Glenn Beck: Is NBC 'criminal'?

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GLENN: Pat, have you -- Pat's my best friend from Houston, Texas.  Have you read "Dead Heat" yet?

GRAY:  No.

GLENN:  Do you know who Joel Rosenberg is?

GRAY:  Yes.

GLENN:  Do you have to answer everything with just one word?

GRAY:  No.

GLENN:  Is this going to continue for a while?

GRAY:  Yes.

GLENN:  You are not really helpful.

GRAY:  No.  But I haven't read the book yet.

GLENN:  It's really good.  You should read it.  Did you ever read the Left Behind series?

GRAY:  I saw the movie with what's his face?  He was terrific.

GLENN:  Kirk Cameron.

GRAY:  Thank you, terrific.  He turned in such a powerful performance.

GLENN:  Okay, all right.

GRAY:  Man, that was good.

GLENN:  Yeah.

GRAY:  That was good.  I was surprised there was no Oscar involved.

GLENN:  Hey, we were just talking, off the air we were just having a debate because I think Stu is actually for the GE/NBC thing.

STU:  Well, yes, I am.  You know it annoys me more than anybody but the only thing I called you out on, on the break is your use of the word criminal.  To me it's shady.  You know, NBC is basically putting their credibility on the line.  They say that they just obviously don't care about credibility, where CBS will say, hey, we have this offer from one of our publishers because they want to at least maintain the appearance.

GLENN:  You know, let me tell you something.  Let me tell you something.  You could listen to Stu or you could -- I mean, who are you going to trust?  Are you going to listen to Stu or are you going to have a guy who's -- I'm sitting here with one of our researchers who is -- you know, he worked at the White House, clerked for the Supreme Court.  I mean, the guy is pretty smart.  An attorney, yada, yada, yada.  He knows.  Joe, come here.

STU:  Well, you didn't know when you said it.  Even though he agrees with you --

GLENN:  Stu or mine?  Joe, whose gut's right?  Glenn or Stu?

GLENN:  Stu is 100% right on this one.

STU:  Yes, I love it.

GLENN:  Nobody's really helping me out here.

GRAY:  He's got no credibility.  Jeez, Joe.

GLENN:  Stu, you're right.  It's not actually criminal.  Did I say criminal or damn near criminal?

GRAY:  I think you said darn near initially.  Borders on, something like that, criminal.

STU:  You said it like that before but you actually said criminal.  That's why I called you out on it because I don't think you actually believe that.  You stated it differently before.

GLENN:  No, it is not, it is not criminal.  It should be, quite honestly.  You know, even 60 Minutes, when they do, you know, an author, "Oh, let's look into the Valerie Plame story, and we've got Valerie Plame on."  They will say in there, because it's important, "CBS is a wholly owned subsidiary of VICORP -- or not VICORP, Viacom which also owns Simon and Schuster."  That's kind of important to know that this isn't really a news story.  This is a book publishing story.  And that's kind of what -- you know, you need to let the viewers know of NBC.  And you can say all you want, "Oh, everybody knows that GE owns NBC."  No.  No, they don't.  You think the regular people -- and do you think regular people know that GE, they will know, "Oh, yeah, makes my CAT scans because I've had my head examined several times."  They will know that, they know it makes light bulbs, they know it makes washers and dryers and freezers and everything else but they don't know they are the largest lobbying group, the largest -- think of this.  The largest lobbying corporation in America.  They spend more money than any other corporation lobbying congress.  This is everything that Al Gore and everybody else says we've got to stop, "Oh, it's horrible, oh, all the money that's involved, they're just trying to -- they're only duping you, they've only bought these scientists off, they've got enough money.  The evil oil corporations have so much money, they're buying all these people off.  What you're listening to is only propaganda financed by the oil companies."  Well, what about the energy companies?  What about the electric companies?  What about the company that makes the wind turbine and the new fluorescent light bulb?  How about that money?  Does that make any difference?  Damn near criminal.

I'm not getting help from anybody here.

STU:  I wasn't sure if it was time to respond.  I mean, you know --

GRAY:  You just don't know.  Am I still on?  Have I left the building?  Am I in the country?  I don't know.

STU:  I mean, the bottom line, though, is, Glenn, you've got -- first of all, "Electric" is in their name.  There's some degree of realizing that, I don't know how I got in the position of defending NBC on this, but -- and also, you know, I am completely with you.  They should say it.  They don't care about their credibility.  They have Keith Olbermann on the air calling himself a journalist and they allow that.  So they don't care about their news credibility at all.

GLENN:  Can you imagine?  Can you even imagine?  Can you imagine what CNN would say to me if I was on going, "I am absolutely a journalist."  Do you think CNN would put me on the air saying I'm a journalist?

STU:  They just obviously care a little bit more than NBC does about their journalistic integrity.

GLENN:  Oh, no, it's not just that.  It's not just that.  Every soul in the media, every single person in the media.  If I was a flaming liberal, let me tell you something.

STU:  Oh, yeah.

GLENN:  We would be making twice the amount of money that we're making right now, we would have lower ratings than we have right now, and I'd be allowed to call myself a journalist and I'd be allowed to put almost anything on the air.  We have to jump through hoops to make sure that everything is nailed down, everything is buttoned up, every single word is vetted to make sure it's accurate.  And I'm not a journalist.  I'm an opinion guy.  That would not happen at any place if it was -- if I was a flaming liberal saying, oh, my gosh, global warming, we're all going to freeze to death in a horrible fire in 20 years.

STU:  Right.  But that's exactly the point is that on global warming, NBC knows no one is going to call them out about it.  They know.  They don't have to worry about their credibility because no one's going to say anything.

GLENN:  It goes back to what I said to you last week after I got back from going to these big universities, Columbia and Princeton and I said, what scared me the most was the arrogance, the arrogance of these people.  That arrogance comes from, they think they're right, they're willing to do anything because it's good for the people.  Oh, the little people don't know.

You know what?  The ends justify the means.  I'm going to shut the pie hole for a minute and try to get an update on the border from Pat who's down in Houston, Texas and is following this.  Is anybody following the border right now with all the other things that are going on?  That spells trouble.  888-727-BECK.  More in a second.

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