month.

GLENN: Sure.

CALLER: Or pay the mortgage.

GLENN: Sure.

CALLER: And my mortgage is a great mortgage, you know.

GLENN: I got it.

CALLER: I have a $150,000 in equity in it. So what happens to not me personally but a lot of guys out there that are like me, that are getting affected so heavily by Bill. You know, we stayed away from Bill. None of my friends are Bill.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. Hang on just a second. Don, first of all you got $150,000 equity in your home?

CALLER: I do, Glenn. I'm a snow Mason. I made my home look like a palace for nothing, you know, on the weekend.

GLENN: You are not like every -- you are not like all these poor struggling slobs that --

CALLER: No, no, absolutely not.

GLENN: I mean, you've got $150,000 equity in your house. That's pretty sweet.

CALLER: My house, when these times get tough like you say they're gonna and like I believe they're gonna, my house should save me because I did play by the rules, okay?

GLENN: Here's the thing. So what is your point to me, Don?

CALLER: I appreciate your cries here. I appreciate -- I'm on board with you. However, you're losing me, it's been over a year I've heard it, I believe it and thank you for saying it but now we're at the point when Rome is burning, you know, tell us now what do we do, how do I prevent me becoming Bill when I didn't play by the same rules as Bill. I played by the right rules, the Glenn Beck rules.

GLENN: I don't understand. Are you complaining?

CALLER: No, I'm not complaining.

GLENN: All right. So are you saying to me you would like advice on what you can do to protect yourself, or are you saying this thing is going to melt down, I believe you it's going to melt down, so what should happen to all of the people who played by the rules and are going to, you know, lose it as well?

CALLER: Exactly. And what's going to happen, Glenn, I believe is that when that starts affecting my -- I say Glenn Beck minus two. You know, like you failed because of you, you had to go through. I don't -- you know, I see everybody's mistakes around me because my family made all the same mistakes your family made or you did in the beginning when you failed. So as a result I got to go back on that and say, you know what --

GLENN: Sure.

CALLER: -- I'm not playing by those rules. That got them nowhere. I'm going out and I'm doing it the right way. So there's a whole part of me now that will go down with this whole thing coming. You know, I believe that we need some kind of leadership, you know.

GLENN: All right. Hang on.

CALLER: I would respect you so much more if you didn't call yourself a circus clown because you could --

GLENN: I know, a whole lot of circus clowns get very pissed off.

CALLER: I don't think I'm a circus clown.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. So I think my answer to you is, nothing. Nothing should happen to people like you or people like me or people that played by the rules or people who didn't play by the rules. Things happen and --

CALLER: I understand that. This is different.

GLENN: And bad things happen. No, hang on. It's not different. Stu, isn't this exactly what I told you yesterday, that everybody's a libertarian.

STU: Yeah, unless it comes to them.

GLENN: Unless it comes to your doorstep. And then when it's at your doorstep, then you say, "But wait a minute, I played by the rules, I wanted to..." now all of a sudden you're interested in having somebody help you. Look, you either believe in it or you don't. You know, I mean, it's easy for you to say, well, I'm in a different situation, Glenn, you're in a different situation. First of all, been there, brother, been there. Couldn't make rent. Had a hard time doing it, et cetera, et cetera. Built it, built my own company. I am -- you know, it seems like that, you know, oh, Glenn, you're rich now and you're you, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's fine, but I also employ a lot of people and I have, as Stu will tell you, I have taken great precautions not to protect my own wealth but, Stu, you've been in the meetings with me and with Chris. Why have I taken such a cautious tone in our own business in the last twelve months?

STU: Because you want to protect the company and all the people that work for you.

GLENN: Right. My instruction has been, I cannot cut people loose. Let's be prudent. Let's be smart. Let's save our money. Let's protect our money. We may not grow money the way we should. We may not be able to do everything we want to do but you know what? If things get tough, I want to make sure that I'm not putting people out on the street.

Now, there may come a time that we put people out on the street. There may come a time, and I just had a conversation about this. God forbid things in America -- let's say I'm going to make up candidates here because I just don't even want to use examples. Let's say I'm elected to be President of the United States and because I am who I am, oh, shooters are everywhere, and somebody kills me. Now, there is a mood in America at that time that the President has been killed or somebody has set off a bomb because they're crazy.

Today in New York City somebody was -- I love this description -- suspiciously riding their bike. Or no, I'm sorry. It was riding their bike in a suspicious manner. I don't even know what that means. Riding your bike in a suspicious manner, what is -- is that with a big sign on your back that says, I got a bomb? What is that? It would be suspicious. But anyway, he was riding his bike, 4:00 in the morning, threw a bomb in front of the army recruiting station. Blows up. They shut down the subways and everything else.

Now, let's just say the guy with Ricin in Las Vegas, let's say he killed a bunch of people. He didn't but let's say he did. He got the Ricin into the water supply, killed a bunch of people in Las Vegas. Finds out that he's a right wing nut job. The President has been killed and it's some right wing nut job. Do you think my business is going to be alive within a week? Bill Clinton tried to shut talk radio down like that after Oklahoma City. I don't even think you need a necessary -- you don't necessarily need a tragedy with a Progressive congress and Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, I don't even think you need it. My business could be over overnight. Do you think I'm going to be saying to anyone, "I need a handout, I need government assistance, I want government assistance"? I don't want it. With government assistance comes slavery. I am slaved to them and to their rules and what they want me to do and how I have to spend. Look at Amtrak. Amtrak is slave. Amtrak is -- will always, always fail because to get that money, they have to do things that are bad for business. You have to make a decision. When it does come to your doorstep, and it could, when it comes to your doorstep, do you really believe the things that you believe? Do you really believe in a free market system? Do you really, truly believe in smaller government? Do you believe -- are you somebody who says yes, I'm a classic liberal and bad things are going to happen in my life. There are going to be sunny seasons and rainy seasons and I understand that and it's nobody's responsibility but my responsibility. Or, do you flirt with socialism? Do you say, I was against it but, gosh, now I'm suffering.

So Don.


GLENN: I guess the answer to you is nothing. I'm not going to -- there is no plan for you that the government should do to --

CALLER: You are putting me in a corner that I don't need to be. I totally agree with you.

GLENN: All right.

CALLER: I don't want the government's help. I want your help. Not you to personally help me but start saying what people, you know, that don't believe in government -- because everybody needs help, Glenn. I'm getting my help from my family on my house. I'm not worried about me personally. I'm just saying that there's a portion of this country that is me.

GLENN: Okay. So here's the --

CALLER: I have the family that I have.

GLENN: Here is the advice that -- I've given this advice ever since I started talking about it.


GLENN: And that is get out of debt. Do not --

CALLER: I totally agree with you. Okay, I believe --

GLENN: I'm trying to give advice, Don.

CALLER: I'm sorry. I'm excited. And I have such respect for you and, you know, and I'm listening to all that. But I can only get out of debt so far, you know. That's easier said than done. I'm a middle class --

GLENN: I understand that. I understand that. You can only get out of debt so far. But what I'm saying is take the money that you have and get it -- and get out of debt as far as you can. Incur no new debt.

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