Adam Carolla tears OWS, ‘millennials’ a new one

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Maybe instead of Occupy Wall Street they should Occupy Your Life

Is this the most epic (and accurate) rant against the millennial generation and specifically the Occupy Wall Street protesters ever? Glenn certainly thinks so. The audio is currently setting The Blaze on fire (get it?), as its one of the most popular stories on that page ever! And who would have thought that Adam Carolla of all people would be the one to deliver such a critique of the ‘Occupy’ movement?

Listen to the epic rant, courtesy of The Blaze, below. Warning for graphic language (the edited version is at the bottom of this post)

Carolla focused on the sense of entitlement that millennials have, as well as their aggressive blaming of people who have success.

The Blaze reports:

Reflecting on how things used to be “back in the day,” Carolla states:

“You took guys who built something, and you said ‘there’s a guy who accomplished something.‘ You didn’t say, ‘that guy didn’t pay his fair share.’ That guy paid millions of dollars last year, and you paid shi*t and you’re pissed at him?”

Regarding the “envy” of Occupiers, the media personality notes that people used to look up to those who “accomplished” something and built businesses.

“It’s this envy and shame, and there’s gonna be a lot more of it,” he warns. “It used to be back in the day, a father was walking his son and they’d see a guy go buy in his Rolls Royce. There goes Mr. Jenkins. Look up to him.’ What do we do now? Oooh, look at him. Does he need that car? Why does he need to drive that car? Let’s throw a rock at it.”

“It’s common sense. All he’s saying are the things that we all know are true. But he’s saying them, but he’s saying them. That should tell you something about this society. That saying something like this is now the biggest story (on The Blaze),” Glenn said.

“This should be heard in every college campus,” Glenn added.

“I beg you, take the participation trophies and go burn them in your backyard. For Christmas give your kids a great gift. Fill their stockings with all their broken trophies that you took into the garage on Christmas Eve and you broke them apart with a hammer and a hacksaw and then you put all those broken pieces into the stockings and you say to your kids, ‘Merry Christmas, kids. Here you go. You are a loser… unless you choose to excel. I’m giving you the greatest gift I can possibly give you. No more worthless trophies in this house. No more telling you are the most special.’”

“Today’s kids are not raised the way we were. They’re just not. Our kids, our neighbors’ kids,” Pat added. “It’s no wonder that these idiot Occupiers go down to Zuccotti Park and think it’s theirs now. They have no respect for other people’s property. To them it is theirs, and they tear through it. They left 30 tons of garbage in Los Angeles. Because they just thought it was theirs and they were… it was their right to do whatever they wanted with it.”

Glenn said that one of the greatest aids in being a parent has been the Gospel, and that prayer and faith can help in teaching kids.

“If we don’t change our behavior and change, if we’re not down on our knees praying with our kids, we are in trouble. We are in deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep trouble. And I don’t mean just as a society. I mean we are going to be held responsible. What you’re seeing are the sins of the fathers and the sins of the grandfathers and mothers being passed along now. We are really reaping the fruits of how we were raised and how we’ve raised our kids, telling them all these lies, all these lies throughout their lives.”

“Adam Carolla is right about the whole idea of the trophies and all these ads that say you’re special and you’re unique. You are. But that doesn’t give you a right to do anything. That doesn’t that doesn’t give you a right to be anything except alive. You are unique. Now, what are you going to do with it? What are you going to do with that uniqueness?” Glenn said.

Below is the edited version of this rant:

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  • Linda Legg

    Well said

  • Ingrid Rwg Magnusson

    Damn straight!!!!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Mr Carolla, on the money, we are seeing the fruits of the progressive education system here in the US from the latest generation coming through; and remember that the White House band of Socialist Progressives like Mr Obama support these bands of radicals, racial haters, commies, rebels, traitors and crooks.

    We have gone in the case of them from a generation of “It will be done, and I will do it…” to a generation of misfits and retrograde intellect of “What is in it for me from the government…”

    The #Occupy band represents the 99% of what is WRONG with AMERICA; while the rest of us still have the hope, the dream and the passion to make things happen for the better.

    Today I had to once again pass the Occupy Phoenix band, such as it is anymore, and they had taken sticker labels of the USPS and placed them all over with hand written signs calling for, in the exact message “Overthrow the STATE” and “Andy Stern and Obama, GIVE US OUR COMMUNISM NOW.”

    • Jere Hodges Jr

      Wish you’d taken photos so I could post them all over FB to my friends who think OWS protesters are just “people like you and me”…

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Jere — I tried to get some of the actual stickers they are using complete with writing; the problem is I am becoming well enough known by sight that they kept blocking my efforts to get either photo or actual item in hand.

        I will try to get back down there and get the pics or an actual sticker and scan it in and post it. God help me this is getting harder and harder anymore.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Jere — here is a link to the article of where Obama ally Andy Stern is calling for a communist state here in the USA.

        Look also on Drudge in the right hand collum at the time of this post that Mr Obama says only the executive branch has the authority to order the death of any US Citizen via the assassination exec order; and NOT THE COURTS.

  • Anonymous

    I never cared for Adam Corolla…UNTIL TODAY!  FINALLY…someone has the stones to SAY these things!!

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Indeed, and today here in Phoenix while downtown I happen to hear the Rev Jesse Jackson “encouraging” the “massive” Occupy Phoenix protesters to push the movement onward and stay in the action…all 25 members of the massive occupy movement…yes, all 25 makes it a “massive’ movement.

      • Daniel Polley

        yep!  There where 20 tents in Louisville, KY!  That’s it!

      • Michael Thompson

        The Rev. Jesse Jackson overstated??? Then again, what would you expect from a man whose ’cause celeb’ has evaporated into the thin air with Obamas election.

      • Paul Hood

        Please do not call Jessie Jackson a REV. He is a wanna be in every way. He and Hosea Williams are not true ministers. If they were they would be trying to do what is right instead of backing what is wrong just to get publicity.

        • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

          Paul — My apologies, I should have clarified that sometimes I use the shorthand of REV not for meaning of Reverend; I use it in this context…

          Revelations of EVil.

        • Kirk Lundgreen

          What??? He isn’t a Reverend?  I thought he paid like $19.95 for that Reverend Certificate.  Go figure. Wow, never saw that coming.

        • Jessay

          Coming from a guy who is defending someone who, in the same story where he discusses praying with his children, mocks the poor and starving members of his country. Good Christians! And lol, backing what is wrong to get publicity? Are you talking about Glenn Beck? The guy who makes his money feeding misinformation and hatred to the easily led masses?

          • Anonymous

            They’re mostly poor because of the poor choices THEY made or their parents made and taught them.  How to live off other people’s money in the form of taxes so they can get their welfare checks. I was a single mother of one child (after I divorced a lazy, non-working husband).  He didn’t pay child support for 14 years afterwards and I worked hard and did’t take food stamps, etc. even though I qualified for it.  I would rather work.  He’s paying now in arrearage even though my son is grown and married!! 

             I dated a few guys but when they went for my pants, I said no.  No birth control (another drug) needed when you say NO and tell them ahead of time that I’m not out on a date for you to screw me and leave me pregnant.  This lady wanted more kids because of the checks and then leaves for 10 months, with no address, etc.  Guessing she was on drugs for a while, then decided to get those little money-making children back because she was broke.

            I’m in between jobs right now and I don’t receive unemployment checks because I’m self-employed and love my work.  I already have several interviews lined up and I know I will be employed by the end of the month.  I make more than most college educated people and I only have two years of college.  My clients love my work and I get lots of referrals.   Living off the savings we accumulated while NOT buying DVDs, big flat screen TVs and other non-essential to life “toys”.  We’re keeping our home and paying our mortgage too.  If we have to give it up, we’ll do it with heavy hearts because both of us have excellent credit scores above 790.   Don’t drink, smoke or do any kind of drugs, just vitamins and work out so I won’t be a burden to society in my later years like the OWS crowd will be with their drug culture-drop-out lifestyle.

            Having been raised by two parents, with my father working 44.5 years at the same company, my mother at home and they really sacrificed to pay for parochial schoosl for all of us 10 children.  None of us ever been arrested, jailed, welfare or drug-addicted of any kind.  Wow!  How did that happen?  My parents set a great example for us kids and that’s why we all own our own businesses and are not into heavy debt because we don’t buy a bunch of toys unless we have the cash and can afford the upkeep.

            THAT is called responsible citizenship, not the destruction that OWS is doing, lazy bunch of whining crybabies who are envious of those of us who worked hard and paid off our small-college debt that was small to begin with!  I don’t want to hear that OWS whining anymore!!!!

          • One_Man_Army

            Uhm, what have you been smoking?  Beck has NEVER EVER fed anyone any misinformation whatsoever.  And there is definitely NO hatred coming from him whatsoever.  Beck has ALWAYS called it like it is, period.  Wake up to reality, please.

        • Anonymous

          You go Paul!  He’s been in the background ever since the out-of-wedlock baby and that open mike statement he made backstage before some speech another guy was going to make…don’t remember the venue or the person he was making the derogatory comment about.  Hasn’t he shaken down enough organizations and threatened lawsuits and hurt enough businesses that some had to close or pay big lawyer bills?  And don’t even get me started on another rabble-rouser, Al Sharpon…nothing reverent about either of them.  Jesus is watching and shaking His head in sorrow because they are NOT following Him, just themselves, the money the publicity and the faux power trip it gives them.   Reminds me of the Pharisees in the Bible, beating on their chests and letting everybody know how much money they give to the temple, etc.  All for the publicity and not for the cause.

          And great use of REV acronym too!

        • Anonymous


      • Daniel Pierce

        I call them “causetitues”.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe someone will have the stones to say something about Homeland security being able to arrest citizens inside the borders and chuck them away because they disagree with the president.  Maybe someone will have the stones to say the democrats are enemies of freedom and should be charged with treason in an open court. Wow, someone just did.

      • Anonymous

         Ill liberals are the biggest menace on earth and for far too long! You bet they are the “enemy within” repeating enemy propaganda as their “original thoughts”. I look real hard at folks that call everything and everyone a “lie” as their eternal answer besides “i must see it for myself”. Google: “Elana Kagen as Obama’s Solicitor General trying to suppress free speech” and see the “Fox lies” at the time! Its time to attack the ACLU as the Anti American scum they are!

        • Anonymous

          Deport them.

          • onearth1hominid

            To help save the economy, the federal government will announce next month that the Immigration Department will start deporting seniors (instead of illegals) in order to lower Social Security and Medicare costs. Older people are easier to catch and will not remember how to get back home. I started to cry when I thought of you. Then it dawned on me … oh, crud … I’ll see you on the bus! LOL

          • Anonymous

            Maybe they’ll get Ed Shultz instead.

        • Anonymous

          It’s not just millennialists who feel entitled, it’s seniors all the way down.  Someone should tell OWS people that everyone in the U.S. are to the rest of the world, the 1%.

          • Anonymous

            Again.  Seniors were “fed” the BS for the Social Security and
            Medicare.  It was a Retirement insurance.  They paid into it
            all their lives.  Most seniors lost any “savings” they had during
            the “recessions” and “low” interest rates causing them to
            put what money they had into the market (Enron, etc.) .  They
            were “forced” to pay into those funds all their lives – with the
            Promise that they would receive those benefits at retirement.
            Seniors WORKED for those benefits.  CONGRESS USED A LOT OF THAT MONEY “SPENDING” (THEY STOLE IT!!) OWS never worked for anything.  Do you now expect those Seniors to “try to go to work” to support themselves ????  HOW DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO LIVE? Impossible!!!  There aren’t even jobs for the Young!!!  Put the “Blame” where it belongs  GOVERNMENT!!!!!

        • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    What makes this so funny is that every one of us think these things, but most of the time, we don’t say them. I could have done without some of the language, but I had to stand up and cheer just now. Right on.

  • Tommy Lee


  • Jeremy Chapman


  • Jere Hodges Jr

    Mr. Corolla’s attitude about religious people, especially Christians, has him black-listed on most conservative listeners’ charts…

    But – like a stopped watch twice a day – he got this one EXACTLY right.

    • Anonymous

      Christian here…… Agree with his thought about occupiers.

      • Anonymous

        Calling him “black listed” is real supidity.  I myself am a born again Christian and hardcore conservative…there are many great conservatives who are not Christians.  Their spiritual life (or lack thereof) will ultimately be between them and the Lord.  That being said, I’ve LOVED Carolla and been a staunch supporter of his for many years for his conservative views and no nonsense, common sense approach to most issues.  He arrives at the same conclusions as conservatives do on most issues, but he doesn’t base it on Biblical/Christian teachings as most of us do.  But who cares?  He still arrives at the same conclusion and preaches the same views.  As long we end at the same conclusion, who cares how we get there.  Attitudes like yours is why the conservatvie movement isn’t growing as fast as it should.  “Blacklisting” conservatives who arent religious is policital suicide.  Get a clue.

        • Candace White

          I daresay he does come to the same conclusions as Biblical/Christian conservatives for the same reasons.  He just hasn’t realized that the light/intelligence within him comes from the Lord.  He’ll get there one day.

          • Anonymous

            Exactly, well said!  All we can do is pray for the man, I,too, hope he’ll get there one day.  But in the meantime “blacklisting” him as Jere Hodges did above is purely moronic and counter-productive.

        • Anonymous

          Carolla, for one who claims to be a born again Christian, you’re awfully sarcastic. In the Bible, can you give me an example of Jesus addressing somebody with such sarcasm or disrespect? Didn’t think so. Even when he had some rebuking to do, he didn’t have a caustic, arrogant attitude like yours. As for the conservative movement not growing, well I can think of a lot of things to blame, but not someone who takes offense at another person’s cursing, and abrasive attitude, because that turns a lot of us off. 

          • Anonymous

            Ok Dixie, you’re obviously not the brightest crayon in the first clue was that you apparantley don’t know the definition of “sarcastic” because nothing in either of my posts were sarcastic, so, try again.  You’re one of those people that likes to go around preaching at people saying “oh yea?  show me in the Bible where it says this, or that!” yet I bet you’ve never opened the Bible once in your life, so stop trying to preach at people.  Given the lack of intelligence you exuberated in that post I will try to dumb this down for you as best I can, so bear with me here:  my original point was that if we’re going to win at the ballot box, we can’t exclude people who are voting for the similar interests because they’re voting for them for different reasons.  While the majority of conservatives are indeed Christian, we shoot ourselves in the foot by giving people litmus tests to “validate” their Christianity.  Conservatives=less government and more freedom.  You don’t have to be a Christian to apprecaite these things.  If you feel Carolla is too vile in his language, then you have every right to vote with your listenership/wallet by not listening/supporting him.  But blacklisting him and saying he isn’t a true conservative because of the language he uses is, again, moronic and shoots ourselves in the foot.  Uniting ALL conservative thinkers regardles of why they’re conservative spells victory every time.  Splintering them conservatives into people who are conservative for this reason and then people who are conservative for that reason will as I stated, hurt the conservative movement.  If that’s too complicated for you to understand then maybe you’re not quite ready for real world politics.  Everyone else got my point (and apparrantely agreed as I got 42 likes).  Don’t see anyone liked your snooty pies self righteous post, better luck next time.

          • Anonymous

            Obviously I must have struck a few raw nerves of yours. I am sorry, but that does not change my opinion. First of all, nowhere did I say that Corolla wasn’t a “true conservative” as you put it. For all I know he is. My point was simply that if you talk like a sewer-mouth, you will loose a lot of people who are turned off by that kind of thing. Second point I would like to make is, yes I know my Bible, cover to cover. I have been reading it probably for more decades than you have been alive, and by the way you didn’t answer my question, where in the Bible was Jesus ever sarcastic with anyone? As to your claim that nothing in your posts was sarcastic, you sound to me like the type of person who is blind to their own flaws. Do you imagine that insulting my intelligence and making remarks like “Ok Dixie, you’re obviously not the brightest crayon in the box” gives you a pass on the perception that you are sarcastic? Have you ever put your self in someone else’s shoes and asked yourself how you would feel if someone else spoke to you like that? I bet you’d be insulted, and you would be right to think that person was a sarcastic jerk. I’m not giving Corolla, or anyone else a “litmus test” because he’s not running for office. As I stated, I can think for myself, and I have nothing to gain by “blacklisting” him, or anyone else for that matter. I was not trying to “splinter” anyone into any group of any type, so I don’t know where you got that moronic idea. I’m glad you got so many likes, I hope it gave you a warm and fuzzy tingle, as obviously you place a lot of stock on what others think of your posts, I don’t. I really don’t care if people “like” my posts or not. I am not a child who needs an achievement trophy for every post that I publish. Until you understand that, maybe YOU’RE the one who’s “not quite ready for real world politics”. This isn’t a contest, it’s supposed to be a discussion between adults, try acting like one.

    • Robert Patrick

      He isnt ranting about religion though. He is correct about this and I agree with him 100%

    • Anonymous

      That’s a good way to put it, Jere.

  • Anonymous

    Our poor are rich? How many children go without food everyday in America? Glen, you don’t look like you’ve missed any meals lately! Why can’t the rich pay what they paid before, we prospered through most of those years? How much money do you really need? What the burns the rich is that the average Joe can afford to do things that the rich think should be reserved for them! GOP quit being racists, there are more white people, than blacks, that go hungry everyday.

    • Brad Oeverndiek

      I hate the statement “How much money do you really need?”  As much as I can EARN is as much as I need!

  • robert

    You the man Adam!

  • Anonymous

    Diddo! Go to work and quit crying about what someone else has!

  • rosie

    The snow globe of socialism..the occupiers live there.

  • Anonymous

    Re: envy and Liberals – Check this article out:

  • Anonymous

    Adam doesn’t exactly “hit the nail on the head” – He just accurately describes the trickle down affects of suppressing and taking God out of society and letting the moronic thinking of (Godless) Liberalism take over – and the majority people in a selfish lazy stupor since about WWII let it happen – these types of “protesters” are the faults of their fathers (or a lack of not having one), since the father, a MAN, puts God first and takes responsibility for his life, wife and kids – that is to say being fruitful (God First) BEFORE multiplying – THAT would be hitting the nail on the head.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! I do like his thought on occupiers tho!

  • Steve Bacher

    Way to Adam! This should be posted EVERYWHERE!

  • Ken Roberson


  • Anonymous

    Love it how ever Think that you should research the word FUCK it was used when the troops came back from war the king gave them a reward it was like a chit Fornicate Under The Command of the King So I don’t know if it is good or bad Just saying

  • Cheryl Kelley

    MY HERO!

  • Brad Casselman

    I love the fact that this is getting some attention.  I call it the “Barney the Dinosaur Syndrome,” but this kind of “you are special, nobody can do what you do” false doctrine is taught from many different sources.  The only exception I take with Mr. Carolla and with Mr. Beck is in the last analogy regarding terrorism.  Yes, cultural and religious differences play a part, but I believe that our missiles slamming into buildings in Beirut, our occupation of their lands, and the financing of their 4,000 year old enemy serves as the primary motivation for their attacks.  I do not sympathize with them, but I am also unwilling to let fear and hatred drive my objectivity.

  • Claudia Del Pezzo Morris

    Most people that think the gov. should support them and their lifestyles have never paid a dollar income tax in their lives. There are so many on disability for disableing themselves with drugs, alchohol , envy based self pity that the people that have worked at time two or three jobs putting in to social security , their money has long since gone to alot of free loaders that think the hard working peoples money paid in to the system should support them. This sense of entitlement has got to stop, and hard work is what needs to be rewarded once again, it is what made this country great. ” Whatever you do , do it with all your might as unto the Lord , and not men.”

  • Anonymous

    I have not heard anything so well put in my life. THANK GOD for this rant, does it not make the most sense??? Right??? Adam I too was not a fan, but today you are a man I respect because you showed your balls!!! Keep talking to me!

  • Anonymous

    Change happens just like everything else, for a reason. Just because we don’t understand it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a purpose.
     Sure, it pisses me off to see people who work less than me getting what they want and more than we can afford (when they can’t afford it either). There are people who know how to lie and cheat to get what they want. They are the ones that karma is a bitch to. It is proven and it will continue to be that way. People fuck up that’s our nature. It’s what we do to fix our fuck-ups that make us who we are.
    Someone needs to do something about it. Sure making a statement is a good start, but how do you get people to change the way they think and act? That’s what has to happen. Where do you start?
    I think that parents should praise their children for the good they do and discipline for the bad. (I was spanked as a child, just saying.) Children need guidelines and rules. My husband always says if you give a child an inch they will take a foot. Give them a millimeter.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Yes, those are the magic vasilin lines that make us, pardon,  made us vaseline.

  • Anonymous

    obviously they aren’t like you and me, cus they are “protesting” while we are working!

  • ‘Benjamin Martin’

    This entitlement is a result of the Oprahnization of America! Her show epitomized the “you are beautiful, perfect, number 1, do whatever you want, dont let anyone tell you you arent good enough” etc etc which has steamrolled over the years. When Corolla was on the Man Show with Kimmel that was their underlying target, they couldnt take it! Viewers of  Oprahs show raised kids with this entitlement mentality and the timing is about right with those in occupys age to the show that was on for what 20-25 years? What we need is ppl to take a page from American Idols Simon Cowell and tell kids/folks they stink on ice! (as Glenn likes to say)

    Other than the foul language there is nothing wrong with this rant the guy is 100% right. These kids raised this way expect everything to be handed to them b/c of their liberal upbringing. It even goes as far as putting helmets & pads on kids so they dont get a boo boo when they fall off their bike. Ya know what I fell plenty of times and b/c of it I learned how to take a fall, I have instinct to protect myself when I go down. You put all that padding on a kid they will never learn how to take the punches. That is the problem they are raised on how to get around not  taking the punches then one day they get slammed down and dont know what to do…

    Why do we fall? ….. To learn how to pick ourselves up!

  • Rick Nicholson

    Adam Carolla for President…as far as I’m concerned he has a good feel for what’s really going on in the old US of A.

  • Lauren Hereford

    LOL I love the censorship in this clip.  Glenn’s right people are enjoying listening to it because it’s what they’ve been saying this whole time.  I was driving home about a month ago and a couple of the OWS punks walked in front of my car at a green light.  GREEN LIGHT?  Yeah I’m usually a very sweet, calm young lady, but these guys get under my skin.  I don’t recall a time in my short life I’ve ever rolled my window down to yell at someone…before that day.  BTW I live in Dallas, TX, yeah I said DALLAS, TX.  Almost as far away from Wall Street as you can get and still stay in the US.  Seriously? 

  • Anonymous

    Right on the money Adam! Ill liberals are a bunch of extended adolescents want what their parents have right now for no work. They should be renamed the Socialist Democratic “party” cos all it takes is free food and beer. Remember 10% of Americans are dug addicts they count among their friends. They celebrate the world’s worst of the worst every time. Guilty by associations, by their own words and guilty Anti Americans as charged. Remember, America’s greatest strengths are our biggest weakness with Ill liberals leading the charge. Bring back McCarthy and put these Anti Americans in jail. OWS really does say it all. A bunch of self hating Americans are what Ill Liberals are will always be. Poverty? We always have 10% “poor” when taking in so many poor immigrants let alone the illegal ones each year. I say Ill Liberals are the gifts that keep on giving every time they open their mouths…:)

  • Lourdes

    I hated Adam Corolla.  Not anymore!!

    This really sums it up.

  • judist crews

    Awesome, it’s about time! Good job Adam.

  • Jenni Zupp Milne

    He nailed it when he said it’s about ENVY. There’s a reason it’s a deadly sin. When you feel envy for one thing, it manages to spread, like a flesh eating virus into every aspect of your life. Polluting it. Destroying it.

  • Michael Flagg

    Even a D-bag like Carolla  can stumble his way onto truth from time to time.  Glad to hear him admit it…but it doesn’t mean he is now NOT a D-bag!  Maybe an enlightened one, but still a D-bag at heart.  (I can say this cuz I have a fair amount of D-baggery in my history too)

  • Anonymous

    This is just the tip of an extremely large iceberg, people!!  Mr. Corrola tells it like it is and more people need to realize this, loose the PC attitude take responsibility and take back our country!!  And don’t forget, these OWS bums aren’t the creaters of this rag-tag so called grassroots movement, but look toward the Union hot shots and people like Soros for its creation and perpetuation!! 

  • Vickie Smith

    Whole lotta beeping going on…….. but he’s right on!

  • Anonymous

    Diclaimer: I am not an Adam Corlla fan; two I found the initial concept of OWS to be intriguing and understandable for about a week. Adam Corolla is an odd choice to be talking about immature behavior, given that his single claim to fame, the Man Show was a celebration of  prolonging adolesence for young men. His adolescent language is proof positive of a continuing lack of maturity. Notwithstanding his status as chief adolescent, I am in agreement with that the “everybody gets a trophy” mentality is a mistake. As a former youth soccer coach whose opposition to trophies was overruled by the parents each year, and frank assessments of players abilities were ignored (all of the parents are hoping for a college scholarship don’t you know) I have stared in wonder many a time at what my peers as parents were trying to achieve.  However, this is not why OWS happened. OWS never would have happened in a good economy; or even a normal recession which was not caused by gross mismanagement of financial institutions. Gamblers who lost brought down our economy; none of their dealings were about capitalization of real businesses–they were trading recklessly and creating recklessly bad financial products. That is why  people, myself included are so ticked off. None of us, other than the financial elites, realized how much the rest of the economy , i.e., us regular citizens, are all dependent on these money managers and market manipulators. I suspect that is why OWS continued to garner media attention, long after the time its shelf life should have passed. But the latent adolescent protesters at OWS are likely unemployed; not well steeped in real world politics, reality or economics;likely had nothing else compelling to do.  They should have been cleared out of their tent cities about a week into the movement. Why NYC, Philly, San Fran etc, waited so long is beyond me. It empowered the occupiers and gave them a platform from which to launch a completely incoherent and unfocused message. Shame on the mayors and national media for permitting this “phenomenon” to last this long.

  • Ron Stokes

    Right on, brother!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how much of what Adam said has been fueled by a President who is the poster man /child for the entitlement / envy generation.
    When it became clear the Presidents hope & change wasn’t going to pan out he became angry, spiteful and petulant,as has those who voted for it.
    Like Adam said their snow globe was shaken.

  • Richard Tucker


  • Vinny

    This entire rant is based on his narrow minded belief that everyone’s created with equal talents and equal brain power, with equal abilities overall…..which is obviously not the case.  So what a waste of a rant and a waste of everyone’s time who just listened to that foul mouthed HATE filled rant.  Once again, the pure hatred on this site is very apparent.  …and of course the posts that follow mine will be filled with hate from the posters.  You are who you surround yourself with.  You have no sympathy for the less fortunate and disadvantaged in this world, you want to trample and conquer and dominate.  Very disgusting behavior.  Republicans and especially Tea Party guys, and even some Demo’s are exhibiting pure evil these days.  ….so sad. 

    • SoThere

      Tell me Vinny, just what was your job in the Army? What was your MOS and why did it take you 9 years to get deployed to Iraq. Why did you say you never drove a truck and then say you drove convoys in Iraq?

      What was Dallas? What school did you get your 2 degrees and what was the Name of the Dean at that school. How many years did it take you and why are you still telling these lies strtlk?

      Why should anyone take a liar seriously or even give that persons posts any credibility here on a site you feel is so disgusting?

      I’ll wait for an answer.


    • Ryan Frederick

      he got you brats down to a tee.

    • Anonymous

      What’s really sad Vinny is your attitude. Everyone is not created equal but that’s life. To try and equalize everyone is pure fantasy that will never be accomplished. To even attempt it would be to marginalize those that work hard to succeed. If you take away everything they work for why should they work hard. Without their hard work and success the whole world would be stagnant.

    • Anonymous

      u are in denial the truth is what you cannot and will not see. What have u youself done to help others in need to prove u are not a hypocrit? But what you fail to see is that the rich are the ones paying taxes and they are the ones who in the end are helping the poor and disadvantaged—millions of them are helped. And where does the money come from for all the foreign aid the united states gives to the countries of the world–the rich again. And the thing that really stands out about the occupiers is when they complained that the homeless were becoming a burden and using resources that were intended for them. And u have a stereotypical mainstream media induced view of the tea-party–are they not entiltled to their view and respect for our form of constitutional government. It is disgusting that u demean so many good people.

  • Steph B

    The one thing I agree with in the Occupy Wall Street movement is the anger that students go to college, get good grades, and are unable to find a job when they graduate but are still expected to pay the loans. (Due to affirmative action, white kids don’t get much in the way of scholarships, we’re forced to either get loans or go serve burgers the rest of our lives.) However, many of these kids are getting stupid degrees like “Women’s studies” or “Sociology” (degrees that do not translate to any career outside of being a professor or textbook writer, and these kids are too lazy to get the PhD necessary for that.)

     It’s sad that people like me who are graduating college with a career-oriented degree still can’t find jobs, so I can sympathize with them somewhat. I put a lot of work into my education and I have nothing to show for it now- in hindsight I would skip college and join the military. However, some of these occupy protesters really DO have a terrible sense of entitlement. If you got a degree that you KNEW was not career oriented, you dug your own hole. Personally, I’m upset that I just wasted the past four years, but I’m not going to blame the government for it. I think it would be nice if they created more jobs in my field, I would greatly appreciate it. But I don’t EXPECT it.

    Point is, there IS some validity to Occupy Wall Street. But those that think they DESERVE everything handed to them need a serious wakeup call.

    (I couldn’t really listen to the Adam Corolla thing and actually pay attention. I can’t force myself to pay attention to someone who talks like a teenager trying to be cool by using constant profanity every other word. It just screams “unintelligent”. Maybe a more professional tone would keep the audience listening. Profanity once or twice is one thing but I can’t siphon out the valid points from the crap in this video.)

    • Anonymous

      the tthing about the profanity is maybe that the only way they can understand or even listen to what he said.

    • Anonymous

      Steph,  This is the story I heard about a young college grad who was able to get a good

      job without any problem.  He had work experience from the time he was in high school

      continuing throughout his college years.  Those to whom he applied for a job were im-

      pressed with his work ethic.   I’ve heard others talk of their having internships in both

      high school and college in the fields which interested them.  How many of the OWS 

      crowd, do you think, have followed these patterns?  Employers are often looking for

      someone who does have some work experience, but it depends on the company and

      the position to be filled.

  • Jason Gottlieb

    1 Timothy 6:17-19
    17 Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. 18 Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. 19 In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.

    I am a liberal, and I am a Christian.  This is not a sin.  I don’t always agree with the Democrats, because I am not a sheep.  I believe in the free market, and I believe that those who work ought to be rewarded.  However, what I do not believe in are those who exploit the market.  

    There are plenty of bad people out there, both rich and poor, Democrats, Republicans, independent, of all creeds and faiths.  However, there are also plenty of good people.  This kind of partisan, hateful ranting only exacerbates the problem.  Our biggest problem as a society is that the loudest voices, on both sides, are what everyone pays attention to.  In this society compromise and civility are bad things, “sins”.

    America is a great nation, the best in the world.  What makes us great is that all of us aren’t of one party or one lifestyle or one background, it is that we are of one nation.  I just think sometimes, people who speak loudly but don’t say much need to be reminded of this.

  • Ryan Frederick

    i love this it’s freaking great! he is 100% right about most of our generation. Patton once  said “By perseverance, study, and eternal desire, any man can become great.” amd aslo said “Do more than is required of you.” none done by the OWS all they can care about is screwing the man. they are the man they stand with the culture we find ourself in. we are the counter culture but they can never win why because their movement is based in lies all bold face lies. they stand with Obama and his marxist friends even when they claim to hate him.

    • SoThere

      Tell me Vinny, just what was your job in the Army? What was your MOS and why did it take you 9 years to get deployed to Iraq. Why did you say you never drove a truck and then say you drove convoys in Iraq?

      What was Dallas? What school did you get your 2 degrees and what was the Name of the Dean at that school. How many years did it take you and why are you still telling these lies strtlk?

      Why should anyone take a liar seriously or even give that persons posts any credibility here on a site you feel is so disgusting?

      I’ll wait for an answer.


      • Ryan Frederick

        you mean the moron back for a beating..

        • SoThere

          He had to go back to Vinny.


          • Ryan Frederick

            i can see why he made the other name look like a fool but knowing the moron that he is we might be see his other sock to.

  • Matt Wayne

    My God!  I’ve been saying pretty much the same thing for years about all of the “special kids”.  I’m glad to finallyhear someone else say it also.  GEEZ I play baseball and have since I could walk, we always kept score.  If you want to win, work for it.

  • Robert Thomson

    Truth.  Pure truth.

  • Danny Stanbery


  • Robert

    My dad told me while I was in highschool: “this world doesnt owe you a living, you owe it”. Some of these people today say some of the things that I think that we have said: “I didnt ask to be born”. None of us did, but we need to do the best we can, obey the laws, and make for ourselves the best life we can without the thought of “I deserve it”. You deserve a paycheck if you work for it. It says in the bible: “If a man doesnt work, neither shall he eat”. 2nd Thessalonians 3:10b. Wish Adam would have cleaned up his language a bit though!

    • Ryan Frederick

      amen brother.

  • Ed Shoemaker

    [  First, watch this before ever listening to Glenn Beck. He is – to use his own beloved tactic of character assassination – bat-shit crazy. (

    Also, if you want some fact-checked truth-based information on OWS, there’s a decent collection of infographics, charts, and personal stories regarding the protests here:  ]

    Wow. All I can say is wow. This takes it to a new level… Comparing the protestors with terrorists.

    He manages to never mention any facts or use a single example of something real and tangible – all he manages is an angry, baseless tirade of slander and hatred (violently beaten into cute father-son anecdotes) against people who are supposedly just being lazy. Hate to break it to you, but working hard does NOT equal having a job, or at least one that pays enough for you to make a living off of.

    Jobs shipped overseas, minimum wage stagnating, all while Corporations and CEOs make more money than ever before.

    And of this so-called ‘self-entitlement'; Where did it come from? OWS as a whole to give away what you have or it needs to be taken from you (yes, in a gathering of hundreds of thousands of people in a protest against the government, there are going to be a lot of varying opinions, get over yourselves and stop attacking the fringe and find something substantial to criticize). The only self-entitlement is in the people in congress and at the head of corporations taking and giving bribes and colluding to benefit themselves at the cost of American people.

    What makes this worse is that he’s essentially just pinch-hitting for the ‘1%’, and acting as if everything is a-okay, rather than recognizing something is wrong and providing some kind of solution.

    OWS doesn’t want to ‘take your wealth’ or redistribute it. They want the system to be fixed so that people can earn a decent living.

    Feel free to ‘tear me a new one’. 

    • good j

      don’t bother . . . i already trolled the garbage on this forum in the same manner they troll life and my remarks got taken down. these idiots subscribe to the notion of “im going to believe everything that man just said because it’s exactly what i want to hear”

      trash isn’t worth the effort. you are correct in your statements . . . fact checking ftw

      • Anonymous

        Trash?  Interesting… you are clearly part of the problem…..

        I don’t really care about your remarks, and opinions, your “entitled” to those, but not to your facts…..

        Sorry, you are clearly out of the loop, as it were…..too many people in this country are.

    • Anonymous

      Mindless, clueless, blissful ignorance.  It is truly amazing how many people are just to stupid to see reality anymore…..

      Here’s a hint for you, loser, he’s right on.  

      Tell you what, why don;t you grow a brain, get a job, and be responsible for yourself…..

      Good grief…..

      • Ed Shoemaker

        “Here’s a hint for you, loser, he’s right on.”

        Good job with increasing the number of emotion-fueled and fact-void garbage on this page.

        Please give me some examples (one will do) of my “Mindless, clueless, blissful ignorance.”

        And then another ad-hominem attack on my character with, again, no substance to it: “…why don’t you grow a brain, get a job, and be responsible for yourself…..”

        Oh goodness!
        Brain: Check! (I’ll be honest, I’m still developing my frontal cortex, so give me some time on that one)
        Job: Check! I work 9-5 every week day, and even come in to work sick! (when I’m not contagious and/or a total mess)
        Responsibility: Check! I pay for all the things I need to live, and have since I moved out of my parent’s house at age 17.

        Good grief is right, Charlie Brown!

        P.S. Sorry for pulling that football out from under you, but the entertainment value is just too good to pass up. Classic!

        @good j ,

        They can take down my remarks, I’ll just post screenshots of my posts under a new account if it comes to that.

        • Anonymous

          Well, sounds like you are far too smart for all of us, Ed. So sorry for questioning your vast, and superior intelligence….

          I’d just think that anyone as smart as you are would see through the garbage…..and yes, apparently you are one of the clueless who have a lack of understanding of who and what has co-opted this (bowel) movement.

          You truly believe the “1%” is the problem, or did I misunderstand you? If you listen to what this guys says, and I have no idea who he is, never heard of him, the facts are what they are, and he is, as I said previously, right on. If you do believe it, I stand by my remarks….if not, I do apologize. Either way, the guy is right.

          Glad to hear you actually have a job, and a part of the solution, as opposed to these “movement chidren”, who are the converse…..

          “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”– Winston Churchill

  • good j

    u mad?

  • Anonymous

    When I was growing up, people didn’t have computers or the internet.  No violent video games.

    Cellphones?  What the heck were they?  We didn’t have the 24 hr. news cycle, constantly

    showing all the violence around the world, with someone trying to outdo another sick act, just

    to get on TV.  All this technology is great, but it also allows so much evil to get out there too.

    How I long to “Occupy” the farm I grew up on.  A simpler time.  We had chores and we

    respected everyone.  It was a given.  My seven sisters and brothers and I, knew of any evil.

    I want that comfort back.

    And Glenn, you owe me a box of Kleenexes.  I’m a sap like you and yesterday’s 5:00 pm. show

    had me watching with tear filled eyes.  I have to watch it again and hopefully catch the parts

    that I missed, because of the tears.  Thank you, Glenn, for bringing me things, I might never

    have seen.  The good and the bad.

  • good j

    lol finally someone has the stones to show how much of an idiot they
    are. is this a joke . . . you losers are the types that subscribe to
    that good ol notion of “i’m going to believe exactly what that man just
    said because it’s exactly what i wanted to hear”. gj trash . . . not a
    single piece of evidence presented . . . not a single source sited . . .
    just pure assumption. hey guess what?! based on all your logic,
    assumption is just fine so i’m going to assume you’re all low born under
    race trash and by your own logic it must be true. power of assumption
    for you . . . try and refute it. don’t like it? walk it off . . .
    political noobs <3

    • Anonymous

      Another brilliant one……I’d bet you parents are very proud…..

      Missed the point, did you?  And what of the entire “rant” is not true?  Apparently you are one of the ones he was referring to…..and, your use of grammar and diction is amazing….


  • Rick Hunter

    If you’re a fan of the Ace man, you’ll know this is nothing new…. he rants like this all the time… Of course I think he’s 100% spot on, but as I was listening to the podcast that this rant occured it just rolled off my back cuase this is the 4th or 5th times he’s ranted about this or something similar.

  • Anonymous

    I see your lips moving, but all I’m hearing is: “Beep, beep, beep.”  :-) 

    I try not to cuss.  I used to cuss so much, even a sailor would’ve pulled me aside and asked me to watch my language.  Sadly, it was that bad. 

    I am not saying I approve of Mr. Corolla using the f-word and other cuss-words.  That having been said, it is not even the cussing in this sound-byte that makes Mr. Corolla’s viewpoint so spot-on.  It is the harsh-tone in which he is saying it. 

    While having a harsh tone all the time is not a healthy way to live your life, there are times when having a harsh/stern tone is neccessary to make your point.  Those who are skeptical, if not opposed, to the OWS movements, have been very dilligent in their efforts to be polite, respectful, etc. towards OWS supporters and “activists”. 

    And, yet, when the OWS’ers start disturbing the peace, that’s when the kid-gloves need to come-off and you need to up the ante (sp?) and let ’em have it.  I’m not advocating you get all “Chuck Norris” on them, but (like Glenn and Mr. Corolla) verbally engage them in a tone that lets them know that you means business and won’t take their lame justifications for pooping on police cars, throwing stuff through glass windows, and (even if that’s not them) refusing to condemn those who do.    

    • Anonymous

      Are you daft?  One, how about you listen to the one prior to the edited one…it is very clearly marked.  Two, apparently you missed the point…..

      • Anonymous

        Why would you call me “daft”?  Have you ever met me?  How dare you!  Who do you think you are to call someone names?

        For the record: I suppose I should’ve been more clear.  I listened to the edited version on Glenn’s radio show.  Glenn, being the classy man he usually is, bleeped out the cuss-words. 

        You know the old joke, “I see your lips moving, but all I hear is ‘Blah, blah, blah?'”  Well, I decided to put a unique twist on the joke.  Yeah, it’s not that funny, so I won’t quit my day-job.  But, still, that was my intent.  That’s were I was coming from, I should have given more context.  I will give you that.

        Furthermore, I did get the point.  I simply chose to look at it from a different perspective (the tone, not the cussing).  I understand that you might not have understood where I was coming from, but that does not justify you calling me “daft”.

        • Anonymous

          My apologies….but to be clear, I didn’t call you daft, I asked if you were daft….there’s a difference. Fact is, without the context of the obscenities, you wouldn’t get it, the underlying message. Sometimes they just fit…and in this case, particularly well. There is a lot of anger out there, and frankly, all caused by the incompetent idiot sitting on our white house. Virtually all of the world’s issues (save the mindless liberal mindset that is going to cause the EU to fall, and subsequently the US) today have been caused by the idiot…the class warfare (which isn’t real – nothing in the liberal world is), the danger of what is happening in the middle east, OWS, the Tea party…….all of it. Never has there been a more divisive president in our history, one so incompetent, more tied to a historically failure of an ideology….and anyone with any sense of history knows this……and now, many of us, the real intellects, the ones that know the ignorance of liberalism and its failures are seeing it negatively impact us and our way of life. And many of us, like me, ones that have worked our asses off to get ahead, to care for our families and their future are getting really pissed off. I used to laugh at the idiots, the mindlessness, the sheer ignorance……not anymore…..

          So, I will apologize for my comments to you, and you are right, it wasn’t funny….not much is these days…. That seemingly intelligent people fall for the lunacy of liberalism is a sad commentary on the people of this country….

          “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”– Winston Churchill

  • Michael Iacchei

    I have been complaining about participation trophies ever since I was old enough to realize that they were worthless.  A nation of weenies, indeed.

  • Anonymous

    Not too hard to figure out why we have these idiot entitlements in the OWS. There are different angles to consider the present result. How many of these Mr Jenkinses got success at the mercy of their own families? I know of quite q few “successful” people financially, who have lost their marriages, their kids, but drive those RRs. How many families have both parents working their butts off to get ahead, but also neglect their kids? Combine that with the liberal approach to society and you get dropouts, who envy their own parents. The liberal school system teaches the kids that they can’t fail, even if they don’t work for it. How many young women are out there, mostly single mothers, who are draining the welfare coffers? Where are the deadbeat fathers?
    Many problems exist because the young generation didn’t experience hunger in their lives. The parents who had that experience are shielding all that away from their kids, guaranteeing them better things in life. Who’s doing the lieing?
    Many of today’s problems are the result of the family union breakdown. People want things today, without having to work for it, just like they were taught at home and in schools. This is why the OWS movement makes sense to them. Who supports the idiots most? Of course, the liberals of various ilk.

  • Anonymous

    Adam tells it like it is.  Read Carolla’s book “In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks.”  It is full of rants like this.

  • Prime Teacher

    RIGHT ON!!! I had no idea Adam C. had it in him. He is one of my HEROES from this moment on.

  • Anonymous

    This is an absolutely awesome expression of the truth.  I love this guy, and the unedited version rocks!

  • Bryan Wilson

    Where did the edited version go?

  • BubbaGump

    Adam makes some good points. But OWS has a legitimate complaint about how some investment bankers and corporations got bailed out by taxpayers. They got special treatment while the rest of us worked for our material goods. 

    • Anonymous

      …should be Occupy Pennsylvania Ave….it starts and ends with the unethical in DC

  • Mickael Ventura


  • Maryanne Greenberg

    He tells it like it is.  Once you leave the wonderful, magical world of mommy & daddy, y ou go into the mean real world. Grow up, get over yourselves and fix it. It is not up to anyone else to fix you, and stop blaming your parents, they don’t want you on the dole all your life either.
    PS all my kids got a job at 16, and they got some help when in school,  you had to be in school and performing, you know “A” student, if not you were a bad investment and you were fired.  So I can honestly say, I am pretty proud of my 3 kids who are all personally responsible.  Tough love is good love.

  • Kitty

    You know what…this guy used the street language to make a point….right.   Everyone understands exactly what he’s saying.  I, for one, have in private have just about repeated the very same,   When you’re fed up, your’re fed up…period.  

  • Anonymous

    I listened to the whole clip and what I am wondering if he is lumping all the protestors into one group or is he not seeing what the original message is, greed is bad not success. If this is a separate group or a minority of the occupiers who’s message is against you can’t show that your successful then that’s is wrong. The protestors message unfortunately is not clear and they may be striking out at the wrong people out of frustration. His rant has a good message but might be better suited for slackers or wanna be’s during normal economic times. My question is why is he picking on the OWS’s.

    • Anonymous

      because the original message of OWS is socialism at best…anarchy at worst….or some weird combination, that’s why

    • Anonymous

      So you also have a participant trophy.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Adam.  People need to grow up, you can see why ihateliberalism. People need to take responibility for themselves. Didn’t need the swearing but then again there are those that equate swearing with humor and this rant may lure them in (the people Adam was referring to) , those not thinking for themselves but rather those that have been indoctrinated with this ” I’m entitled attitude”. So many men in America are becoming whimpy .  Young men, especially those wanting to start a family should watch COURAGEOUS. A wonderful movie. Very subtle Christian theme but a good “values” movie. Very serious but a few scenes that will make you laugh out loud. Hey, schools are full of liberals that are leading. (oxymoron: liberal leaders)  Leading this country down the wrong path. Pray for the children, they are going to have it rough unless…..

  • Anonymous

    If it weren’t for robber-barrons we would be pushing carts to the village market to swap skins for strings and beads

  • jim


  • Scott Stahl

    nothing better then a “here’s reality rant from Adam Carolla” today you ARE better then most of the presidential candidates……tomorrow how knows

  • Fred Beggs

    Oh My God. That was a two edged sword. “As old as the bible”: Cain & Able.

  • Anonymous

    I just had to share this one. Oh Adam what a way to start the day! Thank you!

  • Larry Jensen

    Please… give us a statesman presidential candidate who will say the same thing ( but in less colorful terms) and we might start changing this culture of envy.

  • Brian Henderson

    After listening to that, I am surprised I am going to quote the bible, but it is amazing how dead on the bible is, Do Not Covet thy Neighbors house….Wow, thats all this boils down to. When we pushed God and his Word out, we started to fall apart.

  • Anonymous

    America, which actually, as England, is the real Israel by the seed of Joseph(Gen 48:16) and it’s women now have completed the Scriptural first-born blood covenat made 6,000 years ago between Eve, Cain, and Lucifer and have appointed for “forbidden foreigner” over it of Deuteronomy 17:15! Next comes the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 to punish u.s. for 3 1/2 years, which will begin on September 16, 2012, which is the Annual Festival called the Feat of Trumpets(war)! We’re not going to like it because more gentiles than israelites will survive their testimony and only 144,000 Israelites, 12,000 from each tribe will survive, excluding the tribe of Dan(Irish), which are not sealed! No? Watch! Prophecy is only considered prophecy when it comes to be!

  • Bill Hughes

    Not only the comments about the protesters but, the comments about the terrorists is spot on. I’ve thought for years the mentality of the terrorists and the liberals / today’s democrat party is so similar… it’s scary!  They exist only for the detriment of the USA!  TIME FOR THEM TO GO!!!

  • Anonymous

    There is truth in this rant.  And, there is something terribly wrong with the system as is.  The People should never have had to bail the banks out, due to their own greedy overreaches, and then on top of it have to endure the insult of the banks not engaging in lending them back THEIR OWN MONEY – and instead, giving themselves bonuses like it was the good old samo samo.

    Let’s be fair here.  There’s truth on both sides of this matter.  People are out of work, and hurting.  The young see no future.  It’s time for dialogue, and real listening.  Not cheap shots, from either side.  We need to get somewhere.  Not stay stuck in fixed positions.   

  • OscarK44

    I always thought that Dr. Spock was a ass glad that others do to,when I was a kid we never seen all the shootings by kids like you do now,nor the suicides or gang violence and extreme drug problems,teen pregnancy. Sure you might have seen a little of it but nothing like now. A little more swats on the butts and a lot less time outs would help some I think.

  • Anonymous

    Parents are primarily responsible for not raising their kids right and teaching them individual responsibility and the work ethic.  This has been going on for several generations starting with the hippie movement.  Union teacher schools also promote the entitlement mentality and how to get the gimmees.  These are lazy, unwashed, unqualified to work slugs who want think the world owes them a living and don’t have to work for it.  If they make it to college, they don’t major in anything that is marketable.  Employers will not hire them so all they know how to do is protest and download apps on their iphones.

  • Anonymous

    I was not familiar with Adam before today but I think I could become a Fan!

  • Anonymous

    things in the liberal-progressive-marxist world are really spiraling down when ‘useful idiots’ are now ‘not-so-useful idiots’.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Adam. The language expresses how ALL of us feel about these individuals, and when we feel “safe,” this is how we refer to them …  but he would probably get more exposure if he cleaned it up a little bit.  … Just sayin’ …

  • Anonymous


    • Ryan Frederick

      oh look the Paul bots talking how cute.

    • Anonymous

      What?  Put down the bong.

  • Jesse Prescott


  • natalie wade


  • Anonymous

    Wow! That was amazing! Anyone supporting this “movement” has an agenda, or is one of these children of entitlement. 

    I am an educator, and live in an area that likes to award trophies for trying. When I first heard of this idea years ago, I knew that there was something deeply, fundamentally wrong with this idea but I could not figure it out. 

    Then I begin my American history lesson, and realize that this idea runs opposite of everything American! 

    No, everyone is not a winner. There can be only 1 winner per event. 1 winner per contest. 

    And the last time I checked, aren’t the “1%” people who take a risk to begin with? Aren’t the supposed 1% the people who win if their idea succeeds, but face potential bankruptcy if their idea fails? 

    Where are our models and heroes supposed to come from, what are we to aspire to become, if those that do succeed will be branded as greedy rich, arrogant, and “not paying their fair share”? 

    Why do we accept those that want to penalize success? 

    Shouldn’t we all be proud, and seek to emulate those that found a way to succeed? Aren’t these people proof that our system does still work and is still the best system ever on the face of the earth? 

    I love this interview with Corolla, right down to the terrorists hating us because they see the “fake boobies in bikinis” and resent us for it. Heck, Osama’s hide-out was reportedly filled with pornography. That’s not good for the message. 

  • Anonymous

    This is fantastic! He is so Right!!! Work for what you get, the same way as your Parents and Grandparents did.!!!

  • Anonymous

    Adam is right and we need every American who feels this way to speak up and get class warfare obama is pushing and stop it cold. That is why we have an immigation problem, half the population wants it for free and wants it now. The illegals are willing to do the work that half won’t do or isn’t able because it would stop their disablity or unemployment payments. No more hand outs. I am not a religious person but this country is very guilty of about half of the seven deadly sins. Greed being number one.

    • David Green


  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with Adam.  It’s about time we started teaching our kids, not everyone wins, If you work hard you’ll achieve success.  Way to go Adam.

  • Mark Johnson

    So the top 20% controls 93% of all wealth.  But where did it come from?

    There’s a big difference between people who have EARNED their money, and those who have manipulated the government into stealing from taxpayers.  Just look at the $16 trillion the Federal Reserve conjured up to save the rich from their own stupidity! If you’re a bankster who is rolling the dice on risky investments and you LOSE, the government steps in, hands you billions of dollars and you’re back in business.

    But if you’re late on your mortgage payment, does the Federal Reserve say, “Oh here.  Take as much money as you need at 0.1% interest – and pay it back whenever you want?”  Hell no.  If you’re late making payments to the Banksters, you don’t get the consideration from them that they got from the government.

    It’s a double standard.  Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Bank of America, Citibank and dozens of other banks should have gotten the same thing from the government that any citizen would have gotten – NADA!  Zilch!  Nothing!  They should all be out of business today. Instead, their top executives are still making hundreds of millions in BONUS payments, and that’s AFTER they drove the bus into the ditch!

    The government bailed them out.  The government played favorites.  It selected the winners (the rich) and the losers (the less-than-rich).

    The rich have perverted government.  Government is screwing the people.

    OWS hasn’t yet figured this out.  When they do, and they realize nothing has changed through peaceful means, it may be time for the next American Revolution.

    • Michael Eiden

      The rich you are talking about are the progressives, liberals, socialists and communists, not all the rich have perverted government. The above named type of people all believe in income.  equality, as in all are equal  There is an old saying that free people are not equal and equal people are not free.

  • Dan Adams

    “”Occupy Your Brain!”

  • Pat Toth

    You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free…..Amen.

  • Anonymous

    About time someone said the truth about this.  How low is your self esteem coupled with outright arrogance to think that somehow you are entitled to what other people have.  My respect for Adam Corolla just went up.

  • Anonymous

    I am not offended in the least by Adam’s comments and slant on the OWS. However, even though I don’t speak in the same manner I do think he has hit the proverbial “nail on the head”.
    It’s our duty as parents to support and provide the best for our children. It’s another thing altogether to pamper and over protect them to the point that they are of no value to themselves OR society. I can’t help but be reminded of the bible verse that states,”when I became a man I put away childish things” Well it seems a number of the last few generations are unable to mature to the point where they will ever be able to put away childish things. I used to think the only place one could experience the flinging of feces was at a zoo’s monkey cage. The OWS crowd has shown me how wrong I could be. Kind of a reverse evolution of sorts. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. I can’t imagine how a teacher, parent or college professor could be proud of themselves knowing that they intentionally aided in the molding of a young mind that eventually became an OWS squatter. Don’t these OWS people know they are being used as the pawns by a group who openly acknowledges that when their (the OWS) usefulness has expired they may be as well? Refer back to South East Asia after 1975 post Vietnam War for proof of what I am saying. Not a pretty sight! I wonder if Obama will allow the Mao Christmas ornament back on the Whitehouse Christmas tree this year? We all recognize how well Chairman Mao represented the idea of peace on earth, good will towards men.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! Adam is saying exactly what I feel, but thought I was the only one? Adam I’m with you you, I just didn’t use the extracurricular english language thaat you used to express yourself, but I believe that the majority of America stands behing your expression. Kepp the Preaching going, Brother.

  • Mike G Grogg II

    My kids are raised different.  “It’s too hard” and “I can’t” are worse than ANY cuss word in my home.  The thing about it is, they KNOW they are loved, too.  None of this “if your hard on them they will have all kinds of problems”.  Bull. 

  • Anonymous

    So true, so true. Adam, you deserve great praise for saying how it really is. Too many Hollyweirds with their PC BS and lies just makes things worse. The losers of the world needs to understand it’s up to them to become winners, and no one else can do it for them, certainly not the government. 

  • Michael Clark

    Although the ideas presented are true, i.e.- the entitlement generation that has been told that everyone gets a trophy, etc. is ridiculous, anyone with a clue knows that everyone can’t win the race.   The problem with Mr. Carolla’s diatribe is that he ASSUMES that he knows what everyone thinks.   And, he ASSUMES that he can generalize all the problems in America down to one issue.   His language is offensive, his assumptions are offensive and his blame is offensive.   The fact that this rant is broadcast by Glenn Beck, of all people, is not offensive.   It makes perfect sense.   Further, this is NOT an indictment of the OWS movement.   No one in the OWS movement wants the rich to give up their success to give it away to lazy, stupid, dope smoking, dirty hippies.   The establishment made the same silly claims about the protesters during the Vietnam War.   Guess what?   The protesters were right, the war was a waste of money and lives.   What I get out of the OWS movement is a desire to return to ethical business that succeeds by doing a good job, working hard and contributing to your community. The message is that buying congressmen, lobbying for tax breaks and loopholes, cheating on your taxes, etc. are not what made America great.    Hard work and a fair chance is what made America great.   Mr. Carolla, you are an arrogant fraud, IMHO.

    • Anonymous

      then why arent they all in washington occuping the congress and the white house?

  • Mike G Grogg II

    Hey!  I have a trophy that says “fifth place” from little league.  I am proud of it, you know why?  Because the next one says FIRST PLACE!  thats why

  • Anonymous

    Adam Carolla is absolutely correct in his assessment of the millenials.  We have them come in to my work location from college and the sense of entitlement in some of these twits is amazing.  I am 45 years older than some of these spoiled kids and they have no idea about respect for their elders or anyone outside themselves.  I loved his rant, he is right on the mark. Amazing how right he got it, he cut right to the chase.  At least the ones out with OWS are so much worse than the ones who are working, although both seem entitled, but the nonworking ones are worse.

  • Julia Neese

    been saying the same thing to folks for many years. this acturally started backin 1965- when i was in high school and black students entered our high shcool.   that began the progressives agenda to “dummy down”  rather  than demand excellence in learning.  that is where the process began and morphed into what we see now.  the  “goal” progressed thru many  phases such as 1)teachers dared not be tooo hard on minorities=the blacks in our schools:2)teachers taught “down” in order to make the minorities feel better about themselves.  thus they dummmied down what was expected from all studemts. 3)parents were slowly being dissed by the educators.  Teachers knew best. 4)more and more teachers were entering the profession adopting the progressive views of their parents-who, as a clueless college student-i probably protested the VietNam war with _however i grew up. 5)i was one of the diminishing numbers of those who wanted to be productive and sucessful adults in life.
    The years passed as the coddled generations went thru colleges, got degrees and turned thier  progesssive philosophies in to more teadhing positions in our entire education systems and gradually took over our unversities where they could “indoctirnate” feeble young minds.
    and so the cycle repeated itself for 10’s of years until we see OWS.  encouraged over the years by the “progressive agenda”, they now respect nor fear anyone, thus showing their true beliefs in the light of day.  it is out there and they and their cohorts(uniions, teacers, govt. employees(who went thru the same morphing process of entitlement over the same periord of time), hollywood, and those who ended up the products and genertions of the  “dummy down” education wave, grown to depend on the government for thier needs because they can not or do not believe they should have to fend for themselves or accept the consenquences of their own actions) ALL have been molded by the “progressive agend”.  and then came OBAMA!
    their prayers were answered.

    • Anonymous

      Julia. great post–you explained it well.  I graduated college in 1963 so I have watched this emerge also.  Your history lesson was a good one—the interesting part was that although my family was conservative, I liked some of the democrats running for office. The party was quite different in the 60’s. I registered as a democrat because I could not vote in primaries if registered independent.  As time evolved and I watched the destruction locally by the progressive liberals, I was disgusted and switched parties.  Listening to Limbaugh back in the 80’s-90’s sure helped me get back to my core. I can’t believe how bad it has become

  • Anonymous

    i would be willing to bet that 99% of the occupiers voted for obama. they are those who believed all that hope and change but instead of taking responsibility for being duped by the democrats and admitting their error they have doubled-down and must look for scapgoats. They want jobs and then the protest the pipeline from canada to the gulf–300,000 jobs plus oil from a stable friend –canada. talk about shooting yourself in the foot. obama has given the money to the banks–what a mind-job. They’ll follow him off a cliff if he said so -since the 2006 elections putting the dems in power the poor are now 40% poorer.

  • Michael Clark

    I would like to know where you got the “original message of OWS…”?   Pamphlet, web site, what?    There was no official organization so how can you know the message.   You go right ahead and make things up then hate people for what you imagine.   That ought to work out well.   And, it is the new Christian.

    • Anonymous

      That’s the problem; there was no message until the movement was co-opted by the radicals.  And it, factually, was exactly that.

    • Anonymous

      just look at the fingerprints on the movement–socialists marxists –and anonymous–but who is anonymous?–the dnc and obama–the occupiers are an example of community organizing at its best.

  • Michael Clark

    It starts and ends with greed.

  • Denisa Dellinger

    Adam is just expressing his frustration as we all are feeling about this generation of entitled little spoiled “special” people. “It isn’t fair! wa wa wa!” This world isn’t fair, get over it and stop blaming successful people who may have more than you do. Get off your butt and get to work!

  • Anonymous

    Allow me…..     Back when we took the 10 commandments out of schools.  We figured everyone knows not to kill or steal, etc.  But where and when are we EVER taught the concept of “Do Not Covet”?  You would have at least seen the concept at the bottom of the list.  This happens to be the last but not least commandment!   Do you realize the whole foundation of the Democratic party is based on the encouragement TO covet. And that, friends and neighbors is the foundation of socialism, too.  Wow, who knew God knew how we should live??  Imagine that!!!

  • Michael Clark

    If you don’t agree, attack!   Great intellectual discourse.   Your parents must be proud of you as well.   There are no simple villains to blame here.   The problems with America aren’t because some kid got a trophy he didn’t deserve. The problems all come down to greed.   Pray for your salvation, I do.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s your trophy. And your sign.

    • Anonymous

      I love this argument…..though its ridiculous.  Greed?  really?  It is human nature to look out for ones self and his family.  By doing that, he protects himself, and his family.  Now, for some reason, it seems unfair to some, even though it is clearly not.   Sorry about the lack of PC here….don’t care about that either…not anymore…..

      Why don’t you go to one of these (mostly) degenerates and see if they would give their iPad or iPhone to you so you can give it to someone more deserving… back how well that works out for you……

      I’ve worked my tail off and have done exceptionally well in my life, but it seems that some of these people seem to think I somehow stole my wealth from them.  That’s just crap that I refuse to acknowledge….and I really don’t care what someone else thinks about it.  My wife and I belong to several charity orgs, and donate lots…..yes, I get a tax break on most of them…the tax code allows it. If any of these people were in my position, they’d do the same…I’d guarantee that.  

      They all need to grow the hell up.  I am so glad my children  were raised better and don’t think (if it can be called thought) that way…..

  • Julia Neese

    LET ME BE CLEAR……(regd. my previous comments).

    my primary point is that- generations of perfectly smart, capable, able kids (regardless of color, race) had their futures STOLEN from them by the ” progessive’s agenda” !

    that in and of itself is undefensable and we should not allow it to continue. America is great ,because of the people who appreciate, contribute to , and love- IT.  and i am one to them.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone should listen to Adam; I’ve been susbcribing to his podcast for a while, and I’ve been listening to him since the Loveline days. Adam is a great down to earth guy who ALWAYS has something to say… and most people don’t know he’s rightwing. He plays it very close to the vest, and he never just gets political… but there are certain topics and guests (like this) that bring out his Right Thinking. It’s always great when he does – it’s usually a huge bitchslappin.

    So everyone should go to his website and subscribe to his podcast; support him now, before the Left sinks their fangs into him and destroys him. It’s what they do.

  • Dan Morency

    I’m a staunch conservative, raised Catholic but not “religious” as in participating in an organized religion due to real, observed religious corruption, I do however see a simple one on one relationship based on the ten commandments and one in particular… do unto others as you want them to do to you. It covers everything as far as how to treat others….

    I have two kids and raise them as my hard working parents do

    you have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… THAT”S it

    you have the rightn to walk and talk, possessions, other people’s services etc… you need to work for. The harder you work (and kids jobs are their education) the more you can get. I have two straight A students who are active in the community and staunch conservatives. One is going to school for bio-medical engineering, the other is in high school and she plans on being a doctor.

    They should be booted the FIRST day they attempt to occupy a park that doesn’t have camping. We need to be a society of LAWS and we need to enforce them ALL, equally to EVERYONE, blindly

  • Donna Fallis

    I love it…sounds like what my dad would have said to one of us if we had snaked up to Wall Street and laid there whining for weeks.

  • Lisa Vacula

    This explains why all the new hires at work seem to be pissed off at everything and the world, they have to actually “WORK’ for a living.. Thanks Adam for reminding me what we are up against.

  • James W. Jackson

    Adam Corolla tells it like it is….Great job

  • Anonymous

    I am pushing 70 , and have not appreciated Adam…until today! He is speaking to the audience who speaks his language and needs to hear what he has to say on this topic. My husband over-heard Adam’s rant and thought I had lost my mind … until he “heard” the message.
    I give his rant A+

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree since when did it go from I’m going to bust my tail, start a business and achieve the American dream have to give me your stuff! I’m so ashamed of President Obama and his demonizing the rich. Maybe he should give all his money from his books and stuff to the OWS people. 

  • Jeremy Cunningham Green

    Nicely put Adam…Did you know Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager are doing a live show together at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center 1935 Manhattan Beach Blvd Redondo Beach, CA 90278  February 25th 
    Here’s a video I put together of Adam Carolla on the Dennis Prager show

  • Anonymous

    A lot of liberals are very loud-mouthed and incessant about their views, (watch any occupy interview) while most conservatives tend to be quiet and respectful, hearing out an opposition’s argument before attempting to respond.  That’s why conservative commentators and hosts rate so highly.  Folks respond positively to ideals that ring true to them.  The mentally uninvolved left just votes and thinks the way the rude, inconsiderate progressives have told them to for years, without ever considering issues, or rather, the facts that surround those issues. 

  • Anonymous

    Adam hits one out of the park!

    It is refreshing to see a show business person who gets it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like to listen to that kind of language.  But, I did hear it through.  My husband and I came from really poor families and we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps.  We’re not rich, but we might be considered upper middle class.  I am tired of listening to the OWSers.  They are just a bunch of entitled brats.  Some of them look like they grew up in a fairly affluent home,  are educated (if you call a ‘liberal’ education an education. ) It is partly the fault of those liberal profs who rant about all of these things.  These kids sit around and smoke dope and rail about those ‘greedy’ people who worked and earned what they have.  Back in te 60’s the hippies laid around and smoked dope and made high-faluting (sp?)  comments that they thought were intellectual. I had grown up poor and I sure didn’t want to live in squalid conditions any more.  It seemed like the majority of those hippies had come from middle to high income families.  They were still being helped out by their parents so they could live their sleazy existence.  Their parents thought they were going to school.  Lots of them did finish school, and now they are the professors at the universities now.  They aren’t very injtellectual.  They spew a lot of big words and think that they are so smart and convince the students that they ae. 

  • Scamp

    When you think you have enough money, then it’s up to you to do as you darn please with it, including sticking it in your mattress.  I would give to someone truly challenged, but gosh darn, all those folks with Down syndrome are proudly earning a living stocking and bagging in the grocery store.  That flea bitten OWS crowd should be hosed down to clean them up and sent home to their over protective mommies and daddies.

  • Bob Wheelock

    Warning, strong language  !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Way to go!  Great points.  They should play this as an intro to the next time our lamess dumbass president is on TV giving the national address.  People in this country need to be told this.  

  • Anonymous

    I lived next door to a welfare family and the children had never been taught about fruits of ones labor so they coveted the manifestations of 40 plus years of labor my husband had produced at GM. These ten little children knew nothing of the labor force as their parents had never held a job, so the children destroyed our swimming pool. Children in the 50’s use to learn about the fruits of ones labor in Sunday School but this generation of children do not go to Sunday School. Do we call the children Marxist or just vandalist?

  • John Meester

    Amen, Adam! Well said.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I lived next door to a welfare family and the children had never been taught about the fruits of ones labor so they coveted the manifestations of 40 plus years of labor my husband had produced while employed at GM. These ten little children knew nothing of the labor force as their parent’s had never held a job, so the children destroyed our swimming pool. Children in the 50’s use to learn about the fruits of ones labor in Sunday School but this generation of children do not go to Sunday School. Do we call the children Marxist or just vandalist?

  • Rickey Coley

    The point Adam made with this rant is the reason our great nation is on the verge of collapse. 80% or more of the people that have raised since 1980 have never been taught the value of hard work. The railroads didn’t build themselves. The interstates didn’t build themselves. The American people built those things with pride, and the intention of bettering their own lives, and the lives of their fellow Americans. This value of self reliance is what made us the strongest and most advanced nation in the world. Without these values of self reliance our nation is doomed! When the American citizens started allowing the government to dictate how their children should and would be raised is when all this began. Uncle Sam says ” Your not allowed to spank your children “,”Teachers aren’t allowed to spank your children”,”If you make your children work or do chores you’re committing child abuse”. That is how we got where we are now. These young people do not know what the word “Consequence” means. Without consequences there is no reason to make choices. These same young people have only learned apathy. They sit and wait for something good to happen for them instead of making something good happen for them. Apathy is death, and America is dead in the water! I truely believe it is to late to correct this problem. The Bible says ” If you spare the rod you will spoil the child. Well they are officially spoiled! Now these same young people will usher in the End Times. God has already written the future, but it is a shame that our generation is the one that has to see all of this happen. Prepare yourselves for Armagedon! It is just around the corner! Good luck, and God bless!  

  • Douglas Nelson

    Envy is now a virtue.

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually worried for Adam Carolle now.  I wonder if he’s ever looked into getting a few good bodyguards…  like Glenn Beck has had to do…

  • Di Locke-Carmichael

    When you think about what Adam is saying and then examine what is happening in the world you have contact with; this makes total sense and explains so many things.

  • Pamela Wolfe

    If it wasn’t for the VERY BAD LANGUAGE I really like what he had to say !

  • Geofferey Cook

    Liked it!

  • JudithS

    it’s about time!!!!  Kudos and cheers for Adam Corolla.

  • Phil Gregg


  • mdkrause

    I often wonder what’s could or will happen after the next election, If Obama losses could these people or will they riot???  Could be really bad.

  • Michelle Blount-Jordan

    He is dead on!

  • Anonymous

    he is right o shit!!!!

  • R B

    Adam I love you ( not really but close ).
    If you could put this to music you’d have the hit of the century.

  • Mark Johnson

    While Adam strikes a strident chord, and maybe even has a point among the profanity and name-calling, it’s still just smoke obscuring the legitimate complaint of the OWS folks.  They have been screwed by the 1% through manipulation of the government.  When they were born, they already owed $45,000 to the government. By the time they got out of high school, they owed $100,000 as their “share” of the National Debt.

    Where did all that money go?

    Most of it went to people who bribed, manipulated or just plain stole it from the government. It’s still going on today.

    Don’t think so?

    How else do you explain over $16 trillion in secret loans by the Federal Reserve at 0.1% interest for as long as the borrowers needed it?

    Some of the OWS people have lost their homes.  Let’s put this in perspective.  For the $16 trillion the Fed loaned out, every home mortgage in the country, not just the ones that were underwater, but EVERY residential mortgage in the country could have been paid off, IN FULL, with more than $6 trillion left over.  Think YOU could get a 0.1% mortgage loan?

    But the Federal Reserve is only there to help the ultra-rich – banksters and mortgage company speculators –  when they gamble and lose.

    This is a CRIME.  It is the biggest ripoff in the history of the world.  But none of the criminals are going to jail.  in fact, they’ve lost nothing.  They have kept their homes and their jobs and their multi-million-dollar “bonuses”.

    Taxpayer money, government resources, saving banksters from their own stupidity and greed – but denied to ordinary citizens.

    OWS hasn’t yet found the proper focus – or the right method.  The anger is justified.  They aren’t organized, but rather than call them names, why not suggest a course of action?  Why not help focus their attention on the criminal acts by the 1% that are destroying their future?

    Which is more important?  That the OWS people may be spoiled brats who see a wrong and haven’t yet figured out what to do about  it?  Or that we have all – all of us, the 99%, we have all been victims of the biggest theft of wealth in the history of the world?

    Wake up, people.  Carolla is a self-promoting buffoon.  His function is to promote himself by riling you up and distracting you from what’s important – tapping into your frustration over the disorderly approach of the OWS people.  

    Remember what’s important.   You are being SCREWED!  

    Your kids are being SCREWED!  

    Your grandkids, and their kids and their kids’ kids are being SCREWED by the 1% and the government they control and manipulate though trillions and trillions of dollars stolen from YOU by government.

    Carolla is… irrelevant.  The OWS might also be irrelevant – unless they gain focus and properly identify the proper target.

    The theft of America’s future is NOT irrelevant.  Once you understand that, you may join the OWS movement – or you may start a movement of your own, or support a presidential candidate who is serious about changing government (Ron Paul) – or you may just start keying $200,000 cars or egging the 1%… or maybe you’ll just bend over, grab your ankles and say to the 1%, “May I have another, please?”

    But don’t let Carolla set the tone for the debate because, as he has just demonstrated, the depth of his analysis only extends to name-calling.  In that, OWS has demonstrated greater maturity and better judgment.

  • fool

    I was just talking to a women in sweeden and this same group(homeless) are taking over houses there and if they are evicted are buring them down ?
    Watch out its coming !!

  • Anonymous

    That’s right the real world will eat you a live and that is what I always told my children. Explained it to them you maybe the big guy in elementary school which is the little pond,then you become the big guy in middle school which is the little lake and then you become the big guy in high school which is the big lake, but then you are only a little fish in a big Ocean so you better realize it now. And they always and still work for what they have, I was a single Mother raising my kids,both went to college on scholarships,because I told them they would have to go to college at 9 years old to make a better life and they did. They know I am there for them with a vengeance, but did not just give them material stuff to think I am doing good and one of my son’s told me the other day that I was a very good Mom because of what I did or didn’t do for them.

  • Anonymous

    As Glenn has stated again and again Prepare;  there will not be food in the stores…….look how violent people became just shopping. What will people do for hunger?

  • Soulphoenix

    I still can’t stand this guy’s comedy/”professional” work, but he did make a couple of valid points amidst all of the crass swearing.

    And it took guts for him to say what he did.  He may never find work again, since free speech is only allowed for the “enlightened” citizens – like Barney “The Curious Thief” Frank.

  • Mitchell Vincent

    Corolla for President?

  • Greg Foster

    It’s too late. I fear there are more people dependent on the system than those who actually work. And are they going to pull the welfare IV outta their arm and get outta bed and go to work? Why would they? A lot of the welfare abusers and self entitled types have it as good or better than those of us who actually make a go of it. Pretty much true that people envy so much that they feel they have to destroy something you worked for because they don’t have one. Honestly though, if I saw one of these uber, uber rich types that made their money through less than ethical practices-whom could share a little of their wealth and help feed some of the starving kids in this world I might feel an urge to toss a stone or two. But face it, we live in a land of pretty lazy, self important, entitled by birth people that feel the working man/woman owes them a living, and the idea that these folks can’t afford a new monster tv and playstation 3, and twinkies  by the thousands doesn’t make me weep for them. It makes me weep that America has become a land that rewards these bastards by taking it away from me so I can’t afford a big screen and a playstation 3 and giving it to the lazy bitches so they can have mine because it just isn’t fair that I earned the money and bought it for myself. Spread the wealth? What wealth did I have to spread? You got my TV and my playstation 3, what more do you want? My rifle? No F’ in way!

  • Greg Foster

    I won’t give up my rifle, but I may be persuaded to share some of my BULLETS damnit!! lol.

  • Anonymous

    New fan of Adam Corolla! It is a rare hollyweird man that will stand up and speak with such conviction and truth. Finally a real man with moral kawhonas! He himself is someone we should look up to… a albeit foul mouthed… hero.

  • Marie Mingus

    I am sharing this with my “Bleep”-loving friends.

  • Anonymous

    Glen Beck is a show man, Adam is a show man. (A weak one who curses and only looks at things from his “few frames of the motion picture mind)   

    Adam and Glen here are cool with big biz in our government, (Big Biz running things) “cool on welfare for the rich” “Probably to save his and Glens and the other cronies investments” n ill gotten gains.  (Follow the money)Listen Adam, you donkey. Glen, u listen up too.. Nice try,  Americans are not against people being successful, they are against people being beyond lucky like you two clown fish in life.  (You’re just a dude that’s not funny Adam – The talented on is still doing late night)  Say the truth, you two people want to continue cheating the system and actually CONTROL the “making of the systems.”  You get to do what you want because you were both over paid clowns.   (Common Sense – You can wipe your ass with that book Glen and then shove it down your un-American’s friends throat)  Then, you’re lame “money making Tea Party frenzy machine” might end up doing some good for America.  Funny how you trumpet common sense for years – but have none when it comes to American freedoms.  Glen, you are the ultimate FLIP FLOP artist. (Anything for ratings)Adam, run along, and rig your car show you spoiled brat, and go cheat in a formula race too.  Make car go BROOM BROOM, and make it go so fast..Make it so only you can win, and so that NO ONE playing fair (Running a fair/honest race) can beat you. (It’s the only way guys like you win) Go so fast Adam,and take off the cars breaks to take off some weight, and then go faster n faster and hit the fucking wall where Glen Beck is standing.Guys like you do whatever you want.  Giving no shit about your neighbors.  (Nobody is blowing up ur building kids)  they are a threat to your easy, paychecks, possibly making you WORK hard daily 6 days a week, 10/12 hour days.. like the 99%.  People, it’s Adam and Glen here  (The PT Barnum’s of shit radio) that are shameless.. Punks who put more more more and win win win over everything.Their careers have run their course and are as old as the Bible too.

    What goes around comes around and these two pathetic “One hit wonder bottom feeders” need each other, (With careers in the dumps)  Anyone who follows this shit must be high on glue and yes, probably high society brats who know nothing about and care nothing about their audience.  That is BRILLIANT!  Makes you want to sick some truckers on em and watch them squirm a little, then give em a big hug.

    Glen had me for a while there a few years back – but the bull shit and “entertainment” part of his show exposed his greed and thirst for attention.  

    F off you two


    Big Daddy (@xfilespoker) Tweet me – YOU TWO PUSSY SELL OUTS

    • Anonymous

      O_o lol your thought’s are kinda peculiar CouchPotato.

    • Anonymous

      PhotoCoach, You’re a deranged spectacle of colossal arrogance, ignorance and mentally whiplashed logic!
      Proverbs 18:6
      The lips of fools bring them strife, and their mouths invite a beating.

  • Anonymous

    He articulated exactly what is wrong with this country and our youth today! I blame this monster in the Whitehouse for all of this envy. He pushes this class warfare to nauseaum. It is all part of the divide and conquer strategy and unfortunately it is working on 45% of our population. He is fundamentally destroying America. He said he was going to transform America and he is succeeding Vote this “divider in Chief” out in 2012. I only hope it is not too late!

  • Anonymous

    While an atheist is capable of speaking Truth, the atheist does not recognize or credit the source of Truth.  Discern carefully.

  • Anonymous

    ”Aw, Adam. don’t be shy.  Come on, speak up and say what’s on your mind.”   Whoa!  For a-

    while, I thought I was hanging out with the longshoremen again.  (Not really, am familiar with the

    language, though.)  Good show, Adam!  Glad these words were finally spoken.  My sons, hope-

    fully were never treated in this manner, thus, they are responsible adults and work hard at their

    jobs—and take pride in their accomplishments without a lot of fanfare.  Adam said it well as

    others have too)—the kids feel ”entitled” and it looks like they are acting out of envy.  How many

    of them have ever had to work hard to earn their own money for expenses?  How many of them

    just ask Mom or Dad for the money?    America!  This is your future!

    • Ryan Frederick

      my parents made me work for everything i ask for from them. they showed me if you want something you have to work for it.

      • Anonymous

        You are very fortunate, Ryan, to have such wise parents.  Bless their hearts!

        • Ryan Frederick

          yes i am.

  • Anonymous

    I have listened to Ace Rockolla since I was 13 years old and now I’m 29 and I love the fact that he is one of the only guys besides the consrvatives that tells those ass douches whats up. He is funny because he is so logical.

  • Roger Berens

    I’m glad to hear one of the Hollywierd crowd come out and tell it like it is.   The idiot protesters need to grow up and find jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Adam, thank you. They will not be able to listen or accept the truth of your words, teachers have been filling them full of what your railing against; and companies don’t hire these kids for the exact reason you gave.

  • lou

    CAN’T……….. BREATHE………! ! !
    LAUGHING……… TOO HARD………! ! ! ! 



  • Anonymous

    Im 56 and retired army 1998 (24yrs), Today my co-workers (3 of us) rolled 13 new trusses replaceing burn’t ones. Come work for me and you will earn your money. There are jobs out there if you want to work, but you must work a full 8 or I don’t want you.  

  • Anonymous

    I agree with most of Mr Corolla’s statements. I do blame the Hippy generation and I remember them saying…I want my children to have everything I didn’t have. Well what happens if you get everything? This is also sad that this generation is ..We have to have it now   charge  it immediately….Instead of waiting to earn the money first. Isn’t this the problem with credit cards today?? I also believe that Mr Corolla might just be in the $250k bracket which Wa. Dc is thinking of taxing. I believe Mr. Corolla does pay his fare share but it is those big businesses that can afford the better Tax lawyers to get them out of paying like the 3 richest guy spoke of  being not fare because he pays less than his secretary. I think they should drop that tax hike down to $150k so that the people on the hill join in!!!  Us President 2012

  • Wragie Wrawagie

    Never liked his comedy stuff but after this he definitely has my respect !  Straight truth too. Probably a few of us wanted something as a kid and got a paper route or something else to make some cash to buy it. Never went to mommy for a pat on the head and cash. And I’ve worked a 96 hour week from someone else not because I liked the job but because he needed the help and he paid me. Of course I’m not dumb enough to do that twice but I still help him ;-]
    It’s my money, I worked damn hard for it and I feel good about it. When a rich guy goes down the street I’m wondering how to do what he did to get where he is, not to take it.

    Yup think Adam said a few things that will make a fine bumper sticker ;-]

  • Anonymous

    Ok, let me see if I can say this correctly. If I speak concisely and with the proper syntax, you will hear but, not listen. If I speak in an offensive and crude way you will  listen but, not hear.

    Adam just threw the PC language out the window and told it in more of a street language. 

    Now are the points that he made any less valid, because of the language?

  • Alton Obriant

    Generalizations can really make about anyone look like an ass. Good job. I’d like to evaluate all the winners and see who worked harder and how many of the hardest working people are now out of work. All these wonderful winners who are riding on the backs of so many people and then calling all the people they trashed douschbags. Lovely. Nice example.

    All of the arguments are mostly bull. If someone feels unnaturally entitled even though they suck, then I agree with most of them otherwise they are a smoke screen for the real issues at hand.

    Shame is working for 30 years always rating as one of the highest performers in your group and then not being able to get a job after a general layoff because you are 50.

    After feeling that shame and working for years to ‘get my shit together’ I have a different job but am making a good living as I always have. I am moving back up and getting my self esteem together.

    But when I listen to this kind of irresponsible tripe it sickens me. The shame does belong on wall-street. It does belong on companies. While there may be many misguided in the OWS movement at least they are trying to actionize change. Wall street executives have cheated the public and gotten away with it. There have been no major legal actions against them and now the entire media seems to be pushing to crush the middle class backlash.

    So called successful people( and you know who you are) have hidden behind Companies to perform some of the most shameful acts in recent american history . Financial institutions the greatest amoung them have deliberately sold product with the intention of selling it out from under us and no one has gone to jail for it  companies have blackmailed people into giving up their pensions and no-one no matter how loyal or hard working is guaranteed a fair shake anymore. 

    So my good friend Adam Corolla screw you and your trophy.

    • Anonymous

      And this administration has not come after them because they need their donation to get re-elected.

  • Anonymous

    Do you want to make $75 hourly and $8100 per month like me just working on laptop for few hours? Would you like to be your own boss! Opportunities like this don’t come by often. Don’t let this one pass you by! Here is the website… MakeCash13.cÒm

  • Byron

    Will there be girls jumping on trampolines at the end of the show?

  • Paul Hood

    Although the language is a bit much, I am glad someone has finally put things into perspective. These OWS people need to get a life and leave mine alone. People don’t get rich by being stupid. They get that way by busting their buts and using what God gave them. They are the kind of people who look for a way to do instead of a way to get around doing. Thank you Adam Carolla for letting OWS and that idiot in the whitehouse know we are tired of the whining and the blaming. Either step up to the plate or move to some third world communist country where the government tells you what to do, when to do it and how little you will get for doing it. No hand outs, no helping hand. Just a prison cell or death if you talk back.

  • Anonymous

    Adam has always made me laugh.
    He did chose a pretty good job on picking a topic hat is easy to twist and make fun of.
    It surprises me that Adam avoids the topic of families and children who live below the poverty line.
    It does not surprise me that hitler (gb) and his cult avoid this topic.  bigot beck had no problem mocking and belittling the President’s daughter or comparing murdered children in Norway to Natzis.  But, being the spineless coward that he is, he never talks about the millions of innocent children starving, dying and suffering in America.  Why should he care?  His most recent family live in a spoiled and gated community.  They are homeschooled and never seem to go out in public unless glenn is trying to take a stance or make the tabloids with his exploit.  I pray that a man as crazy as glenn doesn’t try to raise his kids while using the “train up a child” philosophy because when I read their warped tactics I felt like I was reading the cult leader.

    • Anonymous

      You missed the point.  People are raising a generation of “entitlement” brats. 
      Those really in need used to turn to churches and charities for assistance until they could stand on their own. 

      • Ryan Frederick

        this is the Glenn Beck web site village idiot best not to feed his ego.

    • SoThere

      You have proven to be a liar in your own words. You also have shown that you are mtclayboy

      You never served and it’s all made up crap. I took you on one to one and your lies defeated you.

      You’re a tick on the A$$ of humanity, I’ve proven your lies about your FAKE military Service and shown you for the Phony that you are.

      You’re the scum of the Earth little man all wrapped up in your lies.

      Time for you to leave. Take your garbage and child obsessions somewhere else.



      • Anonymous

        Keep trying to bait me with your bullsh** child comments.
        Tell me again why you haven’t pulled the silver spoon out of your a**, melted it down and used it to finally silence yourself once and for all.
        You are a spoiled little windbag who believes that watching the Fightin Leathernecks makes you a Marine.  Or that buying a pretty pink Harley scarf and your chaps makes you a Harley man.
        You are none of these things. 
        You are a pathetic little spoiled fu** stick who should do America a favor and find a better use of the weapons you threatened to kill me with.

        • SoThere

          You’re a little man with an sick obsession. You need psychiatric help. You’re a liar and a moron and everyone knows it. You had a brain fart of a melt down.

          I proved your lies with your own words.

          Folks, this idiot is a Phony Soldier who never served in the Military. He tells Wikipedia lies about his Secret Service but can’t keep his stories straight, He a disgrace to All American people and should be flagged and sent packing.

          Flag the idiot and have done with him.


    • One_Man_Army

      More lies, huh, strtlk.  I know it’s useless for me to state this incontrovertible fact for you, but I will state it, anyway.  The number of Americans in poverty actually dropped under Bush.  It wasn’t until Dems took over Congress and Obama took over the White House that the number of those in poverty actually went up.  If you want the poverty level to drop, vote in a Republican.  If you want it to reach an all time low, vote in a conservative Republican.  History proves conservative Presidents to be the very best when it comes to both the economy and the poverty level.

  • Anonymous

    I have a new hero.  I always thought he was funny, but I now know that he “gets it”!!  Way to speak your mind.  I just hope the Libtard entertainment establishment doesn’t put him in the unemployment line.

  • James Dressler

    Envy is the soul of socialism.

  • Bawlamer Merlin

    Check out his book, In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo Adam Corolla!!!, I am so tired of these worthless sorry excuses for people having this false sense of entitlement – GO GET A JOB, make some money…what ever happened to the old adage, pull yourself up by your boot straps???  It’s OK to feel envy but on the same token you have to take your hat off and applaud these people who make the money, THEY HAVE WORKED FOR IT!!!
    Are the OWS things just protesting because a few people make a ton of money, it’s called Capitalism you pieces of shit, love it or get the hell out. Taking something (sense of enititlement) without contribution is stealing.

    • G

      Hey wish I could go to work, but I cannot…. My dialysis won’t allow it and my husband got laid off.  We also have a disabled son so it is twice as hard on us! Please!

  • Anonymous

    Amen! I put my nomination forward for Adam Carolla for president!

  • Melissa

    The occupiers do not represent 99%. They are
    socialists, anarchists, union thugs, the homeless, criminals, the bored
    unemployed, and the lazy. The movement has the fingerprints of George Soros,
    the unions, ACORN, international socialists, anarchists, and maybe even a political party
    that wants to deflect attention from its failure. Let winter, tear gas, and
    water cannon take care of them, and if that doesn’t do the trick, give flamethrowers a try.

    • G

      You don’t know what you are even saying! Have you even investigated and looked to see what their statement really is or do you just watch what the media portrays?  I myself cannot go out with them and protest against my “entitlements” taken or reduced more because of all the cuts being made to the poor, disabled, children, education, and elderly!!!  Get over yourself!

  • Erika Mattila

    My son’s soccer team won every game but the one they tied, that they played this year.  They received their medals…my son said, “So what.  Everyone gets them.” 

    That was so sad to me.  He was 12 and he knew the deal. 

    Go Adam!  You’re awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Ok folks—to add a few things to Corolla’s remarks—I sure hope you read this Adam— (I have always enjoyed your truth—)

    I have been saying for the last 10 yrs now that the Middle East has ‘Clitoris Envy’. Period! 

    They hate the fact we got what we got. I told my peeps back on 09-11-2001 that the WTC bombing by aircraft was because some f’nidiot thought AMERICa had not suffered enough! not suffered INSIDE America…. WWI and WWII and Korea and View Nam and Persian Gulf—well, we never got our cities pulverized. We never had fire storms from bombings—Chicago’s Mrs O’Leary’s cow does not count nor does the San Francisco 1906 Quake. The fact that our blood and bones are forever in the soil of Europe and so many islands of the Pacific and in Japan and China and Viet Nam makes no nevermind in **hell** to these people—-We died all over the world for liberty and freedom and democracy. THE OWS FOLKS DON’T GET THAT. 

    Nope. I can hear Ahmed now: “America has not suffered anything like Europe or Russia or Red China or The Philippines or the Congo or Rwanda. AND! Their women love sex—that is the last straw….And, here we are cuttin’ out the best part with a top from a can when the female child is 12! They all need to die. How dare they! America HAS TO PAY for making sense of it all with God, Country and Family—-HOW DARE THEY respect women and love women and love their Constitution!”

    • Anonymous

      Hey—it’s me again===been thinking on what I said earlier in reaction to Adam Corolla’s remarks about ‘sibling rivalry/envy’ on a global scale—

      That pesky 10th Commandment comes up ALOT!!! That coveting-your-neighbor’s- goods-thing!!

      I really love Adam Corolla. He always seems to speak from the heart but he has an overview that cannot be messed with. I predict this rant will be around a long time in one form or another.

      OWS will hopefully be the downfall of the Democratic Party. Look at all their failed attempts to control and fix America through so many programs. Socialism is an empty tool when there is no progress. But therein lies the secret to their success. That ‘changing horses in the middle of the stream-thing’—-I ran into a really stupid wealthy slumlord who wants Obummer reelected because he is ‘not done yet and I want to see what he will accomplish in the next 4 yrs.’ WHAT? 

      The streets now are full of folks brought up in an environment of ‘let’s see how this is gonna work’ mentality. The phrase “VICTORY IN AFGHANISTAN” was never said by anybody but the marvelous and competent military on the ground!!!—this ignoring of GOAL formation is our Nation’s greatest disease. It is examplary of modern day ignoring of facts and the need to complete tasks and create purposeful acts. The lack of description of goals in the OWS is so LOUD.

      Yet, criminals are driven to succeed to steal, kill, burn, and mame and rape. Remember how there were pockets in the 19 member World Trade Center assassins that hired prostitutes, watched porn and got drunk for the two weeks before the  WTC bombing? AND THEY WERE MARRIED!!

      The OWS folks are the same lawless, self-gratifying, purposeless experimenters who damage, cause great harm, and poop and pee on their beds. Even dogs don’t do that.


  • Lee Sullivan

    The language was over the top but the message should be shouted from the mountaintops.  But it won’t be.  There’s too much spin going around and they have the microphones.

  • G

    I have to pipe in!!!  I am a disabled 36 year old who is getting ready to pretty much lose my Medicare (that I pay for out of my 743.00 a mo check wohoo big money right.. Now reduced to 600 to pay for Medicare).  I pay all of my 20% of all of my medical expenses because I cannot afford a secondary insurance.  I was turned down for public assistance because I make to much money….(oh yeah I get an extra 200 in child support before you judge why I make to much money) And I do not get Food Stamps or any other kind of public aide. Yep I am entitled.  Please. Oh and I pay co-pays on all my medications each month that I need to keep me from dying because my kidneys are failing.  I wish I could work but my medical conditions do not allow me to.  My days are spent in agonizing pain.  If I could I would protest against the freaking rich as well.  I used to pay taxes when I worked my 12 hour a day job, 6 to 7 day a week.  Now people look at me different because I am poor and disabled.  This society makes me sick!  What happens to people like me when people like you who are all for taking more away from our children and the elderly, you get richer as we just die and get out of your way…. Your country.  You all make me sick.  You don’t see the big picture.  All you care about your money and how to keep it. 

  • Pandora

    That’s horse shit.  I’m 27, the age he’s talking shit about.  I never got any “participation” trophies.  That happened waaaaay later.  When I was a kid, if you won, you won, if you lost, you lost.  You’re pissing on everyone for a few people acting like jerks.

  • Anonymous

    Yes – Adam is saying it like it is  The communist system is hitting America.  And if you think it’s bad now with all these protests taking place all over America – it is only going to get worse.  Class envy – The Obama plan.  Everyone is not a winner, so get used to it, but our society has brain-washed the schools with the Socialist and Marxist and Communist mentality.  We’re just starting to feel the results more because of the bad economy.  We (back in the day) would start out small and work into a better job.  Now everyone wants everything now like people who have played the game by the rules and WORKED BOTTOM UP, NOT TOP DOWN!  We need to teach young people American History that made this country great, not Obama’s (Saul Alinsky- Marxist way) of doing things, Mr. Community Organizer.  When God was in our life, America was that special bright city on the hill.  We had our struggles and won in so many wars and took out evil men.  There is so much evil in the world that needs to be STOPPED!  

    • G

      God is a huge part of my life.  I would not have the strength to get through the day if I did not have my Faith…. When I worked I started at the bottom and moved up.  Now I cannot work…. Does that make me lazy, Evil because I don’t believe that Obama is to blame for the down fall of this country.  This country was going to hell in a hand basket way before he took office.

      • Anonymous

        Disqus generic email template
        You are not alone. I had to retire on disability at 64 years old after two back surgeries and am looking at a third. So I was definitely not calling anyone lazy or evil. That’s above my pay-grade! What I’m concerned about is the road we are traveling to destroy America, and yes we have been going down that path for umpteen years. Who or why your political choice is not my business. The last time I checked “we still had freedom of speech.” But our liberty is disappearing quickly. At least I feel mine are. Big Brother will control everything soon. Don’t believe me – WATCH AND LISTEN!!
        —– Original Message —–
        From: Disqus
        Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011 12:59 PM
        Subject: [glennbeck] Re: Adam Carolla tears OWS, ‘millennials’ a new one

        G wrote, in response to Old1Glory:

        God is a huge part of my life. I would not have the strength to get through the day if I did not have my Faith…. When I worked I started at the bottom and moved up. Now I cannot work…. Does that make me lazy, Evil because I don’t believe that Obama is to blame for the down fall of this country. This country was going to hell in a hand basket way before he took office.
        Link to comment

  • Jason Gillogley

    My wife and I are raising our children to work hard and have respect for people. They usually disagree with us ,as kids always do. Their reasoning is always “my friend’s parents don’t make them do that” etc.My 12 year old son and I were in the car listening to your show when you played the Adam Carolla rant and when it was over, he looked at me and said “Now I know why you make us do our chores and stuff.” I could tell that at that moment that he finally got it!!
    Thanks Glen and Adam.

  • Anonymous

    Over the past century countless men died fighting communism, fascism, and tyranny.  What is happening in our country right now is a slap in the face to all those veterans. We should be ashamed of the fact that this progressive culture even exists in our country.  Now all of these brain dead progressives think if they try it, (socialist ideology) it is going to work. USSR didn’t work and the socialist governments in Europe are falling apart. How stupid are these people to think that those systems are better.  There were still social classes under those forms of gov with the rich and the poor as well.  What class of people do they think they will actually fall under.  Those protestors are treasonous scum.

  • Anonymous

    Always liked smart-a$$ Adam Corolla since he and Yimmy did “The Man Show” with all it’s blatantly politically incorrect nonsense.  btw: Whatever happened to the Man Show Boy?
    Perhaps involved w/ 2 1/2 Men?
    Are everyone (semi ) famous in the entertainment industry suspect when it comes to love of country?  I think not!

  • Michael Keene

    Probably the greatest harm done by vast wealth is the
    harm that we of moderate means do ourselves when we let the vices of
    envy and hatred enter deep into our own natures.

    Theodore Roosevelt

    Read more:

  • Anonymous

    I just find the un-edited and put it on my twitter and facebook. 

  • Doug Williford

    “Let’s go throw a rock at [the Rolls Royce}. – that ain’t gonna help you get out of the Chevette…”  that sums it up.

  • Becca Buck

    Thanks for the edited version. 

  • Anonymous

    Adam Corolla deserves a trophy for speaking the truth.

  • Fiore DiPietrantonio

    This is so True!

    I invest in some things thats how I make extra money people just want to bottom feed !!

  • Thomas Regan

    Ditto, SOOOOO TRUE. A BIG F.U. to P.C. B.S.! I’m In!

  • Anonymous

    I really think Adam is right on point. It’s good to see his slacker attitude from the “Man show” was just an act and he has good focused values. Thanks Adam, may some of those who look up to you take this as a wake up call as to how the REAL world is….

  • Anonymous

    yep, kids get a millisecond of their lives where they’re told they’re the most wonderful things on the face of the earth, then there’s the rest of their life!  oh-oh!

  • amber dixon

    wow…this guy is a waste of sperm. 

    • Dana Rainey

      Can you say Michael Moore??

  • amber dixon

    Adam Carolla? Seriously? This guy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth…

    • D Slivka

      Adam Carolla grew up poor in North Hollywood and was a carpenter until he was 30. He worked ass off to turn his life around. Maybe you should check a fact before you speak. 

      • TimH

        He is a lucky guy that got rich talking about his small penis (Loveline and The Man Show). It is not even realistic to think “anybody can do it.” That is like saying if you buy more and more lottery tickets, eventually you’ll win. If people keep sucking up to a boss that screws them year after year, there is no way to the top being a sheep. All I ever hear is people Barking “get a job”, and then turn right around and acknowledge a huge jobs crisis in America. Which one is it? Maybe I’ll just luck out making d*ck jokes like Carolla.

  • Mykl Sams

    All this is just pure B.S.. Arrest all the governmental people, and the banksters that are stealing every penny from the country, and then demanding taxes be raised to cover their theft. And just who the hell is footing the bill? Who the hell do you think? It sure as hell isn’t the rich that stole it in the first place, and contenue to come up with other ways to contenue filling their pockets from the people!!! I say lock them all up, and throw away the key… Let them eat cake “Cattle Feed” and see how they like it. The friench had the right idea in their revalution. Cut all their heads off for the public to see. Maybe that will stop those kinds of people from doing the same thing in the futur! 

  • Anonymous

    I am a Senior. We don’t have an “entitlement” mentality. I paid into Social Security and Medicare my entire life. That should mean that I should get out of it what I put in plus interest. Instead, i get called a “parasite” as well as some other not so kind names. Then I get told that I’m not entitled to what I will end up receiving because it’s more than I paid in. Ok. That would be right if the feds buried everything I put into the system in a box and buried it somewhere on the Capitol grounds. Had they wisely invested it, or had I been given the opportunity to invest it safely, I could have retired with virtually no difference in my lifestyle (if you don’t know “the rule of 72,” I suggest you look it up). Instead, the feds have stolen the money and left the so-called “Social Security Lockbox” stuffed with IOUs. This past year when they gave everyone a payroll tax holiday, no money whatsoever was put into Social Security or Medicare. Thankfully, the one year extension was voted down in the Senate. As part of Obamacare, $500 billion was eliminated from Medicaid. Now, with the failure of the Supercommittee, another $500 billion will be eliminated starting in 2013. Obama is pretty much gutting the system and is breaking the promises made to Seniors. Imagine if you paid life insurance and someone changed the rules and told you that instead of just dying, now you had to die during the full moon while on a boat heading to Taipei and wearing green polkadot pajamas. So, landofaahs, you need to get your facts straight. It’s many of the Millenials, many of the Food Stamp/Welfare/Medicaid recipients, many of the Unemployed who pretend to look for jobs so taxpayers can pay for their extended vacations until their benefits are about to run out, the Unemployed who refuse to take a job that pays less than their last one because state laws say they don’t have to (at one point, I worked four jobs to support my family), Union members who get an outrageously high amount of money for doing nothing (as well as incredible benefits packages), politicians who rape the American people on a continual basis, teachers and professors who are tenured and whose purpose it is to indoctrinate our children with lies and make sure that they are functionally illiterate (if they even graduate high school, which at least half don’t), who are the real “entitlement crowd” and howl the loudest when you try to make them responsible for themselves and their own actions.  It is the Senior Citizens in this country who gave you technology, all of the modern conveniences and innovations, and have saved the World many times over.  Remember that when you get into your car, use your computer, watch your tv, fly coast to coast and use your cellphones.  Then you can thank God that you’re not speaking German and living under a dictatorship (althought that might change very soon). Seniors with an entitlement mentality?  There might be some.  But my real answer to you is that every time you see a Senior Citizen, you ought to thank them for providing the lifestyle to which you have obviously become accustomed but for which you are apparently ungrateful.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Corolla is my freakin’ hero!!!  This generation of COLOSSAL PU$$IES terrify me more than any roadside bomb or prison riot EVER COULD!!!  My personal attitude is; if you have swallowed this “class warfare / class envy” bait hook, line, and sinker the way the OWS FLEA BAGGERS have, you need to be declared legally mentally retarded and stripped of every right involving the use of your higher brain functions!!!  I’m just sayin’!!!

  • Jessay

    How can someone claim to be a Christian while simultaneously believing that the owners of big corporations and the people who run the banks have made their money ethically and deserve what they have? I don’t believe that Jesus would agree with bankrupting an entire nation by abusing loopholes (and buying those loopholes to begin with)  in order to cheat the hard working citizens of it’s country out of jobs and fair wages. Clinging to far more money than one could ever use in their lifetime is called greed, remember, that sin that the bible talks about? What a joke!

  • Anonymous

    Jessay…Glenn Beck’s red phone for only the White House to call and correct any mistake he makes was never called for over a year.  What a great way for the WH to really show him up by calling and correcting Beck every time he told a “lie”.  Never happened for this reason:  First, Beck uses their own taped/videotaped words. 

    And now we have Obama and his DOJ people sealing all the records of the Fast and Furious debacle as once again, it was going to show that he did this to make it look like the ALL guns used by drug smugglers are coming from the United States.  Another non- transparent move by the idiot who still makes things up, twists out of context when making his speeches, just hoping that the young and gullible useful idiots won’t do any fact-checking.  Or, even better, just bought your line of ALL the lies that Glenn Beck spreads.  His ratings are great because people are starting to wake up to the fact that there really is truth out there and the propaganda doesn’t have a leg to stand on.  If you want to fund that lady with the 15 kids and no husbands, go right ahead and take that money for her out of YOUR paycheck first and then we’ll talk about helping the real poor, not the people who spread their legs and doesn’t get her tubes tied.

    No more welfare for this woman until she does.  She’s only 37 and now she lost her kids.  Thank God they will be taken into foster care so they can see how a real family lives with rules and discipline unlike their mother.  Typical lib…complain but doesn’t want any common sense answers, especially if it means somebody is going to have to be responsible for their irresponsibility.   She’s no doubt a Obama supporter because WE, the responsible are paying for her welfare checks and food stamps.

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Landofaahs!  Keep up the truth until it hurts the libs so bad they’ll crawl back into the holes they came from…their liberal schools of indoctrination (aka) universities.

  • Lioness

    This is great! My family is really open about their opinions of this crap, but the best is my mom. A quiet, refined woman in public, yet at home she lets it fly. I’m in another room and I hear yelling, I run to see if every thing is OK, mom’s just letting the liberal on TV have it, giving them the one finger salute, dad‘s sitting their with a silly grin, it’s a total U tube moment. I love a good passionate rant. Of course when trying to explain this stuff to liberals you have to be all PC and stuff or they’ll just tune you out. But for the people who get it, this is just ear candy!

  • Gert Kaiser

    Thanks for telling the truth, the only langauge some people understand is the
    language you are using. Just stand up for the truth no matter what !!!!!!!!!

  • Steven Pickard

    That is how I feel! He said it the way I feel it.

  • Robert Welton

    Never been to hip on out & out vulgarity, but as I listened to this I had to fight the urge to run out in the street & scream every last bit of it at the top of my lungs!!!
    My God they really have gutted us from the inside out haven’t they. (IE….ACLU/Socialist/Communist) Use our own laws & human nature to attack from within because every attempt from the outside was doomed to failure.
    Hope it isn’t too late.

  • Susan Bowes

    This guy seems to forget about all the tax breaks the “1%” get. They aren’t supporting this country at all. It’s the middle class who’ve been paying the most taxes in order to support American without receiving the tax dodges that the rich do.

    • Anonymous

      The tax “dodgers” are the multi-millionare congress creatures that make the “different” sets of laws, those that control “us, and the ones for “them”.

  • vikingsfan60

    Every day I go out of my way to be as “politically incorrect” as possible! I’d like to drive my car right down to where the two or three occupiers are pissing in the bushes and blare this rant on my stereo! Someone needs to wake their asses up to the facts, life is hard, wear a helmet!!

  • Hmmmm

    Why did the beeps have to be 7 dBs louder than the rest of the audio!?

    I think you guys need a new audio editor.

  • Anonymous

    Other than the all of the cursing…..he is absolutely right.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everything this man said.I am 58.My son is a wonderful man,and works hard.He has raised a son and a daughter.Both work hard,and are respectful.We never told the children that a line drawn on a paper—was a master piece!!!Or praised them —-for nothing! And you know what??This is the way, I was raised  too.It has served me well.I have seen the kids you mention.They are praised for accomplishing—“NOTHING”.Then as they are pushed through the education system,all the false accolades are continued.Then they hit the work place!! Where they fail dramatcally .And from there—they are one of the people in the parks,and the Angels with 15 children demanding someone to be responsible!!!

  • matt zweckbronner

    those occupiers protesters are disgusting trash heps. i sa what they left behind.  way to go adam corolla.

  • Denton Mark

    I agree with Adam, but he dosen’t go far enough. I don’t care if your an allstar  either, get your kids jersey #s and accolades of the windows off your minivans, it blocks your view while driving, either that or your so special you deserve to cut in front of everybody “WERE A FAMILY OF ALLSTARS, WE GO FIRST”. Our kids (not all) are either self entilted  who accomplish nothing or so self important  that are above using please and thank you because their good at some silly game. Can’t blame them, look at the Idol worship of atheletes, actors, models because of the money they make, not the effort or dedication it takes to get up and do a good job everyday at something nobody outside of your world really cares about. Same with business, always hear about record profits, never how many new employees. Personally I was a good athelete and have had success and failue in my working life. Who Cares other than my family and friends. If you really want to impress people, scrape the “I’M SPECIAL” of your windows and PICKUP AFTER YOURSELF, the world is not your MOTHER!

  • Richard A. Coblens

    I wish one of our Presidential Candidates had the balls to state it like it is.  This is the first time I have heard Adam Corolla and actually enjoyed what he was saying.

  • Anonymous

    Who’s Adam Corolla and why should I care?

  • Barbara Nichols

    Adam my Friend…you are the FIRST one who is brave enough to finally say what this is!  My hat’s off to you!!!  Thank you!!!!

    • Ryan

      He’s not doing it because he’s brave. It’s because he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him and he just speaks his mind. He’s also an atheist and that “hand o’ god” stuff he was saying was meant to mock people who say that. He’s not fighting for you, he’s just incredibly honest.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely flippin’ love, love, love this!!!  It’s everything I’ve been saying for 15 years that’s made me so “negative” and “witchy” amongst my social and employment peer groups.  I’ve argued the participation trophy and meritocracy issues endlessly over the years to no avail at little league board and school council meetings…. thank you Adam!!!!

  • Bill Graves


  • Brat Johnsen

    go adam  ty 4 telling like it is

  • Anonymous

    I love, love, love this!!!  These are the exact things I’ve been saying for 15 years now, which have labeled me “negative” and “witchy” amongst certain peer groups.  I’ve been arguing at little league board meetings and school site council meetings against “participation trophies” and asking whatever happened to meritocracy, earned achievement?  Why are those bad things now? And what the heck is “delayed success”?   Well, I guess we’re seeing it now, aren’t we?!  Thank you Adam, but please don’t stop there!!!!   (This is an enhanced duplicate of prior post which I wasn’t sure made it.)

  • Neal

    LMAO!….He is both Funny and RIGHT on Target!!!

    These ows & occupy “fill in the blank” ARE mostly “gimme-gimme”, “I’m entitled because I’m SPECIAL”, foolish, “USELESS Idiots!”;….Fleabags all-says I!

    NO MORE “resident” (thats NOT a typo!) obama, mooochelle “antionette” and the cabal of socialist/marxist czars!!!


  • SherryAnna

    Finally a Hollywood person has the guts to tell it like it is.  I applaud him for his candor and he is spot-on!!!

  • Anonymous

    Because all kids are created equal! We should just treat our kids like crap. That’ll teach ’em. It builds character to have the snot knocked out of your self esteem!
    There’s a fine line between disiplining your kids and breaking their spirit.

  • Carrie Brunjes Fracasse

    That was brilliant!

  • Sean the Sorcerer

    Sorry, but bin Laden didn’t attack the West because he was envious of our wealth. This is a common mistake made by vile materialists like Carolla who have no spirituality. Bin Laden and friends attacked the West for the same reason many fundamentalist Christians do; because they see us as a godless, Satanic society that deserves to be destroyed.

    • christopher wilson

      yes, but sometime people have intentions they cover up with other intentions, this is true with democrats, alot of them don’t believe in anything so they end up drawn into ideals that seem good on the surface, but the true intentions of an idealist are often selfish, as in Adams example of terrorists…they cover up their envy and jealousy with religion, and their idealist aspirations (sharia law and Muslim world domination) justify their actions in their minds…..sorry to compare terrorists with democrats, there is only similarities in they way they justify what they do, their actions are obviously incomparable…..the major misconception you have is that Christians want to attack the west??  Christianity is the foundation for the civilized world, it breathed life into romantic art and music in Europe during the renaissance….and no one can deny the founders of our fathers en-grained the constitution with christian values and set up or government to protect those values….why else do you think Christians are conservative? what are they conserving?……its the christian values in the constitution and above that the values in the bible….every society is satanic and imperfect, and so is every human, the beauty is that god forgives us….now what?

  • Naira Silim

    As a college student myself, I must say that it SHOULD be heard on college campuses everywhere.  We’re poor and hungry because we’re working for an education which will get us a JOB, dammit.  And it may be a peon job but only until we prove our worth.  A democratic society is inherently founded upon hard work, motivation, and sacrifice.  No Revolution would’ve happened ever without any of those.

    Also, I’m a firm believer in encouraging your kid to excel at what they enjoy AND are good at.  If your two-year-old draws you a picture, encourage it!  If an elementary schoolchild loves reading, encourage it!  If a kid loves math, encourage it!  People will inherently wish to do well at what they love.  Though GK Chesterton would disagree with me, what is the point of doing something you love if you aren’t at least improving at it?

  • Bobby White


  • Anonymous

    Mostly what I hear is Adam Carolla miserably tearing HIMSELF a new A-hole with that load of stereotyped  crap he just blew out. 

  • Jim Naeve

    Bingo – 
    I’m a child of the 60’s and early 70’s… My parents always told me that I can do anything if I just set my mind to it, work hard and never give up.  When I was a kid, I failed a lot but the moments I didn’t, I excelled big and never forgot it.  It saddens me when I go to the local grocery store and the young cashier can’t speak intelligible English (not because of ethnicity), can’t think for themselves when I hand them $11.25 for a $6.25 purchase, they stand there and stare at it trying to figure out what to do with it, then finally give me back 5-ones (there were 5’s in the drawer), doesn’t say thank you, have a good day or kiss my ass… These are the people who will be running this country in 20 years… God help us!!!

  • Anonymous

    He has it right.  Society has been manipulated by the Elites – who want to “take over” the
    “parenting” and then “blame the parents” (whose hands have been tied by the Elites).
    Kids are ‘taught” in todays schools that “your parents don’t know” what is “right”. 
    However,  I sure could have done without the “filth” and “four-letter” words.

  • bek

    djbob.. i agree! i never really cared for Mr. Carolla.. but i have to say… the man has it together! and thank God there is someone out there “with the stones” to say what has needed to be said for years!

  • Anonymous

    They used to do that in grade-school when I was growing up.  2nd – 5th place ribbons.  “OH, LOOK AT YOU…. YOU FINISHED 5TH PLACE!”  “YOU DID SO WELL…. HERE IS YOUR 5TH PLACE RIBBON!”  My theory at the time was… well, the special education class is just over there & the teachers probably got together 1 evening & decided to mix the 2 & offer 2nd-5th place ribbons to all of the students who participated in what they called, “field-day”.  I’m 43,  So it has been going on ever since I can remember.  It’s taught in public schools.  The govt. knows what they are doing Glen, don’t let anyone around you kid themselves.  Don’t you find it to be more than a coincidence that Corporations are allowed to help write some of the ligistlation in govt. so that they can live the life-styles they live & continue doing so without the worry of their profit margins dropping???  Writing it in such a way that allows them to do business overseas that Americans need right here in the U.S.A. & are able to hire people for less than .10 cents an hour?  How are U.S. citizens suppose to live off of .10 cents an hour Glen?  How do we as a nation ever attempt to compete with that?  AND, is it just coincidence that everything you buy now is made in CHINA or some other foriegn country?  The whole thing is set-up to where, if you question what the govt. is doing,,,, your labeled as some sort of conspiracy theorist for bringing up facts, that a person most likely no matter how good your proof is, it’s just shaken off as some sort of falacy.  That legistlation is so tangled & piled on that it would take literally decades to undo!  Especially at the pace that the govt. moves!  If there were some way a person or group of individuals could put in legistlation that stops employers from hiring illegals without them coming up with some sort of micro-chip card that your buddy’s Lindsay Graham & Chuck Schumer want to impliment, & legistlation that keeps Corporations from doing business overseas all the time & hiring foriegn workers, than that might be a good direction to go in.  “Executive-order” or something a person could do.  “THINK” Glen, think really hard at what an individual or a group of individuals can do & you just might come up with the correct answer.  Pray about it, will ya’ Sir?

  • Anonymous


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