Glenn Beck: Mamma Mia!

What will it take to get Stu to go see Mamma Mia?

GLENN: What's the price? Come on, what's the price?

STU: For what?

GLENN: What's the price for you to go see Mamma Mia? Everybody has a price. What's it going to take?

STU: There is no price for me.

GLENN: You have to see it because you won't believe it. Stu said to me during a break, he looked at me and said this is just the worst. I said, no, you see us? This -- any guy who has seen this, this music is the best part of the movie. That's how bad the music -- normally you would listen to this and you'd be like, I'd want to kill myself. You were praying that they would actually start singing after a while. You'd be like, at least play the music because it's starting to grow on me.

STU: I find that to be impossible.

GLENN: No, come on, really what's it going to take?

STU: There's nothing that you --

GLENN: Come on, everybody has a price. What's it going to take to get you to go see Mamma Mia just so -- are you ever with people in a restaurant and they're like, does this taste spoiled? And then they, you know, try to get you to eat it? "Try some, I think this is spoiled, is this bad?

STU: You don't do that, though.

GLENN: Yeah, everybody has a price. Come on, this movie is so bad, you have to taste it.

STU: What reason would I --

GLENN: Because you said to me, this is the worst. Listen to this.

(Music playing)

GLENN: You said to me there's nothing worse. I contend this may be the worst movie, the worst story line, the worst script, everything of all time.

STU: The worst of all time and you want me to go experience it?

GLENN: Yes. How much? I'll buy your ticket and -- see, this is the best thing I said I'll send it out to Stu. During the break I said I'll send you out to the Colby Club, that's a $200 steak conveniently forgetting he doesn't eat meat. And the great thing is I don't know of a restaurant that would serve a $200 salad. So I'll send you out for the best salad in town.

STU: You're way above a salad. This is not a meal sort of thing. You need to do a lot better than that.

GLENN: What? Give me a hint. What's it going to take?

STU: All right. If this is the --

GLENN: This will make you feel good because everything in the world will make sense. You'll be like, yeah, you think that -- Washington doesn't make sense? Please, I've seen Mamma Mia.

STU: Do not try to sell this as a positive.

GLENN: It is.

STU: If you want me to go see the worst piece of entertainment on Earth, then you should supply me with tickets to the best piece of entertainment on Earth, the Super Bowl.

GLENN: I don't think so.

STU: What do you mean? You don't even believe this, do you? You don't even believe what you're saying.

GLENN: I'm not going to send you to the Super Bowl.

STU: You just said --

GLENN: How much does Super Bowl cost?

STU: You know, I don't know off the top of my head.

GLENN: Yes, you do. You go every year, you weasel.

STU: Is this about money or is this about right and wrong?

GLENN: How much does a Super Bowl ticket cost?

STU: Face value?

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: You are probably in the neighborhood of, you know --

GLENN: How much?

STU: I would say in the neighborhood of maybe $850 a ticket.

GLENN: How could I make this worse for you? Dan, how can I make Stu's trip to Mamma Mia even worse? I mean, for us -- so I get my full $850 ticket value?

DAN: Are you hearing this song?

GLENN: Against the Super Bowl, any man can last through this for two hours of the Super Bowl.

STU: Well, I will -- I do still get to leave during the Meryl Streep air guitar scene. I think that's part of it.

GLENN: Nope, nope.

STU: You are saying I can't just turn my head?

GLENN: No. In fact, I'm going to give the Insiders screening time so the Insiders and the listeners can go and watch you in the movie theater.

STU: Monitor my viewing?

GLENN: You know what we should do? Oh, we should go to -- we should go see this together and just make fun of it like crazy.

STU: I love that idea.

GLENN: You know what we could do. We could all tell our wives that we're going -- because we hear it's good. Just, you bring your wife and you're like, oh, honey, got to go. And then all the guys, we have something planned in the -- maybe -- I'm not even going to say that.

STU: Why --

GLENN: No, I'm not going to even --

STU: Why wouldn't you say it? What did you --

GLENN: No. Not going to even say it. This is just so bad, it just gives you really bad ideas. It's just, it's not good.

STU: Perhaps this is something we should discuss off the air.

GLENN: Yeah. It's just bad. All right, Stu?

STU: Yes.

GLENN: Think about it.

STU: So you are saying the Super Bowl tickets are on the table? I'm not saying that --

GLENN: They are on the table. I'm not saying that I'm going to get you Super Bowl tickets to see it but I'm not not saying it, either. I need to make it worse for you.

STU: Really? Because I think I'm being undersold at this point. I think there's something -- Stu despises all Brendan Frazier movies. Maybe there's some sort of Brendan Frazier marathon we throw into that around the Mamma Mia. That could really hurt.

GLENN: I think it needs to be a public humiliation thing.

STU: Why?

GLENN: No, I think it needs to be -- I think we need to go down, you know -- I don't know. We need to go to Philadelphia or something and just watch it with a bunch of, you know, real people. You don't want to watch this in New York because there will be people going, this is the greatest movie. In Philadelphia you say, "This is the greatest," they will kill you.

STU: Rightfully so.

GLENN: Yeah, you'll get a nail ball in the back of your head. There's no ice on the ground. So they just bring nails. Just form it into a ball and throw it at people, "Shut up!"

STU: You would definitely not going to prison for doing that.

GLENN: Unless you got in front of a chick judge. "Mamma Mia, that was fantastic." Did you see Meryl Streep play air guitar? And you'll go, oh, I know, judge, wasn't she great? You go, girl.

STU: Why would I have to do something more demeaning? Aren't I on the short end of the stick here? I have to go see Mamma Mia.

GLENN: Super Bowl tickets.

STU: Yeah, but Mamma Mia, I have to go see the whole two hours.

DAN: Glenn, what's the costume wardrobe like for this movie? Maybe Stu's a walking billboard for Mamma Mia, in South Philly.

STU: You are not being helpful and you are not going to be invited to the Super Bowl, are you, Dan?

GLENN: Maybe Stu has to wear platform shoes and the Abba outfit. For Super Bowl tickets, now you've got my interest, Dan. I'm just saying. That could be good. Stu, with platform shoes and the Mamma Mia outfit, they are on the table now.

STU: You are going to be buying a whole section for that game.

Glenn Beck: Why MLK's pledge of NONVIOLENCE is the key to saving America

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Listen to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s pledge of nonviolence and really let it sink in: "Remember always that the nonviolent movement seeks justice and reconciliation — not victory."

On the radio program, Glenn Beck shared King's "ten commandments" of nonviolence and the meaning behind the powerful words you may never have noticed before.

"People will say nonviolent resistance is a method of cowards. It is not. It takes more courage to stand there when people are threatening you," Glenn said. "You're not necessarily the one who is going to win. You may lose. But you are standing up with courage for the ideas that you espouse. And the minute you engage in the kind of activity that the other side is engaging in, you discredit the movement. You discredit everything we believe in."

Take MLK's words to heart, America. We must stand with courage, nonviolently, with love for all, and strive for peace and rule of law, not "winning."

Watch the video below for more:

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Want more from Glenn Beck?

To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Dan Bongino, host of The Dan Bongino Show, is an investor in Parler — the social media platform that actually believes in free speech. Parler was attacked by Big Tech — namely Amazon, Apple, and Google — earlier this week, but Bongino says the company isn't giving up without a fight. In fact, he says, he's willing to go bankrupt over this one.

Dan joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to detail what he calls a "smear" campaign behind the scenes, and how he believes we can move forward from Big Tech's control.

"You have no idea how bad this was behind the scenes," Dan told Glenn. "I know you're probably thinking ... well, how much worse can the attack on Parler have gotten than three trillion-dollar companies — Amazon, Apple, and Google — all seemingly coordinated to remove your business from the face of the Earth? Well, behind the scenes, it's even worse. I mean, there are smear campaigns, pressure campaigns ... lawyers, bankers, everyone, to get this company ... wiped from the face of the earth. It's incredible."

Dan emphasized that he would not give up without a fight, because what's he's really fighting for is the right to free speech for all Americans, regardless of their political opinions, without fear of being banned, blacklisted, or losing jobs and businesses.

"I will go bankrupt. I will go absolutely destitute before I let this go," he said. "I have had some very scary moments in my life and they put horse blinders on me. I know what matters now. It's not money. It's not houses. It's none of that crap. It's this: the ability to exist in a free country, where you can express your ideas freely."

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Want more from Glenn Beck?

To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

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