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On the day that Glenn left cable news to found a new network, GBTV, he announced that he would be launching a new clothing line to help fund Mercury One, a non-profit initiative that aims to fix America “one town” at a time. Glenn named the clothing line 1791 after the year that the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution were ratified.

“It’s kind of like my Newman’s Own,” Glenn explained.

In the same way that Newman’s Own helped fund many of Paul Newman’s philanthropic endeavors, all net proceeds of 1791 merchandise will fund Glenn’s own philanthropic project – Mercury One.

Glenn has said on radio many times over the summer that Mercury One will endeavor to connect people who want to help with projects and causes that are looking for manpower. Glenn has said that rather than rely on governments to fix the problems facing the country, Americans need to start fixing things themselves.

“There are more people that want to help than that need help and we have to fix our country one person, one community, one town, one state at a time,” Glenn said.

“When we start to stand together and we start to help each other, when we are like Joplin, we will fix America.”

Glenn launched the first t-shirt from 1791, a grey shirt with a skull and crossbones accompanied by the phrase “Death to Tyranny”, earlier this summer. Since the debut of that shirt, Glenn’s staff has been working hard to design a series of new items for the official launch of the clothing line.

The first wave of new items includes polos, fleeces, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more. All the items are “Made in America”.

“It is important to us that each product tells a story even if the story is found in the people who made your polo or fleece. For many years we have looked for American companies to make quality products. Simple things like baseball caps, the ribbing around the neck and sleeves of sweatshirts are rarely made here anymore in real quality or at a price a company can afford,” Glenn said.

“The products must be made here in America. They must provide jobs and reclaim the lost art of making quality American clothing,” Glenn said.

Many of the new shirts will feature the purple Merit badge on their sleeve. The symbol of the purple heart was an idea that originated with General George Washington. He knew that to be defeat the greatest Army on Earth, the rag tag American soldiers would need to be men or character and virtue He looked for men who would do the right thing, go the extra mile and be a man of Merit.

“A people of Merit can overcome any obstacle and defeat any foe,” Glenn said. “If you too agree we ask you to join us and proudly ‘wear your heart on your sleeve.’”

An organizaton called American MoJo, also known as Moms and Jobs, makes both the Merit and the Death to Tyranny fleeces. American MoJo is a newly formed clothing venture, headquartered in Boston. Their goal is “to address the issues facing mothers who are poverty-stricken. By providing freedom from the strain of daycare costs and a new career path for this underserved demographic, MoJo enables a new start for moms who desperately need it.”

“We finally found a small group entrepreneurs that wanted to fill this void of American product while putting Americans to work that want to work. Single moms that want to make something of themselves and teach their children that earning an honest dollar for an honest days work makes one a person honor and Merit. We don’t know their politics nor do we care. We do however know their spirit and intent: To work together to restore our nation by reclaiming quality and honest and honorable capitalism,” Glenn said.

To view the 1791 store, click here!