Glenn talks with ‘The Homeless Advisor’

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Glenn has a lot of fans across the country, but there is one fan in particular who many may be surprised is a huge Glenn Beck fan – a homeless gentleman named Scooter.

When he brought him on, Glenn asked Scooter to introduce himself to the audience.

“I’m 56, from New Jersey. I’ve been homeless just over two years now. I’m approaching my third year. I wasn’t part of the subprime mess. I lost a house that I had lived in for 27 years. It was bad health, bad luck. And I’m hoping to explore my future. I’m a Tea Party guy. I’m not here because of addiction,” Scooter said.

“I live in my van. I live in a conversion van of wonders. I’m in a Wal Mart parking lot here in Morris County, New Jersey, and I stay alive by using a generator. I’m able to cook in here. I have a new wave oven, I’ve got a microwave, a coffee maker. And hoping for a much better future.”

“But you want the government to take care of you?” Glenn asked.

“Absolutely not. I take the absolute minimal. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until New Jersey had forced me to that I applied for disability,” said Scooter.

“Because of the type of aid that I do get from the state which is general assistance and food stamps which amounts to a total of 400 a month, they obligate me, because I have a medical situation, they obligate me to apply for disability. And I was made aware of that about a year and a half ago and I just refused to do it and then I was told I had to do it, otherwise I was going to lose what I get,” Scooter explained.

“Ofttimes you have quoted Ben Franklin where he said don’t make people too comfortable in the situation that they’re in. And I don’t want to become complacent. And you know something? When you get to the winter? Like last night we had below 30 degrees, and it becomes appealing. I do look for work. I’ve picked up some odd jobs over the course of time so that whenever I’ve seen opportunity, I’ve grabbed it with both hands and I’ve gone with it.”

Scooter said he was looking at Wyoming, North Dakota, and possibly Texas. Scooter said that he has a background in television and used to work in the production trucks in New York for live events.

Scooter also commented on politicians a political figures like Maxine Waters and Jim Wallis.

“ Here’s the thing with Maxine Waters. I mean, she’s been obnoxious in the past, and I’ve got to tell you even before I heard her quote, I was getting annoyed at the Wall Street people simply because I’ve been in the van like I said over two years and not once have I ever wanted to defecate out in public. Quite frankly, because I would be so studious in finding where I needed to do whatever it was, I wound up in a hospital with a severe case of diverticulitis. And that these people, they’ve actually made life for some homeless people in the country harder in certain cities because they’ve been grabbing resources from churches and things like that that are designated specifically for the homeless.”

Scooter said that the people and businesses around him have been generous. He gets electricity from a generator and he gets internet access from the nearby McDonald’s and a Panera Bread.

How did Glenn hear of Scooter?

Scooter explained, “There was actually a tsunami on Twitter a few weeks ago that was inspired by me. It wasn’t instigated by me and I was quite surprised by it. There’s a fella by the name of Mark Fullback who came up and did a video with me. The thing I like about Mark is that he’s not going after government help for helping homeless people get back on their feet or stay alive. He reaches out to individuals, to institutions, to corporations and he’s doing a great job. He came up, shot a video with me at which point he asked me the same question about Internet access and I mentioned that Glenn had the new network online and that I wish I could get it and I looked in the camera and I said, if anybody wants to buy me a scholarship, please do. And then there was this tsunami of tweets that people were saying, ‘Hey, Glenn, reach out to Scooter, he’s your biggest fan,’ et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.”

One of Glenn’s producers saw the tweets and passed the story to Glenn and Stu. Below is the video which led to Scooter ending up on radio:

At the end of the interview, Glenn gave Scooter a subscription to GBTV – but with the caveat that Scooter continues to contribute to segments on radio and GBTV.

“Thank you so much. And listen, God bless you guys for everything that you do. I told these people what you do I cherish because you’re boots on the ground and you’re pressing the Constitution and you want to take the country back to the greatness that it was that opens up opportunities for guys like me. It really does.”

Scooters blogs can be found here and here.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Nice to meet you Mr Scooter, it is nice to hear the stories of others who are seeking to make their lives functional once again, in the face of all the government is throwing out at us day by day and hour by hour. One thing constantly relearned by people, is that in the face of adversity, while we may want what was in the past again, the future is what we chose to make of it, and how we strive to reshape it for our own little area of it.

    Scooter is attempting to do just this with his portion of America, God bless him and let his message and example be bountiful…the human spirit can be unconquerable to those willing to rise to the challenge.

    Understand one thing clearly this day people, as it is true in this time and all others…

    In this age people are calling and crying for a hero, WE are the hero’s of today, each of us in what we do and how we do it, in our lives and the influence it carries out about ourselves like ripples in a pond and as a river flows across a nation.

    This is the time when many of these heros will arise to the challenge, locally or nationally, or in the world, and become more than hero’s, they will become legends.

    This is the time when the future generations will look back upon and declare “This is a time when the uncommon courage, was common to many of them in the face of adversity…they are the heros and legends we know of today…”

    • Anonymous

      Hallo snow, as Mahatma Gandhi said… ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    God Bless America! I am trying to imagine a homeless like this in other parts of the world and my imagination fails

    • astds

      I don’t wish anyone to be a homeless, here in Israel we have few and they live on social security and looking for bottles for making better living. They sleep on public gardens and people live cloths and blankets outside so they can take.

  • Anonymous

    I like this guy, I wish him luck & success.

  • Ryan Frederick

    take that Maxne!

  • Anonymous

    Before I retired I owned a floorcovering business.  One of my regular accounts was the Center for the Retarded in Houston.  A Charity Orginization.

    Every time I went there, it always impressed me to no end, seeing those *Children* from ages about
    14-15 and older *working*.  I’m tearing up………………

    Some of those jobs were only packing or labeling for companies who furnished supplies and paid them at least some wages, I know not the amount, maybe min by law.  Girls and boys, so pleased with themselves, happy to be useful in all the capacity they possessed.

    There was a young couple, husband and wife, ……………both working, producing, supporting themselves.  They rode busses to work every day.  On one occasion I saw them at the end of their day, going to the bus stop.   So happy, holding hands like any lovers………………………….., laughing, loving, really enjoying their work and life.  With all their somewhat limited abilities.

    Most touching thing I’ve ever eperienced, watching those kids.

    And we have OWS!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Lest one may question an Atustic couple marrying, I thought I would add this.  Another customer sent me to bid a job for her friends. 

      When I arrived, they were both Autistic, with two beautiful children, both perfectly normal, for a better word.

      This was unusual.  When I quoted the total bid price, they asked me, “Did you discount this price”?
      I worked on a 25% MU.  Being the owner with no sales commission, I dropped the price to 18% MU. 
      They both displayed some anger.  I further explained that they were friends of my other customer and I did discount. 

      I never got the job.

      All I could think was that they did not expect a discount because they were different/Autistic.
      I always felt badly, thinking that I had insulted them.

      • Sunshine Kid

        Don’t feel bad for trying to do the right thing.  Some people simply are incapable of accepting gifts, no matter what kind.

        Some people simply have a persecution complex.  Their problem is not your problem.

  • Right Fielder

    I’ll bet Scooter sleeps better than most of those reading.  There is an incredible amount of freedom that can be gained when we learn how to live as “Economic Minimalists.”  Guys like Scooter have learned to do more with less.  My wife and I have been practicing eco-minimalism for some time now. Try it, folks. De-clutter. Streamline. Reduce your footprint. Take it slow, but start now.

    God’s speed, Scooter.

  • Anonymous

    Irina … ‘you can’t imagine’? believe me no you can’t believe the poverty in other parts of the world where people live on less than $100 a month with 2 children, NO food stamps or support from goverment … you are very blessed in America.

  • Steve Thomas

    This guy is what America is about…God Bless him…

  • Anonymous

    who is this guy

  • Anonymous

    i want a package just kiddin i dance at joe r place in tampa glenn i know you dislike him   but the money is good and i dont have to beg lov ya

  • anita crane

    Glenn, you are generous. Please HIRE Scooter so he can get an apartment.

    • Anonymous

      Also so he can do work at the studio.

  • Anonymous

    So this is what SELF-RESPECT looks like ?
    Thanx for reminding Scooter.
    You are a man with a golden heart . I pray things start turning positive for you . You deserve every blessing God has to offer.
    Stay brave my friend

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This guy is a class act, surely something good is in store for him.

  • Eric Bonk

    God Bless this man and Keep Him all His Days. Scooter is the truely Forgotten Man.

    • Anonymous


  • Roy Rees

    There’s a lot of people out there that’s like Scooter but don’t want to work!  Scooter wants a job, but maybe because of his health, companies may be reluctant to hire him….that’s too bad!   He seems very capable and someone should step forward and put him to work and furnish him with a house, maybe in a warmer climate!  It so happens that Scooter was living in an expensive part of the country and was unable to keep up the expenses.  He should have moved long ago to a cheaper part of the country, which he said he had made some mistakes (we all do this)!!!   Someone from another part of the country may pick up his story and make him an offer that he can’t refuse!   May GOD bless Scooter!

  • Paul E Ogle Jr.

    Bless you scooter. Stay strong. We miss you at U2U.  OgiesDad.

  • Anonymous

    Scooter……….you are an American Patriot God Bless You…………the great Glenn Beck will have a place for you Scooter……………with Glenn’s help your future is about to become exceptional !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This man reminds me of this.

    Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. I know both how to be abase, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.  I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.  Philippians 4:11-13

  • Anonymous

    more guts and intelligence than Hussein-Obama! why can’t anyone call him by his middle name what are they afraid of?! the hippies in office literally bombed America in the 60s now they ‘change’d the radical pose/clothes for radical ends and are still (O-bomb-a)Obama-ing America! straight from Lucifer himself!

  • Anonymous

    Um, you may want to do a better vetting process on this guy. I think you’ll find he’s not everything he says he is.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck,

    I think someone of this guy’s character could be gamely employed by you or a friend. I’m sure there is a position he can fill that would pay him decently enough that he wouldn’t need to live out of his van anymore.

    Resolve and integrity go a long way.

  • rappini

    God bless Scooter.

  • Anonymous

    Scratch the surface here and all may not be as it seems. Choose words like integrity and decency carefully

    • DICK

       You are so right me at and lets expose the truth on this nut. 

  • Ana Lorena Victor

    I admire this man, he does not make himself a victim, but a person who presses on, and keep going, a victor, he has a grateful heart that allows him not to put the blame on others, but to take responsibility for his own, and he is honest, yet has no pride, he does not want to take advantage of the system but he will take whatever help is given to him.  I would love for him to be my children’s grandfather.  This attitude is the one I learned here in America, sadly Communists are spreading so much propaganda, now we have so many sissy complainers who wants the government to feed them.  God bless you Scooter, all your troubles are only the step to better things for you and those around you.

  • Anonymous

    Every time I go to that Walmart I saw his van. Today I saw his link & here I am. Now I know his story & see what kind or I should say what a kind guy he is, I will make a point of donating a can of gas or something for his cause. & Scooter, if you read this, I know you dont want charity but it would be my way of saying thanks for not taking muny from the guberment. 

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed this interview.  Could someone please write me what the 2 web sites Scooter has or uses please?  I thought he said and  I found the first one. Write me at, thanks.

  • Scooter Jolley

    Hello again. For anyone interested, I have relocated to Texas and am working. So..if ANYONE ANYWHERE is interested in getting Verizon’s FiOS system, I am your guy!!! I can be reached at  Thanks!

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