9/28/17 - Hour 1

The Greatest Show on Earth...the media ...Chuck Todd vs. Roy Moore ...Moore ‘believes rights come’ … not from government ...Puerto Rico's dire circumstances, getting worse ...Michael Malice, author of 'Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong II’...North Korea says the U.S. has declared war on them...UPDATE: Coroner found no obvious signs of torture on Otto Warmbier … what did his parents think they saw? ...Kim Jong II hates to be mocked ...Amazon, Google, Facebook have already laid the train tracks to the future

What is the 2018 Oxford Dictionary word of the year? I know you're dying to know.

Every year, the word-nerds at Oxford select a word or expression that is judged "to reflect the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of that particular year and to have lasting potential as a word of cultural significance."

So, the winner each year is a word that's widely used, but not necessarily the most used. It has to be something that is used prominently and also captures the zeitgeist. For example, in 2006 the winner was "carbon neutral." How quaint does that sound now? In 2009, it was "unfriend," as in, what a lot of people are doing to Facebook right now. In 2013, it was "selfie." And last year's was "youthquake." When you look at their past winning words, for better or worse, they're pretty good at capturing the times.

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Which brings me to this year's Oxford Dictionary word of the year… toxic. Oxford explains that it's "the sheer scope of its application that has made it the standout choice."

And now that they've mentioned it, they pretty much nailed it. It captures the cultural climate and must be the most overused word in the world right now. It used to be used mainly in health-related matters – toxic air, gas, algae, chemicals, fumes, waste, plastics. You know, stuff like "Tide pods are toxic."

But now, everything is toxic: toxic environment, rhetoric, policy, agenda, legacy, parenting, workplace, school, speech, culture, relationship, tweets, and everyone's favorite, toxic masculinity. That's not a joke – after chemical, Oxford found that masculinity is the most-used word in conjunction with toxic this year.

The use of "toxic" has clearly turned toxic.

"Toxic" sums up this week in the U.S. alone, never mind the rest of 2018 – Florida recounts, President Trump vs. CNN, Georgia's governor election, Michael Avenatti. CNN has used "toxic" in over 600 news stories and opinion pieces online so far this year. That's an average of two times per day. And that's just online. And that's just CNN.

The use of "toxic" has clearly turned toxic.

Toxic is simply defined as "poisonous." It comes from the Greek words "toxikon pharmakon" which means "poison for arrows."

Poisonous arrows – that pretty much sums up America's year of outrage.

Hey Celine, go peddle your Marxist propaganda somewhere else

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There's a new tactic being employed by the Left this week, and if this doesn't backfire on them - LIKE BIGLY - then we are in serious trouble. I don't mean "we" as in the GOP, or even conservatives, but "WE" as in a country. Actually, screw it… "WE" as in a SPECIES.

First, it was a commercial ran by Planned Parenthood that used a precious looking baby, a lullaby and these words: "she deserves to be loved"... "she deserves to be wanted"... "she deserves to be a choice." How dead inside do you have to be - actually - how evil do you have to be to hear a lullaby, see a cooing baby and try and force people into thinking that this baby's life is expendable? That if the mood hits you right, this baby's life should be taken and destroyed. Because that's what this ad was trying to do.

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But this was just the first crazy ad. Celine Dion has just launched a new clothing line with a mini movie style commercial. But I've gotta warn you, this might be the creepiest thing you hear all year.


Our children are not really ours? This is Marxist propaganda bull crap. This is disgusting. This is exactly what the new left want to brainwash you into believing. That they hold the reins to everything in your life. They can tell you where you can receive healthcare. They can tell you how to run your business. They control your children's education curriculum. They own you… and especially your kids.

While this Marxist propaganda piece is rolling, Celine Dion is actually breaking into a hospital nursery. When she delivers the line, "they have the right to choose" Dion magically turns the nursery into an Orwellian hospital room that removes all color - no more blue and pink - and changes all the boy/girl symbology into hospital crosses. Why? Because gender identifiers are not "inclusive"... you know, obviously.

Are we so inoculated to Cultural Marxism that we're now accepting it?

But maybe the scariest thing about the past 7 days or so is that I haven't seen or heard much of a backlash from this. Where is the pushback? Are we so inoculated to Cultural Marxism that we're now accepting it? How long will we allow this crap? Our children are our children.

No government - Marxist or Capitalist - has any claim to them. And gender? It's pretty damn obvious here. Any attempt to trivialize and diminish life, the family and even basic science should be met head on. And I know none of us can stomach hearing "My heart will go on" one more frigging time, but please - for the sake of sanity - Celine please go back to your bread and butter. Even that is better than this Marxist creep show.

Avenatti arrested: The lawyer now needs a lawyer

David McNew/Getty Images

At this point, I think there are about - oh - four thousand potential Democrats that may try and run for president in 2020. But we can probably take one off the list. "The creepy porn lawyer", also known by some as Michael Avenatti, was arrested yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles. And the reason why he was arrested kind of makes you think there's some kind of invisible force out there that's making sure either irony or maybe even karma is receiving it's daily offering. Michael Avenatti was just arrested for… Domestic Violence.

The alleged victim filed the complaint on Wednesday, but the incidents began on Tuesday. The woman involved is said to have bruising and swelling on her face and was kicked out of Avenatti's Los Angeles area apartment. Avenatti could be heard screaming, "This is BS, this is effing BS! She hit me first!"

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Yeah, I don't think the whole "she hit me first" line is going to be a good strategy to use in court. He might want to revise that… I'm just saying.

You know, I wonder if the media - specifically CNN and MSNBC - are going to be doing any mea culpa's over the next 12 to 24 hours? They basically became Avenatti's PR wing over the past 8 months. From March to May, the two networks had Avenatti on the air over 100 times. He gave 147 interviews on both cable and network TV. MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell actually said quote, "Michael Avenatti is becoming my co-host. I've got to say."

And this was actually before he dragged Julie Swetnick into the limelight to attack Kavanaugh. You know I wonder, will this teach networks like CNN and MSNBC to maybe take a step back on over hyping and exposing every crazy, and even salacious, person or claim that comes out simply because it may be anti-Trump or GOP? Could this be a learning moment? Yeah… probably not, but one can dream.

And speaking of Kavanaugh, I've got to read this twitter exchange between one user and Avenatti on October 5th that said:

Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed, and it's Michael Avenatti's fault. Seriously.

And then Avenatti replied:

You are right. I should have turned my back on my client. Told her to "shut up" and stay quiet because people like you apparently believe assault victims are to blame. This line of thinking is disgusting and offensive to all survivors.

Well that was then and this is today. Here is Avenatti's statement last night.

Michael Avenatti: 'I Have Never Struck A Woman' | NBC News youtu.be

Umm, in the court of Avenatti, #metoo and public opinion now a days - by the standard that he helped create - is this statement not "disgusting and offensive to all survivors" as he tweeted back in October? Is he not immediately guilty as accused? I wonder if all the men and women screaming at Kavanaugh and GOP Senators in elevators can now see the pandora's box that they wanted opened.

The answer is no… he's NOT guilty as accused. Avenatti is innocent of this crime… UNTIL he's found guilty. We have to presume he's innocent until all evidence comes out proving he's not. That's how this works. Let's lead by example and do something radical here… let's actually wait for all the information and evidence to come out before we convict someone of a crime.

And that right there is the real irony here. Avenatti will get the due process that he deserves, but I doubt neither he - nor anyone screaming for Kavanaugh's head - will realize what happened.

It's been a busy week for former First Ladies, and for current First Lady Melania Trump. It has also been busy for one woman who, twenty-odd years ago, while working at the White House for then-President at the age of 21, shot to fame in the most embarrassing way possible.

Monica Lewinsky has released "The Clinton Affair," a docuseries that premieres this weekend on A&E;, a six-part series examining those cringe-inducing days and months surrounding her affair with Bill Clinton.

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In an article for Vanity Fair early this year, she wrote:

Some closest to me asked why would I want to revisit the most painful and traumatic parts of my life — again. Publicly. On-camera. With no control of how it would be used. A bit of a head-scratcher, as my brother is fond of saying. Do I wish I could erase my years in D.C. from memory, 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' style? Well, is the sky blue? But I can't. And in order to move forward in the life I have, I must take risks — both professional and emotional…. An important part of moving forward is excavating, often painfully, what has gone before. When politicians are asked uncomfortable questions, they often duck and dodge by saying, 'That's old news. It's from the past.' Yes. That's exactly where we need to start to heal — with the past. But it's not easy.

She added:

Filming the documentary forced me to acknowledge to myself past behavior that I still regret and feel ashamed of," she explained. "There were many, many moments when I questioned not just the decision to participate, but my sanity itself. Despite all the ways I tried to protect my mental health, it was still challenging. During one therapy session, I told my therapist I was feeling especially depressed. She suggested that sometimes what we experience as depression is actually grief… Yes, it was grief. The process of this docuseries led me to new rooms of shame that I still needed to explore.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton—a man who has been accused of all sorts of terrible things, a close friend of Harvey Weinstein—recently admitted that he didn't feel the need to apologize to Lewinsky. Lewinsky disagrees.

I'm less disappointed by him, and more disappointed for him. He would be a better man for it… and we, in turn, a better society.

The #MeToo movement has been a wrecking ball to so many men, yet Bill Clinton, perhaps the most prolific of them all, has escaped unscathed.