Glenn Beck: 19 ought 7

GLENN: Now what's happening? Last week I told you, was it last week or two weeks ago. I know I said it on television to a couple of guests and they laughed at me. I said, I think we're three years away from being a socialized country, I think it's right around the corner, and I think the first step is what happened with Bear Stearns. I think we are going to start nationalizing this debt. I was laughed at. That's okay.

Other big events from 1907 include Oklahoma being admitted as the 46th state, the first electric ball being dropped in Times Square and the 1907 Romanian Peasants Revolt - our favorite revolt of the year...

On Friday, Stu, did you get the e-mail I sent you? The 1907?

STU: I did get your 1907 e-mail. It was a wonderful addition to my weekend.

GLENN: It was, wasn't it? And you actually, you actually followed through. You actually read up on it.

STU: Yes. You asked me to read it on it and so I did.

GLENN: But I ask you to read a lot of things and so you --

STU: I read a lot of things that you ask. I don't read everything that you ask because I have a life but I read as many things as possible.

GLENN: I just never thought, on the scale of I've got a life, the crash of 1907 I didn't think that you would actually read.

STU: I don't know how that happened but it did.

GLENN: I know. It must have been -- is Lisa gone? So here's the thing. I wrote you in that e-mail, I said, there's a couple of really interesting things that happened in 1907. I said, the next thing would be to have the Fed grab power to be able to strengthen the Fed. So what is the news today? Today the news is the President is going to come out with a proposal that gives power of the Fed over our economy, they have -- and here's how it's -- their model is the Nordic banking system. Norway, Denmark. Stu, the Nordic banking system. What form of economic system does Norway have?

STU: I know they have the weather in common. It's pretty cold.

GLENN: It's cold. No, I mean their economic system.

STU: Oh.

GLENN: Socialism.

STU: Oh, yes, that's it.

GLENN: Socialism. That's weird. Oh, by the way, Hillary Clinton has come out today with the first real detail on how she's going to pay for her healthcare system and what it's going to cost you and me and just want to let you know, I'm trying to track this one down so we can get a little more, a little more detail on this one. But she has promised that it will only cost between 5 and 10% of your income to have her healthcare system. Now, 5% of Stu's income is different than 5% of Dan's income and Dan's is different than 5% of my income. Is that a Progressive scale? Is that a 5 to 10% additional tax on my income? That makes sense. It's the only way you can pay for it. But isn't that socialism? I'm sorry. I just have never heard of the premiums costing us between 5 and 10% of our income until now. That's a good thing that you are releasing that, Hillary Clinton.

So now the Fed will be given control over the banking system entirely. Now, here's why it is important for you to know this. Here's why you need to pay attention to this story and don't worry about, oh, is Hillary Clinton going to be dropping out. Who cares if Hillary Clinton is going to be dropping out. They are stealing our country under our noses and they are doing it all because -- well, they're protecting you. They want to make sure that you're okay. No, they're not. Follow the money.

The international banking system is taking control of our economy. They already have most of the control through the Fed. They are strengthening a system that most Americans think is part of the government. It is not. And here's how it unites all of us. You want to talk about uniting messages? Here's one. How about to the right. May I just say here is a nongovernmental agency that is taking control of the government, taking control of our economy, taking control of our entire economic system and they're being handed it by our politicians. Do you want any more control of our economy or do you believe in the free market system? That's to the right.

To the left. I thought you hated big business. I thought you hated special interests. I thought the whole idea was to get big business out of Washington. You're handing, the biggest business of all, international banking, you're handing economic sovereignty over to business, not the government but to business. Business will tell the President you can pick from these three options. You know what? That's how I ask my kids what they want to eat: Do you want a cheese sandwich or do you want macaroni and cheese. I'm sorry, but the American people aren't 3. We can choose for ourselves. We are smart enough to see other choices other than the two or three the Fed has given us. But it's all about to happen and it's all about to happen in the cover of night and there's nobody in Washington that's willing to stand against it. And it is surprisingly enough happening at just an interesting time, when no one can afford to be seen standing on the sidelines saying, "No, no, we shouldn't do anything. No, this is a solution that will work."

GLENN: So Stu, how was your weekend in '07?

STU: Oh, yeah, I mistakenly started studying 1607 just because it's one of my favorite '07s.

GLENN: It was 1907.

STU: Yeah, once I got there, then the weekend really turned around.

GLENN: When you started reading it, did you notice the similarities? You can look at this all the way down the line. But 1907, did you notice the similarities? Did they kind of jump out at you?

STU: Certainly do. And one of the worst parts about it is just how government reacts to it, which is creating more and more regulation. I mean, when I read a story that's, when Barney Frank is telling me that President Bush's plan is a great step in the right direction, I want to shoot myself.

GLENN: And you know what? All of these politicians will jump on the bandwagon, some of them because they actually believe in the Progressive ideals of nationalizing everything, especially our economy. But others, just because they've got to do something, the American people are demanding that you do something. I did something. Look. I nationalized our banking and monetary system.

Eric Weinstein, managing director of investment firm Thiel Capital and host of "The Portal" podcast, is not a conservative, but he says conservative and center-right-affiliated media are the only ones who will still allow oppositional voices.

On "The Glenn Beck Podcast" this week, Eric told Glenn that the center-left media, which "controls the official version of events for the country," once welcomed him, but that all changed about eight years ago when they started avoiding any kind of criticism by branding those who disagree with them as "alt-right, far-right, neo-Nazi, etc.," even if they are coming from the left side of the aisle. But their efforts to discredit critical opinions don't stop there. According to Eric, there is a strategy being employed to destroy our national culture and make sure Americans with opposing views do not come together.

"We're trifling with the disillusionment of our national culture. And our national culture is what animates the country. If we lose the culture, the documents will not save us," Eric said. "I have a very strongly strategic perspective, which is that you save things up for an emergency. Well, we're there now."

In the clip below, Eric explains why, after many requests over the last few years, he finally agreed to this podcast.

Don't miss the full interview with Eric Weinstein here.

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Glenn Beck: Why MLK's pledge of NONVIOLENCE is the key to saving America

Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Listen to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s pledge of nonviolence and really let it sink in: "Remember always that the nonviolent movement seeks justice and reconciliation — not victory."

On the radio program, Glenn Beck shared King's "ten commandments" of nonviolence and the meaning behind the powerful words you may never have noticed before.

"People will say nonviolent resistance is a method of cowards. It is not. It takes more courage to stand there when people are threatening you," Glenn said. "You're not necessarily the one who is going to win. You may lose. But you are standing up with courage for the ideas that you espouse. And the minute you engage in the kind of activity that the other side is engaging in, you discredit the movement. You discredit everything we believe in."

Take MLK's words to heart, America. We must stand with courage, nonviolently, with love for all, and strive for peace and rule of law, not "winning."

Watch the video below for more:

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Conservatives are between a rock and a hard place with Section 230 and Big Tech censorship. We don't want more government regulation, but have we moved beyond the ability of Section 230 reforms to rein in Big Tech's rising power?

Rachel Bovard, Conservative Partnership Institute's senior director of policy, joined the Glenn Beck radio program to give her thoughts and propose a possibly bipartisan alternative: enforcing our existing antitrust laws.

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Dan Bongino, host of The Dan Bongino Show, is an investor in Parler — the social media platform that actually believes in free speech. Parler was attacked by Big Tech — namely Amazon, Apple, and Google — earlier this week, but Bongino says the company isn't giving up without a fight. In fact, he says, he's willing to go bankrupt over this one.

Dan joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to detail what he calls a "smear" campaign behind the scenes, and how he believes we can move forward from Big Tech's control.

"You have no idea how bad this was behind the scenes," Dan told Glenn. "I know you're probably thinking ... well, how much worse can the attack on Parler have gotten than three trillion-dollar companies — Amazon, Apple, and Google — all seemingly coordinated to remove your business from the face of the Earth? Well, behind the scenes, it's even worse. I mean, there are smear campaigns, pressure campaigns ... lawyers, bankers, everyone, to get this company ... wiped from the face of the earth. It's incredible."

Dan emphasized that he would not give up without a fight, because what's he's really fighting for is the right to free speech for all Americans, regardless of their political opinions, without fear of being banned, blacklisted, or losing jobs and businesses.

"I will go bankrupt. I will go absolutely destitute before I let this go," he said. "I have had some very scary moments in my life and they put horse blinders on me. I know what matters now. It's not money. It's not houses. It's none of that crap. It's this: the ability to exist in a free country, where you can express your ideas freely."

Watch the video below to hear more from Dan:

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