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GLENN: I told you yesterday I'm going to make not a prediction, I'm going to make a promise. I said where are all of the conservatives, saying that we can't give socialism, we can't give a socialized program to bail these big companies out. Where are they? I said here is my promise, not a prediction. Since nobody on the conservative side is standing up saying, hey, we can't bail these companies out, there will be no defense against the argument, "Well, you were for it for the big companies." And I said, I'll make you a promise that's what's coming. Well, in today's USA Today, which means Harry Reid said this sometime yesterday, as maybe I was making this promise on the air. Senate majority leader Harry Reid promised consideration of a second stimulus package. The first one's not even out yet and it's not even going to -- it's not going to work. But anyway, he's promising a second one. Extending unemployment benefits, funding construction, providing other kinds of aid. He criticized the White House on Monday for being willing to bail out large investment banks while doing little for homeowners facing foreclosure. Fastest prediction to come true, Stu?

Then we have -- I'm going to make another promise, not a prediction. Last hour is going to be taken out of context by the blogs. It will be typed directly into Keith Olbermann's TelePrompTer and it will be used as a case on just how racist and how hateful talk radio really is. And it will be very fascinating to see how they do it and how they take -- they will take the comedy parts and take it out of context and then report it as deadly serious, yet again. But you at least will know the truth, especially if you get the newsletter today. It's absolutely free. Grab it online at You'll be able to hear the whole monologue on Barack Obama's preacher. Then I want to warn you on something on the economy and then I'm going to move on.

I told you six months ago, I said, the world, you will wake up on a Monday and by Friday the whole world will look different. I don't believe this is the week. It could be the week. I don't believe this is the week but we are on the precipice and now you have more and more economists. You have people who will actually utter the word "Depression," not "Recession." They will say, "Oh, yeah, we're in a recession." Now they are starting to talk about Depression. When I was in crazy town six months ago or a year ago when I talked to you about this and I said to you at the time prepare, get out of debt, food storage, do the things that you need to do. Please do those things because the world -- I truly believe the world is going to change and hopefully, hopefully they are able to pull this one out of the fire but I don't -- I can't imagine how it's going to happen because it's not really about liquidity. It's about so much more. But leave that alone.

Here's the thing I want you to watch for. I want you to watch for a sudden fall in the price of oil. If you see oil spike downward to about $70 a barrel, $80 a barrel, if it goes from $110 to $80 a barrel, look out. It's counterintuitive but you have to remember that the price of oil is based on futures and so what could possibly happen, a bad sign. If it drifts back down slowly over a period of time, that's good. But if it suddenly drops down, what that means is that the conventional wisdom for the people who buy oil futures, these are the big -- you know, there's a lot of money. These people who are buying oil futures, what they're saying is the economy around the world is going to slow down so much that people won't be able to drive or fly as much as they have had to. They won't be able to afford the oil or the gasoline or the diesel. So demand will go way, way down for oil. That's what they will be betting on. Right now they're betting on things are just going to continue to grow and consumption's going to continue to grow and the price -- and the dollar is going to continue to fall. If oil suddenly spikes down, watch out. But please, I'm begging you, and I -- you know, I'm probably wrong but please, I'm begging you, please prepare your family. Please go out and do some food storage. Please go out and just batten down the hatches at your own home just because it probably won't happen, but goodness. There are so many warning signs out there that now the average Joe can see. And you know what? I talked to the -- remember the lady we had on yesterday? She was -- I'm trying to remember her name. She was -- yeah, Sherry Cooper. She used to work -- she was one of the chief economists at the Fed. She was on again last night. I had the guy on from Barron's, one of the main guy from Barron's last night and I asked him. I said, what is the average person doing? He said, well, the average person's got to change his stock portfolio, and I said, stop. The average person. The person that is struggling to make ends meet right now, the one that is looking at the gas pump and saying, oh, my gosh, the gas, what do I do about the gas, what does that person do? You know what his quote was? I mean, if this doesn't make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, nothing will. He said, well, that person it's too late. I'm telling you it's not too late but it's becoming too late soon. Go. Do food storage, please. Batten down the hatches. As much as you possibly can, batten down the hatches. We are facing things that this country -- you know what I actually had an economist tell me yesterday? That they think this could be worse than the 1930s. I said to them, how does it get worse than the -- how is that even possible? You think I'm in crazy town? What does that even mean? But we are in uncharted territory. The Fed is studying the Great Depression. They are looking at it. Bernanke is a guy who has studied it before and they are trying to pull out all of the stops. I read a report today that says this thing is so big and so out of control, the Fed's not going to be able to control it. It's going to land in the lap of congress and the President. Well, now it will be fixed. When it gets to that point, gang, it's socialism. When it gets to that point, it is the other thing I've been predicting, the new New Deal. All right, enough on that. Watch oil and please prepare.

Nearly two years after the January 6 riot at the Capitol, the mystery of who planted two pipe bombs outside the Republican and Democratic National Committee offices remains unsolved. Thankfully, the bombs were found and disabled before they could cause any harm, but with their potential for devastating consequences — not to mention the massive investigations into all things relating to Jan.6 — why does it seem like this story has practically fallen off the face of the earth?

No one in the corporate media has even tried to look into it, and the government's narrative that the bombs were meant to be a diversion for the Capitol riot doesn't make sense when you look at the timeline of events.

So, on this week's episode of "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck broke down the timeline of events that led up to the discovery of the bombs and how the facts appear to point toward one sinister conclusion:

  • Security footage reportedly shows that the two pipe bombs were planted in front of the DNC and RNC the day before the riot.
  • Neither bomb was concealed.
  • Then-Vice President-elect Kamala Harris entered the DNC headquarters at approximately 11: 30 am on January 6.
  • At approximately 12:40 pm on January 6, the first pipe bomb was discovered sitting in plain sight outside the DNC headquarters, raising questions as to why the incoming vice president didn't have better security.
  • The pipe bomb had a one-hour kitchen timer that had apparently stopped with 20 minutes left on the timer. (Remember, the bombs were planted on January 5.)
  • The Secret Service reportedly erased their communications from January 5t and January 6 by "accident."

"It doesn't really hit you unless you look at it as a timeline, and then you're like, 'wait a minute that doesn't seem right.' The unsolved mystery of the pipe bomb has been used by the government to show that January 6 riot was part of a larger coordinated attack ... that the bombs were a diversion to get the Capitol police away from the Capitol," Glenn explained.

"But the bomb had a one-hour timer and it was planted at 8 p.m. the night before. So the bomb would have to go off the night before at about 9 p.m. on January 5. How's that a diversion? It's not physically even possible."

Watch the video clip below to hear more or find the full episode of "Unsolved Mysteries: 7 Deep-State SECRETS Biden Wants Buried" here.

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The Biden administration has weaponized the federal government against the American people. But officials have hidden most of their attacks behind a secretive and cavernous bureaucracy.

There are so many unsolved mysteries that Joe Biden and the Democrats not only refuse to answer, but in some cases appear as though they are ACTIVELY trying to cover up. Like what happened on January 6? Who is Ray Epps? Who planted the pipe bombs? What’s in Biden’s executive order on elections? What happened to the SCOTUS Dobbs leaker? What’s the COVID origin story? What’s happening with crypto, FTX, and the Central Bank Digital Currency?

These are just a few of the unsolved mysteries that we need to DEMAND answers on. On his Wednesday night special, Glenn Beck outlines a chalkboard that will leave you convinced the DOJ and FBI are LYING to the American people. The more secrets the Deep State holds, the more its power over us grows.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

Unsolved Mysteries: 7 Deep-State SECRETS Biden Wants Buried | Glenn TV | Ep 238

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis, and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.

'I NEVER thought I'd talk about this': Was Glenn Beck's CHILLING dream actually a WARNING?

(Left) Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images/(Right) Video screenshot

On the radio program this week, Glenn Beck decided to share a very unusual, extremely vivid dream he had ten years ago — a dream he thought he'd never talk about on the air until he began to see it as a warning that we should all know about.

"I never ever thought I would talk about this on the air, but I feel compelled to tell you that seasons have changed again, and it is becoming more and more apparent. You need to know what you're dealing with," Glenn began.

"If you are a long-time listener of this program, you know that one of the reasons I left New York ... was that I had a medical condition. Part of it was brought on by no REM sleep for about 10 years ... and for 10 years, I never had a dream," he explained. "However, during this period I had what could be described as a dream. I do not believe it was."

"In this 'dream' ... I am in a hallway of the White House. And I'm walking into a big room where there's a bunch of cubicles, and people look up like, 'who's walking in?' There are people behind me, but I don't know who they are yet. I just know I'm being pushed forward by them," Glenn continued. "I realize that everybody in the White House is terrified of who's ever behind me ... I glance back and I see people that are in uniforms that I've never seen before. I have seen them since, but that will be for some other time...."

"So, these guys in the uniforms are in the hallway, and one guy says, 'him, him, and him, take them out' ... and I'm the only one still sitting at the table. They go out ... then I hear three gunshots and they say, 'yeah, that happened pretty quickly for them. However, you, we're going to get to know ... because you really have no idea who you're dealing with.' And that's when one of them ... ripped off his face and he was Satan. Or, he was a demon, okay? Horrifying. Then I wake up."

Glenn went on to explain that, while the dream was so vivid and disturbing that he thought about it almost daily for well over a year, it was what happened next — during a discussion with a prominent religious leader — that really hinted his "dream" might actually have been a vision of the future and a warning.

"I will never forget it, and I will never dismiss it," Glenn said of what he learned. "I'm sharing it with you today because you must not dismiss what you're dealing with. We are not in a battle [of] politics ... our whole culture has become evil."

"You have to get to a point where you are going to choose a side. There will be no one left on the benches, and if you think you can sit it out you will end up on the wrong side. I urge you to know who you serve. This is a different time in human experience. This is not normal. None of this is normal," he warned.

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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