Romney 'Not Disappointed' He Wasn't VP Choice

"I wish I were the Republican presidential nominee," Romney said.

The latest bombshell from the Twitter Files is in: the head of Twitter’s Strategic Response Team, Jeff Carlton, who was responsible for censoring top conservative spokespeople like Charlie Kirk, Dan Bongino, and “Libs of TikTok” was a CIA analyst before joining Twitter.

Who is Jeff Carlton?

Carlton joined Twitter in May 2021 as a senior project manager before being promoted to the head of Twitter’s Strategic Response Team (SRT). SRT is tasked with “limit[ing] the reach of certain users,” and, as one team member describes SRT’s role, “resolving the highest-profile Trust & Safety escalations,” as well as managing “crises and non-standard incidents in content moderation and customer support to promote ‘healthy public conversations.”

SRT is tasked with “limit[ing] the reach of certain users"

According to Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, content that would violate Twitter’s “Trust and Safety” standards include “Online Safety and Harassment,” “Human and Digital Rights,” “Child and Sexual Exploitation,” and “Suicide Prevention and Mental Health.” Twitter’s SRT, led by Carlton, labeled Charlie Kirk, Dan Bongino, Jay Bhattacharya, and other “anti-woke/establishment” spokespeople's pages on various blacklists, which is reserved for content from accounts violating "Trust and Safety" standards. In many cases, these blacklists have censored conservative content on the same scale as child pornography.

It comes as no surprise that the person leading the witch hunt against conservative content creators had a long career in the intelligence establishment. According to a Mint News report, Carlton served as a Marine Corps intelligence officer beginning in 2014 all the way up to 2021 when he joined Twitter.

Most notably, between 2014-2017, Carlton was an intelligence analyst for the FBI and CIA. Baker worked for the CIA and FBI between 2014-2017 and “authored dozens of official reports, some of which were read by President Barack Obama." According to Andy Ngo, the award-winning journalist who rose to notoriety for exposing ANTIFA's violence during the "Summer of Love" in 2020, Carlton has since deleted his LinkedIn account and changed his name to a fake alias since the "Twitter Files" bombshell.

Baker worked for the CIA and FBI between 2014-2017

What is the big picture?

Is it any wonder why conservatives have felt “gaslit” for so many years? As Glenn continues to expose the depths of the FBI and CIA’s corruption, from interfering in global elections to their explicitly-stated war against the 2020 Trump campaign, it comes as no surprise that Twitter's censorship against conservatives is largely driven by people deeply connected to agencies that are overtly animus towards our values and beliefs.

As we continue to hear more stories about the blatant censorship against conservatives on social media giants like Twitter, it's important that we put these stories in their proper context. Big tech has made its bed with the deep state, whose self-proclaimed goal is to restructure the world order into their leftist utopia brought under centralized government control. This vision, aptly called the "Great Reset," was cast by globalist elites during the 2020 World Economic Forum, taking advantage of the social instability brought about by COVID to bring about their vision — a power dynamic that Marx himself could only dream of. Is it any surprise that the deep state would use its mistress to silence any opposition?

Big tech has made its bed with the deep state

This is only the tip of the iceberg connected to the unholy affair between Big Tech and the deep state. Buckle up.

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Within two years, former Levi Strauss & Co. brand president and lifelong liberal Jennifer Sey went from voting for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to calling out the Left for its woke hypocrisy.

Jennifer was told she had a good chance at becoming CEO of Levi’s, but when the COVID-19 pandemic led to school shutdowns, she spoke her mind as a frustrated mom — without mentioning her company at all — and the backlash was beyond anything she could have expected.

"There are people who just don't like what you're saying or where you said it. It's in conflict with the good-bad world we're living in, where Fox is bad and MSNBC is good. [...] Are you one of us or one of them?" Levi's asked Jennifer after she committed the ultimate woke sin of appearing on Fox News.

Jennifer joined "The Glenn Beck Podcast" to share her story — which is summed up in her new memoir, “Levi’s Unbuttoned: The Woke Mob Took My Job but Gave Me My Voice" — and what she discovered about the cultish behavior of “woke capitalism."

Watch the full podcast with Jennifer Sey below or find more episodes of "The Glenn Beck Podcast" here:

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Glenn Beck: Elon Musk's 'Twitter Files' part 2 EXPLAINED

(Left) Photo by STR/NurPhoto via Getty Images/ (Right)Video screenshot

Former New York Times journalist Bari Weiss has unveiled the second round of Elon Musk's "Twitter Files" and, despite what the corporate media insists, this is a very big deal. Twitter clearly lied to us about shadow-banning conservatives, and now we have proof.

"Teams of Twitter employees built blacklists, prevented disfavored tweets from trending, and actively limited the visibility of entire accounts, or even trending topics, all in secret, without informing users," Weiss reported.

But that’s just the beginning. On "The Glenn Beck Program" Friday, Glenn explained everything inside the second set of "Twitter Files."

Watch the video clip below. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis, and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.

I recently came across an old propaganda poster from the Soviet Union. Vladimir Lenin stands in front of a giant red Soviet emblem. His right arm stretches forward with a caption that reads:

To the bright future of communist society, universal prosperity and enduring peace.

The words “TO THE BRIGHT FUTURE” would go on to be used by some — the Politburo, party officials and the KGB — as an excuse when they asserted their heavy hand on their people.

You don’t like reporting nothing but propaganda and lies in Soviet media? Don’t worry… it’s for your safety.


Or… you don’t want your family member to go to the re-education camp? TO THE BRIGHT FUTURE.

For others — all the people suffering under Communist control — the phrase became a sort of coping mechanism. Sure this all sucks, but… TO THE BRIGHT FUTURE... I guess???

In the name of securing “universal prosperity and enduring peace,” the Soviets injected political commissars and KGB thugs into every aspect of society: industry, pseudo-businesses, the media… everywhere and everything. The State — which is always called THE PEOPLE for some reason — had their tentacles into everything. No decisions were made without their approval, order or manipulation.

We see this in totalitarian Leftist governments all over the world. Chinese companies are completely infiltrated by their politburo overlords. Under Xi Jinping, a national intelligence law signed in 2017 states:

Any organization or citizen shall support, assist, and cooperate with state intelligence work according to law.

Think about that the next time you use a phone that was made by Huawei, or you fire up TikTok to watch a string of cat videos with funny music in the background, or you purchase a Chinese-made watch that looks suspiciously like a near-perfect clone of an Apple watch.

The product you are using can be used to support Chinese national intelligence work. They’ve told us this upfront of course, but we use them all anyway.

Can I ask you a question? The way both the Soviets and Chinese treat businesses and their own people… how is OUR CURRENT SYSTEM any different?

The FBI — THE POLITICAL COMMISSARS THEMSELVES — admitted recently to holding regular meetings with all the big social media companies. They maintained quote “relationships” and “met weekly.” Mark Zuckerberg gave a hint on a Joe Rogan podcast on what some of the meetings contained. He said the FBI warned them about some Russian propaganda that was about to be released.

The FBI already had a copy of the laptop

We now know that this was referencing Hunter Biden’s laptop. But here’s the thing… the FBI already had a copy of the laptop. They KNEW that it wasn’t Russian propaganda. So why was the FBI feeding misinformation to social media companies to give a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge on what they should do when Hunter’s laptop came out?

We already know that the FBI didn’t want Donald Trump to become President. We saw that when an FBI lawyer was caught FALSIFYING EVIDENCE in order to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign official, Carter Page.

And speaking of FBI lawyers, it was the FBI’s top lawyer, James Baker, that helped facilitate the meeting between Democratic operative Michael Sussman and FBI investigators to look into the bogus Trump/Alfabank smear.

Baker would then leave the FBI, and guess who quickly hired him… TWITTER. We now know from Elon Musk’s Twitter file disclosure that James Baker, as now TWITTER’S top lawyer, helped to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story.

But wait… THERE’S MORE. When Musk tried to release the files showing how Twitter suppressed the story, Baker INTERCEPTED the evidence to “vet” as it was about to get released. Was it to take out all the parts that showed FBI involvement? Musk wasn’t amused and FIRED James Baker. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just goes right back to his old job at the FBI.

The Twitter Files show how outside political actors, USUALLY from the left, have a far too friendly relationship with Big Tech, and these companies are all too willing to do their bidding.

We knew all of this already. It was OBVIOUS. But it’s a heck of a site to see it from their OWN EMAILS.

So… what’s the difference between us and the Soviet Union and China? The difference is that the people of the Soviet Union and China had this kind of behavior FORCED on them. Today, Silicon Valley AND THE MEDIA do it on their own accord. TO THE BRIGHT FUTURE!

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