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- The Best French Fries

- Mustard-Glazed Beef Short Ribs

- Maryland-Style Crab Cakes

GLENN: So we've been doing that in the newsletter, and this last piece of the newsletter, today's newsletter, I wanted to include my meal. I mean, if I'm going to have food storage and I'm going to have one last meal, I mean, if a nuke goes off and I'm in my basement, I want to have a really nice meal as my last meal and so I talked to Michael Lomonaco and I said, Michael, would you do me a favor? Could you write something for the newsletter? Would you write, you know, give me some recipes, and we joked about what I would have. You know, something fancy with Twinkies. What he did, what he wrote was a recipe, I'm not kidding you, I have been trying to get, Adam, how long? Six months, a year? At least six months, maybe a year I've been trying to get, you know, not even the recipe. I didn't even ask him fortress Pi. I just, I wanted him to show me how he made the meat so tender. It's a short rib recipe. Well, he not only gave me that to give to you but he also did his apple pie and everything else. I mean, it's just a great recipe. I was blown aware that he gave it to me. But I'm going to tell you who this guy is because if you're not from New York, you don't know who he is. He is known as one of the best restaurateurs in New York City. It was under his guidance that the city had one of its best and most profitable restaurants. It was Windows on the World. Michael was at Windows on the World at the top floor of the World Trade Center on September 11th. They had to come in early. He called his whole staff in early because they had, believe it or not, they were serving a group of insurance risk management assessors. And there they were sitting on the top of the World Trade Center and they had gotten in early to prepare them breakfast. They started eating, I believe, at 9:00. So everybody was coming in. And Michael looked down at his watch and it was about 8:35. And he looks down at his watch and he had a 1:00 appointment to get his glasses checked down in the mall in the basement of the World Trade Center and he looked at his chef and he said, are we okay, is everything -- I think we're fine, right? Do you need me? And they said, no, we're good, we got it. And he said, I'm just going to run downstairs for a couple of minutes; I'm going to see if I can get my eyeglasses adjusted now where I don't have to do it because we have another lunch thing happening and I'll do the lunch, I'll take the lunch. The guy said great. So Michael runs to the elevator, takes the elevator, gets to the basement of the World Trade Center, September 11th, now about 8:38. Walks into the Lens Crafters. He says, can you squeeze me in? Says Michael, absolutely, hang on just a sec. He's standing there for a few minutes. All of a sudden the building shakes and he looks at the guy at Lens Crafters and said what the heck is that? And they said I don't know. The lights start to flicker a little bit. The guy says, you know what, the alarms have gone off. And they thought it had just been a construction accident or something like that and they're like, oh, jeez, not again. A couple of weeks before there had been a construction accident. An acetylene torch had blown up, killed a guy and they thought that's what happened again, a construction accident. The alarms went off. A voice said evacuate the building. A guy from Lens Crafters and Michael said, you know what, can we just take care of this real quick? Said absolutely, sit down in the chair. Finally police come in and say get out of here, they're turning off all of the lights. Michael gets up aboveground. He looks down at his cell phone, doesn't know what's happened yet. Thinks it's a construction accident. Looks at his cell phone, can't get cell service. Phones are jammed. Decides, I've got to call my wife because she knows and she's going to see it, another accident at the World Trade Center. He's freaking out. So he goes to a pay phone, he finds it several blocks away. He told me, Glenn, you have no idea what it's like to find a pay phone in this city now. He finds the pay phone across the street from the New York Stock Exchange building. He calls up his wife. She doesn't answer. He leaves a message: Honey, I'm outside. I'm across the street from the New York Stock Exchange, problem at the World Trade Center, I'm going back to work, they are good evacuating the building, I'm going to go back and try to get everybody out. He starts walking back and he knows where the evacuation route is. He knows which door his staff will be coming out of eventually. He knows they are up on 106 and 107, it's going to take them forever to get downstairs. So he's making his way in that direction when he hears the second plane whiz by. That's when he realized there was real trouble. Michael never made it back to the exit door of the World Trade Center. The building collapsed. Everybody he knew, his business, all of his friends, his clients. He had a packed restaurant of risk assessment, he had a convention of risk assessment managers sitting in his restaurant when the buildings came down. A lot of people might move from New York City. A lot of people might build their restaurant on the ground floor from thereon out. A lot of people might give up. Mike at didn't. He started over again. And he built his restaurant in the only other new twin towers in New York City. In fact, the towers that they were afraid Rudy Giuliani said might not be finished being built because of 9/11. On 9/11 the twin towers on Central Park weren't finished yet. When they were, Michael decided to put his restaurant there, Porterhouse. And he started over. In the new twin towers in New York. Another landmark for Michael La Monaco. And my favorite recipe of his short ribs and his apple pie and everything else comes from this man today. He's got french fries in there that will blow your mind. It's in the newsletter.

Former senior COVID adviser for the Biden administration Andy Slavitt suggested Americans should have "sacrificed a little bit more" to get through the pandemic during an interview with CBS' "This Morning" earlier this week.

Asked by host Tony Dokoupil how much of the pandemic was preventable, Slavitt responded by first blaming the Trump administration, then all Americans in general for not sacrificing enough.

"We obviously had a set of technical mistakes with the testing and the PPE that we know about. But if we're honest, there were also two other mistakes, that caused a lot of loss of life. One was just plainly political leadership mistakes. We denied the virus for too long under the Trump White House. There was too much squashing under divisions," Slavitt said.

"But I also think we all need to look at one another and ask ourselves, 'What do we need to do better next time?' And in many respects, being able to sacrifice a little bit for one another to get through this and to save more lives is going to be essential. And it's something that I think we could all have done a little bit better on," he continued.

On the radio program, Glenn Beck had more than a few fiery words for Slavitt, who is apparently unaware of the terrible toll this pandemic has had on the mental, physical, and emotional health of millions of Americans.

"We could have sacrificed a little bit more?" he asked. "So, the sacrifice of [nearly] 40% of all businesses now being closed, I mean permanently out of business ... was that sacrifice good enough? Or the fact that teen suicide now is up by 31%? A few more of us should have sacrificed our children, you know, throw them up on the altar of Anthony Fauci? I think we could have done it, right?"

"Go to hell," Glenn added. "Who do you think you are, telling us that we should sacrifice more?"

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn Beck:

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President Joe Biden and world leaders are spending the week discussing the biggest issues across the globe. But Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State during the Trump administration, believes more needs to be done.

Pompeo joined the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Tuesday to talk about President Biden's upcoming meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and to explain why he believes it's not just "appropriate," but necessary to hold Putin accountable for the recent cyberattacks on the Colonial Pipeline and the JBS meat processing company.

Pompeo said it's likely that "at the very least" Putin turned a blind eye to the major attacks against U.S. infrastructure. He stressed that the Biden administration should not abandon private businesses in the face of these ransomware hacks, but rather do everything possible to make sure those businesses' assets are secure from future invasions.

"This is an attack on America," Pompeo said. "It came through an attack on a commercial enterprise, but the capacity for pipelines to move product around on our east coast is an American national security interest.... We have to help these businesses protect their systems, and then there has to be a national effort to impose costs on those who put American lives at risk by denying available product around our country.

"Putin, at the very least, is turning a blind eye to [the cyberattacks], probably more. So, it's appropriate to hold Vladimir Putin and the Russians accountable for the actions taking place inside of their country," he added. "We have to do it, and there are tools by which we can."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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On "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn read from the Bible's II Timothy 3, in which Paul warns of "perilous times" to come and describes a generation that will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, and the list goes on. Sound familiar?

But Glenn said the times we're facing — which will likely become more and more difficult — are not any graver than what our Founders faced. We can overcome, and while it won't be easy, it will be worth it.

"Just like George Washington and the badge of merit, we will not be able to conquer this evil unless we are on God's side. If we don't have Divine Providence, we will not be able to survive. The things that are arrayed in front of us, are no greater no less than what our Founders had arrayed against them," Glenn stated.

"So, what will we do? You must make those decisions, as a family, right now. What is the line for you that you and your family will not cross? Because if you don't know it now, you will cross it," he warned. "You have to speak out, be that voice. You have to be strong enough to lead."

Glenn went on to thank and praise his audience, saying, "This is the kindest, most generous audience I have ever encountered."

"You will stand. This audience could be the extra 5% that is needed to change things, for the better," he added. "We have great and glorious times, when I believe we will see the hand of God. We will see miracles. Expect them. And live in such a way where you can call them down."

Watch the clip to get Glenn's take on what's coming next and how to prepare yourself and your family.

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How many times must the corporate media get something completely wrong — and attack anyone who dares to disagree — before we realize who they have become?

On the radio program Friday, Glenn Beck shared an article from the Daily Caller titled, "Eight Anti-Trump Narratives the Media Finally Had to Admit Were False All Along." From the Lafayette Square controversy to the denial that COVID-19 could have anything to do with a lab in China to the "Russian bounties" story, the list of mainstream media conspiracy theories goes on and on. If it were anyone but the liberal media who got the facts this embarrassingly wrong, they would have been out of a job long ago.

Watch the video clip below to hear eight of the most anti-Trump the narratives shamelessly pushed by the media — that were completely wrong.

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