Glenn Beck: 'Russ the angry black conservative'

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Glenn: 1 888 727 BECK. Russ, WLVI, New Haven.

Caller: Hey, Glenn, I've been an Insider. I'm black, by the way, just so you know, not African American, black. I couldn't disagree with you more.

Glenn: All right.

Caller: Let me tell you why. I don't think the times are somewhat dangerous, but it's not the time to accept the premise that these people cut forth. The most offensive thing that you did to me was when you interviewed Al Sharpton. As a black person that's offensive to have this idiot up there representing us. These are the type of people that put forth these notions that the media accepts. I would like you to have somebody that you interviewed for a full hour or you may have Walter Williams. This is how you combat some of this political incorrectness that you see going on out there.

Glenn: Russ, what do you think I what do you think I did with Chris Gardener?

Caller: I know what you did. He said he didn't like politicians, pimps, or prostitutes, do you think black people sit around listening to that? That preacher is more offensive. He's up there doing gyrations.

Glenn: Hey, Russ, Russ, do you think that I am playing this because I'm saying listen to the black preacher?

Caller: No, no.

Glenn: I'm saying listen to the words and why am I asking America to listen to the words?

Caller: Well, let me tell you why. I understand what you're saying, but here's the thing. You have to put it into context, the way I look at it. What do you expect? Do you think the "New York Times" is going to fix this problem? They want America to think that all black people are sitting around on the words of some Al Sharpton.

Glenn: Excuse me, Russ. Excuse me, Russ. This is the preacher that gave the name audacity of hope to Barack Obama. Barack Obama is a guy who sits in this man's pew every Sunday for 20 years. My question is not about black and white. My question, Russ, is do you sit there as a black man or a white man and listen to this kind of stuff for 20 years and say, well, I just dismiss it? Do you think you could dismiss this kind of poison for 20 years and the follow up question is: Why is this not in the media until now? Why has this been nowhere until now?

Caller: Here's the thing, though. Sean Hannity has been talking about this guy for the longest.

Glenn: I've been talking about this guy for the longest time, Russ. I'm talking about the main stream media.

Caller: Here's the point. I completely agree. If you think the main stream media is going to come to the aid, I told you when I first called in, they want they want this type of they want everybody to think that black people, we're just talking about black people at this point, want to go along and deal with this, that you can't criticize them. Here's the point. You can't go along. You have to ignore them and stick to the issues. If somebody calls you a racist, you move forward, just like Rush Limbaugh. He's not a racist. He stuck to his guns you.

Glenn: Hang on just a second, Sean Hannity is not going to change his opinion. Rush Limbaugh is not going to change his opinion. We're not going to change our opinion because we're going to be called a racist. Give me a T shirt that says it. I've been called it you have. I think I should get a T shirt. I'm also a racist and a Nazi. So, please don't start with the names and don't worry about that. What I'm asking you is why is it that I'm just using church to church, why is it I was on Good Morning America and I was I still have grill marks on my butt for, so, tell me and I it was set up that I was not going to talk about this. I will talk about Mitt Romney. I'll talk about presidential politics. I'll talk about the role of presidential politics, but I am not the Mormon spokesman. You want to talk to somebody about the Mormon church, go ask one of the leaders of the Mormon church. They're far more qualified to ask about their theology, but they didn't want to do that. They didn't want to do that. Nobody wanted to do that. All they want to do is throw Mitt Romney underneath the bus and use religion because it's politically correct to be able to do that. Now we're in a situation where you can't even say the man's middle name.

Caller: Glenn, here's the thing. Yes, you can say his middle name. You don't


Glenn: Russ, Russ, you are a black man.

Caller: That's right.

Glenn: Do you know what? Let me tell you something: For the first time in my life, I can tell a black man, you cannot relate. You have no idea what you're talking about.

Caller: Okay. Okay. Well, fine. How about this? Condoleezza Rice. I'm a black conservative. I can't relate? That's nonsense. You know, when I walk into a room are you telling me I can't relate?

Glenn: You're telling me let me tell you something, Russ. You can relate on a small level. How's that one? How about for turning the tables completely around, you can relate on a small level. Let me tell you, by the end of this election or at least by the end of if this man becomes President, the lives of conservatives who are not racist, who are not racist, who would vote for Condoleezza Rice in a heartbeat, will be absolutely destroyed because they disagree with politics and I, again, am going to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt because he seems to be a reasonable man. I have not seen him ever play the race card, but believe me, with the special interests that are involved on both sides, special interests that are involved, the money that's to be made, the programs that are going to be pushed through, there's going to be too many people that just will not accept a loss on any cost and someone, a 527, will destroy anyone that stops progress.

Caller: Here's my point. Why can't we have a 527 that's just as strong. That's like going into a war and saying they have a bigger weapon. So, we need to succumb to that. I've been dealing with this kind of nonsense and I'm telling you as a black man you want to talk about not relating. When you see a pimp on TV speaking about black issues and the majority of America think that represents you, that's the most offensive thing and you talk about the man. Let me tell you something. Al Sharpton is just as offensive as this preacher. We give these type of people credence.

Glenn: Russ, appreciate your phone call. Appreciate you listening to the program. I have to tell you. My only question, my only question is could you, white, black, yellow, purple, albino let me make sure I don't leave anybody else out. Who else? Swedes, members of the Abba, Anna Mae, could you listen to a preacher every Sunday and be filled with hope? Could you do you believe you would understand America as our founding fathers understood America if this was the kind of stuff that you heard from the pulpit every single Sunday?

(Audio played.)

The far Left has intensified its push toward Marxism for months now, but it's more than clever catchphrases or slogans. Their radical rhetoric and policies have violent consequences.

Calls to defund the police have led to officers being ambushed and killed. Crime is spiking in record amounts all over the country. Critical race theory has the government, corporations, and now schools brainwashing Americans to believe the entire system is systemically racist. And it's paved the way for actual violence in the streets from groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

On his BlazeTV exclusive show, Glenn Beck exposes their endgame: tearing the entire system down. Marxists did this in the Soviet Union and China, among other places. Millions died, and the first to feel the brunt were always the landowners and farmers. The most recent example of this is happening in South Africa, where Glenn reveals terrifying on-the-ground interviews.

As American farmers now also face unprecedented racial discrimination by our federal government, award-winning South African journalist Lara Logan warns of what could happen if the seeds of Marxism aren't uprooted now.

NOTE: Due to the graphic nature of this episode, we are only putting a portion of the show below. Watch the full, uncensored show on

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

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"And by the way, the pipeline going down, that's not the only [cyberattack] happening now," he added later. "Thirty thousand U.S. victims, small businesses and local governments, were hacked by cyber espionage units backed by the Chinese government in January of this year."

"There is an 'Axis power.' It is Russia and China. And, by the way, who is also aligned with Russia and China? Iran. Wow, this is weird," Glenn surmised. "But don't worry about that. Just leave your dog tags on another table. Let's not talk about China. Let's not talk about who actually crashed the jugular of our oil pipelines. I don't want war. But I got news for you ... this Biden administration is doing the job for our enemies."

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

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"There is a growth of the reluctant hero in all stories ... so many people think that they don't have what it takes, that they're not the hero," Glenn said to Peterson. "How do you get people to recognize and then have the courage to stand? You've taken a beating ... why is it worth it and how do you get there?"

"I think it's worth it because I believe the alternative is worse ... to stay silent when you have something to say," Peterson replied. "You don't know what it is within you that requires your voice, right, because you feel like 'I have something to say.' Where does that come from exactly, that feeling that you have something to say?

"Maybe you're disgruntled at work and you're choking on your own bile because the situation is not just in your estimation," he continued. "You're dying to say something, but you won't. Well, you'll die if you don't say it. Maybe it's a death by a thousand cuts. I don't like deferred punishment. I'd rather take it now and keep the future clean, which is why I encourage people to have the fights now, not to hide things in the fog for later. They grow and metastasize. It's better to confront what you need to confront when it's small and you have some possibility of victory."

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