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Ann Coulter is one of the sharpest, wittiest & bravest conservative commentators around. She is absolutely fearless and has the stuff to back it up. She called in to radio today and spent some time talking to Glenn about the rise of Newt, the viability of Romney and most importantly – who would Ann vote for if ‘electability’ didn’t matter. The answer?

“I think Romney is really what we need right now, a turnaround guy with business experience,” she told Glenn.

“You know, if he really, if he really, if he still loved abortion or was secretly going to screw with ObamaCare, why not just run as a Democrat,” she said.

“I remember saying, you know, in 2007, early 2007 the only thing that’s going to matter in this election is the economy because it’s going to go down the tubes. And this is when the economy was supposedly doing well. And he is a turnaround guy,” she said.

“And then of the three, out of the three that I think are the most conservative right now and that’s because I’m including illegal immigration which some people do not: Bachmann, Cain, Romney. Among those three, the reason I would give Romney an edge is he obviously is capable of tricking liberals into voting for him. He is very articulate. He ‑‑ obviously he was elected governor of Massachusetts. I love Herman Cain but he hasn’t been elected before. Michele Bachmann has appealed to a very small congressional district. This is a reason we generally shy away from members of Congress. They haven’t shown that ability to win the votes of a wide swath of voters. And as we saw with our last president George Bush, it’s not just doing the right thing. It’s being able to communicate. And it will be fantastic to have a President who can talk,” she added.

Watch more of the interview below: