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Tomorrow Barack Obama heads to Kansas to deliver a speech that the White House says will hearken back to Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘New Nationalism’ speech. To anyone who follows progressivism, this is not a good development. John McCain might think so because Teddy was his favorite President ever – Glenn breaks down what this speech will mean in the clip above.

“Barack Obama is trying to occupy the space of Truman, maybe even Eisenhower, of kind of a big government progressive. Tomorrow he’s giving a speech where Theodore Roosevelt laid out new nationalism and the Progressive Party. I mean, he’s doing it. And… hello. He’s going to run as a big government Republican,” Glenn said.

“This isn’t about the GOP. I’ve never been for the GOP and the Republicans. This is about progressivism. It is a disease, it is a cancer on our Constitution. And now he comes out and is trying to sound like a Republican. He’s trying to sound responsible.”

“Don’t you see? He knows the difference between the left and right progressivism. He’s trying to be now the Republican nominee.”