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Irrelevant TV broadcaster Ed Schultz was irate when he learned he’d landed on GQ’s ‘Least Influential’ list (great idea, btw). Instead of coming up with something clever like ‘any list with the President of the United States on I am happy to be included’ (Obama was named to the list) – Ed decided to dumpster dive into bizarro land. He angrily concocted a bizarre theory that somehow Anderson Cooper plotted with his ‘GQ’ buddies to get Ed’s name on the least of least influential. To prove how ridiculous the claim was, Ed boasted that he’s big in Ohio (and possibly Wisconsin, too!) — Ed’s defense only seemed to further confirm GQ’s selection.

Listen below:

Schultz said “Now, and I know that Anderson Cooper floats around in that GQ crowd. I don’t know if he’s behind it or whether their publicist at CNN, but let me just say, I’m kicking his ass, OK?”

Schultz added that he was in fact very influential.

But is he?

“That’s the exact same verbiage when he promised to kick Bret Baier’s ass and lost by 200,000 or more every night,” Stu said.

And what about that rally he held in DC a few weeks after 8/28 that he promised would rival Restoring Honor?

Here’s a picture from Restoring Honor:

And here is a picture from Schultz’s rally:

But hey, he yells and screams and claims he’s important so he is, right?