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Could have something to do with society falling apart and civil unrest sweeping the globe — orrrr if you’re the media it’s explained by, of course, a rise in women who want to sport shoot. That’s how it was reported in the  news today along with obligatory quotes from anti-gun activists who without any facts questioned the veracity of the sales report. This story only helped Glenn’s mood even more.

“This is the biggest gun sale weekend I think of all time. The gun sales are up how much? 34%? 34%? Ridiculous, ridiculous purchases. USA Today can’t figure it out. ‘We talked to experts and they think that maybe women just are getting more into gun sports.'”

“Some gun industry analysts attribute the unusual surge to a convergence of factors, including an increasing number of fires time buyers seeking firearms for the protection for their own protection. And… women who are being drawn to sport shooting and hunting,” Glenn read.

“My wife gets up in the morning now, I don’t know what’s happened. All of a sudden she’s gotten up and she’s like, oh, man, I just love the smell of gunpowder,” Glenn joked.

“That’s USA Today, good for you. There’s good journalistic reporting right there. Yeah. Sports shooting,” he added.

“Let’s look at the news. Black Friday was a good example of chaos in the streets. Our society is changing and so maybe people are buying guns because, A, the world is becoming unpredictable; B, there are people who are just doing flash mobs; C, there are people occupying our centers of streets and they are saying take it from them; it’s mine; D, uh, I don’t know, looks like we have an out of control government.”